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Alexander Skarsgard & Stephen Moyer: Cement Truck Scene!

Alexander Skarsgard & Stephen Moyer: Cement Truck Scene!

Alexander Skarsgard and co-star Stephen Moyer rehearse a scene for their hit vampire series, True Blood, on Friday in Los Angeles (June 25).

Show creator Alan Ball was on the scene, directing both Alex and Stephen.

SPOILERS: The scene goes on around a cement truck. Cement is poured over a shallow grave. Eric looks to be wearing handcuffs. And at one point, Bill shoves Eric out of the way. Can’t wait to see the actual scene!!!

A new episode of True Blood airs this Sunday (June 27) @ 9PM ET/PT on HBO!

20+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer‘s cement truck scene…

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alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 01
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 02
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 03
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 04
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 05
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 06
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 07
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 08
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 09
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 10
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 11
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 12
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 13
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 14
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 15
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 16
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 17
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 18
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 19
alexander skarsgard stephen moyer cement truck 20

Credit: Andrew Shawaf; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • http://deleted Sara

    Oh I LOVE this!!!!! Thank you JJ.

  • J.

    Stephen >>>>>

  • Carly

    I love Stephen. Thanks Jared.

  • true blood

    They both look great and looks like they’re having lots of fun.
    Thanks, Jared.

  • Katra

    Interesting… I wonder what’s going to happen with this scene…

  • KN

    Thanks Jared for these photos! I love True Blood! It looks like they are rehearsing for the season finale, because AB usually directs the final episodes of the season. Looks like Bill and Eric are making some kind of a pact or something with their handshake. I can’t wait to see this episode and find out more. P.S. Both Steven and Alex are so sexy!

  • eurt

    Nelly F. rehearses right between jogging sessions in Griffith Park.
    jk don’t believe someone is that stupid to do what is fanficed by casadumbo.
    askars’ side pictures kill the lust slightly his weak chin reminds me of Professor from futurama.

  • ness

    Funny. alex’s boobs are the same size as kate’s boobs.

  • Shemp

    Alex looks wonderful.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Hotness abound! Stephen looks so good in RL and Askars … yummy!

  • Liz

    Two very hot and smart guys!! :)
    But I must say I have a little crush on Stephen. Love him & Anna, they’re a great couple.

  • Good job!

    Good job Jared, you mentioned both actors in the headline title. Keep it up.

  • http://Justjared Sling

    I go i go i go

  • LoveTrueBlood

    Very interesting photos. WOW now trying to figure out is Eric kneeing to Bill and Bill comes down to him or do they start in the kneeing position and Bill stands up. In some photos you see the handcuffs and in others you don’t. What is going on? Did Bill just save Eric? Did they make a pact? Or is Bill part of the vampire hierarchy and is higher then Eric. Is he part of the AVL? So many questions! Can’t wait!

  • lehsis

    Great shots! Thanks for the update…a little odd though, as vamps and sun do not mix.

    Maybe a dream sequence?

  • Iffy Miffy

    @LoveTrueBlood: Bill is not higher than Eric in the vamp hierarchy, it’s the other way around. Eric is a much, much older vamp and more powerful.

  • alex p

    wow.. they look great…

  • TruFan

    Sorry Anna- I’d screw your fiancee if I had the chance! Just kidding (not really)!

  • BooHiss!

    @lehsis: They are rehearsing. When they actually film the scene it will be shot at night.

    Very interesting!

  • JustJoanie

    @lehsis: By the way they’re dressed and they’re holding scripts, it looks as though they’re rehearsing. The scene will probably be shot tonight.

  • JustJoanie

    Oops. I see BooHiss! already answered you, lehsis. : )

  • Ginger


    I think it is fair to say this is just a rehearsal. They do blocking before shooting. Maybe this is what they will be shooting tonight?? Given what they are both wearing, this is NOT Eric and Bill costumes. If Alex was wearing a track suit and Bill a boring button down shirt, I’d say you are right.
    All these pics are VERY INTRIGUING. You know they use the finale to set up storylines for next season. Me thinks someone (either Bill or Eric) is going to be trapped in cement until S4.

  • LoveTrueBlood

    @Iffy Miffy I am very well versed in True Blood and in the books. I know Eric is higher in the vamp hierarchy according to Charlaine Harris but this is Alan Ball. I am just suggesting that Alan could be putting in a twist. We still do not know how one becomes a king or queen in True Blood. It could be based on age or based on something else. The AVL are quite powerful to the point their voice was stronger then Godric’s who was 2000 years old. So who knows. So much to speculate and that is part of the fun. :)

  • redrose

    Thanks for the photos! TB’s Eric and real life Stephen are so damn sexy!

