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Megan Fox & Amanda Seyfried's Lesbian Kiss is Profound and Meaningful

Megan Fox & Amanda Seyfried's Lesbian Kiss is Profound and Meaningful

Juno scribe Diablo Cody opens up to The Frisky about her new horror flick called Jennifer’s Body, out September 18. Here’s what the 31-year-old writer said:

On the “lesbian kiss” between Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried in the film: “All right, if the two protagonists of the film were a guy and a girl and in a particularly tense moment, they shared a kiss, no one would say it was gratuitous. But the fact that they’re women means it’s some kind of stunt. It was intended to be something profound and meaningful to me and to Karyn [Kusama, the director]. Obviously we knew people were going to totally sensationalize it.”

On Megan Fox being very unique: “She really makes people angry! Girls hate her, don’t they?…I do not know her very well. Even having worked with her to this extent, I don’t know her very well because she’s very private and mysterious…she’s a really, truly eccentric person…I don’t think people know how to process her at all. I think it’s one of those things where she does not fit the mold in any way and it freaks people out!”

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  • mio

    fox looks so fake. like plastic

  • mailey

    im a non-lesbian girl and i luv meggie fox. i think it’s only ugly, insecure girls who hate her.

  • lyla

    i love megan fox, and im not gay either, she’s just so awsome and beautiful

  • neh

    There sure are a lot of suckers in this world…buying into the Megan Fox is hot CRAP. She might’ve been if she wasn’t so plastic – she looks like a 50 year old Playboy hasbeen compared to the naturally gifted Amanda. She needs to stop with the surgery before she ends up looking like P Anderson.


    Megan Fox is really gorgeous !

  • dundies

    why would anybody hate megan fox

  • Lowest denominator

    I don’t hate Fox at all.
    I laugh because she is what she is, and sometimes that doesn’t work in her favor, but whatever. Beauty gets away with a lot of things.
    And the “mold” is Angelina Jolie.

    So for the count –
    Yes, I’m a girl.
    No, I’m not a lesbian.
    Yes, I’m secure in my insecurity and ugliness, but No, I still don’t hate her.

  • alison

    i love megan fox.she never is afraid to speak her mind and she’s so pretty.i guess girls see her beauty as a threat or somethin…hate her or love her,she knows how to get attention when she wants to…and we all listen no matter how frivilous it may be lol

  • Lowest denominator

    Or should that say “Yes, I’m not a lesbian?”
    I welcome any correction…

  • Dassie

    I like Megan Fox because she says the strangest things, and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. It’s funny how some people just expect her to keep her mouth shut and just look pretty..but she has a weird sense of humor and she lets it show…so more power to her.

  • laura palmer

    i love me some megan fox! she is actually entertaining, unlike most celebrities with their over-active PR firms. AND yes, she is gorgeous. i don’t care if she’s had plastic surgery…i’d like to meet her surgeon. haha

  • samanthafromitaly

    Amanda is really beautiful and fun.
    Megan, I don’t go for the “bad girl” stuff.I think SHE is insecure,not me

  • HockeygurL

    At first thought that was J-Lo

  • jdub

    diablo is so right about megan

    i’m also a nongay girl and i love megan fox. she’s like a breath of fresh air lol. she doesnt give a sh** what people think of her. she says what she wants and she’s hilarious. she’s awesome

  • keo

    Amanda is really beautiful and fun.
    megan is ……. so stupid

  • wendy

    Completely agree with what Diablo said about Fox, and that is why i love her, finally an unconventional movie star. I am a woman and i LOVE Megan Fox so there!!

  • simon

    men also hate megan

  • Sugarnspice

    Go Diablo! I will go watch this movie even if it is stupid b/c I totally agree with her — no matter who/what they are the two protagonists MUST kiss in a movie! And both Megan and Amanda are so awesome, I can’t wait to see their onscreen work together! Seriously rock on Megan — f*ck the haters!

  • fresh

    I don’t like Megan because the only reason she’s famous for the wrong things. She has no talent yet she’s on every magazine cover spewing out stupid crap. She’s not intelligent or interesting. She’s just beautiful.

  • you

    Diablo! you’ll be megan’s advocate. Because you need to promote the film. After the movie, if she insults you ,Then I wonder what you think…..

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    This stupid twit is ALWAYS trying to be like Angelina Jolie! She hates being compared to her, but tries to be so much like her. She needs to get that big fat chip off her shoulder! I don’t know why she thinks she’s “ALL THAT!” Yeah, she’s good looking, but she’s just full of CRAP! She needs to get off that high horse of hers. I don’t even know what she’s doing w/Brian Austin Green. Seems to me like she’s more into girls than boys, she should just date a woman already. Plus, she keeps breaking up w/Brian. She even said there’s no future w/him. On Brians part, he just likes being w/her cause she’s young and pretty and probably crazy in bed.

  • Kendra

    Amanda is adorable, and Megan a lot of fun!

  • All Women Stalker

    Hmm that seems to be an apt description of Megan Fox.


  • Jacob

    Of course, the kiss is a stunt. The lesbian kiss is a gimmick to get people especially guys to see this crappy movie. I just wonder how gay people feel when tv shows and movies use them to get ratings, money at the box office, awards, and controversy?

  • lakers fan in boston

    the only appeal this movie has is this lesbian kiss and that it could possible be somewhat funny, but nothing else

  • Jen

    I don’t hate her at all. Some comments of hers tend to be dumb but in general I like that she says what she wants.

  • r2101

    and since when did megan fox become private? she doesn’t say the strangest things — she says the most stupid things… and someone said the mold is angelina jolie — i agree.

