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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Postage Pair!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Postage Pair!

Suri Cruise walks with mom, Katie Holmes, while carrying a large U.S. Postage envelope in New York City on Thursday (April 8).

Maybe carrying a card to send to dad, Tom Cruise?

Katie, 31, and Suri, 3, headed to Balthazar for dinner. The inseparable mother-daughter pair played together in the playground at Chelsea Piers earlier in the afternoon.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise, the pretty postal pair…

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katie holmes suri cruise postal 02
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katie holmes suri cruise postal 09
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  • Allie Baby

    This is a rare sight. Suri’s hair is clean, she is walking on her own two feet, she is dressed appropriately for the weather (it was really hot today), and she is just adorable. Katie still looks a hot mess, so that hasn’t changed, but everything else is good.

  • surifan

    she is so beautiful. love her always

  • missy

    Suri’s so adorable. Her hair is always clean. It was probably wet earlier in the day not oily.

  • idani

    Katie looks worse and worse. What is she doing? Showing off her Louboutins??? With those awful socks? Awful pants? Jacket doesn’t go with the top or the jeans!

  • tom is MIA

    Looks like Tom is gonna be on his 3rd divorce

  • Pac Man

    Why do you ‘worry’ about her so much, #1? She’s not your kid or your problem.

    Don’t hold your breath, #5.

  • missy

    I don’t see why people are freaking out over Tom not being there. They’ve only been in NY forabout a week. I’m sure they’ll visit over the weekend.

  • missy

    I don’t see why people are freaking out over Tom not being there. They’ve only been in NY for about a week. Perhaps, he’ll visit over tthe weekend.

  • Jolla

    Dear Tom, we’re having a fab time in the Big Apple. Tea, nightgown and piggy slippers, playdate, musicals and all. The paps are still bothering me alot. Mom and Channing are OK on the set both wearing sweat pants! Hilarious. We miss you, daddy, and would be such fan to have you here for a few days. I’m off to post this now. Kissy, Kissy. Suri PS Look at Just Jared to see pictures of me and mom. PPS Don’t read the comments!

  • susie#1

    Katie is a mess again. Rihanna can pull off socks and heels and make it look attractive. Not Katie. I’m beginning to think she has a bag of discarded clothes from other eras and she reaches in blindly for her outfit of the day. She will never be hip or cool, not even with her patched overalls and ripped jeans. She sits on her taste.

  • Chegs

    Socks and heels? WTF?! Ridiculous… I fear she’s losing her mind..

  • Lizzy

    having a kid seems to have taken a toll on Katie’s fashion sene/style!! I hope she recovers soon and stars looking…well,um,better.

  • Loma

    Why is this kid infront of the papz and on all these websites everyday. As a parent you’d think she would want to protect your child from all of that like th JP’s and all the other parents. I think katie actually loves the attention Suri gets and hopes it will gain her a career.

  • asdfsd

    I miss seeing pictures of little matilda

  • emma#2

    Katie and Suri are both so adorable!

  • mimi

    I love Suri. She is so adorable. It seems like Tom and Katie are no longer a couple.
    Perhaps it’s time to let Suri meet her biological father.

  • peapo

    why would you take your 3 year old to a gourmet restaurant like Balthazar? Katie treats her daughter like they are friends. It seems like the only friend Katie has is Suri. Weird

  • josh


  • happy girl

    something odd about this kid, i hate to say.

  • nerdy

    The kid looks like a nerd…. I suppose she wears white socks and sandals too

  • Abby

    #17 – Hit the nail on the head. I’ve always wondered why they take this girl to all these fancy restaurants and stores. Puleze…..

  • ynop

    I’m sorry to bring this up, but does this child have ANY friends?!?! I mean, does she? Every day 24/7 it APPEARS that she’s constantly with her mom. She needs to learn to socialize with kids her own age. Not just her mom, dad, and siblings. Maybe her friends are hidden from the press, but I think it’s awkward every other kid in Hollywood is seen with other children but her.

  • @pac man

    You are such a hypocrite. #1 makes a positive comment about Suri and you attack her for “worrying” about her. Hahaha.

  • chin can’t act

    missy @ 04/09/2010 at 2:33 am

    yeah, if this is the JP, people scream break up when they are apart only for one day.


    Now Holmes is channeling Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz”.

    Argyle socks with high heeled Mary Jane’s is only for dancing with scarecrows dear, and in 1939.

