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Jude Law Names New Daughter Sophia

Jude Law Names New Daughter Sophia

Jude Law‘s baby mama Samantha Burke, a 24-year-old aspiring actress from Pensacola, Fla., confirms that they will be having a daughter named Sophia.

Samantha, her mom, and her family can affirm that Jude has been responsive and supportive throughout the relationship and pregnancy, and know that he will remain so as a father once Baby Sophia is born,” Samantha tells People in a statement. “Jude and Samantha remain committed to the health and well-being of this child, and appreciate your honoring her privacy during this special time. This remains a private matter between Jude Law and Samantha Burke.”

Turns out that Babies ‘R’ Us registry was spot on! Jude had a brief relationship with Samantha when he was filming Sherlock Holmes in New York City last year.

Jude has three children with his ex-wife, Sadie FrostRafferty, 12, Iris, 8, and Rudy, 6.

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  • mela

    what a skank gold digger she is!! why do women get knocked up by men who obviously never wanted a child (let alone a relationship in this case) with them in the first place?? they gold digging famewhor*s give women a bad name! shame on her bringing a child into the world so she can make a buck and a name for herself!

  • mela

    what a skank gold digger she is!! why do women get knocked up by men who obviously never wanted a child (let alone a relationship in this case) with them in the first place?? they gold digging famewhor*s give women a bad name! shame on her bringing a child into the world so she can make a buck and a name for herself!

  • mandy_brasil

    Prefiro não comentar!!!

  • Sarah May

    Maybe that wasn’t the case #1. Could have been a slip of the moment and both parties did not expect the outcome.

  • mela

    well I guess all women have their different opnions regarding abortions but this just seems fishy to me…this girl has a publicist who is releasing “statements” about her pregnancy with jude? i don’t know, sounds to me like she is an opportunist who is taking Jude straight to the bank and using a poor baby as a pawn. Jude will never be a full time dad to this kid. Samantha’s baby is destined to be the “black sheep” of Jude’s family. Personally, women like her, who disregard the consequences of all parties involved when deciding to keep a pregnancy are selfish women. I mean, what kind of “relationship” did they have such that Jude demanded a DNA test from her to prove it? If you are having unprotected or irresponsible sex, IMO, as a woman you have a responsibility to take a form of birth control (from pills to abortion) because I don’t feel it’s right to force a man to have a baby when he never wanted one with you. I just don’t think it’s right to hang that over someone’s head.

  • jenny

    OK, they can have their privacy, why did she speak in the first place, maybe … wanted attention, first the so called slip up, now, blabbing to every one who will listen. i smell career boost coming.

  • Ckayed

    I love the part about “this” being a private matter — well, “it” is so private that it has gone public worldwide and we know the sex of the UNborn child and the nameof the UNborn! Sorry, I just don’t get the media/celebrity lingo when it comes to the word “private”. Very strange…

  • meh

    What’s with all the bloody statements if she wants it to be a ‘private matter’?!? Famewhore & Golddigger!!
    And shame on Jude for not using a condom!

  • anonymous

    too right, it’s fishy! Accidentally pregnant, I think not. She’s not some naive fifteen year old.


    I think we should give her the benefit of doubt… we don’t know what actually happened and call her a gold digger famewhore is not cool.
    I know some girls do bring childs to the world to make a buck out of it, but i don’t think she should have an abortion just because of “the father is famous and everyone will think i’m a gold digger” factor.
    I also think it is such a stupid thing to have unsafe sex if u don’t wanna have a baby, but it’s stupid of both parts. The woman should not carry all the responsability just because she could have decided to do an abortion.
    If she is pregnant and he didn’t want it to happen, it’s also his fault, i’ve never heard of any girl who made a baby by herself.

  • Ruth

    According to the British tabloids Jude Law DIDN’T know about the pregnancy until last week so just how “supportive” could he be?
    The same reports say that the entire affair lasted a few nights (wow, a long relationship) and that the young lady took intimate photos of Jude. They also say that he is accepting her word that the child is his and will not ask her to do DNA testing after the birth.

    I am sure of one thing – if she had got pregnant with just anyone, she would have terminated the unwanted pregnancy. He is a complete fool to allow himself to be put in this situation. A man of his age, father of three children, should understand about protection. They were not in a relationship – a few nights stand is not a relationship. She will do very well out of it – millions of dollars for a few nights with a famous actor – publicity and possibly a career. Some men are SO stupid.

  • Daphne

    Jude, please do take care.

  • cbinparadise

    I live in Pensacola and she just had a news conference this afternoon… It was on the local evening news. She also had 2 attorneys with her…one of which was doing all the talking.

  • FYI

    Good for Samantha! She ovaluted at the right time! Too bad she is not having twins.

    If Jude Law wants to prowl around and have sex with women- this is one expensive way to go for the actor. He will have to keep his new baby daughter, Sophia, financially set, to a certain lifestyle, and will continue to do so for a long time.

    Jude should have done what Charlie Sheen did. Get hookers instead.
    Much less complicationg.

