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Wentworth Miller is a Grove Guy

Wentworth Miller is a Grove Guy

Wentworth Miller catches a film at a movie theater at The Grove in Los Angeles on Thursday (January 22).

Last week, it was announced that Prison Break was being canceled. Exec producer Zack Estrin tells E!, “We’ve always known that this would probably be our last season. And we’ve been approaching the stories as such. It was, and is, very important to the writers that this show have an ending. A completed story. Our fans have been so loyal and invested. We owe it to them as well as to these characters. And to just keep this tale spinning along forever would be irresponsible. Safe is never terribly interesting. Safe may last a little longer, but will it be remembered 10 years from now? I don’t know. But I believe Prison Break will be remembered. Has it been perfect? Of course not. But it’s been unique. It’s been provocative. It’s been iconic. And, most importantly, it’s been entertaining. At the end of the day, isn’t that the point of it all?”

The final episodes of the series will start airing April 17 on FOX.

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  • W

    I LOVE HIM!!

  • Just me…

    I adore him so much!!
    I’m happy to see you again my sweet man! ;)

  • http://none joy

    Just when I think I might be getting over him a little bit…just when I think I might be able to resume a normal life, he has to show up looking so d*mn drool-worthy.

    How can he look so good, so casually dressed? I’m beginning to think he must be an alien.

  • kirstie

    Gorgeous and intelligent. He is too good to be true.

  • wentfan

    can you imagine cosying up to him late at night…
    i didn’t know the wait until Prison Break would be until April, 3 months to go :(

  • junior

    Now that Prison Break is cancelled I hope Wentworth Miller will come out of the closet! Luke Macfarlane is worthy your sacrifice!

  • meemee

    I wonder what movie he saw?

  • OPA!

    Who loves you baby!

    Gia sena pino!!! ;) Yummo!

  • cutiepie32

    #5,wentfan, I wasnt imagining cosying up to him at night, but NOW I am though, so thank you. hehe. ;)

  • nicole b

    I wonder what movie he went to see.

  • Caroline

    I love him!!! Thanks a lot for the pics JJ!!!! You rock~~~!!!!:)

  • deka

    very said about this
    hope we see wentworth in something else soon!

  • bella

    This has to be said . . .he is so HOT, but he has never been pictured with anyone . . .why is this???

  • Kathryn

    He looks hot! I am just really glad he’s not wearing his usual ugly gray new balance tennis shoes. But that hat is not becoming. Oh well! Love seeing him! MORE PLEASE

  • vmars111

    Aw, where’s his equally yummy better half, Luke Macfarlane??? ;)

  • OMG..he’s a chubby wubby

    What happened to him?? now that PB is cancelled..he needs to hit the gym!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Is there a “CURSE”?
    (only LOSERS allowed here?)

  • Tbonita

    Bless his heart…..he’s freakin’ adorable with the bucket hat !

    Don’t you think so, Aylla ???? xoxo

  • http://hot Heba

    My sweetheart ..I miss u so so much Wenty.
    I don’t know what I’m going to do after the show stops?..I already miss seeing him every week and enjoying his cute look and listening to his charming voice which can melt the ice.
    God bless u darling and pls come back soon in any project for us.
    Ur fans find difficulty to live without u.

  • Shemp lugosi

    um, why a close-up of those non-descript shoes? The guy has gorgeous feet when bare but these shoes are the UNsexiest!

  • http://hot dina

    omg!! I adore those huge hands and those tall sexy fingers.
    Actually I adore everything on u my Pretty.

  • Valerie

    I love him!!! I’ll be missing him too much once PB is over. Very intelligent man for Hollywood!

  • ems412

    I love him, but that hat has to go

  • salma

    hello wentworth i missed you so much been waiting so long for you.i am very happy to see you again,hope we’ll see you soon in a new project wentworth,you’re the best i’ll support you always and will love you you salma.

  • http://none joy

    Shemp lugosi, I disagree!!! From the soles of his feet to the top of his head, he is perfection. It doesn’t matter what he wears (or better yet, doesn’t wear!).

    Dear Wentworth, thanks for living. Please keep living for a long time. You are simply the best. Thank you.

  • dark angel of the lost city

    he is very impressive man but as far as I can say that his shoes are gross…I hate them..:(

  • sherry

    He is cute and adorable to no end.But why he doesn’t try different colours?I’m sure he would look fabulous with anything or any colour!!
    Went u look gorgeous in any colour.I want u to wear,green ,white…etc. Why just grey or blue?

  • Suz

    Tbonita!!!! Hi honey!! I completely agree!

