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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Shopping Sweethearts

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Shopping Sweethearts

LeAnn Rimes and boyfriend Eddie Cibrian hold hands as they go shopping together on Wednesday (April 14) in Malibu, Calif.

Looks like Eddie picked up some John Varvatos swag!

LeAnn, who sang the National Anthem at the Dodgers game on Wednesday, said she met Rihanna after performing!

“She hunted me down in the bathroom at the Dodgers game yesterday to say hi. First time meeting her,” LeAnn tweeted. “I was impressed. I love meeting sweet girls!”

FYI: LeAnn wore Giuseppe Zanotti Design gladiator flats and a Monrow fan v-neck tee in shadow.

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132 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Shopping Sweethearts”

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  1. 1
    April Says:

    Where did the bangs go? Those were the cutest pictures of her at the ballgame.

    Eddie looks like he loves her so much. Nice!

  2. 2
    diana j. Says:

    Lots of LeAnn and Eddie these days. Keep it coming for the fans.

  3. 3
    Sensei Says:

    I’ve been reading LeAnn’s tweets and she seems like a basically good woman. Everything will work out for Brandi. I see much angst by someone on the boards for Brandi but don’t you think her future has some goodness and happiness in it too? It will work out for her .

  4. 4
    Infamous Says:

    I’m not a fan of these two I’d rather hear about her music than her presonal life

  5. 5
    ?/? Says:

    Many of us are waiting for the music. Don’t quote me but I heard one album this year another in the works for next.

  6. 6
    KATE Says:

    They are poison to many, including me.

    He is gorgeous adulterer and a selfish lying *******.

    She is a stalker, adulterer, and pure white trash.

    Be gone!

  7. 7
    lisa Says:

    She has them pinned back is what it looks like to me . Hot couple.

  8. 8
    gwen Says:

    1) Wow another shopping spree?

    So this is how LR got EC to let her have a birthday party for his son and then twitter about his kids birthday party, she just offered to take him shopping.

    So thanks JJ for showing everyone that EC is using LR for HER MONEY.

    2) And what aired on WEDNESDAY? EC HALLMARK MOVIE.

    So this is just another WATCH EC HALLMARK MOVIE photo-op.

    So once again thanks for showing us that EC is using LR for FREE PUBLICITY.

    3) Poor Leann. Since no one was buying what she was posting on twitter she decided to STAGE yet another “EC loves me because he laughs and holds my hand” photo-op. So LR is being the typical HPD, trying to make people think that her relationsip with EC is more intimate than what it really is.

    4) So JJ thanks for proving that LR is paying the media/press for positive coverage. So how much is LR paying JJ to write this fluff. Posting about LR everyday isn’t going to save LR.

    5) Wow, so you think emphasing the hand holding is going to make people think that EC loves LR? Didn’t EC hold his wife’s hand too? So what you are saying is that when EC plays the “devoted” lover he is CHEATING.

    6) Thanks for once again showing us that EC can not be in love with LR because he still won’t keep the promise he made to his kids. So what was the point in saying that he loves his kids when he isn’t even making an effort to keep a promise he made to them last year? Oh that is right, EC uses his kids to shield himself from the public’s backlash.

    7) Thanks for once again demonstrating that LR only does good things just so that she can stage these photos and help EC get hype for his show or movie. So LR only did that tribute because she wanted to whitewash her image.

    8) You left out the part where LR is using her twitter to stalk BG.

    9) Sweet girls? Like the one’s who don’t sleep with married men, stalk the wife of the married man, obsess over the married man’s kids, and then use the married man’s kids to promote her album and concerts? Those sweet girls.

    10) Why the name dropping? Because LR rep is so bad, someone must have told her that she can turn thinks around if she associated herself with people that the public likes.

    11) Rhianna probably wanted to see the JOKE that is LR. Perhaps Rhianna wanted to see if Leann how could LR look at herself in the mirror , after all the mean and nasty things LR is doing.

    12)_ LR has a reputatoin as a stalker, just look at her twitter page, so are you sure it wasn’t LR who was hunting down Rhianna?

    13) So much for EC great speech about how he can’t get anyh privacy. How odd that these “candid” shots always fall on the days when EC needs to hype up his show. So Sat-Mon for CSI and now Mon-Wed for his Hallmark movie.

  9. 9
    Peaches Says:

    How about Larry king any one see those accusations! Whoa

  10. 10
    howie Says:

    I want LeAnn to be my girl . Eddie you treat her good , I’m next in line. Love your songs and that smile.

  11. 11
    Sassy brassy Says:

    His movie was really good. Why do you knock him? And it’s fun to read people’s tweets. They’re out there for us to read like them or not. I ‘m not getting the down . Are you brandy? To poster gwen.

  12. 12
    Carol Says:

    Her carreer must be faultering something terrible if she has to continuously post these cheap photo-ops. This girl has insecurity written across every part of her life…she seems a bit mentally unbalanced as well.

