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Evan Rachel Wood Gets Her Blood Work Done

Evan Rachel Wood Gets Her Blood Work Done

Wearing her Lolita heart-shaped sunglasses, Evan Rachel Wood gets her blood tested at a Quest Diagnostics blood lab inside a Beverly Hills medical center on Thursday (September 3) in California.

Speaking of blood, the 21-year-old actress will reprise her role as Vampire Queen Sophie-Ann in the True Blood finale, airing @ 9PM ET/PT on Sunday, September 13 on HBO.

Evan Rachel will also be back next season playing the same character. Excited???

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  • true blood

    I think she is dating Alexander Sksarsgard. Cute Couple Alert!!!

  • Just Jared

    @true blood: Stop lying.

  • true blood

    @true blood: Please get your own nickname # 1. I always use true blood on here.

    She is not dating Alexander Skarsgard. He’s been spotted with other ladies on the Straw Dogs set.

    Wrt the character of the Queen, I would like to see the role recasted with a better actress. Evan did a surprisingly poor job though the costumes were gorgeous. I heard her role in season 3 is very small.

  • jmho

    Agree, Evan was a bad choice for Sophie-Anne. Shocked me too. Hope we see an improvement in Sunday’s show. Apparently, the Spider-Man musical is back on and rehearsals begin soon with the show starting next year. Unlikely she will have time for a major part in TB Season 3 which starts filming end of 2009.

  • Suz

    Personally I like Evan as Sophie. I know some don’t share my opinion but I can’t imagine anyone better and I think she nails what Alan Ball envisioned for the role: a spoiled and bratty queen. There were rumors about her and Skarsgard, and the women he was spotted with on the Straw Dogs set were his cast members, so that doesn’t exactly dispute that. Don’t know either way, though, but I do know her and Shane West broke up – he’s been seen out with his new girlfriend.

    And AB has said that the queen plays a significant role in s3. Think Spiderman is back on without Evan but I might be wrong.

  • Erica

    I’m sorry, but I didn’t like her Queen. I like Evan in general, but she just wasn’t right for the role.

  • TC

    A Skarsgard has been seen dining out with various women in Shreveport not just cast members. The only time he was spotted (actual photos) with Evan was at a soccer game and a True Blood related function. He was also seen at a concert in NY on his birthday and no sightings of ERW then — it seems doubtful a lady wouldn’t be with her boyfriend on his b-day. ERW was also seen hanging out with the guy who plays the Fellowship of the Sun pastor. Personally I can’t see AS hooking up with someone as immature as ERW though I’m sure ERW enjoys the attention from the speculation.
    ERW is playing the lead female in Spider-Man and there’s been no news on the recasting.
    She was awful as the Queen. It wasn’t the character. It was the wooden delivery of her lines. She was clearly not comfortable in the role.

  • goodkitten

    I never realized what a bad actress Evan was until I saw her on True Blood. It seems like she can only do teen angst well. I used to think she was pretty good, but maybe I haven’t seen enough of her films.

  • cloudy

    @Suz: Evan was a guest star on the show, so that doesn’t exactly confirm anything either. I saw photos of Alex hanging out with Kate Bosworth at a bar and read about them going to the movies together. I don’t think he’s dating any of these women. I think they’re just co-stars/guest stars he sometimes hangs out with off set.

    Agree about the Queen, Evan was not very good. Too stiff in the role. The costume designer did a magnificant job though.

  • noelle

    i wonder if this is the same heart shaped glasses she wore on hers and Marilyn Manson’s uber hot music video =p

    oh well, she looks gorgeous as always

  • Isis

    The Spider-Man musical is definitely back on. Cheers to Bono for securing the funding. Would love to see Eva Green recasted as Queen Sophie.

  • Sam

    I like her =)
    She is beautiful!

  • rosine

    ERW was a terrible choice for Sophie Ann. I always thought she was a decent actress but the rose of SA doesn’t suit her. I was looking forward to seeing Sophie Ann but I was really disappointed at how ERW portrayed her. Hopefully AB reconsiders her storyline for season 3.

  • Violet

    @noelle: Could be. I read she has a collection of heart shaped glasses.

  • glitter

    I think she’s a really cute girl but she was completely wrong for Sophie-Anne. I was shocked too cause I loved her in Thirteen. But maybe she is one of those teen actresses who is not going to transition as well to adult roles?

  • ME

    Loved her as Sophie Ann!! I’m so excited she will get more screen time in Season 3. I think they should cast Tom Welling as the werewolf Alcide.

  • fresh

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Evan Rachel Wood on True Blood. She’s still listed on the Spider-Man website and previews start February 25th. She probably is still playing Mary-Anne — that’s why she’s getting blood work done (for the insurance company). This will not leave her too much time for True Blood if filming starts in December. Hope she fairs better in Spider-Man because I plan on buying tickets.

  • ME


    Eva Green is TOO OLD. Sophie Ann was only 15 years old when she was turned into a vampire.

  • beel

    Hope to see much much more of ERW in season 3 of true blood.

    Loved the queen.

  • ME


    She can do both since both roles require her to be a redhead. Her character on True Blood will probably only appear in like two episodes since Sophie Ann isn’t really in the book that much. Most of the 3rd book is about Sookie trying to find Bill with the help of Alcide and Eric.

  • cute

    @Isis: Eva Green is so beautiful and talented. She would have made a perfect Queen. :-)

  • Smith

    @ME: Evan looks like a 30 year old. Her and Eva Green look the same age, so I don’t find either too old. Plus, the TB show changes the character’s from the books, so no biggie. ITA on Eva Green too. She would have rocked and she can actually act.

