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Katie Holmes Receives Armani Praise

Katie Holmes Receives Armani Praise

Katie Holmes wears her favorite gray Wren sweater as she arrives at another dance studio in Los Angeles on Thursday morning (June 4).

Roberta Armani, who is the niece of designer Giorgio Armani and now handles VIPs for the family business, recently praised Katie‘s fashion sense. Roberta said, “Don’t be scared to be bold. My friend Katie Holmes wore some amazing bright blue shoes with an orange Armani Prive dress last year to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala in New York – she looked fantastic.”

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Credit: Eric Brogmus; Photos: GSI Media, INFdaily
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  • AHHHHH!!!


  • Ela

    I really wish she would get her teeth fixed and start giving us that million dollar smile. I wonder why she has been putting off the work???

  • kitty

    Armani must need a little publicity. Times are tough.

  • Jenny

    damn she look like a grandma

  • truth

    i doubt Armani would know who Holmes is if it wasn’t for Beckham. she should be thanking Victoria for giving her a make over.

  • POUR

    She looks so pretty!

  • pr person


  • photo-op

    It’s strange how she has a body guard here where is just about to enter a dance studio from exiting the car while she has none when she had the supposedly “walk with her daughter” on the park last week and the photos were taken in good position.

  • ck

    I know it’s hard to believe kids, but at one time much of the male population thought she was sooo hot.

  • Lauren

    What a shame. Katie was so pretty just a few short years ago. Now she looks much older than her 30 years, haggard, dead in the eyes and homeless. What the hell did Cruise do to her?!?!?! She might have more money because of him, and more press, but from the look of many pictures in the past few years, she looks miserable.

  • KJ

    temporary cult refugee

  • Chaz

    Ha-Ha! He had to go back a year to remember something descent she wore!

  • Mousse

    Katie needs help.

  • dabu

    From E:

    No, it isn’t 1998. It’s just that former Dawson’s Creek show runner Tom Kapinos spoke at a Los Angeles Times’ Envelope Emmy screening series panel about his current show, Californication, last night, and well, he went off on his former starlets.

    In talking about the genesis of Californication, Tom explained: “The idea came out of my own misery of working on Dawson’s Creek. I came out here to write screenplays, and I ended up on Dawson’s Creek, which was very lucrative and fun, but it was not what I wanted to do.”

    Tom then went on to seemingly trash Dawson’s stars Katie Holmes, James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams. Check this craziness out…

    “The experience was miserable,” he continued about Dawson’s. “But it was a four-year boot camp. It was like going to TV grad school and learning how to run a television show. Anybody on that show who could make a decision was allowed to run it at some point. I inherited the very awkward college years, and I almost ran the show into the ground. But I learned everything that I needed to know about how to run a show.”

    When the panel moderator asked, “What was it specifically that made it such a challenge?” Tom dropped this bomb: “It was the four monstrous actors at the core of it.”

    The audience erupted in laughter as Tom continued, saying: “They were very young, and they got very famous, and they made life miserable for any writer or producer on the show.”

  • good lord

    Head down, hands in pockets, dazed sad look, yellowish tint to skin. Yep, the cult sure has taken its toll.

    She’s an adult, so do as she may. But that cute little kid shouldnt be subjected to the cult….that’s child abuse.

  • A.C.

    Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad………..

  • no

    granny katie doesn’t have good style but sometimes she dress nice that is all about it.

  • HELP!

    I don’t think she’s dancing at all. I think Cruise has set up insemination services at these studios. Ha-HA!!!!! Gay guys don’t do it with their wives. Look at that kid they have now, looks just like Chris Klein.

  • kel

    Awful, awful dress and hideous shoes!! K Holmes is very pretty, the look was totally “wrong” — probably for anyone! The dress looked like plastic and her make-up matched the dress!

  • t

    She needs some make up never leave home with out it Kateie please.

  • sue

    she looks so old in the face ewwwwwwww.

  • Ellie

    look so old and sad

  • n.o.l.a

    she’s dead inside.

  • Barb

    She looks so sad and exhausted. Far too thin. Tom Cruise is slowly killing this young woman with his Scientology beliefs. She has not looked healthy since she went in that crazy scientology detox a few months back. Tom Cruise has isolated her from all her friends and loving family and I think she needs a family intervention. Yes, she is a rich woman but she is a very unhappy girl whose only pleasure in life is her work away from Cruise and her adorable little Suri. Notice the scratch under her eye. Stress scratch or Suri scratch.

  • Kitty Kat

    Maybe I’m just thinking of someone else, but didn’t Katie used to have boobs?

