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Paris Jackson's Speech - Michael Jackson Tribute

Paris Jackson's Speech - Michael Jackson Tribute

Paris Jackson, the 11-year-old daughter of the King of Pop, gives a tearful goodbye at the Michael Jackson public memorial service held at Staples Center on Tuesday (July 7) in Los Angeles.

She shared, “I just wanted to say, ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just wanted to say, I love him so much.”

Standing beside Paris were her two brothers, Michael Jackson, Jr. and Prince Michael Jackson II.

Watch Paris Jackson‘s speech below –

Paris Jackson’s Speech – Michael Jackson Tribute

10+ pictures inside of Michael Jackson‘s kids at the ceremony…

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Photos: Kevork Djansezian/Getty
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  • Jamie

    so sad.


    Aww i feel most sorry for the family that was so sweet.

  • DachAng

    This made me cry so hard. Bless them all <3

  • JK

    This is just .. I can’t help but crying watching this. It’s just heartbreaking that such a young child must go through a thing like this.

  • Jater

    Paris broke my heart. She is such a beautiful and brave young girl. You and your brothers will be in my heart.

  • lala

    I cried at various points of the service, but I especially cried when Paris spoke. Debbie need to leave these kids alone and let them stay with MJ family. The kids already stated its their wish. The kids, especially Paris grabbed on Mother Kate and Janet throughout the entire service.

  • chris

    WOW what a gorgeous little girl. That was such a heart touching moment!!!!
    God bless his children!
    Hope they´ll be ok!

  • n.a

    this was so sad, brought tears to my eyes.

  • Fergie Fan !

    i want to cry !
    so sad !


    This was my breaking point.

  • sharene

    that was so sad… i had tears streaming down my face



  • breezedash

    Poor daughter…But she said very kind words about her father… R.I.P. Michael

  • Love

    Oohh so sad…this is the part I just couldnt hold myself and just cried, what a beautiful and brave young girl, i hope the best for the Jackson family.



  • Popper

    She looks exactly like Michael Jackson when he was a child. All three kids look like Michael.

    100% look alikes

  • Duyen

    I cried too. It was such a sad moment.

  • allie

    i am tired of hearing about mj but i really did feel bad for his kids. when paris started to cry, gosh i felt so bad for her

  • karenina the same here:(

  • brina

    she’s beautiful. paris broke my heart.this was a touching memorial really beautiful

  • zanessa4life

    That was so heartbreaking.
    I could feel the pain she has to feel.
    Noone deserves it to get their father taken away at such a young age.
    Stay strong little Jacksons : ()

  • elle

    No words can comfort you right now Paris sweetie but know that your daddy loved you just as much if not more and that will stay with you forever and he will always be with you forever in your heart. This was a wonderful, wonderful memorial all the friends and family with their personal stories was so touching. Marlon too made me cry endlessly. This was beautiful, very very beautiful.

    R.I.P MJ!

  • Pining for Chris

    I was on the verge of tears…then as soon as she came to the front; they came flooding down. Poor child, poor children; this really brings it home that they have lost their loving father. My thoughts and prayers are with them, the entire family.
    Rest in Peace Michael, thank you for the music.

  • sweetiepie

    why do they have to do that to those little children? leave them alone in their grief and don’t put them in the public. it also wasn’t the way michael took care of his children!

  • sad

    For michael jackson’s daughter, who has been hidden underneath masks and veils from the media her whole life, to speak about her dad so positively in front of all those people, he must have been a great man. I hope all of the people who basically crucified him and turned on him and accused him of being a pedophile watched this and realized the pain they not only inflicted on him but his children.

  • gigi00

    this is where i lost all control and cried….it was so sad…it broke my heart to see this girl speak and cry…rest in peace mike the king of pop may god be with your friends familly & fans. love you.

  • qwerty

    This was my breaking point to. I got choked up during Brooke Shield’s speech but this made me cry!


    I feel bad that they made the little girl go up there and give a speech. Why make her a spectacle at such a difficult time?


