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Blake Lively & Ben Affleck Hit The Town

Blake Lively & Ben Affleck Hit The Town

Wearing matching Boston Red Sox tops, Blake Lively and costar/director Ben Affleck share some funny stories with each other on the set of their new movie The Town on Tuesday morning (September 1) in Boston, Mass.

I love all of Blake‘s gesticulation!

Blake, 22, and Ben, 37, reportedly had just shot a sex scene together. The twosome were later seen grabbing lunch together as well.

15+ pictures inside of Blake Lively and Ben Affleck hitting the Town

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ben affleck blake llively the town 01
ben affleck blake llively the town 02
ben affleck blake llively the town 03
ben affleck blake llively the town 04
ben affleck blake llively the town 05
ben affleck blake llively the town 06
ben affleck blake llively the town 07
ben affleck blake llively the town 08
ben affleck blake llively the town 09
ben affleck blake llively the town 10
ben affleck blake llively the town 11
ben affleck blake llively the town 12
ben affleck blake llively the town 13
ben affleck blake llively the town 14
ben affleck blake llively the town 15
ben affleck blake llively the town 16
ben affleck blake llively the town 17

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  • Twin Mom

    Wow, you never see pics of him this animated with his family. Please don’t do it, Ben.

  • mike

    she’s too talk for a chic…she looks like howard stern in drag

  • fresh

    they look good together. calm down folks—im not suggesting anything.

  • Carly

    Ben Affleck is very tall !

  • Taylo

    He like her.

  • frenchy

    merde ! XD

  • ct

    wow, he IS tall.

  • awww

    Nice to see Ben having fun.
    Too bad he married that dumb b!tch.

  • Kate bosselin

    i bet he is ticklin her pink after work everynight while his skanky wife jennifer is at home in cali lol

  • Jenny

    Wow, look at the size of the heels she’s wearing!!!
    , and she’s still shorter then Ben! She can’t be more then 5’8″. 5’10 is a lie!!

  • me

    Uh-oh he looks reaaally happy, thats what hanging out with a 20 year old blond will do to ya

  • erikaB

    i haven’t seen him smile that much in a very long time hmmm..

  • Danielle C.

    omg !! is she blake ?? she┬┤s so different… *-*

  • Dellina

    He’s married, not dead. He probably is doing a bit of harmless flirting.

  • Danielle C.

    … but she’s very lucky… WOOW, work with BEN AFFLECK !! must be a dream

  • HJ

    @Jenny: Shes 5;10 he’s 6’3. Her wedges are 3-4 inch. Shes almost the same height as him.. his hair is giving him a little height and the photos are taken on an angle.

  • mimi

    Somebody is flirting big time! Good for you Ben. I can’t wait for him to leave that smug wife oh–i’m-so-down-to-earth-perfect-and-too-good-for-all-of-you wife.

  • Jenny

    Those wedges are not 3-4 inches high, idiot! Look at them again they are massive!!
    They are at least 6 inches high!!! He even has looser posture, and is still a good 2 inches taller. That puts Blake Lively at 5’8″, and not 5’10″.

  • alba

    So these two like each other…….. obviously.

  • shamrock

    Love it!!! Benjamino has the biggest smile and seems to be really enjoying himself with this film. Awesome! These two look adorable together. Hope all goes off with a bang and this film is a HUGE success for Ben.

    We are cheering you on Benjamino~

  • afm

    he is the director, he chose the actors to play in his movies and thats blake and he knows he is going to have some sex scenes and he is pumped up. someone wants to take Penn’s role in Blake’s life. look at him, he didnt even spend time with his family. never ever. he always frown when he is with them and with blake, he is too happy and flirty. go finish up ur work blake and go home to penn. this old man is nuts about you

  • Sherlock

    Sure he has nailed her.

  • mm

    Give a guy a break ! He’s probably excited because he hasn’t seen a real woman naked in 5 yrs.I love Jen but she not exactly a sex siren.She’s has more a girl next door -mommy look.Nothing wrong with that too but guys need to be surprised once in a while.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @mimi: I’m so agree with you!!!!!!!! I can’t remember the last time that I sew him so HAPPPPPPPPYYYYYY!!!
    do you think that Blak has something to do with it ??!?

