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Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie

Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie

Gerard Butler rocks out a pair of Reebok high-tops as he grabs a cup of coffee at a local cafe in West Hollywood on Friday (September 18).

The Ugly Truth bachelor chatted on his phone with an ear piece — looks like he wanted to keep that conversation quite secretive!

Gerry was later seen heading into a photo shoot at Smashbox Studios with costar Jennifer Aniston for their upcoming film The Bounty.

15+ pictures inside of Reebok hightops hottie Gerard Butler

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284 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Reebok Hightops Hottie”

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  1. 26
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    I love his haircut. I’m not a big fan of his buzzcut look.
    He is looking well-fed in these pics. It is so funny how he is so inconsistent in his weight appearance. The Scots are powerfully built people to live in the highlands etc. in times gone by. I guess if they don’t keep exercising, running, etc. it can become obvious quickly. Not sure as I am only part Scot. I’m tiny but to stay toned I need to run a few times a week.
    Loving the thicker beard. I love his beard and the way it makes his eyes even more appealing.
    I agree on the pants plus they look like they haven’t been broken in either. Don’t mind the shoes.
    OMG…I think his problem is he doesn’t have a stylist. The guy is just doing what is clean and comfortable IMO.

  2. 27
    Larel Says:

    Omg the comments here are hilarious, lets remember he doesn’t give a **** what people think he looks like or what he wears, he’s not on a CK runway he’s walking down the street drinking a coffee lets be fair. lol

    He seems to have gained a little weight but still looks yummy imo.
    Big & strong is hot!

    That looks like the woman that was with him at the Kimmel show when he was signing autographs, she had an orange dress on.
    Maybe a PR person or friend.

  3. 28
    Hmm Says:

    A coffee in hand again. I am looking for reviews on LAC after the screening in LA. So far only saw two and both are very positive. What is he going to do after LAC hit the theaters? Any job offers for him in the pipeline? Looks like he has bulked up a bit since the wrap of The Bounty. IMO not the look for the role of Burns but maybe it’s for some other possible role.

    I like the hair and the beard. Jeans are a bit tight but acceptable. The shoes look comfy. Hot as live wire. I hope to see him on Leno and Letterman soon. He sure is a good entertainer.

  4. 29
    Chili Pepper Says:

    Manwhore, which judging from these pictures, is a total shock. Can’t believe any woman would want him, except maybe my old aunt Betty.

  5. 30
    Sue Says:

    @Chili Pepper: I just changed my name to Aunt Betty

  6. 31
    pafan Says:

    He’s on his way to a photo shoot. There, they will fix him up and change his clothes. Why should he get dressed up to go to that? Good lord, do ya’ll get gussied up everytime you leave the house?

  7. 32
    OMG! Says:

    If he’s going to a photo shoot I hope they give him a bra for his D cups!

  8. 33
    Larry Says:

    he’s fat..double chin & bloated fat.

  9. 34
    sugar Says:

    He looks beautiful as always, and he does need to tone up a bit, but not enough to get all the nasty comments here. You people are sad!

  10. 35
    getalife Says:

    I’m amazed people don’t know the difference between fat and bign’ strong. How old are you, 12? He is not one of the boys running around on your playground. In case your glasses need adjustment, let me tell you he is the manliest man in Hollywood land. When you grow up you would be lucky to be half the man he is.

  11. 36
    Chili Pepper Says:

    @pafan: Who said anything about gussied up? What he needs is a good body and a pair of jeans that fit him, not a bloomin tuxedo. It’s not rocket science, Einstein.

  12. 37
    rainyday Says:

    He doesn’t need a good body, Einstein. He has a GREAT body. Just because this set of pictures aren’t the most flattering, we all know that in 20 minutes he can look completely different.

  13. 38
    anonTwo Says:

    …… time to hit the gym, GB.

  14. 39
    liverwurst Says:

    I absolutely loathe when women wear white bra’s under white shirts…ever hear of flesh tone?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tacky assed hillybilly.

  15. 40
    liverwurst Says:

    HELLO JJ? THIS IS NOT JEN ANISTON!! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. This woman pictured isn’t JA.(I absolutely loathe when women wear white bra’s under white shirts…ever hear of flesh tone?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tacky assed hillybilly)

  16. 41
    fashion failure Says:

    For a guy who goes to all those fashion shows he sure has bad taste.Some of those designers should dress him up.

    Those shoes look bad on him and how did he gain so much body weight in just a few days??
    He looked trimmed in NY and now in LA he looks…BLAH

  17. 42
    clothes make a man Says:

    I’d like to put my fingers on his tummy to try to see if it’s fat or muscle, mushy or hard. Unless it’s all because of the unfitting clothes he was wearing, his weight appears to fluctuate a lot. Lay off the burgers, fries, and coke Gerry, and black coffee only please.

  18. 43
    Captain Spalding Says:

    “He’s the manliest man in Hollywood land….” Despite his uber-masculinity which is often played to the hilt for the cameras, the facts concluded years ago that Mr. Butler is indeed a gay man.
    Ironic. Disappointing. His greatest claim to fame may be that he is the Rock Hudson of Generation X.

  19. 44
    Larel Says:

    @Captain Spalding:

    Can someone explain why anyone would think GB is gay?
    I don’t believe it & how anyone else can is beyond me.

  20. 45
    Larel Says:

    Everyone JJ is NOT saying that is JA with him heading into the photoshoot, just because he says that doesn’t mean he is implying the woman in the pics is her. LMAO I thought that would be obvious.

    That woman is the same one with him at Kimmel, she was carrying his jacket & had the awful orange sundress on.
    I believe she works for G or is a friend.

  21. 46
    amen Says:

    @Larel: A gay man would never go out in public dressed like Mr. Butler is here… that would never happen.

  22. 47
    trolling Says:

    What facts are you referring to? “the facts concluded years ago….” Be more specific or you are bluffing and just another troll. That magazine interview about “not gay but not straight either” is nothing but fake.

  23. 48
    kymomto2 Says:

    HELLOOOO? I’m I the only person who sees a direct resemblance to this outfit and anything Robert Pattinson? Weird. Maybe Gerard is on a twilight kick.

  24. 49
    gillianfey Says:

    Thanks for the new GB pics, JJ. A pleasure indeed.

  25. 50
    rainyday Says:

    The magazine article #46 references as fake was indeed a fake discredited years ago.

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