  • Erica

    Skarsgard. Handcuffs. Is this MY dream sequence?!? LOL!

  • JM

    So glad Stephen was in the headline too. Is it just me or does he seem more buff than in the last 2 seasons? His bod is rockin! I’ve read the books and can’t recall a cement mixer so I guess this scene is strictly from Alan Ball’s mind (or his team of very talented writers). I hope it’s not the season finale though. I’d pictured the finale showing Sookie driving home and finding Eric (opening sequence to book 4). No matter what, I’m loving season 3 so far.

  • zee

    If i were to guess i’d say Eric and Bill team up against either Sophie Anne or Russell and bury him/herin the cement.

    And dayyymn Askars looks foine! Stephen looks pretty good too -can’t hate.

  • Alona

    @Erica: no, I’m sorry! I think you’ve accidentally stumbled into my dream sequence ;) But you’re welcome to take Bill, since I will not share my Viking!! ;)

  • cutiepie11

    Steven is damn hot and Alex well he is a beautiful man too…. will have wait to see what the episode will be always surprising Alan ball!!!

  • Ginger


    I completely agree with you! They are definitely working on the season finale but I am REALLY REALLY hoping for the storyline of Sookie driving home and Eric running down the road…………

  • Lou

    Wow, Stephen actually got mentioned in the title! I’m impressed, Jared.

    Love the pics. Have no idea what’s going on, but I can enjoy the pretty. Stephen Moyer is absolutely delicious.

  • JustJoanie

    Thanks for the pictures, JJ, and for giving Stephen equal billing in the headline … as it should be. These guys are beyond gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what’s up in that scene.

  • LJ

    Is the tattoo on Alexander’s leg real?

  • ABC

    Have you guys seen Alex’s stunt double? All I have to say is he could definitely replace Alex. Hmmmm.

    Anyhoos… Alex has got skinny legs.

  • L

    @LJ: Yeah, it’s a picture his younger brother drew.

  • hmmm

    i wonder if Alex was confused about why Kate was so weepy this past week?

  • Jam

    People, where is hif gf Kate???

  • @38

    Sobbing into her pillow screaming “why, orlando! why?”
    “why couldn’t it be meeeeee?”

  • Malanna

    Ha ha…..where is Kate indeed…seems to me Kate and their PR people finally got the message to stop being a famewhore. She difinately has the paps on speed dile when it suits her. If one does not want to be seen, one is not seen….explains the dry spell now. Even Ted Casablanca remarked the absence of Kate and her PR relationship gone wrong…poor Kate having a tough week ….I’ll give her a break for trying at least to wane her addiction for attention from the paps……lol

  • Orlly&Katefan

    I kinda feel sorry for Kate B, she was with Orlando for 4 -5 years and IMO she was the happiest with him….I actually thought they would eventually find their way back together……now she has deal with that douche AS…she was never the same after Orlando broke up with her…Orlly was a gentleman and Kate did not realize how lucky she was at the time to be with him!

  • @41

    Miranda is the luckiest woman on the planet (IMO).

  • Response

    I agree with you I actually thought that Kate and Orlando complimented eachother well with their relationship…she never looked happier ….it was only after they broke up that Kate’s reputation went down hill, as if she was acting out.. when your in a relationship that long it’s got to hurt when there is a breakup….she even admitted that she had emotional problems ever since childhood hence therapy throughout childhood years….so she probably did not take it too well when they went their seperate ways first with the anorexia…and then with other neg behaviors…many think Alex is not good for her and many will say she is not good for him…..who knows but I too felt sorry for her when the announcement of Orlando’s engagemnet to Miranda Kerr…

  • Vanessa

    His legs *are* skinny, is he on the Blahs-worth diet?

  • CanadaGirl

    Love Alex’s tattoo. I believe it’s from a drawing his little brother did. Correct me if I’m wrong tho’.

  • L

    How the hell did this turn into a Kate Bosworth discussion?

  • R&M

    Stephen looks hot! Alex? Not so much. Methinks the ride’s over.

  • Poor little rich girl
  • Sara

    Why does every single conversation about True Blood have to become a bitch fest over whether Stephen or Alex is hotter? To each there own.

  • Uh

    the guy in blue shorts looks kind of fem. Just sayin’. The other one’s hot, though.

  • Sophia

    2 very hot men. But I must say that I have a crush on Stephen Moyer. He is one very hot tamale.