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David Beckham: Family Frozen Yogurt Run!

David Beckham: Family Frozen Yogurt Run!

David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham take their three sons — Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 7, and Cruz, 5 — to pick up some sweet treats from Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt on Friday (April 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Becks is still wearing a foot cast for his ruptured Achilles tendon (he injured himself while playing in Italy for AC Milan).

Victoria recently updated GMTV about David‘s injury. She shared, “He’s doing really great. I left him on homework duty – so he’s there right now finishing off the homework as I had to rush out. He’s doing really great. It’s incredible to have him home – he’s happy to be home. He’s on really great form, really great form. He’s hobbling around the house, poor thing.”

25+ pictures inside of Beckham Family’s frozen yogurt run…

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david beckham frozen yogurt 01
david beckham frozen yogurt 02
david beckham frozen yogurt 03
david beckham frozen yogurt 04
david beckham frozen yogurt 05
david beckham frozen yogurt 06
david beckham frozen yogurt 07
david beckham frozen yogurt 08
david beckham frozen yogurt 09
david beckham frozen yogurt 10
david beckham frozen yogurt 11
david beckham frozen yogurt 12
david beckham frozen yogurt 13
david beckham frozen yogurt 14
david beckham frozen yogurt 15
david beckham frozen yogurt 16
david beckham frozen yogurt 17
david beckham frozen yogurt 18
david beckham frozen yogurt 19
david beckham frozen yogurt 20
david beckham frozen yogurt 21
david beckham frozen yogurt 22
david beckham frozen yogurt 23
david beckham frozen yogurt 24
david beckham frozen yogurt 25

Credit: Michael Wright; Photos: WENN
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  • Nic

    Such a cute family, right after Jolie & Pitts my favortie celeb family.They prove, that no matter how famous, welathy or fashionable, you can have a great family life.

    VB looks amazing as always.

  • FM

    that orange shirt, what does BG stand for btw?

  • tasha

    Romeos orange shirt is interesting

  • In The Know

    Nothing says frozen yogurt like 6 inch YSL spike heels….WTF

    These people are on a different plane of reality.

  • lexy hates bilson

    They may be on a different reality moneywise but Becks and Victoria always seem to put their family 1st. Like Brad & Angie and Jen & Ben, they are hands on parents. I saw Gwen Stefani “at the park” with her sons on TMZ. Gwen was sitting on a bench reading a book while the nanny played with the kids. Why bother???

  • aisha

    let hop that david will play in the mndeyall

  • Trina

    Cute kids.

  • LuckyL

    I love their marriage and this family.

  • aggrocamp

    Blind Gossip! i heard that any time there is an item they think is about them on the site, posh has their pr flack call BG and asks to have their names removed from all the guesses. it’s weird because they ignore most gossip sites except for that one.

  • http://j ivanka

    favorite celeb family:)

  • rose – jakarta

    My favorite family!!!!

  • zac efron

    does anyone know the sunglasses model that david beckham is wearing?

  • Protected mOde

    The Beckham’s have been MIA and people had moved on to trending on topics like; Kate Gosselin, Jesse James..

    They can avoid the media when they want , as by the anecdotal evidence of the past weeks, but this narcisist power-hungry family decided that their popularity is faling alarmingly fast if they don’t pimp themselves to the paps on a frozen yog trip!

  • Samantha

    I love them!
    Cute kids, gorgeous woman and David is sooo hot!

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Love The Beckham Family :) So Nice

  • lexy hates bilson

    trending topics like Kate Gosslin and Jessie James – LMAO!!!

  • BRC

    love this family and it´s very cute to see them together as a family again after a long time. love BRooklyn , hes very relaxed like the way of his dressing, shirt , shorts and some sneakers while Romeo has his skinny pants and his mysterious orange shirt. But I wonder why Vic is always holding Brooklyn´s hand and not the other two youngers. I mean they are younger and just walking around like they want to, but Brooklyn´s always holding Vic´s hand, interesting?!

  • They are VILE!

    HATE the Beckhams… They are VILE with their constant self-promotion antics. Wifey only still “relevant” due to her convenient marriage and hubby well past his “prime”- even in his “prime” he was just mediocre nothing Great! They are so filled with their own self-importance, arrogance, self-delusion of grandeur, self-entitlement and narcissism. HATE, HATE, HATE this family!!!!

  • my eyes my eyes.

    she’s soooo fuc*ing ugly!

  • Seriously WTF?

    WTF??? Why the F… do they dress their youngest son in a tee with his father’s image emblazoned on it? Who does that? What self-absorbed pr…. they are~ Really wish that the “big one” would strike LA and swallow them whole, never to be seen again! Can’t stand them.

  • Ann

    Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe he idolizes his dad like every other little boy in the world and wants to wear the shirt? I know that’s a novel concept but give it some thought.

    And I do admire the Beckhams for going out with their kids rather than their kids and the nanny. You get so used to seeing celebs out with their kids and the nanny that it’s refreshing to see this.


    Vile behaviour

    SEEKING paparazzi photographs with one’s children as a props?

    There are hundreds of yogurt shops in LA.

    The Pinkberry on RODEO DRIVE in 1k shoes is a bit much.


