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Nicole Kidman Just Goes With It in Hawaii

Nicole Kidman Just Goes With It in Hawaii

Nicole Kidman hits the set of her new film, Just Go With It, in Maui, Hawaii on Thursday (April 22)!

The 42-year-old actress ran lines with co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler before going off to wardrobe and makeup.

We don’t know much about the role Nicole will play yet – what do you think her character will be like?

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman starting work on Just Go With It

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nicole kidman runs lines jennifer aniston just go with it 01
nicole kidman runs lines jennifer aniston just go with it 02
nicole kidman runs lines jennifer aniston just go with it 03
nicole kidman runs lines jennifer aniston just go with it 04
nicole kidman runs lines jennifer aniston just go with it 05
nicole kidman runs lines jennifer aniston just go with it 06
nicole kidman runs lines jennifer aniston just go with it 07
nicole kidman runs lines jennifer aniston just go with it 08
nicole kidman runs lines jennifer aniston just go with it 09
nicole kidman runs lines jennifer aniston just go with it 10

Credit: Will Binns; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Isla

    What is Kidman doing in a movie with Aniston?

  • George

    Kidman’s movies are going down the tubes if she is starring in the same movie as the B-romcom-queen.

  • Mike

    i took a shat this morning that was prettier than her

  • nakedoldjennifer

    maybe Kidman signed on to this awful movie before she changed managers- she is desparate for a hit – i feel sad for the once beautiful NK

  • Sophie

    She looks so much better with her natural red hair.

    The peroxide blonde with her pale skin was just too much, she looks a lot softer and nicer here :)

  • arlene

    que le paso a su pelo ,que ella no conose lo que es un cepillo y peinarce hacia atras.lo bella que era esta mujer antes ,que le esta pasando y por que su marido no le dice que esta bien o mal eso es amor o egoismo,a ella le falta eliminar botox,dejar risos al natural,y engordar unas libras y se vera hermosa como antes.ella necesita un grito de auxilio y nadie le ayuda .nicole kidman esta muy mal no la veo bien o cuerda solo nesecita un marido que la ame de verdad y todo esto se soluciona.bota a ese marido

  • Dawn

    Haha. I thought the trolls here said Nicole was no longer doing this. I guess they were wrong.

    And Nicole’s career is already in trouble. That’s why she fired her management a few months ago and is now with Angelina’s manager.

    And regarding the role that Nicole is playing, the word is that she is Adam’s actual ex-wife in the movie.

  • Zoe

    She looks so beautiful these days. Very serene, content and natural.

  • Meg

    Nicole looks preggo

  • Jimmie

    look what we have here.Aniston muffin top.

    age is cathing up with the TVactress.

  • Lucky Charm

    Why, Nicole? Why are you doing this?

  • Gina

    Jen is adorable!!!

  • Britney

    She is pretty

  • karen

    Why does Aniston always try to get into people’s spaces? She’s always so close. Creepy.

    Nicole looks pretty. I agree that red suits her better than the super-light hair. She was so beautiful in Moulin Rouge.

  • Stacy C


    I agree! I’ve always hated the blond.

  • chin can’t act

    i like nicole. she is a good actress.

  • Angela

    Nicole looks so much happier these days. I’ve always loved Nicole and I’m looking forward to this and Rabbit Hole. I saw it on Broadway with Johnny Gallager and it was fantastic.

  • chin can’t act

    she looks better as a redhead.

  • Paul

    Aniston and Kidman! This is gonna be fantastic!


    Nicole has more class than Aniston. Definitely a better actress too!

  • ellie’

    Love Nichole & Jennifer .. both beautiful & classy woman.. great acting…

  • scrug

    @Zoe: yes,she’s very natural with her big “natural” lips!
    it’s too sad,she was so beautiful in “the others” and “moulin rouge”!

  • Sheigh

    She looks like a witch and scaring me a lot! This surged nose, those botox lips and skinny arms and legs and this horrible wig on the head

  • nosey

    what’s the belt thingy?

    ruins the dress!

    her complexion goes so nice with that yellow dress,

    ditch the belt!

  • haha

    Maybe Nicole can teach Jen a thing or two about how acting is supposed to be done.

  • Lucky Charm

    @ nosey – From what I’ve seen, this movie has some of the ugliest costumes ever. The person in charge of wardrobe must be angry or blind. I wouldn’t see this movie based on just the wardrobes alone.

  • LolaSvelt

    Poor Kidman. I can not believe she’s making a film with Heidi Montag.

  • Zoe

    @Scrug- I’m sorry, I don’t see anything weird about her lips in those pictures. She looks just as beautiful as she did in The Others and Moulin Rouge. Maybe you need to actually look at the pictures instead of repeating what you read on gossip sites. The “Kidman is botoxed” story is getting old, boring and completely idiotic. Especially when you look at the recent pictures of her. She’s gorgeous.

  • Julie2

    A lot of envious individuals here.

    So unhappy in their lives that they make comments on a lot of things that they have no idea at all what they are talking about. Make comment/s on something that they don’t have any facts at all. What a pity! I feel sorry for you all whose main purpose on life is to say something negative an individuals you don’t know at all. What a waste!!!!

  • daffodil

    Maybe Nicole is doing this movie because she liked the script and it was light and funny.


    @Lucky Charm:

    Dear LUCKY,

    These are obviously NOT costumes as you refer to it or wardrobe as it actually known.

    The actors are wearing there own clothes and having a casual and obviously fun rehearsal.

    Some of the posters here should simply be banned.

