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Zachary Quinto Loves Himself Some Jessica Lange

Zachary Quinto Loves Himself Some Jessica Lange

Zachary Quinto cozies up to openly gay actress Sarah Paulson at the reception of ‘Jessica Lange: 50 Photographs 1992-2008′ at The Rose Gallery on Saturday (July 18) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Paulson, 34, is currently dating 52-year-old actress Cherry Jones, who received an Emmy nomination for “Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series” for her work as 24‘s President Allison Taylor.

Also pictured below: Jessica Lange, Laura Dern and Alan Cumming.

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zachary quinto jessica lange photographs 01
zachary quinto jessica lange photographs 02
zachary quinto jessica lange photographs 03
zachary quinto jessica lange photographs 04
zachary quinto jessica lange photographs 05
zachary quinto jessica lange photographs 06
zachary quinto jessica lange photographs 07
zachary quinto jessica lange photographs 08
zachary quinto jessica lange photographs 09

Photos: Charley Gallay/Getty
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  • Jon and hailey + baby bailey

    wow. he looks like a major Michael Jackson target…. twink boy

  • Raquel

    He is simply the cutest most down to earth and cool actor working in LA today, love him!

  • jami

    i love his style.

  • Shary

    I just had a look at a picture of Cherry Jones the woman Sarah Paulson is dating, ewwwwwwwww Sarah Paulson is dating her mother, at least date another hot lesbian not one who looks like she could he your mother.

  • Pining for Chris

    Ahh I love me some Zachary! :)
    Minus the belt I like what he’s wearing.

  • J.c.

    Does anybody know what brand his sunglasses are?

  • http://_ abeer

    is Zachary Quinto gay???

  • layla

    i love zachary:)

  • cherry

    why is my gaydar going off??????

  • deraj tsuj

    Where’s Zac’s boyfriend?

  • Justin t.

    The fag is gay!

  • Lee

    One of the coolest, intelligent, actors in HW. Does as he pleases. You rock Quinto!

  • Sweetheart

    He is gay. Why can’t people realize that the man is gay. He has gayness written all over him. Look at him. He talks gay and acts gay. Have any of you seen him in any of his interviews? No real man talks the way he talks or acts the way he acts. For those who haven’t seen him in any interviews go check it out at youtube and quit denying the fact that the man is gay.

    Other than that, I love Zach Quinto.

  • !!!!!!!!!!


  • emma

    even though i love me some zachary quinto, i’ve seen him flirt with female journalists/interviewwers before so i’m not 100% convinced that he’s gay, but sometimes i cant help but think he might be.

  • fresh

    who gives a s.hit if he’s gay? that’s his business.

  • fresh

    who gives a s.hit if he’s gay? that’s his business.

  • stacie

    Oh, Zachary my boy you are sooooo Dreamy . He is my second not so secret crush. I just love him so . I’m Completely LOVE STONED .

  • Reed Richards

    Sarah Paulsen is a lesbian??? You learn something new every day…

    How does someone look and act gay, #13.

  • kit

    Maybe his bi…Not that there’s anything wrong with that!.. But straight guys don’t dress that way.. Observation, just saying…his own business.

  • getreal

    #7 Do bears ***t in the woods?

  • anonymous

    @ #13: Alan Cumming is much more “gay-acting/talking” than ZQ, and Alan Cumming is bisexual. So no, ZQ doesn’t have “gayness written all over him” because Alan Cumming is much more flamboyant, yet is still attracted to women half the time.

  • jami

    if zachary “talks gay” then all gays must be really smart and interesting! i want to be gay! gay all the way!

  • vmars111

    Wow, Zachary looks gay-er than usual! LOL

    Cute outfit though.

  • Kata

    Wow, if being stylish, chilvarious, talented, good looking, and friendly makes a man gay then I guess us ladies are out of luck!

  • (:

    oh god. please please don’t make him gay. PLEASE.

  • Meg

    So Zach is not a “Real Man” I would say all of his personality traits make him the epitome of what a real man should be. Smart, compassionate, intelligent and really sweet. Heck men and women should strive for those qualities!

  • Raquel

    I don’t know if he’s gay and I don’t care if he’s gay. People shouldn’t even mention people’s sexual orientation because being gay is as normal as being heterosexual (we all born either one or another or both). It’s so sad that people still think about that subject like gay people are freaks or that they are doing something so wrong, disgusting, weird or changeable.

    The only thing I care about people is their character and Zach seems like a great guy and on top of that he’s a good actor, so why the hell are we still talking about his sexual orientation?! Please!

  • Hambug

    Everyone knows that “REAL MEN” are douches who wear Ed Hardy shirts and cheat on their wives with strippers.

  • Dassie

    He is gorgeous, funny, and talented. Whether or not he is gay, he’s still one of my favorite actors and I’ll always love the guy and respect him. Oh and, @ Sweetheart, if he’s gay it doesn’t mean he’s not a ‘real man’… ;)

  • Reality Bites

    Oh..Quinto is ALL man.

    And who he shares his finery and affections with is 100% his business and 100% not the business of the public at all. And I am 100% jealous of.

    The man is humble, intelligent, witty, down to Earth, not caught up in the fancy car/mc mansion Hollywood lifestyle.. still lives modestly and walks the neighborhood with his dog or rides his bike, keeps his friends from childhood and has a production company with them (loyal).

