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Jennifer Garner and the Garden Of Eatin'

Jennifer Garner and the Garden Of Eatin'

Jennifer Garner does her weekly grocery shopping at Whole Foods supermarket with daughter Violet, 3, on Saturday morning (June 6) in Boston, Mass.

The mother-daughter pair picked up lots of organic goodness including a bag of Garden of Eatin’ Guacamole Tortilla Chips, made of white corn tortilla and a rich flavor of herbs, onions, garlic and avocados — finished off with a hint of lime!

Spotted: Jen smothering Violet with lots and lots of kisses!

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and the Garden of Eatin’…

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jennifer garner garden of eatin 01
jennifer garner garden of eatin 02
jennifer garner garden of eatin 03
jennifer garner garden of eatin 04
jennifer garner garden of eatin 05
jennifer garner garden of eatin 06
jennifer garner garden of eatin 07
jennifer garner garden of eatin 08
jennifer garner garden of eatin 09
jennifer garner garden of eatin 10
jennifer garner garden of eatin 11
jennifer garner garden of eatin 12
jennifer garner garden of eatin 13
jennifer garner garden of eatin 14
jennifer garner garden of eatin 15
jennifer garner garden of eatin 16
jennifer garner garden of eatin 17
jennifer garner garden of eatin 18
jennifer garner garden of eatin 19
jennifer garner garden of eatin 20
jennifer garner garden of eatin 21
jennifer garner garden of eatin 22
jennifer garner garden of eatin 23
jennifer garner garden of eatin 24
jennifer garner garden of eatin 25

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  • wtf

    She is a slob.

  • Kelly

    How is she a slob? Because she’s NORMAL???

  • Callie

    Just because she doesn’t spend her money on a thousand dollar shirt or millions of dollars on jewelry doesn’t make her a slob. Who dresses up to go grocery shopping anyway? If you show a little leg you’ll get a 10% discount on frozen food?

  • missy

    man, you know its bad, when everyday people look better than movie stars. just saw poor harrison ford whining because all the small airports are shutting down, lifes getting rough out there for the rich and famous.

  • slobslobslob

    No, Kelly, she’s not normal. She’s a celebrity with millions. This is why she’s a slob. She’s got a lot more resources than the “normal” person so she can definitely look better than this. Oh, and her kid is ugly. Yeah, I know she’s only a kid. But get real. She ain’t cute.

  • Me!

    Jared, leave this family ALONE! THis is getting ridiculous. How many posts have you done on the same family in 2 days?

  • well

    It looks like violet still wears diaper.

  • missy

    well, violet was adorable, baby cuteness, comes and goes in stages. She is not ugly, ugly is forever,

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow, i think im an a-hole sometimes and even i wouldnt say that about violet, she’s pretty cute imo
    there r some kids in hollywood i wouldnt call cute no, her father’s name is adam….

    nice 2 see them having a good time, she looks like a great mother
    been 2 that whole foods before

  • well

    She is cute though.

  • to slobslobslob


    Go back into your hole, hater. If you think she a slob and Violet’s ugly than why do you click on the post? I cant stand Angelina or britney so I just ignore and pass over them when anything about them comes up. I refuse to waste my time on people I dislike, why do you spend your time hatin’? Life is too short Love.

  • amy

    Vio is no more the happy little girl.

  • mslewis

    @Callie: Well, actually Callie, Jen’s clothes are not “cheap” they are just sloppy. I guarantee you she buys these horrible looking clothes in a nice store . . . that sweater looks very expensive . . . but its the way she wears her casual clothes. She just doesn’t care how she looks and that is definitely NOT okay for anybody, let alone a celebrity.

    On the other hand, Jared, I really wish you would stop posting boring pictures of this woman and her child. Jennifer is not exactly an A List celeb (her last few movies were total bombs) so what is the reason for posting the same sort of pics day after day, especially when both mom and daughter look the same and do the same thing everyday? I don’t get it.

  • not cute sorry

    they looks like slobs there just not cute at all sorry.

  • melissa

    WOW – If I wanted to read a bunch of haters, I would go to TMZ.! Jen looks very appropriate for grocery shopping, and Violet is a little cutie. You need to get a life!

  • Tazina

    First time I’ve checked out this site……what a joke……Nobody really cares what a bunch of losers are posting on Just Jared about Jennifer Garner and her daughter. Part of the reason is the shallow childishness of the comments…they’re not credible because they are so incredibly juvenile….who are you people….high school drop-outs? Trailer trash? Living and growing mold in your parents’ basement?

  • A#16

    I am so disgusted by this!!! Jennifer looks very upset and I don’t blame her. The photographers follow them to nursery school in LA. They are stlaked and harrassed at the playground. They intrude on Violet even when she is with the babysitter. Jen and Ben have had to call the police to deal with the swarming before they could leave a building. So you would think when they are in Boston of all places, the effing paps would let them be. I think it’s horrible. It ought to be illegal to stalk, harrass and [photograph the minor children of celebrities without the permission of their parents.

