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Bryce Dallas Howard Was Asked To Do First Twilight Film, Not Just Third One

Bryce Dallas Howard Was Asked To Do First Twilight Film, Not Just Third One

Bryce Dallas Howard is all smiles as she arrives at Vancouver International Airport in Canada on Monday morning (August 10).

At the 2009 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke addressed BDH replacing Rachelle Lefevre as the villain Victoria in Eclipse, the third take in the vampire franchise.

She said, “Of course I cast [Rachelle], so I wish [Summit Entertainment] could have worked out something. I wasn’t involved in the negotiations, so I don’t know the details.”

Catherine continued, “I know we originally asked BDH to do the first movie but she thought it was too small a part at that time.”

Not too small anymore!

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  • kiara

    she did’nt even want the part the first time around…. : > (

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …hahahahahahahaha… that’s really going to hurt the feelings of the psycho ‘sparkly-vamp’ fans. LOL..
    … i wonder how many little girls glued glitter to their faces so they could sparkle like edward “the worlds most un-dangerous vamp” cullen.

  • Amanda

    Is she kidding? Why does she think she deserves a better part? What has she done besides a small role in Spiderman?

  • natt

    What an obnoxious girl! Gosh, she have the cheek to accept after rejecting the first twilight saga movie. I truly, undeniably hate her!

  • tamara

    i feel sorry for that replaced girl

  • vanessa

    wow “too small a part”…and NOW she wants in?? I already do not like her.

  • fresh

    sucks for the girl who was replace.

  • lb

    Too small…..can you say too big of ego!!! BDH blah!!

  • Sarah

    Rachelle was perfect in that role! THIS ***** refused it in twilight cuz it was too small… now she knows twi-movies have become this huge success & fame machine, she wanted in…. WHAT A TWAT!

  • Avery09

    She looks so happy and really pretty in those pictures.

  • L

    I miss Rachelle already.

  • donna

    The fact is, it is a tiny part. No actress who has done lead roles (admittedly in two awful Shyamalan films) would accept it. But now that the films are a massive franchise, it’s very different.

    I don’t like actors being replaced either, but you have to remember that the studio did this not Bryce. She didn’t go to them asking for the part and asking them to ditch Rachelle. They dropped her first, then asked Bryce to take the role.

    I think it’s a bit rubbish of Hardwicke to release this info when she knows BDH isn’t at fault here, rather the studio is.

  • cc

    people get over it. you are talking about the “twilight” franchise for godsakes, this isn’t the godfather!


  • redheads rock!

    Ha! Now the movies are a big hit it means she wants in! Riding on the franchise coat tails now just like riding on her famous Dad’s! I read she just sold her first script to guess who? …. Daddy dearest! I bet he pays all her bills too! and where is her kid while she is off doing all this?? Most celeb Moms you see going through airports with their kids

  • Reality Bites

    Bryce was right to turn it down the first time. It was a bit role with an unproven cast, an obscure director and miniature budget.

    Bryce had already played the lead character in three movies and had side role in Spiderman and Terminator Salvation. Twilight and New Moon would have been a step backwards in her career.

    When Summit decided on their own due to the scheduling problem with Rachelle to dump her they needed a fast replacement. Since now the role was larger and the saga shown to be successful they approached her again. That’s common in Hollywood.. she already had studio and producer approval..they just needed to convince her to take the role.

  • h

    this just confirms what we knew all along: that summit always wanted rachelle out and they used a “10 day conflict” as an excuse to do it. what an evil, unscrupulous, conniving group of little b*stards.


  • Jen

    Im glad she’s in this movie. Rachelle was boring. At least this girl can act.

  • André


    she has done The Village, Manderlay..

    but i think this replacement is ridiculous. i want rachelle.

  • lol

    she got in because of daddy

  • laura

    I have nothing against Rachelle, she seems like a nice person. But I hardly think her acting was anything steller in twilight. She had three lines and overacted it most it. For continuity sake, it would probably be better for Rachelle to keep the role, but BDH is much better actress.

  • amy

    she’s a good actress, good luck

  • sotos

    talentless chick with famous father who didn’t want the role because it was small and now that it end up to be a huge trilogy she is up for it! she is bad wherever I saw her. sorry

  • bubi

    Now she wants the part,,when the movies are popular?!sad!
    Don’t like that!

