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Taylor Momsen: Warped Tour with The Pretty Reckless!

Taylor Momsen: Warped Tour with The Pretty Reckless!

Taylor Momsen and her band, The Pretty Reckless kick off the Vans Warped Tour in Carson, California Friday (June 25).

The 16-year-old and her band performed three songs from their self-titled EP, which was released earlier this month! Taylor also rocked out on two new songs, “Since You’re Gone” and “Miss Nothing”.

Pick up tickets to see Taylor and the guys live at!

15+ pictures inside of Taylor Momsen rocking out onstage at Warped Tour…

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taylor momsen warp tour kick off 01
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Credit: Aaron D. Settipane; Photos: WENN, Mavrix Online
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  • wano

    omg love her, she is a good role model :)

  • Kristina

    She looks so pale

  • Heads/Tails

    Taylor M. is a performer. And you can never count on what the media says about people or what “rumored” stories costars have negatively said about her. I’m willing to bet none of us truly know her. However, there are so many people struggling to get work–let alone acting, modeling and singing roles–and she seems really ungrateful via interviews, images and behavior. I’m not judging her talents—they may be great or not so great. But she seems to have a terrible attitude. Though lively and passionate looking on stage, she’s so practiced in being sour-faced for photos. I know a lot of people also would say that the way she dresses is inappropriate for her age, suggestive and shows attitude as well (I don’t judge anyone for how they dress–this is not what this post is about—it’s about real vs. fake.) I believe this is all part of a character she is creating–a rebellious one. And it is very transparent. There are so many dreamers out there–and even more so—go getters who are as talented, if not more so than Taylor. It would be lovely if she remembered where the spotlight came from—her fans and punters paying for her popularity. And when that light goes out and all she has is the fake persona, overly kohled eyes and torn fishnets—it’s going to be truly Gothicly-dark (this time for real–not just for show). At 16, even a hard-shell that’s been manufactured, cracks from that kind of pain.

  • Channy

    Damn. I love her hair! I don’t think I could pull it off so great as her though

  • lalala

    She is gorgeous. Can’t wait for her next movie. I saw her hot pics on a millioniare dating site called Rich ki ss.c om. Was it her? I’m not sure. Charlie sheen said he found great dates there before. Maybe the celebs like that special site.

  • http://j ivanka

    i swear miley and her are competing for the “most nasty performer” award

  • GreenCAT

    A 16-year old should not be dressing like this!

  • Tony

    What the hell is wrong with her mother pimping her out like this!!? She should be arrested for child abuse.

    and damn, is this girl ugly.

  • saphira

    I don’t understand this trend of female “musicians” performing in what looks like lingerie. Is it necessary from them to sell their act in this manner? If you truly have talent, let it stand for itself. In any case, at least wear something decent.

  • Ayaz

    I like how JustJared likes to promote his site as the ‘friendly’ blog which doesn’t post disparaging comments about celebs. The truth is he is just as crooked and money hungry as other celebrity bloggers by posting the most controversial pictures along with the article summary, so over-sensitive old timers can register their outrage.

    This is 2010, girls dress like this. Deal with it.

  • CanadaGirl

    When you can see your ass cheeks and your upper p***y in a front shot photo, the outfit is too short.
    Didn’t Cher and Xtina already do this schtick?
    Dull. Boring. Outdated. And she’s only 16.

  • Ana

    This girl is trying so hard that it’s starting to be borderline pathetic and sad. No wait, it’s already pathetic and sad.

  • N

    Agreed!! Also i have seen comments comparing her to Miley and saying these girls are trashy…. People must live really sheltered lives. Who cares how these girls dress, get over it and stop living in the 18th century. Regardless of what she is wearing Taylor is a great singer. Another point to all you prudes out there, Hellem Mirriam, an award winning actress and probably a wiser person than the jelous nast y people out there leaving digusting comments (she is older than the 10year olds who aren’t mature enough to leave a comment without using swearing and insults) said something along the lines of she loves Miley and thinks it’s great that teenage girls are embracing their sexuality. Im sick of people posting nasty and hatefull comments on these sites. Everyone has a right to an opinion, but these aren’t opinions, it’s just nasty insults.

  • Wes

    I miss the old Taylor!!

  • Slig

    Iam best song .,

  • kara

    Pictures of little slut made for perverts

  • Berry Sprite

    Well, compare to Miley at least she can actually sing.

  • ness

    @Heads/Tails: totally agree with you. seriously, why does she even have fans if she doesn’t appreciate any of them? taylor is gorgeous and really talented, but she doesn’t deserve any of this if this is the kind of image she wants to put forward

  • tal


  • Jenny

    Wow. You can see her underwear. Slag much?
    She’s sixteen – it’s ridiculous really. And she’s worse than Miley – who is seventeen!

  • zttertww

    Miley looks innocent next to her and yeah tylor tries so hard to be a little bitch well girl if you wanna be the next amy winehouse or something get wasted quickly then die from overdose…


    She may be worthless as well as reckless, but I have to give her this: she’s talented, moreso than the over-produced Miley.

  • pervy cameraman

    She is a lot more bearable than Miley. Try sitting through one Miley Cyrus interview without cringing, changing the channel or throwing the remote at the screen…the sh*t she comes out with. And this chick actually has TALENT.

  • Stacey

    I love her

  • efron

    i find it so funny how these damn puritans are so ”shocked” with a girl dressed like this, when in reality 13 yo girls are getting knocked up in broom closets at public schools. This is 2010 for f├╝cks sake.

  • wabba

    Wow, she’s only 16??? Where are her parents?? Till she’s 18, at the least, she can dress however, but till then, HELLLOOOO PARENTSSS!!

  • luvd80s2

    @efron: So true! just watch MTV’s Pregnant at 16!

  • Barf

    What a little whore. She was also smoking on stage, she is just sooo cool.

  • Stacey

    Oh Taylor, stop copying Cherie Currie!!