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Jessica Simpson Knows How To Do Denim

Jessica Simpson Knows How To Do Denim

Jessica Simpson leaves Boa Steakhouse with her BFF Ken Paves in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 23).

The 29-year-old singer will release a denim line that will sell in about 1,000 department stores and on in July.

“Because I live in denim, the fit was the most important,” Jessica said. “A girl’s booty needs to look good. I was inspired to create a great denim line that complements the entire Jessica Simpson lifestyle brand – a jean that becomes a girl’s best friend, that everyday go-to pair.”

FYI: Jess is wearing a Nation Ltd.San Juan” t-shirt!

15+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson leaving Boa Steakhouse…

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jessica simpson knows how to do denim 01
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 02
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 03
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 04
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 05
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 06
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 07
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 08
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 09
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 10
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 11
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 12
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 13
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 14
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 15
jessica simpson knows how to do denim 16

Photos: WENN, Famepictures
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  • oy

    Dining with Gerard Butler? I hope she wore a sneezeguard.

  • isn’t that Gina

    Isn’t the woman with her Gina Robinette who seems to spend her whole time with Gerard Butler or is his PA or something (FWB ??) another Press sent up to deflect the SWWNBN promo curcuit. By the Way, Scot of the year is only voted for by 2000 people! – big deal. He’s such a douche, he doesn’t seem very much of a role model of Scot of the Year to me! “Yawn”

  • asd

    Here come the fat a s s again.

  • CJ

    @isn’t that Gina:

    There are really 2000 stupid people in Scotland…I’m shocked

  • Saudia

    She looks good! Jessica is gorgeous, always flawless.

  • CJ

    Yes, she is a pretty girl..

  • Sady

    Fat, but still pretty :)

  • CJ


    Thats the way a woman should look..I know its been 30 or 40 years since a real woman has been spotted outside of captivity in Hollywood but stick women should not be the norm..

  • T Shirts

    I wonder if her line will come with built in knee pads?

  • martha

    Jessica wasn’t having dinner with Butler… each of them were with other friends at separate tables. They just happened to be in the same restaurant.

  • Prettigurlz

    She’s nott Fat! Jessica is perfect. I love her Louis vuitton bag too.

  • friend

    To all the blind ppl who’s gonna say “Jessica looks normal”. Ok, so my question is does Rhianna and Beyonce look like an average young lady? . People on this site are starting to show their true colours. It’s ok for a fat ass Jessica Simpson to come out looking like Elvis’s lost daughter but Beyonce, and others oh no they are extremely over weight. Eat a D^^k to all to those who thinks like this.

  • Mari

    OMG she’s so FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lexy

    I wouldn’t say she was fat but she does look puffy and this homeless lady look isn’t helping her. I don’t think Beyonce and Rhinna are fat either nor Kelly Clarkson. However considering Jessica has no job shouldn’t she be like the rest of the celebs out there and have a personal trainer and chef on hand to help her maintain her propery weight?
    Jessica knows denim – that’s interesting b/c I didn’t think she knew about anything except pimping herself and her personal life out to make money!!

  • OB

    she looks fantastic.

  • http://justjared deke

    Her BFF needs to touch up her roots and she does look heavy.

  • AlaskaJoey

    She’s wearing acid washed skinny jeans. What exactly qualifies her to tell other women how to dress? They are exactly the wrong shape for her figure. Which isn’t fat, but she’s not as thin as she used to be.

  • Joe

    OK, how has she suddenly gotten so large?
    She does not look great.

  • Kate

    she eats to much, she looks fat, ugly, she should make some exercises

  • me me me

    guess she doesn’t understand the concept of dressing for your figure.

  • Kate

    she shouldn’t wear skinny jeans…her ass is so large, ugly,

  • jb

    uh-oh….if these jeans are from her new collection, she’s in trouble! They don’t do a thing for her – make her look short and squatty. Sorry, Jessica, try again….

  • Sady

    @CJ: ” REAL WOMEN” : rolls eyes: Skinny girls are not real?
    I was appreciating the beauty of a fat girl. She’s not more real than any skinny girl, I don’t think the word ” fat” is offensive , it’s just how she is, and she is pretty…. Skinny girls, short girls, tall, girls, fat girls they all can be pretty.

  • Gross

    Finally! Her 15 minutes of fame is running out.
    Fat as ever too.

  • Vogue

    Who put her in those hideous jeans? They make her look enormous, and she isn’t. She has no taste or style at all..

  • Wrong style

    The ‘tapered leg’ look is wrong for her. Her thighs are too big for that style of jeans.

  • nat

    No offense to Jessica, but she does know anything about fit. Those jeans don’t even fit her, and does she remember the infamous mom-jeans that she wore last year? She doesn’t know how to dress and knows nothing about fit.

  • brightside

    @CJ: You know, I have a framed picture of my Great Gran with her Land Army friends, they were all ‘stick thin’, as you call it, certainly much thinner than Jessica, and that was in the 40′s. She said it was on account of rationing. Girls just simply couldn’t afford to stuff their faces, and there was little to stuff them with even if they could.

  • barron797

    Her career as a ‘singer or actress’ has definitely fallen. Jessica is not looking too good. She should at least look good to push her image and clothing line. It looks like she’s letting herself go.

  • brightside

    She’s not got the sort of face structure that carries extra weight well. Extra plump cheeks make her look like a very butch chipmunk.

  • Neorules2112

    What’s in her purse Twinkies and Ding Dongs ?
    What Fat Arse ..

  • ukhookups

    She is so pretty and perfect

  • SK

    I hope she does not sell this pair of jean that she is wearing in this picture – this jean make big thighs and looks awful on jessica…

  • Oceane

    Those acid wash skinny jeans do nothing for her. They chop her legs off at the ankle. Perhaps if they were darker and longer they would be more flattering..

  • riri

    The person who gave her those pants must hate her.
    Those pants would not work on any woman who is not a stick-figure and 6 foot tall.
    A flare would work so much better with her feminine figure.

  • Kate

    Age has not been kind.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Skinny girls, short girls, tall, girls, fat girls they all can be pretty. <–People all over the world seemed to have missed that memo, wanna send it again?

  • Ms Anonymous


    Oh, grow up.

  • Ms Anonymous


    People who bash her are not kind.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she actually doesnt look that bad here
    i like her outfit, she looks cute
    nice hair as well and honestly overall she did look pretty good
    good job jessica, u look good for once =p

  • Not flattering

    OK, Jessica is a pretty girl – but she has a ‘problem area’ – her thighs. That said, she should NEVER wear light-colored jeans that TAPER at the ankles! Lots of women have the same problem but she needs to become more aware of what flatters her figure type and what doesn’t.

  • slambang

    That is one chunky monkey. Yeesh.

  • longchamp

    yeah, bring on the high-waisted mommy jeans, jess

  • j

    Why do people always blame the clothes when this chubby faux designer looks bad? It’s not her clothes that make her look bad; it’s her fat that makes her look bad.

  • lisa

    Girl got fatter everytime i see another pic of her. CJ, so if a woman is thinner than her she’s a stick figure? Come on, I’m a normal weight person and I’m not a stick figure.

  • mariel

    Sorry, Jessica looks terrible in those pictures. She does not know how to do denim, not at all.

    While she’s not fat, she has definitely looked a LOT more fit and trim in the past. What did she eat at the steakhouse? It looks like she needs to re-think her diet and her exercise routine. You’re only young and beautiful for a short time and it seems she’s blowing it.

  • Dawn

    Please, the girl is a size 6-8. She is NOT fat.