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Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Joaquin Phoenix heads to Bardot Hollywood with a friend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Wednesday (May 5) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor, who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, sat in the Corzo VIP section of the lounge’s patio to watch Jane’s Addiction perform. Spies at the hotspot said Joaquin even showed off some dance moves on his way out!

10+ pictures inside of Joaquin Phoenix celebrating Cinco de Mayo…

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joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 01
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 02
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 03
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 04
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 05
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 06
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 07
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 08
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 09
joaquin phoenix bardot lounge cinco de mayo 10

Credit: John Shear, Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: WireImage, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Seriously

    And that girl doesn’t look a thing like Lena either!

  • anonymous

    doesnt mean he isnt dating lena…oh wait! I forgot…seriously is the doubtful one….the one who needs pics to proove he is with someone because she is too delusional and doesnt believe her Jp could be with more than one girl at the same time!!!! Silly me!

  • lin

    Its pretty much proof that he has been seeing multiple women. Yall denied it and it’s true. He wasn’t spotted with this girl until NOW, and he was probably seeing her for months. So it goes to show that you don’t need to see a picture to know the truth. We didn’t see this girl until today and I highly doubt he just met her. God you naive morons got slapped in the face with this haha

  • lin

    “Seriously” Joaquin was spotted TWICE with lena. Once on gawker, once on twitter. They are together. Get over it. You can keep denying it, but it’s true. Don’t make yourself look anymore like a fool. And if pics/video of lena DO surface, you will look even more stupid. Then again you’ll just change your name so you’ll never have to admit you were wrong.

  • Penny

    Joaquin doesn’t need to have a video or his picture taken with a girl, for us to know he sleeps around. He has done this with all of the women he has been with over the past several years at LEAST. I remember with tueta, he was seen with other girls as well. He even brought one of them to a peace alliance event with him at the same time he was supposedly “with” her. Then a month later we see him with that girl josie. Which yet again he was having relations with other women as well. Whoever this girl is in the video with him..I…all I know is she is not the same brunette he has been sleeping with from NYC. Nor is she lena. Doesn’t matter who she is. The point is, joaquin gets around. Whether its on film or not makes no difference. Over these past several years he has been through women like there is no tomorrow. This girl in the video could very well just be a friend of his. BUT that doesn’t take away from all the other chicks he has been seen with.

  • Yep

    ^^ Agreed. This girl may just be a friend or something. But it’s apparent JP is a womanizer. He is like a sex addict or something. He is seen with different girls all the time, he is always hanging with young party girl types. And lets be real, when JP is seen with a young party girl looking girl….she is sleeping with her. He isn’t around them for their intellectual conversation. Plus judging from aria, joaquin goes for stupid girls. But I also think JP is smart. He isn’t going to be trotting around in public with ALL of his flings. He probably sneaks over to their houses for quickies once in a while. Like Tiger woods, he needs sex rehab

  • Seriously

    I have always said that I did not doubt that he was involved with other women, I just said I did not believe the Lena story. Read my other posts moron! Judging by your earlier posts referencing me as Strange, and your inability to read, are you sure that you are not dating Joaquin? After all…you seem pretty stupid too!

  • anonymous

    Seriously your the one who ALWAYS wants proof of who Jp is dating! Such as the Lena story! You dont believe it because there havent been any pics that have surfaced! People on twitter and gawker have mentioned him being with a redhead…these are from non Jp fans but still you are in denial over it why?…..becasue there are no pics! Pics or no pics…Jp is a pig and he sleeps around. He is WITH lena as well…get over it!!!!!! So…who’s the stupid one now?!

  • Ridiculous

    “Seruously”- You are the biggest moron on earth. You just don’t want to believe he is with Lena. You say there is no “proof” he is with Lena (as if there has to be PROOF he is ****ing a girl…idiot) then someone on twitter spotted him with a ‘young red haired girl.’ That STILL wasn’t enough for you. Then later on Gawker writes about him being with a redhead girl YET AGAIN, and you still deny it. Bottom like: YOU’RE in denial. We have had more than enough “proof” that he is with her. Not that we even ****ing need it to begin with. The fact that we have found out this much is a miracle with someone as secretive as Joaquin. You’re the only idiot who keeps denying the obvious.

