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Nicole Kidman Brings Sunday To Her Sister

Nicole Kidman Brings Sunday To Her Sister

Nicole Kidman is seen arriving at her sister’s home with her daughter Sunday Rose in Sydney, Australia on Sunday (December 20).

As the 42-year-old Australian actress stepped out of her car, her niece and nephews ran to greet her with big smiles and hugs.

Nicole said of her latest movie Nine that, “It’s an ensemble. The sensibility is different. It’s sexy and painful and sad. It runs the gamut of emotions. I’d call it a psychological musical.”

“I just can never be away from [Sunday], so she comes wherever I go, as you see. Have baby, will travel. She’s OK (on planes), but honestly, we stay in Nashville a lot. That’s why I don’t work that much,” Nicole told USA Today.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman bringing Sunday to her sister…

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nicole kidman brings sunday to her sister 02
nicole kidman brings sunday to her sister 03
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nicole kidman brings sunday to her sister 05
nicole kidman brings sunday to her sister 06
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  • taco

    first!! lovely family! and sunday is soooo cute!

  • Carlos

    I love Nicole Kidman, she’s my idol and I wish her all the very best!!

  • nativenyker

    I wouldnt work a lot either if I was making $20 million per gig either.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Burishe

    “I just can never be away from [Sunday], so she comes wherever I go, as you see.” Yeah right,well why isn’t she traveling for her other children?or,wait,those don’t exist anymore for her,I don’t like her.
    She adopted when she couldn’t have her own,and now that she has her own,she forgot about the other children,so typical of her.

  • Mia

    Why we almost never see Bella and Connor anymore? I really hope they don’t feel left out.
    My love to you Bella and Connor.

  • cathy

    I love to see this little cuttie Sunday Rose, she is so tall just like Nicole k.
    Love this family, Nicole is a great mother, God bless this family.

  • bandit

    It’s cute how her niece/nephew run up to her and carry her bags, just like an ordinary family would do.

    Poor Nicole, her hair is always a disaster unless it’s professionally done, even her simple ponytails look just awful, she obvioulsly can’t style her own hair LOL!! Sunday is cute, not supercute, but cute.

  • supernova

    Well I can’t see any hugs though….Nicole is smiling with niece but looks a bit clumpsy with her own daughter…I think it is normal with little kids as they don’t interact so much or when you don’t spend a lot time with your little one…lets hope she will have connection in the future…

  • nana

    Sunday is so adorable. Thanks JJ for updating news and photos of cute little Sunday Rose. I love her wonderful family.

  • nana

    Nic, I love you and your family.

  • Dave

    Nicole can never be without Sunday Rose, but she doesn’t have a problem not having Isabella and Connor around her. How do you think Isabella and Connor feel when they read this stuff? Nicole stays In Nashville a lot? She isn’t with her husband when he is on tour, and she doesn’t stay in Nashville when he is on the road. Where has she been for the past month and a half?

  • supernova

    It is not correct to criticize Nicole’s relationship with her other kids, they are grownup already and can decide where to live and with how…in case of divorce it is nobody’s right to criticize…everybody takes care of your own kids and family

  • cute

    is Sunday normal, i mean she seems slow?

  • fer

    who is the girl in white? Her new slave or something? poor niece…nicole didn’t say hi to her.

  • Abby

    We all can’t be so harsh on Nicole’s relationship with her other children. We have NO idea what Tom pulled in their divorce. He was a very bitter person right afterwards and according to Nicole, the divorce request from him came out of nowhere. He is a control freak and probably is still making her “pay” for whatever it is…..

  • martha

    Perhaps, because the older kids are just that… Nicole doesn’t parade them around for the cameras like Tom constantly does? Also, since they’re in high school, they can’t travel with Nicole. Tom has physical custody, because he can provide a home and schooling in LA, where they grew up. Nic is settled in Nashville, out of the camera’s glare. I’m sure Nic sees them when possible, but out of the camera eye.

    And isn’t it nice to see Sunday wearing normal toddler clothing, unlike the sexualized little adult outfits [including high heels, make-up and earrings] of Suri Cruise? Who has the most normal childhood? Who gets paraded everywhere for photo ops?

