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Gisele Bundchen is Bump Beautiful

Gisele Bundchen is Bump Beautiful

Gisele Bundchen shows off her baby bump as she walks around Manhattan and eats at Blue Ribbon Restaurant on Monday (October 26).

The 29-year-old supermodel is reportedly expecting a girl near the end of December.

On Sunday, hubby Tom Brady and the New England Patriots beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 35-7. With the Patriots on a bye week, it looks like Tom will get a chance to spend some time with Gisele.

“I’m feeling great,” Tom said after the game. “That’s two wins in a row… To get the win and fly home and have a week off is just great.”

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen looking beautiful with her baby bump…

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gisele bundchen bump beautiful 01
gisele bundchen bump beautiful 02
gisele bundchen bump beautiful 03
gisele bundchen bump beautiful 04
gisele bundchen bump beautiful 05
gisele bundchen bump beautiful 06
gisele bundchen bump beautiful 07
gisele bundchen bump beautiful 08
gisele bundchen bump beautiful 09
gisele bundchen bump beautiful 10
gisele bundchen bump beautiful 11

Credit: Disciullo; Photos: INFdaily, Bauergriffinonline
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  • bobbi

    Gorgeous Gi

  • whatev

    wow. she’s really too tiny for someone so late in their pregnancy.

  • lisali

    She looks beautiful when pregnant..lucky lady!

  • tara

    She is only couple days in NYC. She lives complete i n her Hometown Boston. They move soon a massive mansion in Boston. They sale their houses in BAck Bay and West Village

  • lalaLate

    It looks like as if she has stuck a balloon under her shirt

  • Ann

    she should have her baby in brazil, were she belong..

  • ellie’

    There’s always a glow with Gisele she gorgeous…

  • Sasha

    Love her style. simple yet stylish.

  • LU

    Ann, why you don’t shut up!!! You are perfect stupid.

  • Bart

    OH MA GAWD… I have never ever seen a pregnant woman look like this… she really is a supermodel even when she’s carrying a baby bump! Oh lord, I just can’t deny it…… Jesus……..

  • Laura

    She is gorgeous, how she can be so perfect?

  • Bart

    becoz the Halloween is coming

  • anon

    So basically Tom’s been absent for this pregnancy as well like he was for Bridget’s. Oh wait, the season started, and job always comes first before family, right Tommy?

  • Noticias de famosos

    She looks beautiful pregnant she favors. That desire to see the baby really is beautiful.

  • sara

    @ anon you stupid person. Tom was until yesterday in London. And they live together in Boston move soon in a big house.
    And she is only in NYC to visit friends.

    Both are very Family oriented

  • dal

    Well, Anon your post is a joke.

    Tom has a job to do- and they are both living full time in Boston while he is playing for the Pats.

    Anon, you sound like you are miserable. Keep it to yourself.

    Gisele looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see the new Brady.

  • Madison

    Tom, will you be my daddy? He’s the perfect man!

  • anon

    I bet the only difference between Gisele’s and Bridget’s pregnancies is thankfully Bridget didn’t have to put up with Tom’s incessant talk of NFL during the season.

  • Shelly

    I wonder how she feels having a baby of a man she stole from another pregnant woman. Oh wait, I do presume it’s tom’s baby. After all, Gisele’s got a phone book full of lovers!

  • coco

    If it comes out looking like an A-P-E with its head coming to a point – you know it is Tommy’s.

  • lola

    she looks amazing pregnant <3

    beautiful beautiful woman and her style is so chic! this is what I call pregnancy chic! haha

    Some of these shots look like they could be for some Vogue editorial! amazing looking.

  • neutral


    and the rest of the girls here…. always remember that there’s no such thing as ” a woman stole the man from a woman” only that a man makes his own choice regardless. This is the same with women as well, unless a human being has lost the capacity to make a choice or free will.

  • kate

    Oh Shelly, are you really that innocent to think that a woman can steal a man from another woman? As if he had no will on this whole matter, right?

    He left his pregnant girlfriend because he wanted to. This “stealing” talk is such a bullshit nowadays.

  • yasor

    Gisele is so chic! best looking preg-woman ever!
    u r right, they look like vogue editorial! cant believe this pregnancy-chic, amazing!