  • haha

    What I love most about “seriously” is her persistant denial. Even when he was spotted with a red headed girl twice, now her excuse is “There are millions of red heads on earth! It could have been anyone!” Yeah “seriously”, it was a totally DIFFERENT red head he was with. Not the same one that has been rumored to be with him for months now….it’s another person entirely. What a dumbass lmfao

  • haha


  • sam

    I just saw joaquin and aria walking down the street.

  • anonymous

    whatever sam…FOS nice try though!!!

  • Seriously

    There is a lot of hate on this thread. Someone is very angry and needs to either seek therapy or get laid. In any event, what makes some random internet posters word of any less value than that of some random person tweeting or sending a story to gawker? I think I am going to just keep saying that I do not believe the Lena story since it appears to piss off the individual posting on this thread that apparently lacks the intellect to do anything else other than insult by way of name calling and cursing.

  • magic

    As wonderful as Joaquin is, even he can’t be in 2 places at the same time. He was in LA when the gawker poster sighted him in New York. She either saw a dude who looked like him or just made it up.

  • sam

    “Seriously” you are the best lol. Some how you make so much sense.

  • julie

    Ican’t believe how some people can be so rude her when you disagree with them. Everybody has the right to give his or her own judgement for crisis!! And I’m sure that we are, all of us, not true at 100% about what Joaquin is doing. And it’s not because he’s seen with a girl that he’s dating her! Grow up a little!

    Now, if I can give my own impressions, if you don’t mind, of course…
    I’m sure that he’s still dating Aria and, to be honnest, she didn’t react to this video with the other girl, she seems more than happy. But, in the other hand, I’m sure that he’s seeing someone else but, this Lena, for me, it’s only a rumour that someone invented, point.

    Thank you for reading me, have a nice day!

  • Dracula

    Seriously is seriously on target. Things get a big crazy on these blogs. Seriously keeps it real.

  • anonymous

    HAHA! aria is at it again! trying to piss people off! Her latest comment on twitter…something about getting cupcakes from the one she loves! HAHA!!! Umm Jp was just seen with a different girl the other day and she has been getting bullied so I wouldnt be surprised if she is just trying to stir some sh@t up again! Dumb!

  • sam

    it is very sad that easbos gets a kick at putting people down. and does not have the guts to put his/her real name down

  • hes

    yah…him/her and others….but aria is a moron! I will say that!

  • cosmic

    Joaquin looks very built in the video, very broad-shouldered. He looks like he did in Ladder 49. I wonder if he’s pumping up for a part. Hope so!

  • july

    just read her last twit and Jp seems caring and tender with her, they seem really in love when you read her … Can I say that I hate her? Yes, I hate her!
    I wonder why he choosed a girl like her but the facts are there: they’re still dating, it makes months now so…

  • anonymous

    Are you serious july? umm…she is most likely talking from her a@@…everyone knows JP is with many other women than her….yes, I agree that aria is in love with him from her tweeting…we all know she is talking about him, but at the same time, the girl has known him a whopping three months! She has fallen fast and yet he obviously hasnt if he is being seen with all these other girls…she may think she is the only one or hopes to be one day but it just isnt going to happen…not with this guy….as far as her tweets go regarding her “relationship” with JP, I’d take those in stride….who knows if he actually sent her cupcakes for gods sake!!!!! They were probably from her mother!!! HA!

  • july

    Yes, I am Anonymous! Because, after all these months, we still see them together and, I’m sorry but, it’s not because we saw a video of him with a girl that he’s “dating” her. She can be a friend, or someone’s friend of him, will never know it because we didn’t see them when they came in.
    Second: all these girls, Lena, that you’re talking about, SORRY again, but that’s rumours, gossip, people who wrote it somewhere but, at the end, no photos, no evidence for me. And, these other girls, like the other, could be friend or someone’s friend.
    And Aria don’t react to all these tweets that this crazy girl sends to her, she even didn’t react to the video so, for me, she knows exactly what’s going on, she trusts in him.
    Conclusion, what afraid me is that, they are together since months now, it could become serious and I don’t want that it happens.

  • anonymous

    july=delusional and has no clue what so ever….!!!! HA!

