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Gerard Butler & Goga Ashkenazi: Couple In The Works?

Gerard Butler & Goga Ashkenazi: Couple In The Works?

Gerard Butler reportedly is trying to woo London-based Kazakhstani billionaire Goga Ashkenazi, according to NY Post.

The possible pair met at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival last month and he was spotted visiting her West London mansion last weekend.

A source reveals, “Gerard was spotted chatting up Goga at a party in Cannes and they exchanged numbers.”

FYI: Goga is a close friend of Prince Andrew and is an Oxford graduate with a gold-mining and construction company.

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662 Responses to “Gerard Butler & Goga Ashkenazi: Couple In The Works?”

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  1. 51
    nat Says:

    She’s not a billionaire. But the married father of her baby is

  2. 52
    Nuts Says:

    At this rate, he’s going to be famous for being a playboy of the rich & famous instead of as being an actor.

    Someday, some youngster will see Gerry’s haggard face on a magazine cover and ask their mom, “who is this old guy and why is he hugging that really young actress”. Mother will then sigh and reply, “That’s Gerard Butler. He used to be an actor many, many years ago. Now he just dates for a living.”

  3. 53
    Merlin Says:

    @Fritz the Benevolent:
    LOOOL! Not to mention a four star chef, 800 thread count sheets and a doggy throne for Lolita.
    * * *
    ROFL!!! Perfect match then!! *waves to Fritz, nice to see you again*
    Yoda Ashkenazi? Gerry’s dating a East European Jewish Jedi Master?

    *bowing to the new Outstanding Sorcerer, Merlin and esquire Tonto*
    * * *
    *bows back , winks*
    Think the new Gerry’s Yoda master is a bit better than the real one.. At least this one has a great body!
    If true, perfect match for the Gman… open marriage, money, and one of the highest step in the ladder until now….. Come on Gerry, scr*-w around more and you’re almost at the top!!
    Just a question… is he going after the heiresses right now?

  4. 54
    Stinkylouise Says:

    “I fear for MGP”

    Awww,Nuts,you didn’t have any expectations did you? You know better than that.LOL!!

  5. 55
    Eurasian Says:

    I like Gerard. He reminds me of a friend I have

  6. 56
    Merlin Says:

    “That’s Gerard Butler. He used to be an actor many, many years ago. Now he just dates for a living.”
    * * *
    Oh God… laughable and sad at the same time…

  7. 57
    Eurasian Says:

    @Nuts: That’s why it’d be good for your children to start working since a very young age: to get noticed of what work is and get used to it

  8. 58
    redOctober Says:


    …Now he just dates for a living.”

    I agree with Merlin…how sad it sounds, even if it’s just in jest.

  9. 59
    ugglywoman Says:

    I believe that Gerard deserves this ugly woman. She is also a fortunes’s hunting.

  10. 60
    redOctober Says:


    Now he just dates for a living.”

    I was quoting you , Nuts and agreeing with Merlin’s comment at the same time…
    My mind is a bit foggy today. Blame the cold weather.

  11. 61
    Merlin Says:

    I have just the impression Gerard always dated for a living…
    I still think he was talented, maybe he hadn’t the same opinion as me, bloody insecure guy…. :(
    *sorry, I’m in a depressed mood today*

  12. 62
    Dawn Says:

    Taking this with a huge grain of salt A) because it is from the Post and B) Gerry is paired with just about every woman he looks at by the tabloid press.

  13. 63
    Dawn Says:


    Gerry didn’t dump her. They were NEVER dating.

  14. 64
    gossiphound Says:

    Be more impressive if one person got a photo of these two together so indeed grain of salt except he did seem to have a layover in London Sunday night, hmmm.

  15. 65
    Dawn Says:

    @Now Then:

    Well, it is the Post. I wouldn’t be surprised if they placed Gerry in London when he was really in Scotland or on his way back to LA.

  16. 66
    Manny Says:

    honestly… @ 06/09/2010 at 6:12 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +4

    The stories about him with APJ in Haiti were much better. Or maybe some nice dog-walking pics? MAybe someone could get a photo of him holding a baby or something equally awwww-inducing. Anything but another random hookup with another random model/heiress/actress/famewh*re! It’s getting predictable.
    Well we had APJ and Haiti and he was criticized as just pimping for press.
    Last time he was photographed walking Lolita her was harpooned as a bad dog owner for walking her without a leash.
    If he held a baby everyone would be screaming love child.
    I guess he is going to have to continue doing what he loves best… wh*ring. :)

  17. 67
    redOctober Says:


    …sorry you’re feeling depressed …sending healing hugs to Camelot.

  18. 68
    gossiphound Says:

    Whenever they put me in moderation that means it will never show up.

    The Daily Mail just had a big feature on Goga Ashkenazi, go to their website June 5, 2010 – she says she wants to conquer the world so would seem like she might be on her own PR drive or the Butler is part of the plan to conquer the world.

  19. 69
    Di Penates Says:

    Gerald’s looking so desparate these days. These moves for publicity are so pathetic. Is this what non A list actors have to do to promote/sell films now?

  20. 70
    Manny Says:

    Stinkylouise @ 06/09/2010 at 8:42 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +5

    This would be a perfect relationship.
    She can bankroll all his projects and since she doesn’t give a rat’s *ss about marriage vows,he can scr*w whoever he wants on the side.LOL!!
    What is that old saying… “It is as easy to marry a rich man as a poor man.” This is a relationship that could work for Gerry. Open marriage would be his cup of tea. A quarterly roll in the hay with the wifey to keep her happy. Big allowance… $5M/month. :)
    @BUTS – Yoda it is… Love that nickname for Gogo or Goga or Gogi.
    @Nuts – Sadly his career is taking a backseat to everything else right now. I can hear BlowAss now… “So do we fit work in anywhere this week? Maybe between 5-7a on Wednesday there is an open spot…” Gerry… “Well I could run over with f*cking club ho #4,039,394. Better not. Any other time?”

  21. 71
    gossiphound Says:

    Guess who was at the Charity Luncheon we just couldn’t figure out why GB would bother showing up to?

  22. 72
    the link Says:

    what charity luncheon?? – I don’t know how you guys keep everything he does straight!

    You guys don’t really think is the real deal do you?
    really? This is such a joke.

  23. 73
    the link Says:

    Danielle Staub is the one that is creepy looking! Too much botox!

  24. 74
    Nuts Says:

    So she opens her wallet (and other things)…and it makes Evil Twins happy and she gets to be in the movie biz.

    One hand washes the other…

    This is a playground I can barely comprehend. Do you think he went to Mum’s for absolution after wh*r*ing his way around Serbia, Croatia, Belgard, Moscow, and then Serbia again.

    Are these billionaires and jet-setters now on his Christmas card list?

    *Envisions Poor Blonde Assistant putting address labels on envelopes and slipping in cards with Gerry and Lolita on the front dressed in holiday regalia.*

  25. 75
    Nuts Says:


    Correction: That should read, Serbia, Croatia, Monaco, France, Moscow and then Serbia again.

    Seriously, Alan and Joy.
    It’s called GPS.
    Consider it.

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