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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Sunday in Sydney!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Sunday in Sydney!

Nicole Kidman and country music star husband Keith Urban take a walk with their daughter Sunday Rose in Sydney, Australia on Friday (December 18).

The 42-year-old Australian actress took a car ride to meet her mom and dad while Keith headed off to finish the rest of his Australian tour.

20+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and their cute daughter, Sunday Rose

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97 Responses to “Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Sunday in Sydney!”

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  1. 76
    Pippi Says:

    I agree Sunday is adorable and will grow up happy and normal. Free to practice a religion that is centuries old and open to all regardless of income status. Free to leave without condemnation.

    Best wishes to Nicole and Keith. A truly loving and devoted couple. God bless them always. Hope a time will come and that it is not too late for Connor and Bella to be able to openly and freely embrace their mom someday. Such a pity to be divided by such nonsense as COS. A real church would never divide a family.

  2. 77
    cathy Says:

    @ Dabu – Exactly dabu, Tom control everything.
    I read article about, when Nicole just give birth for Sunday Rose and Bella & Connor were thrilled to meet their new sister, but tomy girl didn’t allowed them to go to visit Nicole, how crazy pathetic this tomy girl.
    Very sad for Nicole Kidman.

  3. 78
    cathy Says:

    Poor Bella, she is looked having problem with over weight now, but tomy girl & three trunk don’t care about her.
    They just want to show that they are good parents but not Nicole Kidman.

  4. 79
    joy Says:

    Well, if this isn’t a HAPPY, JOY FILLED family reunion then I don’t know what is. The smile & expressions on Sunday Rose’s face tell the whole story. She is so happy to see her Daddy again and Keith can’t stop smiling because he gets to be with his 2 “girls” for the holidays. Every blessing & grace to them & theirs.

  5. 80
    joy Says:,,20331703,00.html

    Sunday Rose smiling. There is one picture at another one of the sights where it actually looks like she might be mouthing “daddy”. Too sweet

  6. 81
    nuckingfuts Says:


    you have a very serious problem! Your parents must be proud of you.

  7. 82
    Lizzie Says:

    These snaps are a small section of pictures taken at the airport. In the rest of the package there are some adorable shots of Sunday reacting with her daddy with a big smile and he and Nicole laughing at whatever she is saying.. Always so odd the good pics of Sunday never seem to make it to the public, making gist for the ‘nutters’ to view their lame remarks. If anyone questions the money celebs make, just image having people with an obvious IQ in double digits constantly taking out their frustation on people they actually know nothing about. Also in the rest of the package the pics show without doubt how happy Sunday’s mum and dad are to see each other.

  8. 83
    @autumnM Says:

    So glad to see your spewing your poison on another thread. Don’t you ever have anything nice or even half way nice to say?”

  9. 84
    Mario Says:

    The kids live with their dad and she’s a very busy actress, #16.

    How does TomKat’s world revolve around their daughter, #24? Their older kids (less so Bella Cruise) are seen with them from time to time so they obviously haven’t been forgotten.

    Don’t make say such things about a baby, #25!

    Brainwashed? Can you PROVE that drivel? And it would be Kidman’s fault since she should then go fight for them.

    No one pimps anyone, #37. It doesn’t make any sense. Anyone who says that are total idiots.

    Don’t be a moron, #57.

    That’s a baby you’re dissing, #58! Don’t say that!

    Quit comparing kids and acting like you’re the grand know-it-all of parenting, #65. You don’t know these people.

    You people really need to stop saying this new ‘Cruise moves his kids away from their mother’ thing. That’d be suspicious and either the kids or Kidman herself would do something about it. You’re looking for patterns where none exist.

    You’re very gullible and must stop believing everything you read. You don’t know anything.

    Why would anyone purposely show off their kid on a daily basis, #68? I’ll let the PARENTS decide what’s appropriate to wear.

    You can’t predict the future, #77. She could end up growing up unhappily for some reason. I doubt she will but she could.

    What does a religion’s age have to do with it’s legitimacy?

    And you know that Connor Cruise and Bella Cruise don’t ‘openly and freely embrace their mom’ already, how? And you know that the church divides them how?

    That’s just a tabloid story, #78! There’s no proof! But because it anti-Cruise. you believe it completely! You give him too much power! He’s not a Saturday morning cartoon villain!

    How dare you say that TomKat doesn’t care about their eldest kid, #79!

  10. 85
    Linda Says:

    hee hee It looks like they’re going to get busy. It’s about time for another sibling for Sunday.

  11. 86
    will Says:

    Thanks JJ for the adorable Sunday Rose pictures. She is rarely seen among the celeb babies so it’s quite a treat to see lots of pics in your site. Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat, JJ and the staffers!! P.S. (it just warms my heart seeing the Urbans lovely pics and thank you also to the Scientology”Xenu” bloggers, you guys made me laugh with your silly posts, but hey you gotta earn a living, right?)

  12. 87
    Stacey Hearts Says:

    That is a strange first name

  13. 88
    jess Says:

    I saw her tonight she was in Sydney, at the Carols At The Domain..

  14. 89
    Sheri Says:

    @jane: You’re an idiot!

  15. 90
    Sheri Says:

    @anja: STFU moron!

  16. 91
    Sheri Says:

    @Jennifer: Pathetic Loser

  17. 92
    Mark Says:

    @g!na: Probably tired from the long flight to Australia. She’s a cutie! People that are bashing this baby are sad excuses for human beings! Get a life, it’s obvious this is a VERY HAPPY LOVING FAMILY!

  18. 93
    anja Says:

    @Sheri: @nuckingfuts: Since when is it a crime to tell the truth?

  19. 94
    Stone Says:

    Too bad she doesn’t look like her mother!

  20. 95
    samy Says:



    Oh yea, you need some new carp to spew. We have heard this go round 100′s of times. you can use all the names you want to, we still know, because it is the same HATE from you keyboard.

  21. 96
    ona Says:

    Sunday Rose is gorgeous. Healthy and natural. She is not sick, just naturally fair-skinned and delicate, like her mom. A good mix of both parents. Nicole is a great mom and Sunday seems to be very smart, always examining what she sees around her. Happy Holidays to all.

  22. 97
    MMA Says:

    If my dog had a face like that I’d shave his. . .

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