    It is obvious that they are mentally ill posters who mistakenly believe they are Jolie/Pitt fans.

    My condolences to Ms. Jolie for having such ugly people post daily low class insults in her “honor”. Her only reaction would be pure disgust.

    Kidman seems quite happy to be filming a comedy with Mr. Sandler and Ms. Anniston, both of whom are very popular at the cinema. It is simply again obvious, that Kidman is enjoying her life very much and leading a very relaxed schedule.

    EVERYONE is obviously happy. What a great job, rehearsing a comedy in Maui and being paid to do it! We all wish we were so lucky and talented.

    It is clearly time for the mentally ill to call their health insurers and schedule appointments regarding Internet addiction and delusional personality disorders.

    (You are not defending Jolie, you don’t know her, she does not require defending bythe foul mouthed, and she does not want you to insult Anniston every time her photo appears on your computer)

    Can you handle the truth? Joile, IF she knows of your behaviour, finds you revolting and sad.

  • Jill

    I’m glad to see she is finally embracing her age. She looks like a sweet granny.

  • The Plain Truth

    Where are the photos of Nicole Kidman and Aniston facing each other.

    In those photos Aniston looks like a worn out old dog next to Nicole! It really shows she has no presence at all and explain why no other women who are beautiful are never put up against Aniston in movies. Well, this film looks like a dud and Aniston and her fans will get a rude awakening when they see how homely Aniston really is next to Brooklyn and Nicole on the big screen.

    All the tight and teeny clothes can’t survive her paper bag worthy face.

  • juniper

    Nicole and Jennifer seem like warm people, I bet they will enjoy working together.

  • Lucky Charm

    @TIM GUNN:

    Certainly your overly-long rant couldn’t be in response to my comment about the wardrobe choices for this movie? Why you are talking about Angelina Jolie fans on a Nicole Kidman thread? I simply commented on an earlier post someone made about Nicole’s dress, with my opinion, which certainly should not have inspired such a rant from you on an entirely different topic. At least, not if you were of sane mind.

  • The Plain Truth

    Yeah Jill, Jared bought the worst ones of Nicole to make Aniston look good. You notice he only included Aniston backside with her wearing clothes she robbed from some teen. Go to Popsugar to see how bad Aniston looks next to Nicole. Aniston does not have movie star appeal and she really lucked out with, well you know.

  • AutumnM

    Nicole is starting to age. Her lips always look strange to me these days though. I wonder if she had anything done to ‘em?

  • Dawn

    @The Plain Truth:

    Yeah. It’s Just Jared that makes Nicole look bad. I am sure JA is also behind the comments about how awful Nicole has looked due to bad plastic surgery that have been going around for the last couple of years.

  • Zoe

    @Dawn- Are you one of the psychos from the E! boards? The ones who hate Nicole Kidman and criticize her for things that don’t even exist? You sound like one of them…
    Nicole looks her age in those pictures, and that’s a good thing. She’s beautiful. And obviously very happy with her life.

  • Gunning

    @Tim gunn;
    u r rite; however they are writing from prison.

  • Chummy Chum Chum

    oh lookie, it’s that fakey-fake jen pretending to be buddy-buddy with an a-lister. nicole is too classy to show what she really thinks about clingy, no-class jen. please jen, u’re so pathetic, don’t make nicole cringe. miss try-too-hard to be liked = jennifer aniston. grovel on the ground nicole kidman walks on because that’s where u belong. hah!

  • Anne Marie

    @Chummy Chum Chum:

    You do know that Jen and Nicole have been friends for years, right? Of course not you stupid hater.

  • Chummy Chum Chum

    and stupid jen could have taken a few pointers from classy nicole about how to handle a public divorce. unlike classless, whiney jen, people don’t associate nicole to her ex-husband. she won an oscar after her divorce and didn’t whine whine whine about trying to be strong blah blah blah, doing yoga to release whatever yada yada yada…. she didn’t go on oprah to try to gain public sympathy and make jilted women all over cry for her.
    nicole kidman = class
    jennifer aniston = trash

  • Anne Marie

    @Chummy Chum Chum: @Chummy Chum Chum: And if you notice, they are rehearsing their lines together because the script girl is right behind them and the director is looking on. You idiot.

  • Chummy Chum Chum

    but of course, who isn’t “friends” with jen? everybody who is anybody is “friends” with her. please, only her idiot fans would buy that shizt and eat it all up. she hugs and clings to everyone more famous and talented than her like they’re all real old pals of hers. lmfao! have u ever seen her cling onto or hug someone who isn’t more famous than she is?

  • Omar

    Ya Nicole is so classy she refused for ten yrs to give Tom a child.
    Then gets preg by a set person.
    Yah that’s cllassss a. !!!!

  • Chummy Chum Chum

    hahahahaha since when is getting pregnant associated with class? maybe tom is shooting blanks. can u prove suri has his dna? were u there when suri was conceived? cuckoo cuckoo. nicole carries herself well and holds her own. she doesn’t fake romances and cling onto other celebs like they’re all her bffs.

  • Sean

    She’s put on weight.

    And something is dreadfully wrong with her face.

    Can’t act worth beans.

  • dd

    we all know that ANiston can’t carry a movie by herself, so they have to have big names to be in the movie. can you guys name a movie that actually just have Aniston and no other big stars? none, zero zit

  • dd

    big names attract movie goers and if its successful, they’ll say Anistion was the reason if it fails they’ll blame the bigs stars…the agono of being ex an Pitt