  13. 13
    gwen Says:

    MICHEALA has struck again!!!!!!!!!!

    Where did all of these “fans”, who by the way didn’t show up in the last LR thread, come from? It’s just micheala. You see EC and LR do not have the support of the public and michela has to fix it before LR album is released. So how many “fans” are going to show up in this thread?

    1) ?/?: No one is waiting for Leann’s album, that is why you are posting under so many different names.

    2) Infamous: No no one wants to here about LR personal life, that is why LR has to tipp off the paps. So now we are going to bombarded with DAILY photo-ops?

    3) diana j: WRONG. There are no lots of LR and EC fans. it’s just YOU posting under 10-30 different names/site/thread. BTW, didn’t EC say it’s not conducive playing anything out in the public? So you want more photos of EC breaking his word and thus proving that he is cheating on LR?

    4) Sensei: Good women do not sleep with married men and then use their twittter accounts to stalk these women. WRONG dear we see much angest from YOU and Leann. Unfortunately for Leann, things will never work out. That is why you are still posting under these names. Posting that LR is a good woman under 10-30 different names isn’t going to make it so. So what you are saying is that you are mad because people still won’t support EC and LR?

    5) lisa: Hot couple? LR money and EC? So under how many different names are you going to post this under?

    6) April: EC also looked like he loved his wife when he did the exact same poses with her, so what is your point? That EC is cheating on LR?

  14. 14
    gwen Says:

    Just how low will the disgusting duo sink?

    This is why Leann has been using TWITTER to stalk BG and now tipping off the paps so that they see her EVERYDAY of the week.

    So according to the article from Huffington Post, Leann is trying to assert herself as the other woman. From Michelle “Bombshell” McGee to John Edwards’ baby-momma, not to mention the 16 and counting Tiger Woods’ mistresses, the “other woman” is getting a lot of press these days. It kind of makes me wonder, when did being an adulterer become en vogue? And each time another “other woman” comes forward, her tell-all gets a bit more sordid than the last, told without regard for the woman suffering betrayal not only from the liaison in question, but from its being made public. I’m not so naïve to think that all women have the inclination to form a sisterhood against patriarchy, or that patriarchy is an evil institution that affects only women. And true, there’s no glass ceiling for self-opportunism. Still, the confessions (albeit for money and fame) of these “other women” strike me as an especially mean-spirited brand of girl-on-girl misogyny.

    Relationships are complicated, and each encounter we have with another is something unique. As long as we’re human, there’s no absolute way to qualify the types of relationships we forge. We’ll also probably always have the urge to judge our own and others’ entanglements. That said, a woman who knowingly sleeps with someone else’s husband or partner and then has the urge to “come forward” like she’s unearthed some hidden treasure leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m not suggesting we brand these women with scarlet A’s, and I’m not forgetting the adulterous man in the equation, neither the media outlets that dole out dollars for salacious stories, nor the public that consumes them. In this way, blame is really useless. But back to the confessional “other woman.” Something besides gold-digging and fame-seeking is at play – namely the “other woman’s” warped sense of entitlement. She feels entitled to speak, and that’s somewhat interesting. As the “other woman,” she represents a wanton rebel, a direct threat to the sanctity of the American family. Yet as the “other,” her position in the love triangle is secondary, and many would argue there’s some void in her self-esteem that leads her to seek intimacy with someone not fully available. But with a very public tell-all, she has her chance to stake her claim.

    Psychologist, professor and Second Wave Feminist, Dr. Judith Kuppersmith explains: “Men are still born into this world as the number one sex, and as such, they have automatic power and move into the and through our social environment. They don’t have to speak – they just have to take action – to move and push things out of their paths. Women, born the second sex, have to earn any kind of power they may want, and because they are born with less muscle and physical power, they attend to the ‘other’ in the social environment. It’s also true that the little girl speaks earlier than the little boy and girls are encouraged to develop their social speaking as a power and control mechanism.” So by speaking, the “other woman” finds her footing, and earns power by confessing dirty little secrets.

  15. 15
    Tammy Says:

    I just figured out why LeAnn is posting this lame publicity stunt TODAY! It’s Jake’s birthday and LeAnn once to one-up the little kid. She wants us all to know that Eddie is giving her the attention she craves even on his son’s birthday. It will be very interesting to know if Eddie goes to his son’s birthday party at Brandi’s. If he does, this is just another indication of how insecure Rimes is. If he doesn’t, he is really a pathetic weasel of a male…..strike that; he’s a pathetic weasel of a man even if he goes.

  16. 16
    Gayle Says:


    By your logic then every star whose photo is up has a career that is faltering. Get a brain .

  17. 17
    t Says:

    shes still in UGLY-VILLE

  18. 18
    Gayle Says:

    to TAMMY

    The pictures are from yesterday so try something else now and the birthday is today. Waiting

  19. 19
    gwen Says:

    Sassy Brassy(aka michela)

    1)” His movie was really good.”

