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Megan Fox: Bikini Abs of Steel!

Megan Fox: Bikini Abs of Steel!

Megan Fox flaunts her awesome bikini body while soaking in the sun in Maui, Hawaii over Memorial Day Weekend on Saturday (May 29).

The 24-year-old former Transformers actress was spotted on the beach with her shirtless boyfriend, former 90210 actor Brian Austin Green.

Megan, who was recently replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in the Transformers franchise, showed off her “six pack” abs and “Brian” tattoo. Sick stomach!

30+ pictures inside of Megan Fox‘s bikini abs of steel…

Just Jared on Facebook
megan fox abs of steel 01
megan fox abs of steel 02
megan fox abs of steel 03
megan fox abs of steel 04
megan fox abs of steel 05
megan fox abs of steel 06
megan fox abs of steel 07
megan fox abs of steel 08
megan fox abs of steel 09
megan fox abs of steel 10
megan fox abs of steel 11
megan fox abs of steel 12
megan fox abs of steel 13
megan fox abs of steel 14
megan fox abs of steel 15
megan fox abs of steel 16
megan fox abs of steel 17
megan fox abs of steel 18
megan fox abs of steel 19
megan fox abs of steel 20
megan fox abs of steel 21
megan fox abs of steel 22
megan fox abs of steel 23
megan fox abs of steel 24
megan fox abs of steel 25
megan fox abs of steel 26
megan fox abs of steel 27
megan fox abs of steel 28
megan fox abs of steel 29
megan fox abs of steel 30

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  • gallow

    so i guess the rumors were true of her being too skinny for t3

  • .

    OMG! Who knew she was that ripped?
    As for her being “too skinny”.. she looks in shape to me. Not everyone loves carbs and fat. She may also have a great metabolism. I doubt she starves on a regular basis because she’d be too weak to workout as much as she obviously does.

  • Pat

    Megax has a great body
    but her lips… definitely botox..uhh

  • monia

    She’s too skinny

  • luck

    Brian, please feed her, she is getting Keira Knightley skinny :(

  • Gleen

    nice..but she hasn’t a bottom

  • Sabrina

    She’s pretty, but those lips are horrible!

  • Jime

    Too skinny :( she was perfect before…such a hot body. I hope she gains a little weight (as she was before).

  • athena

    too skinny. and what makes a person tattoo the name of a boyfriend on her own body? I’d never do it.

  • madeline

    I think she looks good and happy, but she would look better with 5-10 pounds. I’m glad she isn’t wearing a trashy thong bikini bottom, a fake tan, and makeup! I hate it when people wear makeup to the beach!

  • Nic

    Um she is NOT to skinny, petit? Yes, but she is clearly in shape, you dont have a body like that by starving, how ignorant can some people be!

  • hahahah

    Dang. she’s really skinny .SHe looks horrible

  • Eric Shinn

    The lack of fat on her chest proves she’s smuggling implants!!!!!!

  • Meri

    She is just skin and bones! :( She used to have such a hot bod…WHY?! I hate Hollywood standards!

  • A

    I know why the stars are famous. There are good looking people, and then there are extraordinary looking people! Stars are extraordinary looking. Can you imagine seeing a girl with Megan Fox’ beauty walking on the beach? Wow!

  • Meri

    @Nic: How ignorant can you be? She was petite before, now she IS skinny. She was going to the gym like crazy probably to lose weight. Look at her bones sticking out. Not healthy at all!

  • Luvd80s2

    Im not a fan of hers but agree that she’s in shape and not skinny, I have a friend who’s a runner and has the same body as hers and the girl eats! she works out everyday and eats healthy. She probably has a high metabolism and she’s ripped!

  • gaunt

    Very good Megan Fox. She looks great, that’s all that matters.

  • omg

    my god, brian put a baby in her, she is getting too skinny

  • segal

    she looks too manish with those abs

  • carmen

    She looks disgusting, terrible, and GROSS! Why people call her attractive, I do not know! She gets my vote for the worst looking woman in the world! Plus, look at how much she enjoys the attention from the paparazzi! Cover up, Megan! Stop wearing trashy bikinis for attention! You are a terrible “stepmother” to Kassius, too! Heidi Montag and Lindsay Lohan do better than you!