  • person.

    i like how samantha is the one getting all the blame.
    when jude was the one who decided not to use protection.
    he’s scum, ugly and gross.
    anyone that defends him is stupid.

  • MKS

    not everyone gets rid of unwanted pregnancy. If they did, most people will not be born. People should use birth control, but sometimes it fails. ABORTION is not birth control. I am personally sick that people will want the woman to abort her baby because she is not in a relationship with the power. Makes me wonder what circumstances do people abort their babies (fetus). ABORTION is not birth control. She is in this mess, and having an abortion was not an option for her. I am 25 and if i got pregnant during consenting sex, i will not be having an abortion because it will be easier on the father or on me. JMHO

  • MKS

    For once, Jude is single when he is having sex with this woman. Many men have sex with many women. Why are people so judgemental? so quick to find ways to be better then the next person? i dont get it? accidents happen all the time. Half the pregnancies that happen are not planned but im glad that mother choose life and ignore the voices of the judges of the world.

  • socute

    #7 – Yeah, and she is already on a video. Nice way to keep “private” of her part. ¬¬

    In any case, I don’t give a damn about her, I’m supporting my dear Jude. I just hope Jude’s new baby grows up in a good place.

  • socute

    PERSON. #15 – Hmmmm… right… tell us more! As if she could not take a small pill or use a condom herself. Oh, or you never heard about feminine condom?

    Jude, I’m here for you. <3

  • janet

    Samantha wanted to be famous and I think she got it through Jude.

  • LOL

    totally a sign that sophia bush and jude are meant to be LOL

  • person.

    what is a man with three kids doing sleeping around anyways?
    he’s dumb just like you.
    he cheated on sienna miller, he’s divorced, and ultimately pathetic.
    no wonder why he sued so many people when his naked pictures came out.
    cuz he knows he has a small weeny.
    that’s what he gets for being a jerk.

  • Sophia

    Great. I share the name of Jude Law’s apparent love child. What a honour!

  • nikomilinko

    tjis man can´t stop

  • mimi prism

    I have been trying not to say anything about the mother, per se, out of respect but, i have to say that, by coming out to the public like she did, you know press conf, public statements, ect., she just made the most talked about unborn child in the world, a MONSTER target for the press, and not the good kind of press either! It was big, now is huge! Ma’am, concentrate on the baby’s privacy and safety first and, forget about public statements or anything else. Stay inside, FGS!


  • Dakota

    @person: Comments that include the word penis usually cant be taken serious.

    Btw, Jude Law was married for 10 years and is a good father to his kids, so stop acting like god’s moral apostle on earth.

  • Dakota

    …word p*enis…

  • marketa linden

    The concieving baby is the issue for two people, not only one. You can expect what you attracts. When you will not fall on your butt from famous actor and go slowly like wife of Matt Damon. Until you are in some relationship and you need vitamin S, well, land some nice, clean and have a rubber, but expect to say hello in early morning, not eternal romance. Is he fussy? OMG, worse than Daniel Craig with his unhappiness with lights on his backside for the best image of his antics:]]How can the bloke can be fussy or anybody when they cannot tidy up own mess? What his housekeeper said…poor woman tidy his mess and mess of his flings.One reason why I make my own bed how one actor tried to trap me last year as single woman of my status, cos no one from staff see if you slept alone in the bed or with someone else. As well as why me and cousin Anne hand wash our undies myself. Only Katie Waitie obssesive with tiara and clothes, nothing else like duty and work, clinging ages on this idea how she will be a princess, a princess doesn’t work apparently, so she didn’t work etc…Dr Watson was probably disturbed from fiddling of Sherlock Holmes and he escaped to have bigger fun with young girl. She’s very pretty but she looks like copy of his exwife sadistic Sadie:]] and older than 24 yrs old.I’m 24. Jude Law can go to the army, no sex, no fun and strict rules for tideness by officers. Well, my fun is gone today as I march again to Afghanistan to boost bravery of British soldiers. Lost somewhere in valleys and mountains of tribe querrilla…happy to have clean tee.

  • whortensia

    @marketa linden:

    Some post. Zany but fascinating. I am sick with envy.

  • whortensia

    JJ It’s spelled daughter not daugther.

  • whortensia

    @meh: @mimi prism: Condoms aren’t any fun.

  • whortensia

    @meh: @mimi prism: Condoms aren’t any fun.

