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Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Joaquin Phoenix heads to Bardot Hollywood with a friend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Wednesday (May 5) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor, who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, sat in the Corzo VIP section of the lounge’s patio to watch Jane’s Addiction perform. Spies at the hotspot said Joaquin even showed off some dance moves on his way out!

10+ pictures inside of Joaquin Phoenix celebrating Cinco de Mayo…

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joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 01
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 02
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 03
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 04
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 05
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 06
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 07
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 08
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 09
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 10

Credit: John Shear, Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: WireImage, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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364 Responses to “Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo”

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  1. 51
    ariaisawful Says:

    Some papparazzi has got to take a photo of them kissing or holding hands to prove to the world they’re dating cause I am not buying it at all. shes deff in this “relationship” alone. cause he doesnt seem too thrilled. maybe it”s him trying to prove to us he’s normal again? We get it Joaquin, no need to prove anything. We love you!
    I would just love to hear from his people/himself that him and aria are an item cause this is total bs

  2. 52
    anonymous Says:

    You cant be an item when you have various “relationships” going on with many other women….aria thinks they are an item…and she is the only one…oh yah…besides the other crazies on this board!

  3. 53
    hey Says:

    I don’t know, I read all the comments and some say that he’s in love with Aria: IMDB for example, or the site itself dedicated to her band. I’m sad because I don’t want to see him with a girl like her, I’m sorry she’s too superficial and pretentious, that’s my thought.

  4. 54
    hi Says:

    You don’t even know her.Is stupid to judge.

  5. 55
    Losers Says:

    Apparently some of you are incredibly naive. I think you outta know a little something: Celebrities often CALL the paparazzi and tell them where they’re going to be, so they will get their picture taken in the press. Now why is it that Joaquin has dated SO many women in the past few years, and rarely ever had his picture taken with them? He is currently “dating” other women as of right now as well, and none of them were photographed with him (only a few sightings). Yet suddenly with Aria consequently he is photographed having lunch with her? Consequently right at the entrance of the cafe in the front. Wonderful view for the paps to take their picture huh? News flash: ARIA CALLED THE PAPARAZZI! How dense can you guys be? She wanted her picture taken with him, and called them to let the know where they’d be. Funny that the have been “dating” (aka sleeping together) for only 3 months….and every time they go out, they’re photographed together! Yet he has ‘dated’ women such as Josie and Teuta and many others for much much longer than that, and was hardly ever/NEVER photographed with them. Do the math people. Aria is promoting her album which is about to be released. She just shot her music video recently.

  6. 56
    haha Says:

    “Try this” you’re pretty stupid. You CLEARLY don’t know Joaquin. Joaquin is without a doubt in this world, with several girls right now. It amazes me that you can see a photo of them at a cafe and think you “know” about their relationship. You don’t know a thing. Did Joaquin look HAPPY in those pictures to you? Because I saw Aria trying to hug him, and Joaquin denying her attempts of affection. Red flag much? That’s not what boyfriends do. Any idiot with eyes can see he looked pissed off in those photos. There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. And you seem to think that you know what goes on behind closed doors because of a PICTURE. When even looking at the picture you can tell he was not in a good mood. And no it wasn’t due to the one paparazzi guy either. You don’t deny your “dates” attempt at hugging you, because you’re afraid of your picture being taken in a PUBLIC cafe. In fact, has there been a time where Joaquin looked remotely like a boyfriend to Aria? All I have ever seen is Joaquin forcing her to stay away from him in public, making her driver herself home while he takes his car alone, and going to NYC for a week without her to bone his other girlfriend. Wake up Joaquin fanbots. Your little innocent baby is actually a pig.

  7. 57
    Re:strange Says:

    Strange, you might be the biggest fool of all. You are obviously a Joaquin obsessed fan who can’t deal with the fact that he sleeps around. No one denied that aria is one of the women he is sleeping with. DUH. No one denied that. What we ARE denying is that he is exclusive with her. It is simply not true. And you are in complete denial to think otherwise. Oh wait, but they were photographed having lunch! That MUST mean they’re ready to run to the alter!! You people have the emotional maturity of a high school student. I guess when Gawker reported Joaquin leaving Voyeur with an “intoxicated young brunette” that was just nothing huh? And quit taking Aria’s TWEETS seriously. That moron was claiming she was “in love” with him after they were dating for ONE MONTH. And currently they have only been “together” for 3 months. And we don’t even know if they were together the whole time, or if they were on and off again. So quit acting like a crazy Joaquin obsessed fan. He is an old dirty loser who likes to sleep around with 20 year old rich girls. He’s disgusting.

  8. 58
    anonymous Says:

    in Regards to Losers, HAHA and Re:strange…THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! This is what I have been trying to get across to these psychos and they kept saying I was duludional and blind!!! LOL!!!! Glad I am people on my side!…Next thing ya know they will say it is the same person posting under a different name… Pathetic!!!!!