  • Snowman

    When I first saw the heading, I thought they were talking about Sunday’s sister, Bella! But of course they weren’t – that would be a “mission impossible” to see those 2 sisters photographed together!!

    You very rarely saw pictures of Bella and Connor when they were tots, but you see Sunday practically every week now. Strange that isn’t it?

  • Kids

    I think I remember reading (years ago) that time has more custody of the kids (I have no idea how he managed it, but it probably wasn’t pretty). When they divorced Tom was still on top, so Nicole probably felt powerless. If I were her, now that everyone knows he is a freak, she should take him back to court (if she feels things are unbalanced)!

  • @Dave #11

    Nicole works, too, and has been busy promoting Nine for the last month in London, LA, NYC. Maybe you missed her many interviews and premieres.

    Bella and Connor are being raised as Scientologists. You should read more about Scientology. Then you’d understand that Nicole is regarded as a “suppressive person.” Maybe it’s their choice not to be with her very often because of what they’ve been taught. By all accounts she was with them at Thanksgiving, but they’re usually whisked away to another part of the country whenever she’s nearby. It’s the way the cult operates.

  • Legendary

    @Abby: But Nicole received custody of the children after the divorce. She has every legal right to see those children when she wants to see them.

  • Snowman

    Martha, “Nicole doesn’t parade them around for the cameras like Tom constantly does?” Also, since they’re in high school, they can’t travel with Nicole. ”

    What rubbish. I am not a fan of either but Nicole seems to be “parading” her daughter about more and more recently. Also, Bella and Connor are home schooled. “They can’t travel with Nicole” – but they can travel everywhere with Tom?

    Full of contradictions.

  • Mark

    @cute: Your an idiot, She isn”t familiar with her surroundings, she looks like most toddlers in a new situation!! Don’t be so rude, and insult an innocent baby!!

  • Terri

    @martha: I totally agree with you!!

  • Legendary

    @martha: I haven’t seen Suri wear ANY high heels. She has never worn inappropriate shoes. Do you realize that Disney makes plastic high heels for little girls to play dress-up as a princess? Earrings? Really, you consider that sexual for a little girl to wear? How many people get their baby girls’ ears pierce? Are you living in the 1800′s?

  • Terri

    @martha: I totally agree with you!

  • martha

    No, dear Snowman…. Nicole doesn’t parade Sunday… .she’s stalked by papz, which isn’t the same thing Tom does at all. These pictures were taken at a private home. Talk about intrusive!

    Nicole has sold her home in Sydney because of paparazzi stalking, and spends little time in LA because of it too. She gets privacy in Nashville and a more normal family life out of the spotlight. Tom, the control freak calls the papz, sets up photo ops, plays to the camera. I’m sure he’s controlling visits between Nic and the kids too.

  • Terri

    @Legendary: She’s talking about her wearing that crap all the time, she’s paraded around like a mini=woman, don’t act like you don’t see that!!!

  • Sara

    @martha: Tom & Katie don’t care if their child is friggtened or uncomfortable in front of the paps, many times you see the child hiding her face while her idiot parents just laugh it off, and Suri doesn’t dress like a normal 3, yes she’s only 3 going on 30 (dress up wise) Keith & Nicole don’t like the paps around their baby, they have stated that many times!

  • Snowman

    If she is stalked by papz (as is Tom too), then why can’t they get a photo of Nicole with Bella and Connor?

  • Dave

    @martha: Kidman is photographed all the time in Nashville. Sunday Rose was even photographed in Nashville with her nanny.

  • watwat

    Of course Sunday is going to be photographed more than the older kids, because Nicole has to carry her. Maybe Nicole should have hidden Sunday in her basket so the paps don’t get a shot of her.
    I personally don’t think Bella and Connor spend anytime with Nicole, but it’s more their choice than hers. She would love to have them with her but they have been brainwashed enough to not want to be with her. You can tell from the tings Nicole says, such as, her children making fun of her being Catholic, or them preferring to spend time in LA with their friends. Also no real point in Nicole moving to LA because if she did, Tom would suddenly relocate elsewhere.

  • Snowman

    Don’t recall many photos of her carrying Bella and Connor when they were litte. She “protected them”.

