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Adam Lambert Says Hello to Tokyo

Adam Lambert Says Hello to Tokyo

Adam Lambert turns up the glamour at Club Eleven on Monday (March 15) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 28-year-old entertainer sang selections from For Your Entertainment at the club!

Adam was recently interviewed for Nightline and shared some personal stories, from his memories of his dad playing David Bowie to how he became obsessed with “Thriller” as a kid and dressed as a zombie – check out the video here!

10+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert in Tokyo…

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adam lambert tokyo club eleven 01
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 02
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 03
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 04
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 05
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 06
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 07
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 08
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 09
adam lambert tokyo club eleven 10

Photos: Junko Kimura/Getty
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  • Janelle

    @BEANIE: His Sydney look and performances were hot!

  • coco

    I watched the performance, he looked bored without his band but he danced slick, much better than the actual dancers lol.

  • o m g

    I just watched one of his Japan Interviews and I’m dyiiiiiing. It’s so unintentionally hilarious the things they ask him to do (don’t get me wrong Japan I love you!) I’m still crying lolllllll. His Japanese was adorable tho hahhaha. Japan TV is crazy, his facial expressions lolll BRB need to breathe.

  • Saphire

    His FYE video debuted in the UK this morning, it was so weird seeing it over here finaaaally, I loved it omgosh. I love how the presenter said Male Lady Gaga and didn’t mention Idol, I think they’re promoting him as an artist in his own right as they should. I didn’t know him and Gaga texted each other occassionally, I was aware they jammed in the Studio together as she produced the Fever track but I didn’t know they had each other’s numbers, that is adorable! He’s headed here in only a couple of days, I hope by the time he reaches London they let him do some TV interviews, he interviews so well.

  • monique

    @coco:Adam moved well, he’s hot. He dances good and sings good and has a fun personality kudos. Those dancers were bad though, I was like damn step it up gf wtf.

  • fast

    @Saphire: They’ve already taken the Freshly Squeezed vid down from YT dam.n.

  • Tooj

    I heard the other Bonus track today Can’t Let You Go. It is so Queen-esque in vocals I started tearing up — mind I was a little drunk — but it was so emotional and his vocals really soared, I couldn’t help it, Freddie’s one of my heroes. I’m confused why it was left off the album, it’s pure incredible. I wonder if May has heard it, he loves Adam and is friends with him. You know he told Adam aspects of his mannerisms, life outlook and vocal tones reminds him of Freddie? That’s amazing but sad at the same time. Must have been amazing for Adam to hear when Freddie is one of his biggest heroes too. If you haven’t watched the Documentary on Freddie Mercury with his mother talking, you should. He was an amazing person as well as performer. Yeah I’mma go and listen to it again ;____;

  • huh

    @PLO: what lol?!

  • jf

    @Saphire: they did actually

  • ****

    Adam marry me, oh wait I forgot you’re from that 3rd world country posing as a 1st world country.

  • crowd…

    Adam getting into the van lol:

  • pic

    If you’re wondering why people were saying he’s getting too skinny, this is from a few hours ago:

  • giovanni

    ugh! what’s his appeal? he look like lady gaga. puh-leeze.

  • VFMRadio

    Adam Lambert’s album is now GOLD in the US, New Zealand, Canada and Singapore. Congrats bro.

  • gorgeous

    @giovanni: Talent and personality, it’s not that hard. Gaga is a fabulous genius btw so Adam says thanks lol.

  • dang

    @pic: Omg he has lost so much weight in that pic! But he looks GOOD. Why are people saying he’s too skinny? They just complain whatever! He looks amazing in there.

  • snap

    Are you Tokyo people used to earthquakes…? Adam tweeted about the second quake today.

  • :)

    I love the pic with all the kids. How refreshing that the little boys can dress up like that and no one thinks they’ll be damaged

    He is a crazy motherf—er, and I have to love him for being himself. He also dresses up for the context, and this was the right thing for the occasion.

