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Jake Gyllenhaal is a Solo Shopper

Jake Gyllenhaal is a Solo Shopper

Jake Gyllenhaal does some shopping at Douglas Fir and OK in West Hollywood on Wednesday (December 16) just after his breakup with Reese Witherspoon is confirmed.

The 28-year-old Prince of Persia actor was recently spotted picking up some sweet treats at Sprinkles Beverly Hills last Friday. He bought bought 2 chocolate peppermint, 2 chocolate marshmallow, 2 red velvet, 1 dark chocolate and 2 doggie cupcakes. He came in all alone, sans Reese and put on his hood and sunglasses when he was in the store.

Only four days later, Jake was back. He came in Tuesday evening to the same Beverly Hills location and bought 6 red velvet and 1 doggie cupcake.

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jake gyllenhaal post breakup shopping douglas fir ok 01
jake gyllenhaal post breakup shopping douglas fir ok 02
jake gyllenhaal post breakup shopping douglas fir ok 03

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  • Please Jared

    No more talk about Jake’s biitchy ex-beard.

  • boxer

    If he doesn’t, homewrecker, party-going, b-movie actor, Ryan Phillippe does?

  • ex-beard

    Reese Witherspoon is full of sh!t – her kids are spending 50% of their time with Ryan Phillippe.

  • @3

    they will get back together, guaranteed

  • @3

    reese and jake will get back together, it is holiday blues that’s all

  • fauxmancing


    Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal NEVER were together.

  • anon.

    Jake wasn’t their father! How dare Reese criticize him after the way he helped her with those kids for almost three years! I think it was about getting married. He wanted to she didn’t. She blew it.How many guys would take on a woman with two kids. And hang out with them, help them, take them trick or treating, and go to school events. I saw pictures of her son climbing all over him, and smiling at him, walking with him, going out to lunch with him, looking all happy and content. So this article and Reese Witherspoon cah KMA with these lies. She has made a huge mistake. Jake is one of the good guys.

  • h

    Reese and Jake WONT get back together. On and off relationships very rarely ever work out for the long haul. I knew this relationship wouldn’t last. Resse and jake are at two very different points in their lives. Reese needs to find an older divorced guy with kids so he could relate to what shes going through and jake needs to find a younger woman who wants to get married and have kids. I wish he and natalie portman would get together, but I dont think shes into him like that.

  • Cool

    He looks like a normal joe

  • fauxmancing

    “How dare Reese criticize him after the way he helped her with those kids for almost three years!”


    Jake never lived with the beard and was with her kids only for few photo ops and few other times when Reese was selling “we are real and we are family” bu!!sh!t.

  • fresh

    You guys are talking like you actually know what went down. Just because you read Us Weekly doesn’t mean you know anything about their private lives. Get a life.

  • me

    Don’t think they ever will it over deal with it.

  • shrugs

    Reese will probably try to get Ryan Back

  • me

    Don’t think they ever will its over deal with it.

  • hmmm

    Looking kind of scruffy.
    I thought that he got rid of his beard.

  • shrugs

    @fauxmancing: x17 had pictures of Jakes assistant picking up his stuff from Reese’s house. so I think he did stay with her.

  • Lola

    @shrugs: X17 has no pictures, they made it up.

  • Ivy

    “Reese will probably try to get Ryan Back”
    No one needs b!tchy hag.
    Reese was dumped by Ryan and Jake, she should pay someone to be her fake boyfriend!

  • loverducky

    @fresh: thankyou! haha, I admit I do get a little carried away with celebrity lives but we have no idea what has gone on between them so I think people need to stop acting like it’s any of your concern…it really just comes off as pathetic… :S

  • Ava

    She already paid someone to be her fake boyfriend–Jake.

    It’s great to see Jake out and about and being himself again.

  • Mario

    Right, #11

  • Pattycake

    @boxer: Yeah, you know how to gauge how good a father someone is? You critique their career. You are a horse’s ass.And stop dragging Ryan into Reese and Jake. That story about Jake not being ready to be a step parent is all made up PR crud by Reese’s team so she doesn’t look so manipulative.

  • no one can fool all people

    fresh and loverducky,
    cut the bullsh*t,
    you are talking about “we don’ t know what is going on in lives of celebrities” just because you don’t agree with the comments.

    Did you know that people are gossiping about Tiger Wood’s cheating for years?
    No one can fool all the people all the time.

  • Jill Juggles

    She is shopping for a man

  • All Women Stalker

    I actually liked these two together. I hope they work things out.


  • anon

    Once again, one of America’s sweethearts is having her pr person do the dirty work. There was no need for the “source” to include that bit about Jake and Reese’s children. She is such a fake b*tch and anyone who believes her sweetness routine is delusional.

  • Wise acre

    @h: “on and off relationship” stop thinking you can crack wise about these two and relationships in general. These two didn’t work out because they were never a real couple, just their publicists’ fantasy.

  • fwiw

    It comes as no surprise to see Reese make herself look as good as possible while making Jake look foolish, desperate and unfit.

    She was separated from her husband and the father of her children and he agreed to stay quiet about it because she had the award season in ’06. Then at the end of that time period she made him look like a total scumbag. When in reality the tabloids couldn’t find one woman to link him to. If Ryan had slept around there would be a parade of cocktail waitresses getting their payday just like what is happening with Tiger Woods and that never materialized BECAUSE it never happened.

    She wasn’t happy until everyone loved her and they had to hate him too.

  • Toni

    Jake has become a million times more attractive now that he has finally lost that fake, blond beard.

  • slambang

    Love love LOVE him!

  • L


    Umm. Shouldn’t they be? It’s called joint custody.

  • loverducky

    @no one can fool all people: yes, WE are the ones talking can’t get all the information about sombody’s life from a bunch of pictures. and I never said that I didn’t like or didn’t agree with what is being, that is irrelevant, I am saying that making assumptions and caring so much about people you don’t know it pretty pathetic..and obviously you do care if you are taking the time to argue about it here.

  • http://None Nick Gyllenhaal

    I love Jake gyllenhaal so much and i’d like to visit someday, anyway i hope he’s single because i wanna have fun by good ways not bad ones
    my regards:

    Nick Gyllenhaal

  • http://None Nick Gyllenhaal

    Hi Jake, I’m a new actor i wanna be your bofriend and call ya baby at the same time okay?
    i wanna feel free to express what’s on my nind!
    only for ya!
    anyway i wanna act with ya at evey time and live with ya if it’s okay with ya give me a call once and while at this number
    My Regards:

    Nick Gykkenhaal

  • penelope

    It seems Kirsten has regrets about Jake. In truth, she tried to reconnect to him but Jake didnĀ“t want.
    Maybe the same thing will happen with Reese and it will be too late.
    Jake deserves a young and single woman and not kids.

  • Stone

    Only thing worse than helping a friend move is having to deal with other peoples children. I’m sure he’s more relieved than she!

  • Zina

    36, you said a cruel truth.
    Jake must choose better his girlfriends.

  • Me

    Who the hell is passing his SHOPPING LIST to this site? That’s just freaky.

  • MMA

    He does a lot of things solo.