  • notbusy

    The older kids are homeschooled by Tom’s sister.  I doubt the kids would travel with Nicole and bring along Tom’s sister to tutor them.  That would be awkward.  They would need a “handler” to travel with them.  Another way Tom keeps control of things.  Everybody in Tom’s life has altered their lives to follow Tom’s beliefs and Tom’s way of living. His mother, sisters, new robot wife and all his kids follow his beliefs now.  If you’re in Tom’s world, you better follow his beliefs or you will not be in his life for long.  Look at Nicole for an example.  She wouldn’t and he pushed her out of her own family.

  • watwat

    #33, they didn’t have as many paparazzi when Bella and Connor were young. The internet was also not so prominent as it is now. Yeah, she protects them all as much as she can, but is also bring them up as normally as possible. We don’t see Sunday with Nicole ALL the time. It’s only certain unavoidable situations.Kate Holmes on the other hand is never photographed without Suri, even at midnight. According to Keith, Sunday has yet to see him in concert because Sunday is in bed by 7.00pm. Suri does not have any kind of routine. Whatever you think of Nicole, she appears to be a far better mother.

  • missy

    Funny how Nicole fans get so mad when people make negative assumptions about Nicole, and yet they ave no problem making negative assumptions about the Cruises. What’s the point of even bringing Suri up on this thread? She has nothing to with Nicole, just as Sunday has nothing to do with Tom. Bella and Connor, on the other hand are Tom& Nicole’s children. So naturally, people are going to wonder why they never appear to be with their mother. But of course, none of us can never really know the whole truth.

  • notbusy

    When Nicole was promoting Australia, she did an interview on TV and said that Bella had just helped her put Sunday to bed. She didn’t put photos out there of Bella though. I believe they were in NewYork. Tom uses photos of his children and the media to try to portray himself in a certain way. It has backfired because everybody just saw Tomkat as fake.

  • http://vv acaba

    ı ove her but Sunday is looks keith urban and ugly girl

  • AutumnM

    Sunday is not ugly and I would never say that about a baby, she’s just not exceptional looking. She is a normal looking child. She’ll grow into her looks moreo as she gets older. Sunday looks so much like Keith though.

    I noticed that this child is never smiling tho? I’ve yet to see a pic of her looking happy. This baby always seems sad to me.

  • Bia

    Love this family

  • bruna

    Suday Rose is so beautiful and sweet!

  • love

    I love this family!

  • tashi

    The family Kidman Urban is so beautiful and happy!
    Sunday is sooo cute.

  • mary

    Sunday is so beautiful more and more every day.

  • vanessa

    Sunday is so adorable

  • berenice

    Sunday is so adorable!!

  • Dave


    What difference does it make where the pictures are taken? Tom & Katie can be photographed with Suri crossing a street or coming out of a building. Kidman and her daughter are photographed coming out of a car and going into a residence. The last time I checked, Kidman doesn’t own the streets and sidewalks of Australia. Technically, there is no difference. So in the world of Kidman fans, Tom isn’t allowed to be out in public and photographed, but it is just fine for Kidman to do this. If Kidman is so protective of her child, why doesn’t she cover her daughter’s face then – like Michael Jackson did?

  • @fer

    There are other pictures in this set that Jared did not purchase and they show Nicole hugging her niece. And there is a truly adorable one of her niece kneeling in front of Sunday Rose.

  • @snowman

    Nicole isn’t parading this child. Most of the time the child is photographed going to or from a car. She recently said this is why they don’t want to live in Sydney–the paps are always in their faces. You don’t see Nicole dressing Sunday up in tart clothes with heels, make up and bags and then parading her down the street to shops and restaurants knowing full well the paps are following you for that special shot.

  • @legendary

    Suri has been wearing heels for weeks now. Katie defended it by saying they are dance heels. Just because most pediatricians and podiatrists feel this is bad for a child’s development–well it doesn’t seem to phase her. In the last few sets of pictures Suri appears to have on make up, earrings, is dressed in dressy dresses with heels on. If this isn’t parading a child out for photo ops, then what is?

  • Legendary

    If Nicole is so protective of the children, why didn’t she tell her niece and nephew to stay in the house out of sight of the paparazzi so they wouldn’t get photographed? But instead she allows the very private union of Sunday Rose and her niece to be photographed.