    I will add, that if Yes were alive today, he would not be thrilled to see his name and couture label placed on Minny Mouse’s footwear.

  • Seriously WTF?

    Re: Ann It’s still shameless self-promotion which this Vile family is so “expert” at. Without good PR- where would they be? (especially the talentless fugly wife!) I’d beg to bet that they would be nowhere fast which is exactly where they belong. Why they get so much press and why the paps feel the need to follow them around is beyond comprehension- she’s a talentless ex-spice girl who contributed nada to the quintent except pouting and sulking and he’s a semi-talented footballer who earns most of his $$$ from self-promotion venues, i.e.: posing in his undies and other such nonsense. They are selfish, greedy and beyond manipulative. Why there so-called “fans” can’t see through their bogus personas is also something that is beyond my comprehension. Why ppl. feel the need to idolize such greediness, selfishness, over-indulgence and brazen in your face entitlement is an absolute wonder to me. This family is vile.


    I love them!Such a nice family!i love seeing the 5 of them together!David couldn’t be more handsome,for me he is by far the sexiest and most good looking man in the world!It would be nice if they had alittle girl too,Victoria needs a female company in their house :)

  • Ana

    First of all the shirt Cruz is wearing is for Sport Relief, there’s two designs by the Beckhams.
    I just can’t stand the rude comments people leave for ‘celebrities’ we have no idea who they really are. The media portrays what they want people to believe and you people fall for it.
    I’m not defending the Beckhams, I mean we’re so judgemental towards all celebrities. There is always someone that has something negative to say about some one famous. I’m not going to say it’s jealousy because I don’t know you. But all this negative energy is what makes this world worse every day. Stop hating people.
    If the Beckhams are bad parents or manipulative, self-promoting that has nothing to do with us. If they’re bad parents they will pay later on…If they’re vile then that’s their problem, they’ll be the ones living miserable, shallow lives.
    Lets just leave everyone alone and let them go on about their business. If you can’t stand someone don’t go about knowing their every business and waste your time leaving pointless comments, that only gives them more publicity and credibility. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say any thing.

  • Abigail

    GORGEOUS GUY!! The older he gets, the more charming and handsome he gets.

  • just sayin

    Hey Ana, Last I checked we still live in the US where freedom of speech is accepted, therefore if some ppl. out here dislike, loathe, or even hate this family- what’s it to you? Are you offended by someone else’s Opinion that is different than your own? Why? Are you related to this family? Do you know them personally? If not, then someone else’s opinion of them should not affect you in the least and if it does, then you seriously need to re-evaluate your own life.

  • Sam


    I tried to leave a comment similar to yours. I didn’t know that people are so ignorant about events such as sport relief and comic relief.

  • Lucia

    Sam: just cause others leave neg. comments about this fake family does NOT mean that they are ignorant of the events of the day such as comic/sports relief. How can the beckham lovers not see thru their fake/selfish facade and not see that they do not lend their name/brand to anything that will not enhance their own image- i.e. line their own pockebook? I counter and say that it is the beckham lovers/fans who are misled and not seeing this VILE twosome/family for the materialistic/selfish/greedy/shallow/narcissistic/ego-fame-$$-driven pair that they are!!

  • n

    why do ppl hate this family so much? lol they’re so adorable

  • zeeha

    They sux a**. Ugly Wife, Ugly Kids, and washed-up/over-rated Hubby.

  • Soula

    people hate on them because they are fake, selfish, greedy and use their fame to showcase how much better they think they are than the rest of the world. They sell their image as being based in family yet he’s cheated numerous times and it’s rare that she’s usually in the same country as her children. She’d rather jet-set across the globe than actually take the time to parent her children and he’s so obsessed with his so-called “career” that he willingly spends 1/2 the year away from his family. They are so unbelievably fake and self-absorbed it’s nauseating.

  • Jokergurl

    It seems like Becks is always injured, it’s too bad too because he’s fun to watch play. This family seems pretty normal with the amount of money they have, at least they’re not like some other people )cough cough, TomKat cough cough

  • Amazed

    Never been a fan of Victoria she has always been a self promoting
    narcissistic woman.
    And I wish she would just eat she looks like a skeleton what does it say
    to all the the girls who look up to her, you can only be a size zero???

  • Lauren

    The BG on his shirt stands for Boardgarden. It’s a skate shop in the bay area. My cousin knows the owner and the Beckhams ordered a bunch of merch. from there a few weeks ago

  • r

    As a couple they have become a bore.
    They need to stop promoting their marriage, when they met etc or how long they’ve been together which is all about growing their brand for more fame and money, feeding the posh n becks circus and the tabloid obsession. It is so barefaced and it just seems greedy.

    No need to see them doing stuff together or to hear about it for that matter. No-one cares.

  • EStelle

    Does anyone know the brand of sunglasses Posh is wearing here ??

  • AB

    DUDE!!!!! the BG stands for Boardgarden, the coolest skate/snow/wake shop around. It’s in Napa California, 707-253-9193, talk to Kevin…he’s the man!

  • AB

    The number to Boardgarden is 707-253-7949…still ask for Kevin. :)