    That is not what the numbers say.

    The movie aired 5 times, so you see even the producers didn’t think that EC was going to be able to bring in the numbers.

    If his movie was good, then EC would be able to promote it on his talent and not by staging these photo-ops with LR or using his sons.

    2)”Why do you knock him?”

    Because this guy is a jerk and coward.

    He made a promise to his kids and has not kept it. Then he gives an interview where he boo hoos over how the paps are hounding him when everyone knows that he is able to avoid the paps. How nice that this photo-op happens on the day that his movie airs.

    3)”And it’s fun to read people’s tweets.”

    DAMAGE CONTROL: michela is trying to convince everyone that LR tweets are a good idea.

    The major problem, EC said that he can’t get any privacy and that it’s not conducive playing anything out in the public at all. Well one of the reasons EC can’t get privacy is because his mistress is always tipping off the paps and feeding info to the press/media.

    4)”hey’re out there for us to read like them or not.”

    If EC and LR are going to be stupid enough to put out their business for people to read, then EC needs to accept the consequences of his actions. So he can’t not scream how unfair his life is when he keeps pulling stunts like this.

    You can not scream “It’s none of our business” when EC and LR fail to get the response you think that they deserve or people won’t be happy for EC and LR as they throw 4 people under a bus just to promote EC movie.

    5)” I ‘m not getting the down . Are you brandy? To poster gwen.”

    THE OTHER WOMAN: when michela/cbme and LR try to convince people that the only people who dislike LR and EC are BG.

    So then this must mean that you are LEANN, and you are trying to take the heat off of yourself by accusing others of what you are doing.

  20. 20
    miapocca Says:

    she just offered his wife $3 million to hasten the divorce..can we say julia roberts in carnate..I feel sorry for her that she has to buy his affections…..karma is truly a big B and when it comes its can be mean!

  21. 21
    gwen Says:


    Hi michela!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is LR lack of a fanbase getting you down?

    1) Yesterday was what? WEDNESDAY.

    Do I need to explain how it works?

    2) According to what you have been writing on E, LR had a separate birthday for EC son.

  22. 22
    gwen Says:

    @Gayle: \\

    Hi michela!!!!!!!!!

    Is LR lack of fans getting you down?

    The major flaw with your “every star whose photo is up has a career that is faltering.” is EVERY STAR isn’t having an affair with a married man, stalking the marrie dman’s wife on twitter, obsessing over the married man’s kids, using the married man’s kids to promote he album and concert, name dropping to get into the good graces of public, and then single white femaling the married man’s wife.

    Everytime you post under a different name you tell us that LR career is faltering. That is over 7 names in this thread.

    We know that LR career is faltering when the media posts things that are not in tune with what the public is saying.

    It doesn’t help much when these photo-ops show up right when EC and LR have something to promote. EC and LR went three weeks without being seen and heard, so we are only seeing EC and LR because they want to be seen.

    We know that LR doesn’t have a brain because she is still trying to make people believe that EC loves her just because he holds her hand. This man is a liar, as evidenced by his recent interview. EC didnt’ care enough to make LR stop detailing their personal lives after he whined about how unfair it is because the paps are “hounding” him, so do you really think that people believe that EC loves LR just because JJ says it is so?

  23. 23
    Rosa Says:

    For the record, Eddie’s movie was every actor’s nightmare. Nobody watched it because nobody cares about him. He is as significant to CSI as the people standing behind the yellow police tape.

    Yes, it is the “lil one’s” birthday today and I hope Eddie goes to his party at Brandi’s. His father should be there. LeAnn has to grow up and get past her insecurity. Maybe Eddie is playing her for her insecurity. LeAnn should move back to LA and if Eddie follows then that will show his affection for her. If he isn’t committeed by now he never will be but these day-in-and-day-out photo stunts really make these two look desperate.

  24. 24
    gwen Says:


    Hi michela!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another name? You are on getting down. How manyh different names do you use in a day?

    Now why would EC treat Leann good? She is the same woman who is so insecure that she stalks his wife on twitter and then pays the media/press to overlook EC others affairs because she wants people to think that her relationship with EC is better than his relationship with his wife.

    No one wants LR, that is why she went after a married man who will do anything for money.

    Of course you love LR songs, she is paying you write write nice things about her.

    Too bad, even LR songs are not going to save LR farce.

    The public is fed up with these two and the way that sites like JJ, x17, People mag, US Weekly, In Touch pat EC and LR on the back for being so inconsiderate.

    EC is stupid and the more JJ posts these photos the more they show us that EC is a liar. How about that, EC hasn’t kept a promise to his kids and JJ wants us to belive that EC loves LR because he holds her hands and spends LR money on the day that his Hallmark movie airs.

  25. 25
    gwen Says:

    Shopping Sweethearts?

    Are you referring to EC and LR MONEY right?

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