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Shia LaBeouf: Sexiest Woman Is My Mother

Shia LaBeouf: Sexiest Woman Is My Mother

Shia LaBeouf gets some groceries at Whole Foods with his mom, Shayna Saide on Monday (May 18) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old Transformers star recently shared who he thinks is the sexiest woman. “Probably the sexiest woman I know is my mother. She’s an ethereal angel. Nobody looks like that woman,” Shia said. “If I could meet my mother and marry her, I would. I would be with my mother now, if she weren’t my mother, as sick as that sounds.”

Shia also confirmed that he and singer Rihanna dated once.

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  • SHopaholic22

    errrrmmm ….. ok shia …

  • brina

    LMAO ummm beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    his mom looks like a gypsy/ fortune teller

  • mccain palin 08

    oh my lord

  • office fan

    I love Shia, but I find the comments about his mom kind of strange….although, I wonder if I’d still find it as wierd say if his mother looked like Jaclyn Smith or Christie Brinkley.

  • jessica

    um okay?? LOL

  • Nooooo

    He’s cute but I’m sorry his mom is scary!

  • Chili Pepper

    What a cheese-douche. He sure hangs out with mommy a lot and that’s some weird crap to be saying about mommy.

  • amanda

    good for him. he is not ashame of his mom. obviously she is a good mom and he loves her. i would rather have a good mother than not regardless how she looks.

  • d


  • sayuri

    OwW Que LINDO! Muito LINDO ele. (L)

  • soyara

    Coisa mais lindaa ele!

  • kate

    Ew he’s becoming like John Mayer.

    Saying too much info all the time about stuff no one wants to know about!

  • taylorswiftfan

    Don’t judge him. He had a very… different childhood. We are not all going to understand him.

  • rpatzfan

    @taylorswiftfan: ewww ,yeah a childhood full of drugs

  • shiaishot

    i think he’s hot. i still love him even with his comments about his mom… HE’S HOT and I cant wait for T2

  • carmen

    i wonder if it’s true what he’s saying of her mother ! but it’s cute they hang out together !

  • diva

    every boy should feel that way about his mom, i think it’s sweet and the highest compliment to give ones mom, their relationship should not be judge by people who don’t even know them, it’s the inside of a person that counts, superficial people, great comment shia, i have two boys who loves me the same way, i did something right.

  • mm

    What a sweetie! I never liked him much until now.

  • hey

    hippy & hipster i love shia cum 2 tha nyc

  • skittles

    people need to get over this is what his mom looks like. Shes adorable and he loves he alot. quit crapping on them both. Shias awesome.

  • jess

    with all the money that are in these celebrities’ hands.. tisk tisk tisk !!!
    advice to shia…..getch your mom a makeover….asap status

  • freud

    o—-kay, u love ur mommy, we get it. nice boy but rephrase next time.

  • Kayy

    I think what Shia said was really sweet.

    People need to sit and rethink what he said. He kind of just worded it wrong. It happens to all of us.
    What he meant was that his mother is a wonderful woman and even beautiful(to him at least, after all she’s HIS mother so of course he’s going to think she’s beautiful no matter what others may think.) And he wishes to find someone exactly like his mother to be with. Its obvious he loves his mom very much and adore her. She must be very supportive and nice. So then it shouldn’t be a surprise he wants to marry someone like his mom. A lot of guys tend to think that way…..especially the ones who are close to their mothers.

  • jaye

    He hints in some interviews that he had a strange upbringing. Not sure I want to know HOW strange it was.

  • hehe

    he’s got this funny looking gypsy mom, but whatever, i think what he said about her was really sweet.

  • faith

    as sick as that sounds (and I agree, it does kind of sound sick).. I think alot of guys normally feel that way too.

    I think that’s why there is that whole notion of men and their comparisons between wives and mothers.

  • Bellie

    She looks like Danny Devito in drag.

  • S

    I still WANT him so baaddd. I like ‘im.

  • cain

    that’s a little weir to say about your own mother, dont you think?

