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Violet Affleck: Police Escort Escape!

Violet Affleck: Police Escort Escape!

Violet Affleck gets a police escort as she gets picked up by her dad, Ben Affleck, from school in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday (January 22).

After picking up Violet from school, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner visited the Santa Monica eatery Blue Plate for a low key meal. During the meal, Ben made funny faces across the table to Violet.

Ben and Jen welcomed their second daughter, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, in Los Angeles on January 6.

15+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck‘s police escort escape…

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violet affleck ben affleck police escort 01
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 02
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 03
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 04
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 05
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 06
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 07
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 08
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 09
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 10
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 11
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 12
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 13
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 14
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 15
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 16
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 17
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 18
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 19
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 20
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 21
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 22
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 23
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 24
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 25
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 26
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 27
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 28
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 29
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 30
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 31
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 32
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 33
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 34
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 35
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 36
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 37
violet affleck ben affleck police escort 38

Photos: Famepictures, WENN
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  • * VICTORIA *

    Violet is adorable……NUMBER # 15…..There are alot of celebrities that live in other states, and the paparazzi hounds them also……The paps. are everywhere, and are paid to ” hound ” the poor celebrities wherever they go…….
    How funny is it that everyone is already wondering ” what is wrong with the new baby “?…………If they brought her out, they would be accused of ” pimping her out “, at such an early age. Can’t win !!

  • Seraphina

    I think that Ben looks like a big dickhead and not nice at all. He looks like he is picking on Violet so Jen has to hug her. Always such a horrible look on Ben’s face.

  • bballuver126

    I feel bad for Ben and Jen, I really do. I’ll admit, I love seeing pics of their adorable family, but at some point they need their privacy! I think it’s so wrong of the paps being at Violet’s school, and I feel for Jennifer. I honestly don’t think she put’s Violet out there for attention. She wants her daughter to have a normal life, to be able to take her out, not be stuck at home all day. As for Ben, he obviously hates the paps. I don’t see how people could say he never looks happy. Maybe at times hes not with Jen, but he looks happy as ever with Violet. He seems like a wonderful father, just like Jen seems like a fantastic mother. And these pictures, I’m guessing there annoyed and exhausted! They have a new born, a 3 year old, and the most annoying paps following them EVERYWHERE!? give them a break, they can’t always be picture perfect.

  • haha

    The pictures makes me laugh, I can see that the little girl is being a little brat. She proabably is a smart aleck and proabably annoying the heck outta her dad. She must be spoiled, her mom carries her around all the time and now with a new baby she must be a little bitch, she is proabably plotting to get rid of her new sister. If her mom is breast feeding she proabably wants some milky too. The kid looks like she needs alot of her moms attention poor kid.

  • lollipop

    Why does she insist on wearing Andrea Yates hairstyle?

    She has a gazallion dollars to buy a nice flat iron that will make her hair look neat and clean in seconds flat. Just because you have a new baby, a hubby and a few hundred nannies doesn’t mean you can’t look after yourself. I guess you’re only allowed to care when you’re on the stupid red carpet.

    Ben looks beat and hes been looking like that way before the baby even came about. All the life has been sucked out of him. Their relationship looks like a hit and run accident. What “exactly” do these two have in common besides getting knocked up?

  • mary

    run ben run……………… still have time.

  • Adoring Fan

    If anybody should be running it should be Jennifer. She could do so much better. Find a guy that knows how to deal with the paparazzi.

  • Adoring Fan

    Who the hell is Andrea Yates? Sorry Lollipop, Jen is better than that. She is not overly concerned with looking like a glamour girl. She has more self esteem than that. She prefers to be confortable in her natural and beautiful skin. You do your thing, and let her do as she pleases. How about that?

  • taylor

    Ben is either really tired with a new baby in the house, or he is super unhappy!

  • qarla

    cute baby!

  • me

    Violet is such a little ham. No doubt she will be an actress.

    Ben looks miserable as usual. I can’t believe he hasn’t filed for divorce yet.

    Jen looks dirty and gross as usual. Does she really think Ben finds her dirty hair and no make up attractive?

  • Adoring Fan

    Actually Ben has said he prefers her without makeup. He is probablly so insecure he doesn’t want other men to notice her. He even picks the man she can co star with. He wants to keep her barefoot and pregnant so that she will stay with him. The rumor he is was the reason Vartan was written out of Alias because he was jealous and didn’t want him kissing her.

  • ellie

    you both have the the most cutest happiest and the beautiful little girl ever.. Its nice to see you Ben & Jen..can’t wait to see the baby..

  • maria19

    Why ben looks so old ?????he used to be so handsome. yuck

  • Trisha

    Agree with you Adoring Fan totally
    You took the words out of my mouth

    Run Jen Now get away from Ben he is
    the Sleeze of the Century

    He has absolutely Destroyed her She was never
    like that with Scott Foley She looks so Sad and Depressed

  • ivelisse

    Face It.. They are miserable together! I have never seen such an unhappily married man in my life.. This man feels trapped in this marriage. It would not surprise me if they filed for divorce within a few months time. This man is obviously not in love with his wife..I am sure he cares about her but not in love. He gave up the true love of his life (JLO) , because of his cowardice and I am sure he regrets and is jealous of JLO and Marc.. I guarantee it.