  • Jillian

    Just wanna let everyone know, I messaged aria on facebook asking if she knows about this girl with dark hair in the most recent video of joaquin at chateau marmont she says its her with black hair HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • sell out

    I don’t like Aria and Denasha but Phoenix is a player and full blown manipulator and he deserves what he gets-women using him just like he uses them. He may be a good actor but that’s not enough in this world.He is sneaky and arrogant too.

  • HUH?

    She’s full of sh@t Jillian!!! You actually believe her? she will say and do anything to make people believe that it is her! And if you look closely enough you will see that it is NOT her!!!!!! Dont believe what she is telling you! That is just ridiculous!!!!!

  • Emily

    Okay, okay, it’s me. Joaquin was so taken with my remarks about his tush on the dog walking thread that he contacted me. Let me tell you, girls, he’s adorably sweet and even a little shy. Yes, he can flirt with the best of them, but he’s got this little boy quality that just melts my heart. But between the sheets, well, there he’s not shy at all!

  • HUH?

    HAHA! Emily you lucky girl you!!! Now Im jealous! But seriously, aria just wants to keep the whole idea of Jp being with her and her only…at least that is what I think. The girl in the video is clearly not wearing a wig! and even the side view of this girl is different. Her nose is different from aria’s..seems smaller. I dont know…that is just my take on it! Of course aria is going to tell someone that wrote to her that, that is her in the video…just to keep the hype going.

  • HUH?

    I think it might actually be her now that I just viewed the video again and saw a pic of aria with black hair on her twitter page..interesting….

  • july

    you see? Who’s wrong now! you all are delusional and has no clue what so ever!

  • mygod!

    lats Aria’s tweet :”i also have a wig with red long hear…will post some pics soon:) is funny haw different i look;) but steal prefer blond;)”

  • anonymous

    She is trying to cause some friction and it is obviously working! She is NOT the girl he was spotted with in recent weeks with red hair! Come on now!!! She has been getting bullied on her twitter page and this is what she is doing to make people wonder! She is a WEIRDO and pathetic! JP is with many women wether you guys want to believe it or not! He is not just with this one piece of trash! She is trying to be something she is clearly not! And yes July…I still think you are delusional!!!

  • sell out

    Phoenix is full-blown WEIRDO too! If he wasn’t famous all these women wouldn’t give him the time of day.

  • formerfan

    He looks like emotional abuser to me

  • anonymous

    Yes sellout I agree with you on that one too!!! JP is a weirdo himself!

  • What?

    So July let me ask actually think all these women Joaquin has been seen with is aria wearing a different colored wig??!!! LOL!!! Now that is funny!

  • sell out

    July is weirdo too ” It’s Aria wearing wigs ” HAHA !!!

  • Dr. Roz

    I had hoped that during his time off Joaquin would manage to give up cigarettes. He’s playing Russian roulette with cancer. Even if he miraculously manages to evade it, he’s going to have a horrific time with emphysema. He will be old well before his time, straining for a simple breath. Then he’ll be announcing his retirement yet again, but for very different reasons. I’m very certain and very sad about this.

  • anonymous

    I’ve been worried about that too. He’s smoking as much as ever.

  • shamrock

    is he in Cannes? did Casey go to promote their film?

  • nonomo

    If he was in Cannes there’d be photos. Then again there haven’t been photos of here stateside this week so who knows.

  • lullaby

    Hey! You want a new one? Go on Twitter, someone just posted to Aria after her personal answer to him: “ShylaWeikum @AriaParadiso thankkkkkkkkks girliee!!! And i cant believe your dating joaquin phoenix !? He`s amazinnnnng!!! :o”

    For someone who can’t talk of their love affair and want to keep it private,I’m suprised, ah,ha,ah!!!

    I HATE HER!!!!

  • nurse betty

    One thing that scares male smokers into quitting is trouble sustaining an erection. Two-pack a day smokers realize in their 30s that their “staying power” drops substantially.

  • Doctor Roz

    So true, but men can live with a limp member much more easily than they can with compromised lungs.

  • nonomo

    that depends on the man!

  • anonymous

    True dat! Joaquin’s a mack daddie.

  • gubbagoo

    What’s a mack daddie? I’ve heard the phrase before, but never understood what it meant. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?