  • its my party

    UGH. I’m so sick of seeing Katie “I look a mess” Holmes day in and day out on this site. Is this the way its going to be Jared? Cause if it is, I don’t need to come here. The chick can’t act, dresses like a clown and pimps out her kid all over town. She’s disgusting. Kid is cute tho. I feel sorry for her but she’s really cute.

    I’m off to another site. This place sucks balls lately.

  • http://google toni

    Suri is only 3yrs? wow she looks taller than her age.
    Katie Holmes you need to dress better.

  • LMAO

    Very good Katie, now make a left and two blocks down there is a museum and a block North is the library. Directly across from the Museum is the Art Supply store and next door is the Book
    Store. I know Starbucks is tempting but lets try to educate our child shall we…

  • donnadee

    WTF is this woman wearing?!?!?! The last few days her clothing is getting more and more bizarre! Look at her pants!! Her legs are so fat that the skin is bulging out of the rip on her thigh!! Katie, get yourself a freakin stylist!!

  • Shawn

    MAO @ donnadee. So funny and so true. I get a laugh outta what crazy outfit Holmes has on and she puts on Suri everyday. So funny. Loved the farmer Katie look from yesterday w/ the ugly overalls. She totally looks like sh*t.
    Love that she lets her kid walk around in the stores barefoot! what a total AZZHOLE. The poor kid could step on a pin or something plus NYC streets are dirty. I live here and I would never let my kids run aroumd without shoes. I’m starting to think Katie has lost her mind.

  • Pac Man

    She’s so cute!

    Not the parents’ fault, #12. They’re just walking in public. Blame the paparazzi.

    Stop asking this already, #22. Let Holmes worry about teaching her child to socialize with other kids.

    Not exactly positive when it is so patronizing, #23.

    No, #24. Braneglina get off easily.

    Then stop making these threads such popular hits, #26.

    Quit telling other people how to raise their kids, #28. And for your information, she already takes her kid to educational places like that already. (You people then say that she should be out in parks and playgrounds having fun instead.)

    Continue worrying about your kids and let Holmes worry about hers, #30.

  • anon

    If were KH’s mum I’ll be seriously worried, but thank God I’m not cos homegirl is far gone!!!!! IF ONLY SHE KNEW, damn 2005 seems like yesterday

  • peter

    Argyle socks with heels??

  • @pac man

    Brangelina gets off easily? You are a cult member if you can sit there and make a statement like this.
    I don’t see anyone calling Suri racially charged names and worse. I see no one calling Katie a skank and worse. I see no one calling Tommy girl the things that are thrown at Brad Pitt.
    Do you honestly think that the majority of the readers of these posts believe you are only interested in justice because “no one else” defends this couple?
    Unbelievable. You are truly a cult follower.

  • AutumnM

    Suri is so cute!

  • nosey

    nah, I doubt PacMan is in that cult. More like a freako stalking type cult.

  • Pac Man

    You see no one calling TomKat bad names, #34? Are you illiterate?

    No. Suri Cruise doesn’t get racist remarks thrown at her. Just accusations of being mentally impaired or a brat or an alien or having a bunch of different biological fathers.

    They get off very easily. For every negative post there are twenty positive ones-at least. (And we can’t forget all those posts on Jennifer Aniston threads where you attack her just to make your idols look better and justify their infidelity.)

    I know no one here believes me. It is because they’re idiots. I learned that a long time ago. I still by what I claim: I’m here because I’m a TomKat fan and I can’t stand to say back and say nothing.

    I’m not a Scientologist and in no way affiliated with TomKat.

  • waffle bowl

    Wow, people will always look for a reason to hate. Yeah, Katie dresses badly, so what? If she was all glammed up, you all would criticize her for caring too much about her clothes and not enough about her kid. @peapo: Plenty of rich kids go to fancy restaurants, what’s wrong with that? It sure beats eating at McDonalds’, which I’m sure you would criticize Katie for if she took Suri there.@ynop: Oh, so now it’s wrong for a kid to be with their family often? Let me guess, if all you ever saw Suri with was with her friends, then you would accuse her parents of never spending enough time with her. You’re not with Suri 24/7, or ever for that matter, so you can’t judge how she’s being raised by looking at pictures. Nor can you judge how other celebrities’ children are being raised as well. People need to stop hating and get a life. I’m sure Suri is just fine, meanwhile kids out there who are neither rich nor famous are actually being abused, and no one is scrutinizing them as heavily because they’re not on celebrity gossip sites.