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Kate Gosselin: Beach Babies Family Portrait

Kate Gosselin: Beach Babies Family Portrait

Kate Gosselin and her sextuplets — Aaden, Collin, Alexis, Hannah, Leah and Joel — pose for a family portrait sans papa Jon Gosselin by the ocean on Bald Head Island, North Carolina on Friday afternoon (June 5).

How cute is Leah modeling with her hand on her hip?! Haha!! The picture was taken on Kate‘s pink phone by her nanny.

The seven have been on vacation together for more than a week to shoot a new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Jon has been back home in Pennsylvania taking care of twins Cara and Mady.

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  • lora

    there working not on vacation there filming these poor kids non stop.

  • Belle

    I bet they keep her busy at all time! LoL They are so cute.

  • fona

    what about your other 2 kids and your husband ? id never leave half of my family to go on vacation but really there being filmed I agree non stop..

  • LuckyL

    Children need BOTH parents. Dumb b*tch.

    Waita Jared, now you have me commenting on this dumb dumb

  • fona

    I feel sorry thee kids need a big break away from the lime light.

  • holly

    Kate and Jon have other lovers how sick.

  • nonstalker

    One of the crazy anti-Gosselin blogs is listing the bodyguard’s personal information, address and tax info. These blogger people are dangerous and really have no common sense. What will his tax information mean to them. I bet they start harassing his family now.

  • andrew

    Those kids are just the cutest wee babes on the scene. They should put out a video of their own.

  • sue

    right luckyl she only cares about Kate.

  • moi

    Exploitation of children. Never watched and never will.


    Ok Kate…this woman knows how to take a pic…but the picture don’t tell the story of the heart…just stop! I want them to live their lives, but Kate knows she is in this thing for the family She once stated “people wanted to glimpse into our lives.” Fine, we got, now lock the windows, close the curtains…and love your family sans the camera!

  • tim

    what anti fan site is that none stalker?

  • mama

    yep shes a fame whore tha kids need a break she and Jon need to get a job.

  • polly

    Can this woman get enough publicity..She must be off her rocker completely…knowing what everyone else knows, having the kids thrown to the public eye every second of every day?
    She should be home with her husband and 2 other daughters, spending quality family time together.
    And as far as vacations go….the only people that need a vacation is Jon and Kate…ALONE… hash out the issues.
    She makes me sick.

  • ali

    aw look at leah posing! shes my favoriteee =)

  • emma

    read this blog its by a guy how use to live next to them.

  • Jaz

    #1- they dont even film everyday. they film like 3 days out of a week. if you watched her and mady’s trip to san diego, they only let the crew film 1 day out of the 5 days they were there. my god, its not that serious.

    jared please stop posting about this family. I, myself love them (and have watched since 2007) and im even getting sick of hearing about them on here. why would i look at all these pictures if i could just watch the show instead of the same exact event? im too lazy, and this is ridiculous.
    Leah does look cute there though

  • tina

    yeah I guess kates new lover is divorced amd public records show his new address as kate house.

  • jimmbo

    Surprise…The bodyguard/boyfriend has been divorced since April according to GWOP Someone checked the public records in Maryland.And according to them he has a Penna. address that sounds like Kates house No wonder Jon is miserable he probably can’t do anything about it for whatever reason.She’s a cruel bit#h to do that to him For 10years and 8 kids that is the most heartless thing ever.

  • Jaz

    I do admit there pimping out there kids.

  • taylor

    Selling her own photos? Way to exploit your children for money even more than before. DISGUSTING.

  • tina

    your right jimmbo he lives with her there lovers.

  • peggy

    shes pimping out the kids because her and Jon dont want to work there lazy idiots people are seeing the truth.

  • peggy

    on et they were calling for them to cancel the show they should. BRAVO may pick up a show with her and the kids hope it bombs.

  • fame kate

    Oh Kate get a life take your poor kids off tv its ruined your marriage whats next the kids.

  • 15 minutes are up

    Sure, have the picture taken on her pink blackberry, knowing full well, that there are like 50 paps in trees to take the same picture.