  • NativeNYker

    Isn’t he allegedly controversial? I’ve heard some fairly interesting stories….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde


    This guy always looks hot. Even if he wore rags he would look too damn fine. Did God break the mould when He created Wentworth cos no other guy on this planet is this gorgeous to look at. Yummy. As tasty as a Krispy Kreme but not at all fattening.

  • julie

    I love you,went!! miss u so much~~

  • em

    He looks gooood, head to toe! Thanks JJ!

    Went has the same idea about his brown shoes that Johnny Depp has. Depp owns a similar pair that he’s been wearing for a very long time. If they’re comfortable, who cares?

  • Danny

    See ya in 2 weeks

  • Marina

    He could so something about his warddrobe for real all y’all saying he looks so hot in that outfit well for me not , if he be walking down the street like this i wouldnt pay attention to him…i always like him but i gotta be honest i dont like what he’s wearing when he’s off the camera’s

  • Jonathan

    I watched some of the first season. I never believed it would have lasted more than one year so they are lucky to have extended it this long. I guess it sort of became like a 24 redux. I also need to watch 24 however as I gave up on the show but now its such a cult hit I feel that I am completely missing out on everything.

  • me me me

    i love alexander mahone (fichtner), so i’ll miss him. but the show did spend itself.

  • em

    Marina – He’s wearing jeans and a sweater. lol It’s what most men wear. He said he likes to be comfortable.

  • overrated

    I think Wentworth needs to cut back on the gym time! Obviously he is abusing his membership. This guy is the eptiome of a hard body. Gerald Butler eat your heart ou!

  • atrium

    2 #17 – gerard Vandenberg
    Hell Yeah & U Are #1…

  • lic_merry



    i love baby!!! OMG :’)

  • mariana from colombia

    I believe he’s an amazing guy . I don’t care what’s he is wearing or what he does, or maybe what does the paparazzis do to get a picture from him (maybe bother him until the saturation poor guy!!). what I like the most about him It’s his personality he is so quiet and gentleman and also he is a very very good actor . I wish you the best Went and I really hope all your dreams come true!!. Here in Colombia we’ve seeing the show and it’s really good, thank you Went for the excellence that you’ve reached and for all the good times you gave us with your performance.

  • lic_merry

    Went por que estas tan Lindo te amo.. y muero por saber enue estas pensando… hay Dios eres un SueƱo de Hombre.

    te Amo WeNtworth!

    Gracias JustJared por seguirlo y asi poder Ver lo Lindo que es…

  • vickymiau

    i’m from argentina so i don’t speak english very good but anyway I LOVE WENTWORTH IN EVERYTHING LANGUAGES!!!!
    I love him!
    well..say the truth…we all love him!
    and i miss prison break too,but we must to wait for it…
    kisses went!
    i’m vicky,and i’m 14

  • justBme

    Tbonita hey my (gutter mind) partner in crime…I miss you! Yes, he looks adorable *adorkable* whichever…the man can not make me unhappy with his hat choices. ; )

  • Marina

    I think your just saying he looks so hot in no matter what he wears cus you dont wanna hurt his feelins or you wanna show the rest that your his biggest fan but y’all gotta be real… would you actually pay ettention to him if he was just a regular guy walking down the streets with this hat on and those shoes??? common shoes tell everything about a man i this case it means he doesnt care about fashion. but i gotta say what he wore in israel that’s the type i would fall for ( that look is so damn sexy) maybe he thinks i dont wanna be noticed by the paparazzi if he’s wearing fancy clothes…but wearing this is no good eather for him.. dont get me wrong i love wentworth miller he’s one of the best actors and it hurts my heart prison break getting to his end…but i’m sure alot of doors opened for him for alot of movies…so i cant wait….but i gotta be real and honest
    @ em – you can look comfortable in an other way too.
    but hey this was just my opinion and i respect yours but i gotta say what i’m thinkin like all of y’all

  • Kyara

    He looks so adorable! I wish I was walking with him to catch a movie :o
    He looks too good to be true (L)

  • Frenchgirl

    @ Marina
    That ‘s just the reason why he wears like that : to go out without being noticed by paparazzi… and because he is simple and natural man.
    And yes, if I bump into this kind of man in the street, I do notice him because he is tall and with an angel face under the hat…. When i meet a man, I see the eyes in first not his shoes…
    And I love this man with jeans and sweater…he’s hot !
    Just my mind !

  • Angie

    He looks sooo hot!!! Can’t wait for April to watch the new episodes!!
    #13; I think that’s because he hasn’t met me yet!!!!lol!!!!

  • Mark

    He’s still huge he should lay off the sweets.

  • gargamel

    Why is he always alone?
    That is sad!