  • Gross

    Gross and Disgusting. Where is her family??? Where are her friends?? Somebody needs to help this poor woman!!

  • Annie

    Get some help bimbo.

  • bambi

    #5, Tom and Katie are the ones who introduced the Beckhams to Armani. So THE BECKHAMS are the ones who should be thanking the Cruises for their multi-million dollar contracts with Armani.

  • nicole

    #24- yeah….more likely a suri-stratch. Awhile back….there was a video tape showing Suri smacking her mom’s hand. Katie was just trying to help her get into the car. Being the brat she is…she smacked her mom’s helping hand away.

    Nowadays…in photos..Katie is shown almost always with her head looking to the ground. She looks like she is suffering from depression.



  • lakers fan in boston

    lol prasied her?
    she only gave a complement when she wore something of theirs
    boring as usual, same cardigan and pants, and of course flats



  • Evangeline

    Is it just me or does her skin color always look strange?

  • celia


    nope. Her idiotic parents don’t think she should/allow her to socialize with other children unless they belong to the same crazy cult.
    Mostly, from what I read…..she lives mostly an isolated life (good way to make a child into a brat)….and plays with her many dolls- acting like a nanny.

    very sad.

  • bambi

    #34, What is sad is that you actually believe all the crap that tabloids print about celebrities.

  • Frederick’s on Hollywood Blvd

    Frederick’s of Hollywood Retail Store
    6751 Hollywood Blvd
    Hollywood, CA 90028
    (323) 466-8506

    ??? With who the bimbo is having sex with ?

  • Jennifer

    She looks sad and depressed.

  • Charles

    #35, Yah, we should probably believe what their PR people say about them instead of the tabloids, because PR people NEVER lie. HA-HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your a riot #35.

    Hey, Check out Halle Berry, she is gorgeous!!! And 42 I might add. Poor Homely, so sad to be you. But you did it to yourself.

  • courtney on vine

    Frederick’s on Hollywood Blvd @

    Well according to Mimi Rogers Tom didn’t like to use his instrument that often. Maybe she is trying to entice him!

  • Frederick’s on Hollywood Blvd

    I was not thinking of Tom Cruise as a lover for Katie. Don’t believe he and Katie ever had sex (together). She’s his beard, that’s all.

  • Poppy

    #38, I never said that believe what their PR people say.
    The fact of the matter is that NONE of us know what goes on in their private lives.

  • pam

    bambi = bimbo

    and it’s ok for you to believe what you read as you posted on # 28 ?


    tabloids are not the only media bimbo. Are you part of the cult or a nutty friend of Donatello/Raphael/Mr Horse/Mr Orange/Mr Pink…..etc?

    You have got to be either blind, dumb or mentally challenged to not see or understand this couple . …and also to “support” them.


  • Charles

    DONATELLO ( Michaelangelo, Raphael, etc..) IS BAMBI and POPPY!!! You fool, like we don’t know that. Your posts are all the same. Go suck tom’s dick why don’t you.

  • bambi

    Sorry I used the name Poppy because I changed my browser.

    #42, I understand that tabloids are not the only media. The poster whom I was originally responding to was quoting a story from a British tabloid. I was simply pointing out that tabloids print vicious lies about celebs all the time

    If you choose to believe the crap that is written about tomkat and other celebrities then so be it.

  • bambi

    No, I’m not that Donatello guy. Beleive it or not there is more than one person who defends tomkat. I don’t see why people are attacking me. t. All, I said was that tabloids LIE.
    I don’t like Brangelina but I don’t believe the crap that tabloids print about them either.

  • LuckyL

    Armani -what-? Lmao

  • Darn the hoe

    What a beautiful smile! I don’t think she can get anymore gorgeous! LOL!!!!!!

  • dianelll

    Why don’t you freak kidman fans stay on her site you can not stand that Katie is young and pretty and kidman is old and ugly and has to dye her grey hair red so she don’t look like a great grandma

  • chikita

    Hahahahaha……… dianelll YOU ARE LOSER GET A LIFE FREAK SCIENTOLOGY – same like bambi, poppy, DONATELLO, Michaelangelo, Raphael, etc

  • irene

    hey at least nicole had a flat chest like since forever, she did not change her looks for worse when being with tommy, she also defended who she was.
    this woman changed her life and belief and walks around looking like this (let alone the clothes, her skin,, her hair, her sad face, she looks unkempt.)
    He is a poster child for his beliefs, weird how she cleans up for official matter of his husband.
    and about her sense of style, better armani get her money and she should wear their clothes more often and forget about her own designs, she looks terrible and does not do any favors to her current body shape. (yes, she used to look normal years ago, had breasts and not thick legs and neck)