    Nice that she lined them all up in a shot for the paps to make money. I am sure they will all send Kate a thank you card.

  • Lily

    So its official you are on their payroll, i never watched or heard of them before all these posts on JJ, and i dont care so stop!

  • Cindy

    It’s pretty much over, fans, Steve is divorced in Maryland documents, so what Jon suspected was all true if you read the papers. Think it’s over for J and K and tlc who tried to put up a strong front. Viewers will definately be turned off by this whole fiasco. Unreal.

  • freida

    Before they bought their new house in Pa. the film Co. and TLC offered them a 5,000 sq.ft. house in NC. for free,custom built, with separate guest house and cafeteria for film crew. Wonder if they are going to take them up on the offer after recent developments? Tell that wouldn’t be bizarre for the kids.

  • kate

    Her fifty minutes are up but she will find another way to pimp the kids out sad.

  • ml

    they dont need eneymore free bies give it to someone who would be greatful.

  • jimmbo

    What kind of wimp is Jon I’m on his side but I would draw the line at the boyfriend living in MY HOUSE and sleeping in MY BED with my still WIFE. and Im sleeping tn the garage.Cmon JON man up and do something the whole country is looking at you.I just hope this is all ammo. for the custody hearings when he goes to get the kids.I just wish I could see a year down the road to see what Kat’s miserable life will look likeShe deserves to wind up all alone and when these kids grow up enough to read about what she’s done to their father I really think she will and I don’t think the bodyguard is in love with her.I think it’s just lust.Itl get old soon enough now he’s free and he’ll look for a nice young chick.wait and see..


    I’ d like to make a citizens arrest of Kate G.: One of the boys bathing suits does not match!…..and not lined up with the other boys? SHAME, SHAME !!! you are slipping…Organization woman!!!!

  • ml

    ive heard they have made 17 millon allready thats what there going to fighting over not the poor kids.

  • pimp them out

    Kate just wants the kid to pimp them out if TlC gets rid of her she will find someone else like BRAVO. She will never let these kid not work how mony kids are born with a job? so sad someone needs to say no more tv show.

  • pimp them out


  • Kate

    Picture taken by Nanny ?………… “No , Never” …. “part- time helper”

  • Ally
  • noticias de famosos

    That beautiful image … But where is the father?

  • REally Now

    Does anyone think that maybe Mady and Cara are not on vacation is because they are in SCHOOL and Jon is taking care of them.

    Whatever. I am so done with this.

  • DJ McGuinn

    I am so so sick of seeing her with those kids all the time!! Can’t those poor kids get a BREAK..enough already…and ya know what?! She actually doesn’t see what it’s doing to them? NO the only thing she sees is dollar bills, cause if she quits the show how does she pay the MORTGAGE!!!!

  • http://justjared Lo

    so ur better parents! if ur on line monitoring this i think not. Where’s ur kids?

  • lola

    here is something to think about. the show was on once a week for about 25 – 30 or so weeks each year. I think this year that might have increased to 40. So just how does anyone think that the kids are being filmed 24/7? They are NOT

  • http://justjared Lo

    lola , yes blown out of proportion. what can you say half these people don’t even have kids. they are well looked after and cared for. better than the kids n our current foster care system. do they go to disneyland? r they with people who truly love them?

  • loey

    I don’t see anyone picking on the little people when they sepatrate for a vacation or the Christian 18 and Counting when the parents vacation without the kids.

  • loleen

    Leave them alone. They are just trying to scrape by like many of us . They are a loving wonderful family. The kids look happy.

  • A

    Kate sucks as a parent so does jon. Stop pimping the kids out.

  • fonda

    lo, lola loley same people shut the hell up stupid ass.

  • kate

    @jimmbo: Guess what, those idiots have their panties in a bunch because it is not the correct spelling of his name or the wife’s. lol

  • kate

    @jimmbo: Guess what, those idiots have their panties in a bunch because it is not the correct spelling of his name or the wife’s. lol