  • Mina


    I wonder if there is such a thing called “jealous guys”, like there are jealous girls, who feel the need to bash others to compensate for their own insecurities. Or maybe just out of hatred. Just asking.

    What did Megan do that is as bad as Heidi or Lindsay?

  • Jenny

    She does appear to be too skinny now. I see what Michael Bay was talking about

  • sick

    @carmen: i’m sorry that is not a trashy bikini, its just normal, and she is way better than psycho drug addict Lilo

  • Suzanne

    I don’t see her as too skinny but wow, never seen a women with abs like those.

  • Yuck


  • salinta


  • k

    ewwwww NOT SEXY

  • hannah

    Megan actually looks good face-wise in these pics, but not so much body-wise. She needs to gain 10 pounds if she doesn’t want to look like Keira Knightley.

    She seems to be enjoying herself with BAG, which is good. They make the perfect tattooed couple. Apparently, not being in Transformers 3 doesn’t really affect her happiness.

  • Sophie

    A six pack on a woman just doesn’t look right in my opinion, it’s just not feminine.

  • greenbean

    @carmen……cover up? she rarely has bikini pictures posted unless they are from a shoot and she doesn’t take “candid” pictures that are posed like Heidi or Lilo. She is always wearing baggy sweats when she is out and about.

    as for her being too skinny, she is really fit here and must work hard for that. for her being so short, that is one of the main reason she may look “too skinny” to most of you. I’m sure if you saw a girl her height at the gym with her body you would think she looks great, but celebs have to get picked on all the time. they are always too fat or too thin. If she is being smart about working out and eating good, and feels good, then good for her.

  • madeline


    Sorry, but I think it is the other way around. Megan does better than Heidi and Lindsay. And bikinis like the one she is wearing is not that uncommon.

  • mickey

    This is her pr move to show that she isn’t too skinny and they made a mistake for dropping her from T3.

  • Andy

    Needs to gain weight.

  • OHMAN!

    i soo wish i had her body! oh and follow the twitter! :D

  • Don Sinner

    at least she doesn’t appear to have cellulite

  • the african darkside

    From my interpretation of these pictures. It seem megan fox is happier there than in california. She has nice abs,but to me seems slightly too skinny. But i don’t know the pressure of hollywood or the millions of dollar,and the undesired fame.

  • yo sista

    Not cute!

    Curvy women for the win!

    the Beyonces, Britneys and Shakiras have way better bodies!

  • Sad news

    Her chest area is disgusting. Her implants are too hard looking on her bony torso.
    I like her six pack belly though but she has no hips definition whatsoever.

  • hannah


    Agreed, is Megan supposed to go to the beach in one of those full-body wetsuits scientists wear while traveling to Antarctica? Her abs are kinda scary, though.

  • Lexander

    I’m sorry but those abs are photoshopped.

    These pictures were taken yesterday:

    How did she get ripped overnight???

  • dundies

    abs of steel? my stomach looks like that too when I’m starving

  • hannah


    Now, why would Jared photoshop her abs??? I think it’s the lighting.

  • Whatever

    Seriously, if anyone watching geeky-David on Beverly Hills, 90210, ever thought he would end up with a girl like Megan Fox. Lucky bastard!

  • Jess

    If she was starving herself she wouldn’t have muscle and abs. Do you people know how hard it is to have a 6 pack? That is not by starving. She clearly has been working out a lot and has a hot bod… don’t be jealous.

  • Sad news

    i must add, i like her six pack abs but i hope she won’t overdo it and look like Scary Spice.

    As for her boob job, it’s too hard looking, really. Thank God, she didn’t get a XXL size, it would have looked even more plastic and nasty.

  • tina

    she’s inshape AND skinny. not pretty skinny though. if you’re skinny to the point where your chest bones are popping out, it is bad, even if you’re healthy.

  • Nora

    megan rocks .. and the guy is ugly .. find a prettier one megan !

  • Kitt


  • Alaia

    @hannah: Please don’t compare Keira Knightley to Megan Fox. Keira has more credibility than that.