  9. 59
    Re:strange Says:

    Their problem is that they want their little Joaqy to be this sweet little angel. A committed boyfriend in a monogamous relationship. They don’t want to believe that he is really a 35 year old man who sleeps around with numerous girls who are way too young for him. Engages in open relationships, has casual sex with trust fund babies, and all of the above. Liv was his girlfriend, did he treat her the way he does Aria in public? Nope. Aria is Joaquin’s lap dog. Joaquin couldn’t show any more signs of being disinterested in her, and she still follows him around like an idiot. So let them live in denial. Because you know, if he isn’t photographed with a girl..that means he is NOT with anyone else. It is only when you see pictures of Joaquin with girls that he is with them. Especially pictures of Joaquin ignoring them in public. Now that is all the proof I need! If we don’t SEE him with anyone else, that means he isn’t with anyone else. Because see, Joaquin has a camera man following him 24/7. So we see what he does all day every day.

  10. 60
    free Says:

    the pics basically sum what has been said all along. aria is clingy and loves the fact that the cameras are taking her photo with a celebrity, and joaquin looks distant, uninterested, paranoid, angry and bored.

  11. 61
    anonymous Says:

    Exactly RE:strange!!!!! Couldnt agree with you more!!!!

  12. 62
    anonymous Says:

    “Joaquin looks distant, uninterested, paranoid, angry and bored”…YUP! He was probably embarrassed to be there with a talentless loser who writes cheesy songs like aria!!!! Who can blame him?….I loved the bit about aria being referred to as a lap dog!! LOL!! Too funny! So true!!!

  13. 63
    Seriously Says:

    Am I missing something or did someone actually post on this thread under the name Strange? Now who’s an idiot? ‘Nuff said :)

  14. 64
    anonymous Says:

    Your still the idiot Seriously because you seem to think that he is only with aria….LOL!

  15. 65
    Maria Says:

    Well here’s an interesting piece of information. Why don’t you guys go on over to the Gawker website. A ‘Gawker Stalker Administrator’ spotted him exiting a store with a redhead yet again. So how many times has an eye witness spotted him with lena now? How long are his delusional fans going to deny it now? This is now the SECOND time someone has seen him with a redhead…and we all know she is LENA. So, case closed.

  16. 66
    anonymous Says:

    HAHA!!! Another sighting of JP with the redhead girl!!!!! Must be Lena…It is on the IMDB boards…but oh wait…since it is a “sighting” and not a picture it must be bullsh@t right?….yah…

  17. 67
    Maria Says:

    Yeah I just posted about it here. Lets see who continues to deny that he is with her now. So far we’ve had a random twitter sighting of them together from a NON Joaquin fan. And now we have spotting him with her as well. Give it up, he is banging lena, and god knows who else.

  18. 68
    anonymous Says:

    Oh hey maria our posts must have crossed!!! Too funny that now two different sightings have been made…but just you wait…since there are no pics no one will believe it! Go to Lenas facebook page and see the quotes she is writing! Maybe that will tell ya something!!! Lol!!!! Although…she seems a little delusional herself to think that she is in a “relationship” with him….just like aria does….HA! This man is a freaking dirty PIG!!!!!

  19. 69
    Maria Says:

    I know, all of joaquins “girlfriends” are delusional idiots. But no one is worse than aria. Someone wrote to her on twitter saying that she was in the tabloids this week when she went to lunch with joaquin. She ASKED for SCANS from the magazine! And you know whats funny? The paparazzo who took their picture, works for the FRENCH press. Which means, French little Aria called them up and told them she would be out with a celebrity. Then consequently she was in the french tabloids just days later. What a USER. No wonder why he is never photographed with his previous girls/current ones…EXCEPT for aria. Because that no talent user is calling the paparazzi so they’ll snap her picture with him.

  20. 70
    anonymous Says:

    I had a feeling that is what was going on regarding her twitter page…she thinks just because it is written in french that no one will catch on?…again…STUPID ARIA!!!! MAybe she will get a good look at them and see how annoyed Jp looked (even BEFORE) the paps were snapping! But yah…I totally agree…she def. called the paps on this one!!!

  21. 71
    Anon Says:

    Aria ALWAYS calls the paps. Why do you think she is the only one to be photographed with him out s, when they’ve only known each other for a few short months? When has joaquin EVER been photographed dining with his other women before? How about, never. Aria is calling the paparazzi so she’ll get in the press. And PROOF of that: she just tweeted someone and asked them to send her the french tabloid magazine that had her pictures with him in it. Who does that? She is ecstatic that she is actually in the tabloids because she is a desperate loser.

  22. 72
    kkbrown Says:

    maybe joaquin needs to go online once in a while & see what aria is doing. he probably has no clue she is asking people to send her tabloid pics of them together, and writing publicity seeking tweets all the time. joaquin HATES the press especially tabloids. and aria on the other hand is asking someone to send her tabloid pics of them together. joaquin is just as stupid as she is for not seeing how much she is using him.

  23. 73
    anonymous Says:

    Oh I completely agree with you anon…I was basically saying the same thing…that aria called the paps on this…and for her to ask for the scans just proves how much of a desperate publicity hound she is! I really wish Jp would do something about this french trash…such as get rid of her for good!!!!!!

  24. 74
    zzzzzzz Says:

    maybe i am seeing things…but look @ lena’s facebook pic…….

  25. 75
    anonymous Says:

    Hmm…..could be him…looks like his broad back…but who knows…I wouldnt doubt it though. If it is then Lena is giving her subtle messages too I suppose..

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