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Jennifer Aniston Would 'Absolutely' Work with Gerard Butler Again

Jennifer Aniston Would 'Absolutely' Work with Gerard Butler Again

The Bounty Hunter is finally here!

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler each sat down with Moviefone and talked about what it was like to work on their latest project.

“What you see is what you get,” Jen said of Gerry. “He’s just a good, fun, jovial, excited to be there.”

“He’s so loving and so good to everybody, the whole crew!” Jen added.

As for whether Jen and Gerry would work together on another film, both said yes! “In a heartbeat,” Gerry said simply.

The Bounty Hunter is in theaters TODAY (March 19)!

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  • you just can’t win

    Based on the critics’ descriptions of Gerry’s Milo, he seems to portray Milo in a way that is appealing to the guys, boorish, obnoxious, loud, drunk, unkempt, bad dresser, sloppy, etc. all the characteristics of a modern caveman. That there is no chemistry between Nicole and Milo is a work of design: they are divorced remember? Milo is not supposed to be a heart breaker and Nicole is no lovebird either. They are supposed to make each other suffer to the max. If they are too softy dovey towards each other ciritics would call that “unconvincing” “they should hate each other” etc. Sometimes you just can’t win.

    Now I will duck for cover….

  • Tate

    Whoa! JJ takes a pay off from Huvane….time to walk again.

  • African Girl

    Rotflmao @ Piper.

  • idani


    So you are saying this movie is good even tho all of the following (and more since JJ limits us to 5000 characters) said it was bad? How sad for you that you have your head so far up Aniston’s a$$ that you defend something that has no defense. The movie is cra_p and nothing you say or do will save it from being awful.


    The reviews are coming in for the Bounty Hunter and they are not good at all. Movie su-cks Big Time.

    From the UK Telegraph:
    And The Bounty Hunter? As a romance, it has all the sizzle of a leftover kebab. As a thriller, it thrills not. But as a comedy, it’ll make you laugh. At it.

    Chicago Tribune:
    As for Aniston, her script karma continues its vengeful post-”Friends” rampage. Here she is mainly confined to a one-note snit, and to modeling the way her behind looks from behind, in tight skirts. Who’s behind the camera, the Sudeikis character?

    Rating: 5 out of 10

    Roger Ebert:
    stared with glazed eyes at “The Bounty Hunter.” Here is a film with no need to exist. Among its sins is the misuse of Jennifer Aniston, who can be and has been very funny, but not in dreck like this. Lacking any degree of character development, it handcuffs her to a plot of exhausted action comedy cliches — and also to a car door and a bed.

    There are no rewards to be claimed for enduring “The Bounty Hunter.” This dire battle-of-the-exes action-comedy severely tests audience goodwill by running an indulgent 110 minutes, crammed as it is with half-baked thriller subplots and aimless supporting characters, as if to distract from the central duo’s nonstop bickering. Sony release could post solid opening numbers on the backs of its ill-served leads Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, but looks unlikely to prevail in the long run over sour word of mouth.

    Miami Herald
    “Maybe it’s not what it looks like,” Jennifer Aniston whispers to Gerard Butler while witnessing a suspicious but not particularly interesting activity in The Bounty Hunter. “It’s almost always what it looks like,” Butler replies.

    This insightful rule of thumb also applies to The Bounty Hunter itself: Yes, it’s every bit as brainless as the trailers suggest. When a movie appears to be a concept created in a pitch meeting — “Let’s remake Midnight Run only make the hunter and the hunted a divorced couple! And let’s substitute the guy from The Ugly Truth for Robert De Niro!” — you get concept, not entertainment.

    So don’t be surprised to feel like you’ve lumbered through this ungainly, punishing romantic comedy/action hybrid before. During the opening credits — which tells us the movie is a “An Original Film Production” but don’t buy it — we get a “24 hours earlier” alert, a “Bingo!”, a punch in the crotch and, just for good measure, a “Take it easy, Skippy.” There is nothing, I repeat, nothing, you haven’t seen before.

    “The Bounty Hunter” — In this rarely humorous, action-laden romantic-comedy by director Andy Tennant (”Hitch”)

    Ultimately, The Bounty Hunter’s success always counted on Butler and Aniston being likeable and funny. They are neither in the film, and that’s its primary downfall.