  • Smith

    @ME: I think the point people are making is if she’s doing the musical, she is not going to have a lot of time for filming, so unlikely her part will be that large in S3 which is probably a good thing.

  • natt

    I think Evan Rachel Wood is a great choice in portraying Vampire Sophie. But the thing is she should be MORE graceful since she’s the Queen. Can’t wait to see more of her!

  • Vintage Love

    I thought Evan’s acting was terrible. It felt stilted and was one of the worst performances I’ve seen on the show. I felt sorry for Stephen Moyer having to act opposite her. I loved her outfits though. The old Hollywood glamor was gorgeous to look at. Maybe the dialogue was too cumbersome. I just expected a much better performance from her.

  • TBfan

    Sadly, I’m not excited for her return. Her role was probably overhyped but she definitely did not live up to expectations. She is a little long in the tooth looks-wise to be playing a 15 year old but I could have cared less how old the Queen was made if she’d simply nailed the character. It just goes to show how good the lesser-known actors are on that show.

  • lindsey

    personally i think she did a great job!! alan ball wanted her to portray the role in the way she did!

  • anthony

    I thought she did amazing as the queen

  • emma

    Evan looks beautiful!!

  • dina

    she looks hot! i like her glasses

  • just me

    Was she supposed to be doing a poor imitation of Lindsay Lohan? It reminded me of Lindsay playing Ann Margaret on Saturday Night Live except Lindsay was actually pretty good back then.

  • Golly

    Evan looks beautiful, and I loved her as Sophie-Anne! I have no doubt that her role will grow, and that she will win over the people that didn’t like her first episode.

    Also….I have it on good authority that she has been on several dates with Skarsgard. Why not? She is a very funny and cool woman. And, she is beautiful. I like her 100 times better then Bosworth!

  • Liz

    I know people from the True Blood and Straw Dogs crews and I am positive she isn’t been dating Skarsgard. That’s just a rumor that her obsessed fan girl likes to spread. As someone noted, she wasn’t even with him on his birthday.

    She really did seem to be phoning in her performance. Loved the gowns though — props to Audrey Fischer — but the drag queen makeup was a bit much. Too bad about her acting – wasted potential. Otherwise it was a great episode. Kudos to the regular cast for their excellent performances.

  • mandy

    shes gorgeous!!!

  • liz86000

    I LOVED her as the Queen! She did a wonderful job! :)

  • xfiles

    Thank god I’m not the only one who though her acting was atrocious. How did they let that fly? Do they not test the guest stars before they offer them the role?

  • mackenzie

    Her acting WAS awful. So much eye rolling and melodramatic sighing… it was like a high school production, and a terrible one at that. I hope her role is SMALL next season because I won’t be able to stand much more of her in the show. As for her and A-Skars, lol. It seems like the same two or three Evan fans are roaming the web looking for places to state the same thing: that they are dating. Puh-leeze *insert dramatic ERW eye roll here* Not true. But I bet she wishes it were true.

  • lakers fan in boston

    maybe because it was my 1st time watching the show, but i didnt think evan was bad as many other suggest
    love evan, she looks so cute in those glasses and love the red hair =]
    outfit is ok but looks nice on her

  • Magan

    I wish they’d found someone else. Evan was HORRIBLE! I don’t like the way they wrote the queen at all. in the book, she was never as spoiled little brat. She was definitely ruthless but she was more understand of humans and she was actually very likeable. I don’t like the Queen at all.

  • lina

    evan was ok but we’ll she if shes better in the finale

  • omg

    Wow she actually looks good here.

  • meeshhead

    How do you know she was getting “blood work” done at Quest? They do other testing there like urine, etc. I know why you wrote it……it ties in well with “True Blood”.

  • Golly

    Okay Liz…I’m just gonna sit back and laugh when you are proven wrong.

    You musn’t know the cast of True Blood very well.

    Dating…doesn’t mean engaged or promised or whatever stupid label we ascribe to…but, ja, definitely been dating.

  • Suz

    I’ve seen Liz around on lots of message boards, she’s a crazy Alex fangirl in denial. I don’t know if they’re dating or not, like in a relationship, but I heard the same thing, that they HAVE been on dates, and that Evan visited him on Straw Dogs set.

  • Perri

    She was horrible as the Queen. I have never read the books so I had no expectations. I thought her acting was just terrible. I am not looking forward to her return.

  • sdfldfmg

    glitter : i’m totally agree with you , i was so disappoint , she’s can’t act

  • mimi

    She would “date” any man- no matter how old or ugly or disgusting- as long as it would get her name in the papers.
    All those fame diggers are pathetic, especially since they have no problem sleeping with men for fame and career advancement.
    She does have a beautiful white skin, though.


    Sorry, but ERW was simply dreadful on TB.
    Embarrassing to watch.
    Especially on a show with so many amazingly talented actors.

    Who knows if she is dating ASkars, but I would lose all respect for him if he is. Time will tell.

  • Liz

    Nope, I don’t frequent any Alex-related boards. I don’t have to cause I can ask the source directly. Evan has not visited the Straw Dogs set. I know this for fact but just use common sense. It would have been all over the Net/Twitter if she had popped up. Please stop spreading lies about a very nice man who’s concentrating on his career at the moment.
    Golly and Suz are obviously the same person — a crazy Evan fan girl.
    Sorry, split personality lady, but Alex is not dating Evan Rachel Wood no matter how hard you try to wish it into existence.

  • H.

    @meeshhead: The bitch was probably getting tested for STDs.