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Sarah Jessica Parker: Tied-Up Tummy

Sarah Jessica Parker: Tied-Up Tummy

Sarah Jessica Parker looks fierce with her button-down shirt tied up while filmingSex And The City 2 on location in Manhattan on Friday (September 9).

The 44-year-old actress, who wore purple studded Brian Atwood shoes, and New Yorker worked with fellow SATC star Cynthia Nixon for a scene. Keep an eye out for stylist Patricia Field pictured on set, too. The bright red hair – you can’t miss it!

Sex and the City 2 will hit theaters May 28, 2010. Have your Louboutins ready!

10+ pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon filming the Sex And The City sequel…

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  • sam

    September 9?

  • Sophia

    She is aging real bad. A old broad dressing like a teen. Bad.

  • wow old hag

    whats wrong with her arms

  • naomi

    Why she didn’t gave birth to her babies??

  • alex

    She has no ring on?

  • Ben

    Hollywood’s old hag women are so desperately trying to compete with all the young women. she reminds me of Jennifer Aniston mediocre faces. Hags need to stop trying to look 14. Sad that they think this will get them more roles.
    Mattew must have adopted those babies for himself.

  • Ben

    She seems too self absorbed to give birth to a child.

  • sam

    the exposed midriff is a little too much for a 44 year old, i don’t even know what carrie’s age is supposed to be but i’m guessing she’d be in her early 40′s. her arms are crazy toned and if she had an athletic build as opposed to her being tiny and lean, her arms would look like madonna’s.

  • anja


    did you even stop to think that maybe she probably has difficulty conceiving? what an insensitive thing to say.

  • fardous

    why she look like that ? im 22 i dont look loke her

    she need to wear what is on her age

  • fardous

    why she look like that ? im 22 i dont look loke her

    she need to wear what is on her age

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    Jessica has giving birth one time. I guess @ being 44 she does not want to go through that again. Having a child takes a lot out of your body. I will tell you this. Jessica looks toned and fit and has a body of a teenager. In fact, she looks better then a lot of 25 year olds. Look how flat that stomach is! She has a body a lot of woman can only dream of. I can give a list of younger actresses she kicks butt in. But, why bother.
    You go Jess!

  • nyx

    do you guys noticed the part on the news saying “Sarah Jessica Parker looks fierce with her button-down shirt tied up while filming Sex And The City 2″, emphasis to WHILE FILMING.
    She doesn’t chose what to wear in the film, stop blaming her for dressing like a teen. :P

  • mailey

    she looks like a witch. was never pretty. old. hag. i would feel sorry for her, except she is loaded.

  • Brenda

    I think she looks a bit old.

  • get_a_life

    She maybe 44 but at least she’s got the flat stomach to wear it.bunch of jealous haters a bet your are all a bunch of pathetic little 14 year old fat slobs that dying of envy

  • Mickey von Dutch

    Anyone can see that SJP is not a classic beauty, but she is charming and she has that something going on that makes you look at her twice. A world full of perfect people would be a very boring place indeed.

  • sj pEE PEE

    Isn’t her stomach kinda flat for just having had twins? Ohhhhh that’s right she was too up herself to contemplate actually giving birth “herself”. SJ Pee Pee and her fugly son lives are still the same as b4 the twins. James still has the way too short trousers to live with. Honestly though – Marion and Tabitha = digusting names for digusting kiddies I bet.

  • Bordado

    Yes, she’s in her 40′s but she still looks better in that outfit than some 22 year old with the flab hanging over the top of their pants, you know them ” Muffin Tops”.

  • annabelle

    Great body for any age.

  • brooke sarah jessica

    She looks great her tummys really flat :P she looks great cant wait for film number2!!

  • lola

    She must have no shame or need money because she looks like a fool and should just pack it in. i thought the show was *ok* nothing to get all crazed over, i never got why so many people did. i guess girls just tend to put too much into guys and relationships to make themselves feel better. but how much more material can you milk from the sex and the city thing. enough!

  • **Jamie**

    what’s with all the hatred?

    Sarah Jessica Parker has always been naturally really thin, i don’t think she diets or starves herself like tacky victoria beckham.

    She did give birth to her first son at a mature age. She may have had difficulties concieving and that’s probably why she didn’t give birth to her twins.

    If you don’t like sex and the city don’t want it simple.

    She doesn’t dress like that on normal days, she actually dresses really appropriately and very casually. But here she is filming her movie, some people need a bit of common sense.

  • alabama88
  • wow

    Look forward to Sex And The City 2 !!!!

  • Jen

    She is only dressing like that for the movie people. That is how her character “Carrie” dresses. But in any case, she looks great and she can wear whatever she pleases, she has the body too. She may not have a pretty face but she has a certain air in her, which makes her look great in clothes, I think it’s the way she carries herself. She always looked fab on the show and the last movie.

    When it comes to her not carrying her babies, I think she didn’t because she is much older and she may have had trouble conceiving, because she did have her first child naturally so I don’t think she was particularly against that.

  • Denise

    Jen – I agree with everything you said. I’m 43 and don’t quite have the body for the outfit, but Sarah J and Jennifer Aniston have great bodies. What exactly are they supposed to wear?

    And I agree, she’s 44 and I personally think that is why she didn’t carry the babies herself. It is very hard to conceive naturally at that age.

  • Jill

    For a 44 year old woman she looks damn good.

  • katie n

    Why can’t some of the posters understand that her character, Carrie, has a wacky sense of style. Check her taking her son to school. very casual, bundled up and not showy at all.

    In any case she can carry such dresses better than many women. Look how flat her tummy is..

  • Lindsa

    Jamie, you think her body looks like that because of eating what she likes and being as lazy as hell? And Victoria Beckham was hardly ever anything but slim.

  • Lindsa

    And her arms have not liked that before, she’s obviously been going down the Madonna route.

  • alison

    I can’t wait, the movie will be epic!

  • She’s in good shape

    She has a very nice figure, especially for her age. Never thought her face was all that attractive but I’ve gotta admit she takes good care of her body.

  • lakers fan in boston

    the outfit is cute
    but ladies….your in your 40s, not your 20s….
    the glasses make her look older as well imo
    not bad overall tho, i wanna see pics of kirsten

  • sekss

    i love´╗┐ her ….

  • nina

    I don’t care what size someone is in, I don’t care what someone wears.

    I’m just wondering, by looking at those pics, if “Carrie” has been back to her old apartment.

  • cosi

    producers are giving new meaning to the word ‘deluded’. this hag looks like a senior citizen, what’s she doing playing this character?

  • emmy jay

    Alot of haters on this thread….Too bad we can’t see what you all look like. She’s a classy woman, making more money than she ever thought she would.

    This movie will be another hit, and I love the characters/cast of SATC.

    For all those of you wondering why she didn’t give birth are forgetting how NOT easy for alot of women to conceive at 44.

    Can’t wait for this movie…SJP rocks so all you fatties out there, STFU.

  • Ceanna

    Definition of the word gnarled or gnarly as applied to SJP’s looks these days:

    gnarled: used of old persons or old trees; covered with knobs or knots; “gnarled and knotted hands”; “a knobbed stick”

  • suppress your appetite

    love her!