  • You/Me

    So BDH let someone else build the role for her and now that it’s huge she wants to take over. Hmmmm…screw Bryce Dallas Howard. Not paying to watch this movie with her in it.

  • nooooooooooooeujfjbhffd


    What actors haven’t done that? Once something blows over they want in! Don’t blame BDH, she didn’t go begging for the role, it was offered to her so she took it. Plus, Rachelle is such a sad person. Kinda reminds me of Katherine Heigl, complaining non-stop. We get it!

  • http://yahoo candy

    Shame on Bryce. She is a human snake. This is all in bad taste.

    Everyone knows the role should go to Rachelle. If she wanted it, she should have it.

    Go Rachelle!

    Boo Bryce!!!

    I for one will NOT be seeing the movie.

  • Reality Bites

    don’t lie. You will go opening weekend with all your friends. Summit won’t lose a dime over this change.

  • HA!

    You/Me: Um, the role of Victoria is NEVER a huge role. How much screen time she gets is completely up to the director, since in the book she is talked about or thought about more than seen. She is on screen for less than 5 minutes in Twilight – WTF are you talking about? She’s really only present for the fight scene at the end of Eclipse. Get over it.

  • flicka

    i smell daddy pulling some serious strings so his little girl can get what she wants. never liked BDH, now i like her even less.

  • Ryan

    Yeah I don’t get the hate either.

    Of course she’d turned it down the first time since the franchise was unproven. For pete sake, look at the actors they ultimately hired! It’s not as if any of them will win an Oscar soon.

    And it’s not as if she hunted down Rachelle for the part either. She was offered the role AGAIN. And this time she said yes. I don’t know what y’all are angry at her for.

  • aliison

    wow, can you say famewhore.?
    she’s willing to do it now that the franchise has grown and she thinks she’ll be instantly famous.
    ugh, rachelle is SOOO much better.
    BDH thinks that a rich daddy can get you anything.
    wrong sweetie.
    you can’t make the twi-fans love you.

  • aliison

    wow, can you say famewhore.?
    she’s willing to do it now that the franchise has grown and she thinks she’ll be instantly famous.
    ugh, rachelle is SOOO much better.
    BDH thinks that a rich daddy can get you anything.
    wrong sweetie.
    you can’t make the twi-fans love you.

  • angie

    i do love bryce, but im still team rachelle!! i thought she played victoria wonderfully!! she was and still is perfect for the role!

  • Kristen

    EW, i just don’t like her. ya, most people are complaining but will still go at midnight to see it. i can tell you that i will NOT see it opening weekend. i don’t want to contribute to opening weekend box office profit, and i don’t want the movie to be further ruined by a packed theater of girls who are going to scream when they see edward/jacob/shirts off.

  • Scott Summers

    She won raves for her debut playing the lead in the hit film, The Village, #3. She’s done more than just Spider-Man 3.

    That’s a dumb reason not to like her, #4 and #6.

    Actually, it’s because the role is bigger. Not that the franchise is bigger.

    She only wants in because the role is bigger, #14. The kid has a father and not just a mother.

    You’re going to be seeing the movie so don’t even bother saying that, #26.

    You don’t know anything about her, #31.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    .. everyone here is still going to see every single twilight they make. hahahahahaha..
    whoever played victoria in twilight had all of 5mins of screen time. bryce is way to big for that. i bet the girl will have less than 15mins in the next one coming out. hahahahahaha.. bryce on the other hand will have a shiitload of screen time. go bryce! hahahahahahaha..

  • Chrissy

    k, for all the people who don’t understand why Twilight fans are pissed off at this, it comes down to this: it’s just in poor taste. BDH is riding the coat tails of Rachelle Lafevre. Rachelle CREATED victoria-brought her to life. So naturally, she should get to do the part in the one movie in the franchise that has the BIGGEST role for victoria. Victoria is the main villian in Eclipse…it’s just not fair that BDH gets to steal that away. Yeah, it was a good career move on her part, but it also shows that she’s a HUGE snob and feels she’s better than the franchise. Now it’s good enough for her because it’s making tons of money. GOD she’s a bitch for that! Yes, I will go and see the movies because i love it, but i personally think that BDH should be BOOED at any event for twilight she’s at. Before I found this news out, I was just pissed at Summit. Now it’s BDH. Twilight fans will not forget this and I will NEVER see another one of BDH’s films again other than eclipse, and I prob will not be the only fan who feels this way. It’s just in poor taste is all.