    Rotten Tomatoes:
    1 star

    Minnapolis Star Tribune
    Headline: Bounty Hunter a real dog.
    My companion and I were left so cold by “The Bounty Hunter” that we spent the movie debating whether or not its star, honeyed beauty Jennifer Aniston, has had plastic surgery. (Our consensus: nose, boobs, Botox.)

    Richard Roper:

    Hollywood Reporter
    ” Silliness prevails in this lame thriller comedy.”

    Apparently it hasn’t gotten one positive review.

    Read more:

  • Tate

    The question should be, does Gerry want to work with Jennifer Aniston again?

  • QQQQ

    Piper @ 03/19/2010 at 11:34 am
    LOL! The best one!

  • stinky stuff

    Did Jenny get the memo about having to replace the carpeting and wall paper in her trailer in her movie trailer? Something about someone smoking something stinky too much and the smell not coming out? She better pay for replacement or the trailer company is fixing to go public.
    Jen’s an admitted m.j. smoker and chain smoker of cigarettes, atlas no babies..

  • CJ

    @Manny, formerly ManLESSton:
    Oh Manny…Hel! really has frozen over!….JJ hang your head in shame…

  • Not Convincing

    No matter how muchJen & Gerry you push in our faces, we won’t be fooled again. There is no entertainment in this movie. The comments even from the one fan bet, are more fun than this which isn’t saying much!

  • Dawn9476

    When did Jen ever say that they were married? That was all on Gerry. He was the one who joked that they got “married” when he was doing press for TUT which was also when he was filming TBH.

  • CJ

    Why is Anniston so afraid to challenge herself and act out of her comfort zone?

    Read more:

  • Miami Girl

    LMFAO ~ I just read some of the posts on here…Are you trolls sitting there with your five divider notebooks taking notes to post on here??? That is too funny…You have nothing better to do than keep track of each time, date, poster name…Do you know how foolish you look??? Get your notebooks ready to add up all the money this movie is going to make…I can’t wait to hear what you have to say then…I am sure you will have many notes by Monday to put on here seeing as you have absolutely no life at all outside this sad site…I will check back after lunch for some more laughs…I’m hungery and I need a Starbucks fix….Rock on Jen & Gerry…I will see you tonight !!!!

  • stinky stuff

    BuzzFoto – This (ditzy) movie A-List actress smoked so much p*t in her honey wagon on the set of one of her films that the company that rented the trailer had to rip all the carpet out and repaper the walls. They demanded that the studio collect the money from the actress, but the studio is nervous about p*ssing her off because for some inextricable reason she still brings seats into the theaters, so they put the responsibility back on the rental company. They say it’s up to the rental company to collect the money and now the jilted business is threatening to out the actress’ little habit. Not Charlize Theron.

    They think she can still pull the tickets sales in.

  • Let There Be Light

    Actually, I like her light-hearted movies as there is far too much violence in the world and on the silver screen! Of course, they are just friends but they physically look very good together. Don’t understand why but the Sun Signs of Scorpio and Aquarius are often attracted to one another. Maybe somebody else can answer the energetic attraction?

  • idani

    @Miami Girl

    So will you be reading the posts on Sunday night or Monday morning when BoxOfficeMojo reports the film was a huge BOMB?

  • nonajolie

    they both look lovely together

  • Dawn9476

    Box Office MoJo has TBH doing well and expects it to come in a strong second to Alice.

    “Among the new movies, The Bounty Hunter is likely to pack the biggest punch, playing on approximately 3,800 screens at 3,074 sites. The romantic/action comedy brings together appealing leads Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, who have separately had solid runs recently in comparable titles like The Ugly Truth ($88.9 million), He’s Just Not That Into You ($93.9 million) and The Break-Up ($118.7 million). The Bounty Hunter’s advertising has focused on the movie’s romantic comedy and “battle of the exes” themes, largely targeting women, but Butler and the picture’s action elements are there to draw some men as well. ”


    ewwwwwww look at her hand sick she looks like a man

  • Dawn9476
  • Dawn9476


    That should be the Hollywood Reporter and the LA Times have it making.