  • hello

    @Alyberry: You don’t know who she is and neither does any other hater on this blog, why comment? She’s interesting l’ll give her that and maybe…just maybe has the ability to act?!

  • me

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think Amanda is prettier than Megan. I’m a girl and I’ve never found Megan Fox that beautiful. She’s got extremely beautiful eyes, but that’s all I find attractive about her.

    Her personality doesn’t help beauty either, I mean, who goes around bashing a movie director who honestly helped you get famous? I don’t care if he told the casting director to cast the hottest girl he could find, he still made Megan Fox famous.

    I guess she’s beautiful to other people, but her personality is really bad, no offense to her. She should really learn how to talk like Natalie Portman; she’s not only beautiful but smart and talented as well.

  • lez-babe

    I AM a lesbian and I used to think Megan was hot until she started shooting her mouth off. Stupid is so not sexy. And Diablo, honey, u can defend ur BIBO (bi-sexual for boys) kiss as “meaningful” but don’t insult the intelligence of lesbians by expecting us to believe it. Why have 2 hot girls tongue each other in your movie? Hmmmmm. Maybe because it will pull in a lot of horney guys? It’s all about the $$$$ Diablo. U don’t fool anyone.

  • r2101

    what freaks me out is her stupidity and her attitude. girls don’t hate her because girls are jealous of her.. i think girls find her extremely annoying — bashing other actresses, bashing her director, and making stupid statements that pretend to be feminist/empowering like, “when you have a vagina, you’re a winner.” tell that to women who get abused by their husbands and boyfriends. women are more than just a walking vagina, moron fox.

  • http://myspace yesenia

    she whatever but she lost her natural look so makes her less pretty i loved her before ;p

    p.s not bi lesbo but, i speak of the truth

  • Ilia

    I love both of these girls.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Maybe you should’ve casted Olivia Wilde for the role of Jennifer instead? She is more graceful and talented than trashy idiotic Megan Fox.

  • Keep It Real

    I feel bad for Megan Fox. It’s like she’s trying to put on an act and pretend she’s so superior to hide the fact that she’s really as insecure as every other girl in the world. She tries to hide it by changing her face and body and saying things that she knows will shock people so she can claim that she doesn’t care what people think of her, but her obvious attempts to stay relevant prove otherwise.

    She’s pretty, but emotionally cold and I bet lonely sometimes. I don’t envy her. Sure I bet it would be nice to be attractive, but she never seems happy…

  • RRR

    megan fox. I cant stand her.. disgusting!!!!!!!!

  • Alien chaser

    Megan Fox is an alien, not human. A real piece of intergalactic crap. Kill her now for the good of the unierse and everyone in it.

  • SArah

    Amanda is definitely hotter than Megan. And she can actually act.

  • lexigraph

    Megan Fox: Keeping boyfriends from cheating on you with other chicks cos they aren’t hot enough since 2007.

    ..Yeah, she’s cool. Seyfried’s cute though! In a totally straight way.

  • I am sam

    That stupid Marilyn Monroe tat on her forearm makes me laugh and laugh. Tacky tacky tacky. Tats are the permanent mullet. She has no class. Wait till gravity catches up and she puts on some pounds.

  • k

    I dont think Megan has many female friends because she is too self centered and cocky, she feels superior than most people just because she is amazingly beautiful.

    Only guys can put up with her ego and they do it so because she is hot, but that hotness will fade someday and she wont have much left to offer.

  • Chris

    Looks 50? Surely you jest. Maybe in this picture she looks 30, but certainly not from what I have seen of her onscreen. I also doubt she has had much plastic surgery, if any. The only likely “plastic surgery” she has had on her face is her lips. And I doubt even that. Basically, she just needs not to wear so much makeup, seeing as it makes her look older than she is.

  • Chris


    Alyberry, I don’t even believe she’s trying to be like Angelina Jolie; the media started the comparisons…and they simply are not ready to stop.

  • Chris


    Looks 50? Surely you jest. Maybe in this picture she looks 30, but certainly not from what I have seen of her onscreen. I also doubt she has had much plastic surgery, if any. The only likely “plastic surgery” she has had on her face is her lips. And I doubt even that. Basically, she just needs not to wear so much makeup, seeing as it makes her look older than she is.

  • shina

    i don’t think it really matters i did some research on Megan Fox it said she used to be lesbian but i do not know if it is truth or not and who really cares we shouldn’t make this a political issue if she is straight, lesbian, bi who cares she is still awesome to me and all of her other fans so we should just drop it

  • Kimy

    I absolutely and positively LOVE Megan Fox! she’s just so charming and gorgeous. i love that he called her eccentric because there really is something unique about her. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and doesn’t really care what people thing. FYI, she’s not on a high horse, she’s actually very insecure about herself, and she has said that she was an oddball even in high school. I hope she has more serious roles in the future because i’m looking forward to her movies! i love Jennifer’s Body and i really enjoyed their on-screen kiss, i wish i was Amanda. i’m straight but for this woman, i’d turn the other cheek.

  • Cathy Nerujen

    I think Megan is a very beautiful woman. Yes, he did have some cosmetic work done, but any woman is entitled to have cosmetic work done. The constant stories about her being “stupid” or “dumb” are based on weird innuendo. She is different and yes she has given interviews and made weird jokes. She is not afraid to say her thing. Obviously people will see the film now moreso because there is a girl-girl kissing moment in it. Lots of people don’t know how to process the lesbian thing, no matter what they claim to understand.