  • Lisa

    I really really do not like her at all now! Rachelle is Victoria, I will go see the movie still but not within the first week, For me personaly there is only 1 Victoria and that is Rachelle

  • http://yahoo bob

    Is anyone listening to the truth here?

    Rachelle wanted the part. She was replaced by Bryce who also wanted the part.

    One is a unknown actress.

    One is an actress of a famous director.


    Someone should write to Stephanie Meyer about this. She is probably the only one with any amount of integrity.

  • http://yahoo karen

    Bryce is all about Bryce and obviously doesn’t care how she gets things. It only matters to her that she got it!

  • Me

    Nothing against BDH but I hate Summit Enterianment for this.


    I can NOT BELIEVE THIS SH!T this is unbelievable. I SOO did not like her but now, I just can’t stand it. This B*tch didn’t even want a part in our Twilight series because she thought it was small. Oh he!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS GIRL. I HATE her SOOOO MUCH NOW. Unforgivable. I hate Summit. TEAM RACHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina

    Give BDH a break she might actually be good in this role! Besides the pressure may have been too much for Rachelle, I mean more than three lines is an awful lot to remember!

  • Scott Summers

    Howard didn’t steal anything, #37. She has nothing to do with this and shouldn’t be mistreated.

    That wasn’t it at all, #39. Lefevre couldn’t take the role because of scheduling conflicts and Howard replaced when asked again.

  • pren

    Um…What has BDH done???!!!??? Let’s see…most recently she was on Terminator. She won some award for her role in The Village and she played in Lady in the Water. That’s just a few. She is a VERY talented actress. I’m excited to see her in Eclipse. I’m sad for Rachelle…but come on guys! It’s a movie! Enjoy it for what it is…a great story. Actors are actors are actors…

  • alexandra

    @cc: in a way this is OUR godfather i mean we weren´t even old enough to watch it when it came out (im 15) so yeah sorry if out generation likes twilight because its AN AWSOME LOVE STORY and no im not just saying this i mean the first movie was a disaster but the book is great!! if there weren´t preppy cheery girls screaming Team Edward!!! then i problably woudn´t be writing this right now and the fact is yeah they are annoying but the story is great and if this were just another indie movie i would still watch it cause im not one of those preppy cheery mindless girls i actually think the story means something…

  • Mindy

    first of all all shes done is small parts…poorly at that. Ive followed Bryces career and i can honestly say the girl is a lazy actress. T4 she looked like she was reading her lines from dummy cards. her staring role movies have all been flops. now i personaly didnt care for Twilight mainly because of the bad acting…but i can tell you this…it just got worse. her last starinf role was Loss of a teardrop diamond , which is so bad they cant even get it released. truth be told, i bet this web site was set up by her people. she has about 50 sites and photo shoots on the internet. some one with a lot of money is backing her…we all know who that is.

  • Kota90

    I think Rachelle was great she did a good job in the first one I was looking forward to seeing her bigger role I just hope the new girl does it justice!

  • sara

    Oh my god, you people are IDIOTS.

    I’m sure none of you have ever held jobs, auditioned for anything, or know anything about the movie business, so you’re just talking out of your asses.

    Every day, dozens of decisions are made in the movie industry to cast particular people, cut others, audition someone else. The person who gets cut, hired, looked at twice, turned down, etc. might be someone you hate, or might be your favorite. It is just business.

    A lot of young relatives of famous actors gets a shot in Hollywood because of their connections. However, Bryce is going in to this movie with a hell of a lot more experience than any of the rest of them. Like it or not, that’s the truth.

    As for “Team Rachelle” or “screw BDH” or whatever – hey, you’ll still drink the Kool-aid and see the movie, so I’m sure they couldn’t care less.


  • julia


    I’m with Sara #49. And the funny thing is for most of you complaining about BDH, you really don’t know what your talking about. You guys are getting maniacal when your not reading the facts and talking about how she’s gotten the job because of her father, that she’s a fame whore, or she’s riding the twilight series wave….your idiots.
    however, saying that….she physically fit the role as described in the book. so i’m hoping they give BDH long red curly hair to match that. Also, start paying attention to the NEW MOON movie….some of the new characters coming in……see if they match their descriptions.
    Oh and for the person who said that she’s trying to be part of the trilogy……..trilogy is 3…there are four books. twat.