  • anon


    It better do well this weekend because “word of mouth” is going to cut its legs out for any thing more than that once Chloe, Hot Tub Time Machine and How to Train Your Dragon open next week.

  • Dawn9476

    Entertainment Weekly also has it coming in second as well.

    2. The Bounty Hunter: $22 million

    Sony Pictures seems to be hiding this Gerard Butler-Jennifer Aniston actioner from critics. Those few who have seen it, including EW, aren’t fans, but that will mean little when it comes to this weekend. The star power of the duo will far outweigh the critical merit of the movie and this weekend, Bounty Hunter is likely to be the best-performing new release of the bunch.

  • happy girl

    Even if it does well today, it will bomb tomorrow. It sounds awful. Can someone say desperate attempt at A list Hollywood career? This chick has to stop. Seriously.

  • Dawn9476


    Chloe is only opening in Limited release. I doubt it will be much competition for TBH. How Your Train You Dragon will most like rule next weekend and take down Alice. It’s a kids movie and it is getting great reviews.

  • Dawn9476


    That should be How To Train Your Dragon.

  • Huvane/Aniston suck

    They’ve gone too far in their manipulation games. Everyone knows they are the jokes of Hollywood.

  • word is

    the girlfriend is cinthia moura??

  • Jared

    This is your stupidest post to date.
    Who the f/ck cares? It’s obvious that their movie is openinig today and you are on the payroll.
    What a lame douche, you are.

  • HILARITY!!!!!

    Headlines counting down to The Bounty Hunter movie release:

    9am “Jennifer Aniston likes having lunch with Gerard Butler”.
    10am “Jen thinks Gerard is ‘a hoot’”
    11am “Jenninfer Aniston would definitely go on another trip with Mr. Butler”
    12pm “Gerry to Jen: ‘you are a great lady’”
    1pm “Gerard Butler: ‘my mom loves Jen!’”
    1:01pm “Gerry’s mom: ‘I love Jen!’”


    1:02 pm “Jen’s dad: I love Gerry!”
    1:03 pm Jen and Gerry would definitely love to get coffee together!

  • support Jen

    Jen fans don’t let this film bomb like Management and Love Happens . Gather your girlfriends and go to the movie tonight

  • jaye

    She’s trying WAY to hard; at this point in her life, I don’t think she knows anything else. I don’t care if they are ‘friends’ or not, but she’s making too much of a ‘show’ with him and then she complains that people and the tabs always thinks she’s dating her leading man. I don’t think she is nor do I care, but she is playing a ‘role’ when there’s someone to snap a pic of her with him. That’s called promoting a movie. If she really hooks up with a guy in the next 5 years and has a SERIOUSLY REAL relationship, I’d be surprised. I don’t feel she doesn’t want a REAL relationship, I think she’s afraid of one. People who have shown a dependence for LONG term therapy ( more than 20 years) aren’t usually full of self-confidence, though they can put on a show when necessary.

  • Shannie

    The movie is really horrible. We went to a preview screening and everyone was talking about how bad it was all the way to the parking lot. Gerard Butler was much better in it than Jennifer Aniston was but her terrible performance and the awful writing and story made it almost unwatchable. No amount of fake romancing can save this piece of garbage. She really needs to rethink her choices in movie roles. Do not waste your money. Even if you are a die hard Jen fan, it is not worth the pain of sitting through the 110 minutes of cliche crap.


    This movie is going to make millions people! You might as well except it now. Everything Jen touches turns to gold. It never hurts to have eye candy like Gerard in a movie. Can’t wait to see it. Evereyone I know is so excited about this movie. Monday, you will all eat your own hate and choke on it! Talk about some jealous woman. You are all here. Sorry she is so perfect it hurts you. lmao

  • roja

    bet @ 03/19/2010 at 11:15 am 0

    do not expect in this moive kind of a moive like Nichole Kidman with big nose, it about a moive for fun. If you want fun, you should go for it.

    Nicole Kidman did a movie with Jen???

    I didn’t know that!!

  • gossiphound

    @loyal: Maybe Jen and Ger will get dual Razzies next year.