    I feel bad that they made the little girl go up there and give a speech. Why make her a spectacle at such a difficult time?

  • brad

    SHE BROKE MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!GOD have mercy ih his soul I love MJ

  • Emelie

    That’s heartbreaking, my eyes are filld with tears.

    if she choose to stand there and say those things about her daddy I think she’s very brave, but if someone told her to stand there I just feel bad for her. She just lost probably the most important person in her life and if someone made her do that…I don’t know what to say. But I hope she wanted to do it.

  • Ron Stack

    All those kids have Michael Jackson’s genes. You can tell they are half black. Blue eyes runs in his family

  • rpatzfan

    so sad ,all Michael kids are so cute ,and its lovely to see that they love him so much.

  • d

    um those aren’t his children they don’t even look like him.

  • April

    Aww, poor thing. She’s a cute little kid though, I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen what she looked like.

  • bibi


    wtf are you talking about? the beautiful girl WANTED TO SAY SOMETHING, and so she did.

    rest in peace mike & thank you for all the love you gave through your music, humanitarian deeds & just being you. your kids will be fine.

  • n.a

    i’m pretty sure she wanted to make a comment….why would they make her?

  • Tarynd

    This was my fav moment of the whole memorial it just made me cry so hard and to see her lean on janet just made me cry harder she looks like a sweet girl. it was a very touching moment and there was not one dry eye in the audience after those words she gave. it was a very brave thing to do in front of all those people but now we all see how munch his children realy loved him. RIP Michael and my condolences go out to the family.

  • hello

    This broke my heart.

  • Ashley

    What a beautiful, brave little girl.
    I think Michael did a good job with his children.

    I’m sad for the heartache they are enduring, and for all the rumours and speculation they will undoutably have to face.

  • debra77

    OMG.. how beautiful is she.. just breathtaking.. Such saddness.. I just think people forget he was a FATHER above all else.. and he has 3 children who will miss him more then anyone else..

    I was glad they got to see how many people loved their father and how many people’s lives he affected and influenced.. It really was a beautiful and special tribute..

    Well done.

  • KinsleyKate

    They aren’t his biological children but he’s been their father since the day they were born and it doesn’t matter that they may not share his dna all that matters is he tried to do his best to be the best father he could be to them and for all you that are saying bad things about this you should be ashamed, any guy can be a sperm doner but it takes a real man to raise a child and be a father.
    And it seems as though whatever other faults he had he was the best father to his children and it shows in their grief. I know I wouldn;t be morning a man who had done wrong to me our not cared for me.

  • black

    Best speech of the whole day.

    And I really don´t believe that she´s been forced too, or that the rest of the family was more concerned about making her speak than her emotions——the girl simply wanted to get this out.

    ——————–Well done—————————–

  • sad

    I really hope they don’t tear those kids apart, they’re all they have left of their original family. Hopefully they get to stay with their grandmother and not some lady who they don’t even really know and doesn’t know them.

  • sigh

    I would like to think that she wasn’t coerced to say something. A brave and beautiful girl. Gum chewing Prince is so handsome…. and they do look like MJ, especially the eldest boy. RIP MJ.

  • Jess

    This was it for me. In the same moment that Paris began speaking I was crying my eyes out. My heart is breaking for this little girl and her brothers and for the rest of the Jackson family. Paris words were few but they said so much. I hope that Paris, Blanket and Prince get to stay with their grandma and their loving aunts and uncles.

    RIP Michael Jackson

  • jasmine

    WOW! I choked up on my tears. Such a sad, sad, DAY! May god bless those children!!!!!!

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    I allways thought that MJ has a boy and two girls!!!

  • agathi

    poor kids they are suffering the worst loss ever…..i dont know what to say to them…there arent words for a situation like that.

    but its so true they have the Best Dad ever!:(

  • Lin

    I think they are his kids biologically, they look more like him than I expected, all they have is some white genes from the mother, but certainly dark colouring and some African facial features if truth be told.