    The video where he gives a message to the Japanese fans is all kinds of adorable. Paraphrasing: Be who you are, and who you want to be.

    His Japanese was adorable and hilarious, he’s a fast learner.

  • Leila

    I loved the video of him signing for the fans. I loved how he beamed when he saw the adorable Muslim girl and put his arm across her back, and how freaking happy she was. How happy they all were, it was all joy and smiles. And you Americans wonder why the rest of the world hates you.

  • compactso

    These photos are terrible but he’s gorgeous (he has one of the most symmetrical faces I’ve ever seen and sweetest smile] and the performance was hot. Not the dancers though, they moved bad next to him.

  • Kaylie

    Some of you people need to get a life. He is one of the best vocalists out there now. You can call him fat, ugly, a fag but don’t say he can’t sing. He has several legends that would love to work with him. I’m sure all of you people here don’t even have close to half the talent he does. So all you homophobes, stop leaving negative comments on every article you find of him. Get a life. Really.

  • Kilo

    @LMAO: LMAO, Japan loves anythin American! They act like Paris Hilton is the Pope when SHE goes there too . . . . So, FAIL.
    Adam has his fan base and that’s it. Just like Ckay Akien…no biggie

  • Ooh yeah

    Adams record sales are less than steller, I think William Hung sold more than his a$$.
    Gold= crap

  • Status quo

    Ok this negative rating this has got to go…seriously. It’s kind of annoying. I could say “I like ice cream with cherries” and someone could find that offensive…. And yes, that dude from Tokio Hotel and Adam are similar in their style choices…so what? Who cares. They both look amazing. Also, people are entitled to their opinions. Unless its an extremely offensive bigoted comment…then I just don’t see the point in going crazy over it. Then again, that’s just my opinion.

  • Grace

    Please people, set high standards. Kids today will fall for anything. Look up the word “original”. Adam is not original.
    Look up the word “rock”. Adam is not rock, he is pop.

  • Eli

    Seriously, Adam!? Why can’t you understand that you can’t copy someone so original and unique as Bill Kaulitz? This is really starting to bug me now. I know you are crushing on him, but this is just sad.

  • Surviver

    Lol, why is he dressing like Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel?

  • ME

    For all of you who are in denial and still think that Adam isn’t copying Bill:

    Are you blind!? The truth is right in front of you, but you are obviously in denial. I know you love Adam, but you have to face the truth.

  • Screw You

    This homo has no talent aren’t his 15 mins up yet?

  • Hmmm

    @ Screw You,

    15 minutes? Don’t you have anything original to say? You must have acquired that saying from the ‘Adam Lambert Detractors’ Stupid,Overused, and Completely Ridiculous Sayings’ handbook.

    I’d keep an eye on your comment however because your 15 minutes (in the 0 ratings) should be up soon!!

    Going,going….oops your comment is hidden!

  • Screw You

    @Hmmm: Its a figure of speech his obvious “I’m gay and in your face” attitude is ‘Stupid,Overused, and Completely Ridiculous’. His music sucks period pop thrash, no real depth, and popular for a month or so until the next “big thing” comes out so get over it.
    And really people are going to hate my comment?
    Oh dear me how will I go on with out the approval of other people…

  • collegedatingmatch

    i like his cod piece

  • tante augustine


    Except Adam looks cheap n nasty in this shitty imitation.
    Adam please, stick to what looks good on you…

  • Jaxx

    He should have asked someone if he looks fat in those pants.

    And that would be a YES!

  • Kaoru

    Love Adam!!!!

    Here’s a stab at all the TH people who are making me hate TH, with their nasty comments on Adam (in which case, WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE? It’s an ADAM LAMBERT story not even a mention of TH, ugh):
    –>that tokio hotel guy is a man-gina, and their music gives me a migraines (their music sucks). It must hurt TH fans when deep inside they know the guy they worship can’t really sing…

  • OOD

    Adams record sales are less than steller, I loved the video of him signing for the fans.