  • Ivelisse is really JLo!

    Sorry JLo, he dumped your ass before committing for life he never looked so RELIEVED as he did five years ago this month! He finally had escaped your clutches JHO!

  • Hahahaha

    Violet IS ugly. She has tiny ugly little rodent eyes and big assed ears. And she will get her mom’s big mouth and pointy man-jaw as well. Jennifer is fugly and Ben isjust very blah to me.

  • Hahahaha

    Oh and I am not jealous. Why the hellwould I be. Jawnifer is an eyesore.I wish she would quit acting and stop assauling me with her fugly nutcracker face and JAW.

  • shamrock

    Just hit me! Ben and Jen look like they are shooting a SHINING 2 in some of these photos. Ben has the same look as Jack Nicholson in some of these captions. lol

    Also, his new car with the license plate has the city of TORRANCE. That was the last name of the family in the SHINING. How many points do I get for paying attention to this? Love it!!!

    Best wishes to the familia!!! Look forward to seeing Seraphina soon.

  • Tio

    Geez there just trying to take their daughter to preschool…leave them alone!

  • Christy

    I bet that they are so fed up with the paps. I think that the spy that was in the hospital that linked out that Jennifer had the baby was the last straw. They did not even get a chance to announce the happy arrival themselves…some spy that didn’t even know them did. Maybe just maybe they just want to be a normal family with out being followed around and have a zillion pics took of them and their little girl. I think it should be a law that celebrity’s should sign a release before they can get their pics taken or released to the media. Jude Law has all his pics of his kids blurred and I think that is great. Those kids are not some side show just for our entertainment and viewing pleasure. They are innocent and are NOT famous themselves…they were born to movie stars (who are the famous ones). People (The PAPS) need to step back and realize the stress that it put on stars and their family for unauthorized photos that are solicited to every tom, dick and harry in the world. And give them a break they just had a baby. They are just trying to enjoy their daughter and spend time with her. They don’t even have the privacy to do that. HOW SAD!!!!!!

  • laure

    creepy, why tabloids show so much pictures of kids all the time???? Do they realize pedophiles might buy them???? Maybe the tabloids became pedophiles….

  • lauren

    maybe they shouldn’t of been celebrities if they wanted a private life. its the price you pay.

  • lizzie

    it makes me sad for him to see such an unhappy face!

  • Christy

    TO POST 74:

    Just because someone has talent to act should not be any reason to keep them from their own privacy. It is not fair to automatically assume that they ( the famous- which are people, with real feelings) want to have flashy light bulbs in their face all the time. If you were famous would you want to have people constantly all over you and your innocent family? Would you want to not be able to get in your own car because of a big camera in your face. If you wanted to go out without makeup one day or in your sweats would you want to hear of the rumors that you were going into depression or you looked awful? It is not the price they pay for being famous…it is the s*** they have to put up with. It is not their fault that people want to make money off of innocent families. It is not their fault that they can not have a normal life just because they know how to act. They are just like you and me except they know how to act. The famous have families, daily lives, and eat and sleep and s*** the same as we do. Who knows they may even use the same brand of toilet paper to wipe as you do. People need to lay off and let the famous enjoy everyday life instead of constantly being in their faces and their families faces. There needs to be stricter laws on the PAP’s. The PAP’S have taken away privacy and hurt the ones that have a talent to act. What is your talent? Can I follow you around with my camera….taking pictures of everything you do…every move you make…can I? Don’t think you would like it very much. Treat other’s the way you want to be treated.

  • lauren

    to post #76
    i wouldnt mind it at all if i was a celebrity. because i would realize that im in the entertainment industry and thats what happens. to me i would enjoy it if i was living that lifestyle. i mean its just common sense if your a well known actor people are gonna wanna know about your life and see pictures of you in magazines and online. you cant think “oh im gonna be a celebrity! and im gonna have a private life!” no its just not the way it works in hollywood.

  • someone

    They are celebrities in the internet age. Everyone needs to realize the pros and cons of their job, no matter what field they are in. As far as their CHOSEN field is concerned, it’s not like they HAD to become movie and tv stars. It’s a trade-off.
    Adoring Fan, if I had to “blame” either Jen or Ben for the paparazzi attention, it would be Jennifer. Ben consistently seems to dislike the paparazzi. It doesn’t seem like it bothers Jennifer as much. And also b/c Ben moved out of Hollywood before he met Jennifer but moved back for her.

  • someone

    Wanted to add, can’t figure out why they’re still here. If they really do want to do everything possible to give their kids normal lives like she said they do, why won’t they leave?

  • lauren

    i totally agree. they shoulda move outta LA which is the paparazzi capital of america. if they want privacy thats what they should do. they would live alot more normal lifestyle since thats what it seems they want.