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Rihanna: New Year's Eve with Carson Daly!

Rihanna: New Year's Eve with Carson Daly!

Rihanna shows off her goodies as she performs her song “Wait Your Turn” at Rockefeller Center on Sunday (December 19) in New York City.

The 21-year-old songtress also performed “Run This Town” with Jay-Z. The duo taped a segment for New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly, which will air on NBC from 10-11PM (ET) and the party will continue from 11:30PM to 12:30AM, all in HD. A performance by Green Day is also expected.

20+ pictures of Rihanna‘s performance inside…

Click inside to watch both performances!!!

Rihanna & Jay-Z – “Run This Town”

Rihanna – “Wait Your Turn”

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Credit: Fame Pictures; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • bones

    No one was waiting.

  • WTF

    WTF is she wearing?

  • Joy2theWorld

    Yall might as well change the site name from to #justjsaying..

    This site is a more of a FAN website for RIHANNA then anything else..

    Rihanna sucks.. we are tired of this slut.

  • jj fans

    She’s ridiculous.

  • Ashley

    Love her!!

  • prisma

    @Joy2theWorld: It’s nuts. This place used to be the same way with Katie Holmes. I think certain celebs pay blogs to cover them.

  • H.

    What a ho. Showing her tits even during a snowstorm.

  • bebe

    She has the worst stage outfits.

  • anne

    she’s ready for the stripper club any minute now once her career is over. i’ve seen more of this girl than i’ve seen of myself at a gyn exam.

  • Ashley

    Not sure what she was going for but she must have been freezing.

  • fan

    i love RiRi ..and JARED!! he’s da cutest. so handsome and nice.

  • fan

    love love love people, it’s christmas

  • oasis

    Rihanna looks like she’s dressed for a strip club from the waist up and the beach from the waist down.

  • Ashley

    @jj fans: YOU are ridiculus…

  • Kate

    shes amazing!!

  • ella

    By coincidence here watching a an old video of hers, of one of her first hits on a music channel,she used to be so much prettier with longer hair and had a bit more class and innocence,wonder whats made her like she is now

  • jeeves

    Where’s her pimp?

  • jj fans

    @Ashley: Nope, anyone who thinks this girl looks good dressed like a street walker in a blizzard is ridiculous.

  • Nine

    She needs a new stylist. The Dionne Warwick hooker look is not working.

  • khristan

    She needs to get rid of that hair….now!





  • Dan

    Rihanna is probably the most overexposed celeb of 2009.

  • *licorice*

    Another fur coat?
    Shame on her?

  • groovelicious

    The whole getup makes her look 41 not 21.

  • jules

    Isn’t her 15 minutes of fame over yet? Move on..

  • tal

    love her!

  • Sweetness

    hahahha rihanna daily.. ORNOT so funny..

    and her boobs are grown ALOT, looks very fake… she had almost nothing

  • Big Pimpin’

    what is up with this idiot? it seriously seems like she’s losing her mind. she just TRIES so unbelivably hard it’s pathetic. how can chris brown be lamented when what this bitch does is worse than what he did in my mind (what he did was react after someone hit him FIRST)

  • Smile4me

    Real shame .. people that are more talented get over looked , but someone with no stage presence.. live vocals are blah.
    Will get deals b/c of looks SMH..

    LA Reid said it himself.. doesn’t matter if you can sing. People are so brainwashed into liking these ridiculously untalented people.

    They will not get rich off me.. I don’t support gimmicks.. b/c she’s not “Hard”.

  • marissa

    love her outfit!!

  • jay

    Gee riri dressed like a street walker, there’s something she has never done before, the more she hows herself te more you can see those are implants, I wasn’t so sure before but it’s obvious they are not natural I quess is goes with her new trampy image

  • Jen

    she is such a pretty girl but looks so trashy. She things that by showing everything she is edgy or something and its the other way around, seems desperate for attention. She needs to do something to that hair and to get a new stylist and she is too overexposed in every sense of the word.

  • Lowest denominator

    Man, those grey pants ARE NOT flattering.
    At all.

  • Allie

    I live in NYC and when I went out in the snow yesterday, it was FREEZING. I was wearing tights under my blue jeans with thick socks, boots, a turtleneck sweater, a coat, scarf, had, and gloves and could still feel the chill so if Rihanna isn’t suffering from some kind of illness after being out in snow in her stripper clothes, then something is wrong.

    She really needs to relax on trying so hard. I understand she isn’t as talented a vocalist as other singers, but she has a presence…if only she could shift her presence from being so skanky! What happened to CoverGirl Rihanna, even Umbrella Rihanna had a little edge without being ridiculous. I miss the old Rihanna.

  • pokeman

    ever since the chris brown incident she has shown more skin than before. what’s up with that?

  • jolentini
  • Smile4me

    Its like “She has no soul.. no soul in her eyes”, when she performs..
    but for real She Sucks.. thats it.
    No about of makeup, high priced outfits, over produced beats will change that. She is being exposed for what she is.. Can’t wait til she has her official “Britney Moment” its coming..
    Got my popcorn ready..

  • Rachel

    Love her! amazing talented

  • Victoria

    Let’s be honest here.. she looks ridiculous. Maybe even worse than Lady Gaga… Lately all she has been wearing are strange, sluty outfits with no fashion taste at all. I’m begging to think, her album sales aren’t doing all that good.. so she is desperately seeking attention by wearing all this.

    Do you agree or disagree?

  • Celebwatcher

    They’ve turned Rihanna into a monster a naked monster with furry boobs and strange hair.


    Read it then weep






  • Not impressed

    Is there a common reason as to why she has been dressing so desperate lately?

  • Wahoo

    Performing in that outfit in that cold .. HARD !! ..

  • nyc chic

    i was there last night. i really like rihanna and thats why i was there but she really needs to learn how to connect with her audience. all she cared about was the cameras. people were freezing in the snow to see her and she didnt even say thanks for being there in the snow in 10 degree weather. this is not the first time i see her live either. she needs to connect better with the people who are making her rich.

  • Sweetness

    nyc chic.. maybe you shouldn’t make her rich.. all she cares about is if chris brown sees her on tv how gorgeous she is on GQ and all the other crap.. i mean if you want to make her see her audience and fans.. you shouldn’t buy her cd’s and go the her concerts.. than she will be a stupid girl who MUST love her fans because she isn’t anything anymore.. i mean every thing on her is getting fake. what’s up with that? her looks her hair her clothes,, too over the top.. she doesn’t even know who she is anymore.. that’s sad.. she will be like a linsday lohan i guess.. too lost in her own little world.. thinking that the media is her life…because she has no life at all.. she is made by the media en they will destroy her eventually……

  • Betty Love

    She has a great body!

  • CPA

    wow she looks hot

  • AutumnM

    SHe looks stupid in that outfit, sorry

  • guest

    More photos of Rihanna taking her clothes off. What a shock!
    DESPERATE for ATTENTION! Meghan Fox, this is going to be you in the future.