    He has no obligation to share his personal life with his fans.. cause his real fans should love him regardless. And he is beyond good to them making himself available for meet and greets and conventions more than any other actor out there today.

    And seriously.. have you seen him hold Zoe, Hayden, and Kristen’s hand as they go down stairs..even going out of his way to do so and look out for them in a crowd (swoon).. if that is not manly then I don’t know what is!!

  • Regina

    @Kata: You took the words out of my mouth. I wouldn’t care, anyway!

    I only recently found out that Sarah Paulson and Cherry Jones were a couple!

  • parisgirl

    @ #13
    Ignorance at its peak. How does one act gay exactly? So all homosexuals act the same now? *rem*

    Anyway, back to Zachary, I don’t know if he’s gay, don’t care tbh. Good actor, I like his style and he seems like a cool dude.

  • kate


    Love your comments. And apparently based on the posters here real women are bigots who spend all day on computer message boards whinning about men who don’t want them but are talented and more moral then them apparently.

    There is nothing worse then a bigot

  • kate

    TO be clear hambug I got your point was agreeing with what you were trying to say.

    Also one of the poster here I am convince likes to post under many name and on many sites and is obsessed with Mr. Quinto’s sexuality and the man himself. Even pretended to be a someone who lived near him on one board. bigots are very very sick people and no one should have any respect for anyone who is a bigot and any actor should be trilled to not have fans who are. I couldn’t careless what anyone’s sexuality is.

  • who are you

    Everybody, everybody!! Please! Zach is artistic, creative, and a extremely wonderful actor but besides that… I have to say he is 100% gay. And who cares if he’s gay even though his sexual orientation may shatter all the females’ dreams. I admire that he actually knows how to keep his personal affairs separate from his professional affairs. Look at all the other celebrities. They don’t know how to be discreet about their personal lives that’s why they tend to be vulnerable and become a victim to the public and especially to themselves. But why is his sexual orientation so important to some of us? It’s because we hope that the man isn’t gay because we are infatuated with him but either way we all know we’ll never get to be with him. Wake up everyone!!

  • elle_eye

    why does this say “openly gay actress”? That’s a ridiculous statement…the photo has nothing to do with her sexuality. It’s that type of articulation that leads people to think it’s justified to make statements like those in the comments on this post. Grow up.

  • elle_eye

    @Sweetheart: no real man? this is such a homophobic forum….get real, people!

  • angeles


    Talks gay and acts gay? FYI: Gay is not a bad thing, so don’t be provincial and throw it around like an insult. To be honest I have met people who have behaved as society deems “straight” and then they turn out to be as gay as sunshine. I myself was once labeled a “lesbian” by my neighbors because I was living alone for a few years, and I didn’t make a point of being flashy around the apartment complex with my boyfriends (where I lived if a woman had a husband she was straight, if she had many men she was a whore and if she was single she was a lesbian. If it was a man, of course the labeling would be different). Truth is, none of us know how Zachary swings, we can guess and we can be a jerk like you and label him with “gayface”, but it doesn’t really matter. From the screaming queens to the 14 year old fangirls, nobody seems to know really anything about that guy and his personal life and maybe that’s the point? If you haven’t slept with him, then you don’t know.

    As for the pics themselves, I like how he’s all matched up, blue and white, totally adorable.

  • M.e.

    @Sweetheart: Actually – I know quite a few straight men who walk, talk and occasionally act “gay” (@ least as we seem to be applying the stereotype here)…they are all happily married with children. Say what you will about them being closeted, but just coz someone gives off the appearance of being a bit fem, doesnt always mean they like boys.

  • M.e.

    @Reality Bites: BRAVO!

  • M.e.

    @kit: Cant speak for L.A., but walk down a Seattle street and you see plenty of that hipster style going on…usually holding hands with a chick! Personally, I don’t date men who don’t have little sense of style (I’m female, btw). ZQ just knows how to express himself in the moment. He is an artist, after all…

  • Dorothy

    So swoooning over Zach <3

    I have not seen the photos where he is with Kristen, Hayden, or Zoe but I want too now :DDDDD

  • br

    So you all spoke your minds but does anyone have the awnser for real ….is he gay? Just curious.

  • angeles


    I dunno, he hasn’t come out as far as I’m aware. I mean if he had, it would be all over the media.

    To me he just comes across as your usual “uber geek/hipster white skinny jeans wearing” male that I see here in town every day (I am in LA), the only thing that makes him different is his job.

  • V

    i luv his sunglasses so much. they’re like half ray ban, half aviator

  • hag

    i learned he was gay from this blog…oh well… he portrayed SPOK well in the movie…

  • Reality Bites

    His blog from his official website does not indicate in any way his sexual orientation. He talks about his travels for Star Trek promo, there are pictures of him and his brother Joe, pictures of him with his business partners ( Corey Moosa, Neal Dodson, who he is often photographed with).

    The topic is not addressed by Quinto in his writings or in his interviews. Therefore it is not anyone’s business.

    If you have to know one way or another that says more about you then him. It shouldn’t matter. Doesn’t make him any less intelligent, sexy, talented or unavailable then he is without knowing? The man is fine -period.

    Actually it adds to the mystique. At this moment he is an equal opportunity fantasy.

  • Suppress your appetite

    Wow, she is so beautiful !

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