  • marketa linden

    Oh, c’mon, he was visibly nervous when he hit in some way a female paparazzi in front of Automat restaurant in London…he has to know max.two weeks before it went out.When u will know what I hide for my origin and how ugly behaved my paternal family about my childcare and what some prostitute of my cousin gained, you’ll be sick. If you can imagine she occupied my estate without my permission and idiots with sex drive like Jude Law etc who jumps on every ,opportunity’ is able to say good bye girl before morning without witnesses or Chr.Ronaldo bed girls out of his house sharing with mother.It was motto of my parents – be safe and don’t take every bloke to our house if dating under 6 months and only during day.Sleep with him when you want with some birth control but he can stay overnight when you have engagement ring on your finger.It takes two tango. Law is maybe in middle life crisis, but Sienna Miller built her fame only via Law and her parties. It is question for him if he doesn’t make the same fault with bedding only socialites and similar oriented women…Siena used his fling with nanny who sold her story very much to her success and she did the same mess with married Getty. U can blame someone for something when u aren’t did the same thing. She did…and it was big topic in San Francisco at party with Newscom and his wifie…on question when I said something about Clooney and asked if I know him I said no. She will never google me, she didn’t remember my name and I wasn’t centre of attention such as Siena. Sienna jumped on Bloom, on Craig…on other hand, I hadn’t her army trhough bed but I cannot see why some girls are attracted to John Mayer…small big kid and bzz and piggie…or why adult, suppos.mature Jennifer Aniston has her typical cataloque mail order behaviour – having look on another potentional catch, picked from his physic. parametres, cos like Braddie…men have smell her hunting plan from miles…

  • Vicki

    lol shes a slut, its obv a mistake.

  • sheryl

    @Ruth: Ruth, there’s a whole lot of untruth mixed in with the actual truth, just enough to make it all seem factual. That’s how the British tabloids work. I disregard them.
    My take on this: Jude and Samantha had a sexual relationship. They both accepted it was not going to be a long-term relationship when they engaged in sex (and yes #22, even single fathers need sex. Do you think Colin Farrell is knitting in front of the TV at night? hmmmm?). They both used very bad judgment in not taking measures to prevent pregnancy. That’s their bad, so now she’s pregnant. Both are responsible. What I fault her for is the fact that she does seem to be milking it, when in the video of the press conference, she appears with those speaking on her behalf, asking for privacy…all the while she’s standing there getting her picture snapped. She then asks for privacy herself before going back inside, and even squeezes in a “having a hard time” comment. Well yeah, little girl, pregnancy ain’t a picnic. Something to consider BEFORE you have the sex, so save the milking of the pity party. Jude didn’t get you pregnant, you BOTH got you pregnant. Something courts should start considering when doling out huge sums of money to support them instead of treating them as equally responsible for their situation. It’s just another thing that keeps women in that role of “dumb and helpless and must be taken care of” and holds us back from having true equality and respect. Women have responsibility in what happens to them, too.

  • sheryl

    And to the comments that suggest Jude sleeps with everything coming and going, come on….you have no idea about that. Just because a woman he had sex with got pregnant doesn’t mean he sleeps with everyone, good grief. If that is an indicator of anything, then Samantha must sleep with everything that comes along as well…I mean, she got pregnant, right? Comments like that are careless and vicious. Nobody considers how they themselves would feel if someone were saying outrageous things about them. But yeah, it’s the internet, so have a good time, right?

  • Ali

    thank you sheryl, just took the words right out of my mouth :)
    additionally, though, i think its really unfair of samantha to bring this child into the world knowing that jude will never be a proper father to her – it’s not like he’s going to be able to fly to the US and babysit every weekend. so pretty much, this baby’s going to miss out on the dad that his other three children already have which I think is sad and unfair.

  • yoyo

    Jude, even though you are an older man remember that a $2.00 condom could have saved you millions of dollars. What a fool.

    Samantha, your plan worked. This child has made you rich. Too bad the kid has to suffer.

  • mks

    # 37, are you saying all babies that dont have a full time father do not deserve to be born? we are talking about life. Samantha can bring a child into this world whether or not the daddy will be babysitting full time. We do not know the kid will suffer. Some people are talking as if the baby has two coke heads for parents and the parents live in a dump and they have no money.
    I do think Samantha is milking it for the last dollar. I think she should not have confirmed anything and keep it private. whatever her motivations was for getting pregnant, im glad she chose life

  • OMG!

    A news conference???!!! OMG, what a lame and embarrassing woman this Samantha seems to be. *shakes head*

  • ri23

    She sure is confirming and talking a lot. Gee, I wonder if she had this planned from the beginning….

  • real real

    Jude just wanted to get laid, now he’s getting played.

  • um

    Why can’t Jude just keep it in his pocket? These men with yen should know better,

  • sweetness

    as soon a model calls for a press conference all lawyered up and with publicists .and says she wants privacy..this spoke volumes. She’s having his baby for the $$$$. She will forever be tied to Jude Law and if he treats his daughter well he will certainly take care of the mother.

  • Me

    It soooo obvious Jude didn’t want anything else from this woman than sex. He was filming in NYC, wanted to get laid and that’s that. He even gave her a fake cell phone number for god’s sake!! I bet she said she was on the pill. Golddigger with a capital G, that’s what she is.

  • Uni girl

    And now he’s stuck with her forever!

  • Jamie

    Samantha has removed her page from the model mayhem site:

  • maybe

    next time he will pull over a condom when diving his c.o.c.k. into a c.u.n.t. LOL
    Never heard of contraception Mr. Law?? Sorry, but he has three kids, so I assume he knows how to make them and should have known better.

  • cherie

    Jude was sexy and awesome as Hamlet! He chatted with us while he signed autographs, and god, it was a crazy big crowd!


    What?! Pensacola, Florida?! I didn’t know there were any straight people in this city (other than myself). That should be announced as well!