  • to mslewis (are you stupid?)


    You don’t have to click on the picture and READ the whole thing, much less comment, MsLewis. If you are bored with the Afflecks, dont like them, think they are sloppy and not BIG ENOUF STARS (at least she does movies unlike most of the celebs posted on here ) don’t READ about them!!! Ignore the post and go to the nEXT ONE. You’all are SO STUPID!!!!

  • to mslewis (are you stupid?)


    You don’t have to click on the picture and READ the whole thing, much less comment, MsLewis. If you are bored with the Afflecks, dont like them, think they are sloppy and not BIG ENOUF STARS (at least she does movies unlike most of the celebs posted on here ) don’t READ about them!!! Ignore the post and go to the nEXT ONE. You’all are SO STUPID!!!!

  • ae

    Ugly kid. Looks like a horse like her mother.

  • boo

    A crowded Whole Foods in Boston in the summer is my version of hell. If I had her cash, I would be far, far away from there.

  • VicKY

    Jennifer Garner is THE MOST REALISTIC AND NORMAL MOM AMONGST ALL HOLLYWOOD MOMS. God bless u & ur family Jen.

  • Cara

    Some children change their physical appearance more when growing than others, and it would appear that Violet is one of those children. It feels like a third addition might be on the way….

  • just me

    Hopefully she bought some soap and shampoo for herself and her daughter. It’s obvious she’s been out of both for a long time! Ewwww!!

  • just me

    Hopefully she bought some soap and shampoo for herself and her daughter. It’s obvious she’s been out of both for a long time! Ewwww!!

  • seus

    She has enough cash to be away from those places, she is a stupid b#tch exposing her child like that to the paps, terrible mother, that kid must be having nightmares of strange men following her. How dare the b#tch teach her child to smile at the paparazzi. It’s totally crazy to me.

  • phew

    She looks like a pig. She is in need of a good scrub, she must be growing cowebs in her v…to think that her husband looks just as stank nasty. No wonder their kids look like critters.

  • naomi

    @slobslobslob: Wow, are you stupid? jealous bitch?

  • Adri

    I can dress like a slob sometimes (ok, most times) when I’m just running around or lounging around. However, I have to dress up pretty nicely for my job…in suits, makeup, hair, hose, heels, etc. Although I wish I didn’t have to, but it’s my job. It’s expected of me, so I do it.

    Jennifer is a movie star. She doesn’t have to look like Victoria Beckham, but she shouldn’t look like most of us going to Target. She should try at least a little. I used to like that she was confident enough not to go overboard dressing up for the public. But now it just seems that she realizes people have started to like her for being ” a normal mom”, and now she’s just overexaggerating it and milking it.

  • Gina

    She needs to potty train that child she’s 3.5 years old. Gross.

  • cawed

    b/c she has a ton of money and is a movie star she needs to wear a damn gucci dress to whole foods on a sat. morning? i go to this damn store and so do a lot of people that have FAR more money than her and her husband…and the women and men look no different than her. As a matter of fact what grocery store do you all shop at that people are decked out to the nines to pick their fing strawberries. Give it up people she obviously doesn’t give a S*&t what anyone thinks…and so sad b/c she makes movies she’s so much more different than us…she’s not complaining so you should stop.

    And Boo: it was 70 degrees here and that store isn’t overly crowded its not in Boston its in Cambridge. She did pick one that wasn’t in the middle of our HUGE, celebrity ridden city…

  • poor kid

    does that poor little kid have another pair of shoes? she wears the same pair all the time she dresses that kid so slob like she could do better. They are rich and look like white trash

  • jen

    dress your kid better shes to cute to look like a slob buy her a new pair of shoes.

  • paparazzilover

    There is nothing normal about this woman, she loves the paps, her child looks very clingy no autonomy and she is still wearing pampers. That kid is going to be a total mess, the only time she’s smiling is when her mom is carring her that’s because she’s a spoil brat. She must be having a hard time with the new baby around, after all the mother carried her around on her hip when she was suppose to be walking. I bet she still uses a pacifier.

  • Bruce Banner

    Brilliant, #3.

    She can but doesn’t feel like it and it’s her choice, #5. Why so upset? Hard to live
    vicariously through her?

    Who calls a little girl ugly?

    How is that not okay, #13? She’ll die if she doesn’t?

    These pics are popular and she is an A lister.

    Right, #17.

    Why should she stay away from those places, #26? She’s a human being and
    should be able to shop like anyone else.

    Why shouldn’t she look like that, #29? Why does it upset you so much?

    Quit playing shrink, #34.

