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Chris Pine: Crotch Grab!

Chris Pine: Crotch Grab!

Chris Pine grabs his crotch to measure the inseam while trying on jeans at the Ralph Lauren RRL store in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve (Thursday, December 24).

Pictures were first posted yesterday but these new pics popped up, so enjoy! (Chris shopped at the same store back in August as well.)

While trying on jeans at the converted auto repair shop, the 29-year-old Star Trek actor was also seen lifting up his shirt and showing off a bit of his tummy.

Chris also flipped through the “Porsche Icons” book.

30+ pictures inside of Chris Pine‘s crotch grab…

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chris pine crotch grab 01
chris pine crotch grab 02
chris pine crotch grab 03
chris pine crotch grab 04
chris pine crotch grab 05
chris pine crotch grab 06
chris pine crotch grab 07
chris pine crotch grab 08
chris pine crotch grab 09
chris pine crotch grab 10
chris pine crotch grab 11
chris pine crotch grab 12
chris pine crotch grab 13
chris pine crotch grab 14
chris pine crotch grab 15
chris pine crotch grab 16
chris pine crotch grab 17
chris pine crotch grab 18
chris pine crotch grab 19
chris pine crotch grab 20
chris pine crotch grab 21
chris pine crotch grab 22
chris pine crotch grab 23
chris pine crotch grab 24
chris pine crotch grab 25
chris pine crotch grab 26
chris pine crotch grab 27
chris pine crotch grab 28
chris pine crotch grab 29
chris pine crotch grab 30

Photos: GSI Media
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119 Responses to “Chris Pine: Crotch Grab!”

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  1. 26
    Sam~E Says:

    Tiny Piney :) Tiny Piney :)

  2. 27
    Chloe Says:

    I have to agree that some guys do check out their a$$ when buying jeans, I should know I have too many guy friends and I’ve gone out shopping with my exes, not to mention they actually take longer to shop not just for jeans but for everything – its super annoying!

  3. 28
    Pretty Says:

    I love me some Chris Pine! He’s gorgeous and sexy as hell! :D

  4. 29
    amtj2008 Says:

    Actually a lot of stores in LA have open window dressing rooms. The dressing rooms don’t have mirrors and the storefront has glass windows everywhere sometimes instead of a lot of mirrors. As for his pants lots of regular staight men, who are comfortable in their sexuality, wear their pants that tight. Some even check their ass and package. These guys however usually don’t wear underwear under their jeans and thats why they buy their pants so tight. Also the pics are a continuation of the others with the pants over his shoulders. So he might not being doing this intentionally. Currently it is against the law to post, regardless of social status or public place, any unauthorize pictures. If all the celebs sued they win, but the publicity sales stuff, so they do not. As long as sites like these exist and reality sales, it will not matter about new pap laws.

  5. 30
    LunaMaya Says:

    damn boy!!! i’d like to have some of that!! yummm…..

  6. 31
    Kris Says:

    OMFG Chris is super uber hawt.

  7. 32
    JJ Says:


    Who is WE?

    Please speak for yourself. There are 3 billion men on planet earth so you don’t know “what guys do”?

    Maybe YOU don’t but he does. Why wouldn’t he check his ass out? I don’t understand? Good looking rich people care what they look like.

  8. 33
    Bowfinger Says:

    Either the Paps are really trying to mess with him or they are trying to expose something. Between him and Zach with picture posts like these, they always try and be subtle and infer something questionable about their sexuality. They don’t seem to follow other stars around like they do Chris, like they are looking for him to slip or something. The previous post with the “Sans his BFF Olivia Munn” was very strange. A couple posts before that, it was “Girlfriend”, now the whole BFF title which is commonly used to describe a relationship between chicks or “guuuurlfriends”?
    I know it sounds weak, but there is just something off about why they are hounding him so much. Either it’s payback for when he talks about them or they know something that we don’t and are trying to get it out there.

  9. 34
    Sil Says:

    30 pics how he is buying a jeans and only a few about this “coffee date”? LOL
    That is ridiculous.

    But he is so damn hot.

  10. 35
    josie m, redding Says:

    oh he’s sweet but so gay :0 all the good looking ones are (sigh).

  11. 36
    San Says:

    OM puts Chris in that embarracing situation(tiny piney) with the “condoms affair” it’s a joke now, she seems to be silly and airhead girl. I’m a big fan of Chris Pine and i’m waiting for the Star Trek sequel, Unstoppable, Jack Ryan and more… Success for him always!!!

  12. 37
    Ann Says:

    Why are these pics released one day later? Who held the pics? and why? Why weren’t all of them released together on the same day? Are there other pics we never get to see?

  13. 38
    LuckyL Says:

    His jeans are way too f*cking tight

  14. 39
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @LuckyL: Thank you!

  15. 40
    atrium Says:

    I’d Like 2 Grab IT

  16. 41
    Soundbyte Says:

    With jeans that tight, the man is going to crush his PineNuts!!

  17. 42
    College Girl Says:

    If all guys who wear skinny jeans are gay then most boys in high school must all be gay since majority of boys in high school wear skinny jeans and I’m 20 and most of my college guy straight friends wear skinny jeans and yes they do wear boxer shorts underneath. Most guys don’t go commando when they wear skinny jeans. They are not just for girls and gays. How old are you people???

    Enough with all your lame theories. He’s not the only one being followed by paps, many other celebrities have to go through the same harassment. And it doesn’t mean because he’s out with a girl doesn’t automatically make that girl his “gf”. He will go on dates, different girls or same girl unless he calls that girl his gf like he did in the past with Beau, he’s single and on the prowl.

    Why can’t you people just enjoy the pics?

  18. 43
    Kim Says:

    @College Girl:

    If they are Skinny AND tight…that’s an issue. A lot of guys wear skinny jeans, but if they are tight…um, well, never mind.
    As far as anything else, that’s none of out business either way. I agree that he is a celeb and should expect it and quite frankly, deal with it or get the hell out of the business, but that still doesn’t make it right.

  19. 44
    College Girl Says:

    That’s why he is trying them on to make sure that its not too tight. They are skinny – YES but are they too tight? You don’t know that, no one does but him!! And these are skinny stretch jeans so they stretch!!!!!!!!

  20. 45
    Kim Says:

    @College Girl:

    Uh huh

  21. 46
    villedeville Says:

    If Chris Pine is gay because he’s trying on a tightfit pair of jeans , does it automatically make that assistant with a huge bum and loose pants helping Chris with the fitting a straight guy? With his beret and pony tail his assistant (or maybe he’s just a store clerk) looks gayer than Boy George.

    Why did Chris have to carry the merchandise he bought in his hands? Is the store too cheap to provide a 5 cent plastic bag?

  22. 47
    Sil Says:


    You made my day!

  23. 48
    Stacie Says:

    Thanks Jared!!! I love Chris , he’s so lovely .

  24. 49
    Lucy Lover Says:

    Is that where the rich and famous people shop, doesn’t he have assistants for that stuff

  25. 50
    cilly Says:

    i have said it once and i will say it again. i dont think he’s gay. i think he’s insecure and not that smart of a guy but not gay.

    the tight jeans and pants how else is he suppose to create that bulge hes’ always got?

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