    @shelly why should Gisele think abt that who, Bret? whatever, Gisele werenot in love with her, and i bet an 40years old gold-digger would never be Gisele’s lesbian muse, so why think of her? insane

  • kat

    anon- yes he has a job to do he cant just abandon a team hes been with for years even before he knew her so he can be at her hand and foot right now.. football season is short he’ll be around and its not like hes never home he travels like every other week for two days tops then hes back home so really get off his back
    hes one of the best quarterbacks to have played the game hes not giving that up for a pregnancy
    she knew he was a football player and that him not being around all the time for the pregnancy could happen when she married him
    hes TOM BRADY the man is a beast

  • lexy

    What’s he supposed to do for her this early in the pregnancy that he needs to “be around”. Like most men, he’s got a job to do and he’s doing it. Her job allows her schedule when she works so she could make sure she got this time off.


    Or better yet explain how she STOLE him? Did she put him in her Hermes bag and bring him home with her? Did she use the date rape drug and kidnap him and force him to marry her??

  • cosi

    there’s one who isn’t eating for two! looks great.

  • AGA

    Shelley- Tom & Bridget had already broken up and he had started seeing Giselle when Tom was then informed of the pregnancy. So,should he have gone back to Bridget and been miserable for the rest of his life. You are judging when you no nothing of the situation.
    Also as others have said a WOMAN cannot STEAL a MAN. Grow UP

  • Riri

    Once she realized she met a guy whose girlfriend is pregnant- she should have backed.
    Women can have respect for one another, and Tom and Bridget are becomig a family, she should have stayed away and not bugde in.
    It’s very easy to seduce a man whose woman is pregnant.

  • Riri

    Gisele is such a fame- whor-e.
    She keeps telling the paps know where she’d be and then she fixes her hair and makeup and pose.

  • Bonitto

    @29 & 30

    Dont make people laught at you, how can Tom and Bridget becoming a family when they where not even married are living together when she became pregnant, you really need to go look what the word family means my dear. Do you know what the word break up means Riri? and did you say Gisele is a fame whore, you crazy idiot – I dont know where you get the idea that Tom and Bridget are becoming a family, how old are you really, 10.

  • Han

    As all the sane posters here said, Tom and Bridget were not together when she announced that she was pregnant. Do you want a child to raise in an unloving enviroment?

  • veingelina Jolie

    She really looks fantastic.

  • coco

    what goes around comes around

  • itcelebrity

    beautiful ..

  • whocares

    Did you see her pics in MaRIO DE JANEIRO Testino’s book:

    Even her devoted fans on her site don’t like these “p*rn” pics.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow, gisele is amazing
    she’s the kind of wife i wish ill have when im older
    pregnant and still looks hot!
    she looks better 7 months pregnant than a lot of chicks in their 20s and not pregnant

  • Bonitto


    Yoy are really, really stupid and i am saying that nicely, show us one human being on this planet that dont have a porn pics as you call them, you are a farthead and a pest – take a look around you my friend, open your eyes and you will see more than porn pics about that little dirty mind of yours.

    Get off Gisele back will you, you are an idiot.

  • so sick of idiots

    so you guys are more concerned with how Gisele looks than how healthy that baby growing inside her may be??? b/c from the looks of it, I wouldn’t say she’s giving that baby all the nutrition it needs.. but that’s of no concern to you idiots, cause you can’t think that far, your brains dont register logic, only stupidity.

  • Bonitto


    You are an even bigger idiot than your post, you are stupid and foolish and a nitwit, why dont you let Gisele enjoy her pregnancy and take care of her own baby nutrition and go find something to oocupy your midget mind,

  • so sick of idiots

    Hello Gisele, how are you my dear? how’s your little skinny malnourished ass doing today? why don’t you feed that baby of yours and stop posting on message boards defending yourself… Go take care of you and your baby’s health you idiot !!!

  • bonitto is lame

    there’s nothing bonito about you Bonnitto… you’re pathetic and obviously not very bright cause all you know how to do is insult people on the internet. You’re a st*pid loser.!!!

  • whocares


    you are pretty lame

  • coco

    She is eating – she keeps going out to eat with friends.

  • Bonitto

    @41, 32 & 43

    I am lame, right – and you nitwits dont like to hear the truth.

  • elsa

    OK, Bridget Moynahan . . . when the baby is born you can say ” . . . I can feel that she/he is my own 100% blah blah . . . ” just as Giselle said about your own baby

  • Soumya


  • Martina

    She looks incredible! I remember the first time I saw her in a magazine(long time ago) and it was WOW! She is truly a supermodel. She is simply a natural-she does not pretend(does not have to),nice person,honest and a very good stepmother.Tom is one lucky guy !

  • Rachel



    by the way, she’s simply and clear fashion style = PERFECT! I LOVE HER!