  • Kendra

    Ben looks like he’s in luv, he has that look in his eyes….. he never has this look in his eyes when he’s with Jennifer Garner…. hmmm

  • HJ

    @Jenny: Calm down kid. When you stand beside her in person and see that shes much taller then 5’8, you can talk.

  • HJ
  • helen

    some serious flirting going on here.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    lets be realistic, I’m sure that Ben wouldnt dump his wife anytime soon. but, god, do you ever see him THAT happy around Jeniffer???? maybe in the beggining of thier relationship, but its was a looooooooooong time age!
    by the way, they BOTH seems way happier when the far from each other. (((::

  • Realme2008

    My friend met her, and said she was no more then 5’8″ actually. That picture you posted clearly show that Ben and Blake are not the same height. His ears, head, and shoulders are all up higher. They are not the same height in that picture.

  • shutup!

    Who the hell cares about her height!!! STFU!!!
    From what I saw in these pics, there may be something going on between these two…. weird. Jennifer Garner is way better looking then Blake Lively, in my opinion.

  • so happy together

    I haven’t seen Ben look this radiant in years. He’s practically glowing!!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    I’m know that its will never happend, but- WHAT A GOOD LOOKING COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  • Realme2008

    You stfu!!!

  • mela

    ohhh i’d be worried if I were jennifer garner! you can see the chemistry between them from these pics!

  • helen
  • shutup!

    @Realme2008: —- You stfu moron! Your comments are completely pointless and annoying. You just keep talking about Blake’s height, no one cares how tall she is.

  • m

    Two inches give or take. Whatever! What’s it to you what height she is!? Anyways i read that ben affleck is quite tall, 6’3″. And speaking of height, Megan Fox is only 5’3/5’4 but her imdb lists her as 5’5

  • LuckyMe

    It’s pretty typical when people have young kids it puts a strain on their relationship. Not in a bad way necessarily, it’s just harder when kids are younger. If you can get through that, then usually the relationship will be stronger by the time the kids are older. It’s good for a mother and a father to have outside outlets when they have younger children. And also couples nights. He’s probably just enjoying an outlet here away from the daily grind. Anyone would.

  • Erica

    Jen had better finish filming and get her a$$ up to Boston. Let’s face it, Blake is waaaaay prettier than Jen and Ben seems to be enjoying her company a whole lot!

  • Realme2008


    Awww… seems like I’m doing a good job at pissing you off! I can talk about whatever the *uck I want to. You are the one getting all upset. It’s so easy to get a rise out of a dumb *uck like you. :)

  • peace

    NINE letter word *********=?

    CHEMISTRY baby! Now, films that have characters that connect on a mental and physical aspect do very well. Good Job Ben! Looks, like you picked a winner and you benefit from the selection. NICE~

    Keep lighting it up~

  • Julie

    Blake Lively is a horrible actress. She finally found someone she actually has chemistry with. Too bad he’s married. lol

  • heyu

    I second that Lisa Rose. He definitely did not look happy making that movie-He’s Just Not that Into U with Jennifer Anniston. But here……..he’s done a complete 360 and it looks like he’s working his charm on Blake.

  • Smith

    Ben and Blake, even their names match, I agree they have great chemistry looks like its going to be a great movie. Ben looks HAPPY, I forgot what a lovely smile he has because you never see him smile around Jennifer Garner, yep these two are flirting, matching red sox jackets and Ben looks happy, it’s nice to see him smiling again. Jen Garner should stay in LA because when she is around Ben doesn’t smile.

  • Kim

    These pics seem to resemble the Brad and Angie pics when it all started filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith. hmmmm…

  • Jen

    Jennifer Garner prettier than Blake Lively? Please, she wishes.

    Blake is a gorgeous girl that is undeniable. She and Ben seem to have a lot of chemistry.

  • samuel

    blake lively looks like a middle-aged tranny.

  • You/Me

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen pics of him touching a woman since JLO…..oh wait, there was a pic of him with his arm arouns his wife about two years ago,right? LOL
    That’s so mean, I’m sure they are harmlessly flirting. I can totally see Ben cheating on Jennifer Garner but I can’t see Blake being a homewrecker.

  • p3rp3tu4

    Wow he is SMILING! First time in a long time…