  • jen

    she not normal she lives in a 17 millon dollar home. Her and the kid need to dress like it.

  • haha

    At least she has a father who is not absent.

  • Missy

    Some of these people leaving comments are so superficial and pathetic. Who calls a 3 year old “ugly”? Grow up.

  • rosemarie

    Jennifer Garner is a person of contradictions, she lives in a 17 million dollar mansion and dresses like a slob to give the impression that she is like us, not. Her “sweetness” reminds me of Sweet and Lo..of course the artificial sweetener. Everything about her always seems so staged, like when she kisses her daughter in front of the paparazzi it’s like she’s on a reality show. I think she needs to get over herself, and no she is not the greatest celebrity mom she needs to stop acting.

  • Rhonda

    Jen and Kate, angie and octomom, its all becoming one big blur

  • lari

    exactly – she stages a lot of things. she fakes things…she’s an actress what do you expect? it seems like she’s taking this “i’m just a normal mom” thing way out of proportion…the newest hollywood trend…try to look normal so your fans will feel closer to you. it’s all a lie. she made $10 million+ for that last bomb she did and Ben Affleck’s worth $85 million…so she doesn’t have to dress in gucci but she should stop trying to “fake it”. we all know you have lots of money, don’t try to hide it girl. we all think she’s depressed…trying to make ben into something he’s not. the dude is away from his family more than he is with the family. and when he’s with them, it seems forced like jen garner’s trying to make it happen. i think that’s why people hate her so much…her artificial sweetness when many of us can see what is obvious. for those fans who defend her to the bone, i believe that even if she wore a garbage bag around her body you’d be defending that she’s just an “average mom who’s tired, blah, blah”. i’m an average mom who is suffering through this recession. jen garner is no way related to us “normal average” moms. Ben Affleck and her kids are the best thing that’s ever happened to this has been. too bad she has her own production company b/c she’s going to keep starring in her own movies – no one wants to see her as the romantic lead anymore.

  • Cellulite

    Wow no more million dollar baby

  • sweetiepie

    cute child, but a 3 years old shouldn’t wear diapers anymore, thats weird.

  • Adri

    @Bruce Banner: Hey “#35″…it doesn’t upset me. Sorry, I don’t spend my life thinking about Jennifer Garner. I said she should try a litlle bit, not that she had to wear Gucci…but like comb your daughter’s hair and get her out of diapers. I just used to think she was sweet and normal, and now I think she purposely is under-dressing herself and Violet to come off as sweet and normal. She gets attention for it, and she has recognized that.

  • nancy

    Wow its really impressive the amount of backlash a woman gets for going to the supermarket…she probably went early and probably rolled out of bed to go, like most of us and just b/c she lives in an expensive home doesn’t mean she can’t be normal, then again if she were dressing like Posh to go buy groceries we would be hearing about that or if she was more of a bitch to everyone we’d hear about that…so sad.
    well i guess jen figured it all out b/c she doesn’t care what she does or looks like b/c she probably figures regardless i’ll get ripped apart.

  • s.i

    @slobslobslob: She is not ugly! She is a cute little kid, and jennifer is normal, and she is pretty and looks so happy and full of joy. she is a smart and talented normal woman. She is beautiful, and she dresses just like an everyday normal mum and she can be over-sexy and female. She has always been beautiful, ever since we got to know her as the unbearably sexy, beautiful, smart and sensual Sydney Bristow and then as the sexy vixen Elektra. I loved all her roles, she is very talented, I never got to confuse Elektra to Sydney or Jena or Grey, never. She is a very good actress, she is a good mum, she is pretty and normal, and she has a huge hard-die fans base. We support her because she is different, she is unique and does all she wants!

  • go sox

    I don’t understand the HATRED here for a woman, who enjoys having some semblance of a NORMAL life, who likes to go to the grocery store HERSELF, and have a little time with her older daughter alone. SO, she’s supposed to go to Whole Foods in freakin’ GUCCI?????? And you don’t think that would draw all kinds of attention??????

    You shallow, LA minded plastic people need to realize there is normal life outside of LaLa land, and we do NOT dress to go to the grocery store. We don’t have to wear Gucci OR make-up. Try it….it’s lovely. AND normal.

    I think it’s TOTALLY cool that she shops for her own food, spends time with her children, and is where her husband is filming. Outside of being an actress herself, she IS a mom AND wife. You don’t have to hate her because she wants to be as normal as she can.

  • s.i

    @ae: They dont look like horses. They look pretty and normal, and cute. Besides, if u dont like them dont google them.

  • s.i

    @phew: WHat a stupid comment………LOLx 44444400000000000000000000000…LOL LOL LOL

  • go sox

    And I have NO words for people who trash a CHILD!!!! YOU people are beyond dispicable.

    How cute is this pic?

    Go crawl back under the rocks you came from.