  • CJ

    Boy, JJ is promoting this bad movie up the ying-yang…

  • gossiphound


    I don;t know I think it’s called throwing good money after bad – there is no way they are going to recoup the production budget let alone the promotional budget. Did I read that Aniston got $12 million for this, wonder what Gerry’s cut was.

  • CJ

    12 mil..huh…I need to change professions..I’m blonde/real blue eyes and I know I could act better than her..Need an agent fast!…LOL..♥

  • trying to figure it out


  • what theater

    will they be staking out tonight for audience reaction?

  • gossiphound


    She needs to pull a Farrah or a Halle or a Charlize – truly transform herself for a role, get ugly, get fat, use prosthetics, do something to make it seems like she is a playing a character other than Rachel Green.

  • gossiphound

    One thing one can say about Gerry – he has transformed himself at least over several different roles in his career such that it took me a while to realize the guy in Dear Frankie was the same guy in Beowulf who was the same guy in Lucie Sullivan Gets Married who is the same guy in 300. Even PS I Love You when I first saw it, that the guy from 300, WTF?

    Not digging the schlumpy look he sports in this movie but selfish interest aside, the average bounty hunter would be a schlump so he perhaps got one thing right, maybe. No offence to real bounty hunters out there but come on.

  • Lainey

    Viewers vs Critics

    The Bounty Hunter is getting KILLED by the critics. It’s a f-cking bloodbath. At press time the movie is registering just 10% on Rotten Tomatoes and an even weaker 5% among Top Critics, most of whom seem downright exasperated by Jennifer Aniston’s latest cinematic piece of sh-t. Like, they’re being so mean I almost feel badly for her.

    Note to Jennifer Aniston: stop playing with your hair! That’s not acting, it’s playing with your hair. – Richard Roeper

    Inexplicably, Butler continues to get work in romantic comedies despite his limited range and boorish persona. – Chicago Reader

    When it comes to Aniston, maybe it’s simply time to settle and stop asking her to be The Good Girl anymore — perky just might be as good as it gets. – LA Times (ouch)

    Thing is, it’s not like they don’t know. It’s not like while they were shooting this last year they totally thought they were making something brilliant. They’re not oblivious to it. They KNOW. And they do it anyway. Because, well, as demonstrated time and again at the box office, good taste is dead. And the viewers don’t give a sh-t what the critics say.

    Thoughts? How will The Bounty Hunter open? Will it open huge thanks to the MiniVan Majority? Or will it die because it sucks? Make a prediction, Price is Right styles. Go.

    Here are Jen and her skinny Gerry B on various talk shows this week.


    When the critics have to sit through this movie in order to write a review, its called WORK!

  • jade

    Hi bet,

    I’am looking forward to seeing this movie this weekend. It looks like a lot of fun. I like them together,but we know they are just friends. They both have said that many times.

    bet,where’s ellie’?

  • jade


    I didn’t write comment #21 to you. I just came online in my above comment to bet.

  • toria

    Just caught a few moments of hte Bounty Hunter while seeing another movie. Ohmigod. Awful. Truly awful. The trailer shows the best parts. The ten minutes or so that I caught were painfully awkward to watch. No chemistry between Butler and Aniston. Poor acting. Lousy script. Only the most die hard Jen or Jer fans will be able to stand this dreck. Save your money for The Switch.

  • gossiphound


    You see Dawn they did not prescreen this film for the critics because they knew the reviews were going to be bad so they could have a good opening weekend. However the predictions are also that the movie will fade away quickly once the poor word of mouth starts from people who actually saw the movie. I am already seeing it on Twitter, coming from self proclaimed Butler fans BTW.

    I don’t think losing $30 million dollars [and that does not include the huge amounts of money they have spent promoting this thing since I think since the Super Bowl] constitutes a success in anyone’s book.

    Law Abiding Citizen on the other hand had mixed reviews, bad to great, but overall good word of mouth.

  • I never

    listen to critics. What they like usually bores the cr@p out me. We’re seeing BH tomorrow afternoon.

  • gossiphound


    You clearly have not seen the box office numbers for Management and Love Happens.