  • uglysexy

    She looks like she wears the iron clackers in the family

  • WOW

    “She looks like Danny Devito in drag.”

    ROTFL!!!! That is SO TRUE!!!!!

  • http://jj VAH+ZDAE=ZDAH

    @brina: True

  • Wednesday

    LEAVE HIS MOTHER ALONE! She is a very youthful looking woman, with pretty hair and I like her flowing skirt, very hippie/victorian. Also, wasn’t this also posted on the Ocean Up site along with the oodles of comments about Shia and some comments about his mother? Give it a rest already!!!
    As for Shia, I am not too crazy about his stuck up comments on the Playboy interview with how he can have any woman he wants. I do admit this guy is super smart and I am sure that he knows he is hot has hell and he can use his looks to get anything that his heart desires.
    I for one think that the relationship between Shia and his mom is very addorable, why, because he is a true mama’s boy, so really again leave his mother alone, really!!!!

  • cathy

    kind of sweet….but the mama is a wee bit troll-like to be honest….although, to him she is beautiful.

    kind of sweet.

  • Chill!

    Of course Shia is knows that he is one of the hottest guys in the world, why because he is constantly told so and all the girls that he has crushed on has either gone out with him or have given him positive attention. And yeah I can see how Shia can use his looks to get anything he wants. But really, I could careless if he thinks that he is super hot or whatever. What I am here to complain about is the fact that people are degrading his mom like she was trash or something. I think that they are so far off of the truth. His mom seems like a wonderful lady and is a true hippie because she dresses the way she wants and does not spend her son’s money getting a face lift or going tanning all the time. Plus his mom does not need a face lift what so ever! Two snaps for Shayna for being true to who she is! :)

  • CRazy oldie

    this guy is funny…Shia is a freak….he should think about doing some German Porn

  • ness17

    now that was just a little whack,
    his mum looks scary and i hate to judge, but just not that sexy either

  • frejamacarons


  • chia

    Omg Shia. Stop talking. Your hotness factor has totally just went down. =/

  • ****

    Him and the troll gypsy again. He has money (I’m guessing) can’t he…I dunno…fix her?

  • lucinda

    ewww sick incest much plus his mum looks like a dragon and how could someone who stars in movies with megan fox and dated rihanna could say that its an insult eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. he must have been joking.

  • Johnnny

    latest news on shia and other hollywood pals at E channel:

  • rentonsgirl

    Shia’s great and his comments on his mother are very sweet. I guess it takes adults with open minds to actually understand what he’s saying.

    Its got nothing to do with incest.

    I for one think its great that he sees the beauty of his mother. It says more about the way he sees women, that he can see past just their looks. Sounds very healthy to me.

    Better that than him thinking that all women have to be insanely over done in order to be considered beautiful and sexy.

    I would have thought this kind of comment would be music to most teenage girls’ ears.

  • amy

    ummmm oh yeah she’s real sexy

  • Sandy

    Sweet to love your mom, and want to marry someone like her. But to say she’s “sexy”? ewwwww

  • lp

    he dated rihanna?????!!!!!!

  • Las Vegas Nights

    not really i dont think so.

  • sheryl

    Spending time with mom is okay, but he’s 22 and seems to spend A LOT of time with his mom. And I’m sorry, but those comments are off the chart. Whether his mom is the plainest or the hottest thing on the planet makes no difference, it’s still very weird.

  • mary

    he says that about his mother in a clean way. He loves his mom!!

  • Dreary

    Agree with mary!
    As for Shia, he will do whatever he wants. So if he wants to be stuck up on his looks, he will. If he wants to keep that ugly beard, he will. If he wants to be free and say things about his mum or whoever, he will. Shia does not seem at all sensitive to what others feel. So you all are wasting your time complaining about his mum, beard, and his cocky attitude.
    I don’t even think that Shia reads these things. However, I read that he frequents IMDB under the name glossynut. Glossynut (Shia) only post links to his projects or articles that brag about his work.