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Gerard Butler: Rebel with a Cause

Gerard Butler: Rebel with a Cause

Gerard Butler walks and talks on his cell phone while out and about on Sunday afternoon (July 18) in Detroit, Mich.

The 40-year-old Scottish stud was taking a quick break from shooting his latest movie, Machine Gun Preacher. (He plays a former gang biker and drug dealer who becomes a member of the Assembly of God church.)

Gerry wore a Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions hat as well as a t-shirt with the word “REBEL” emblazoned on the front of it paired with PRPS Barracuda Jeans.

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Credit: Matt Smith; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Just looking

    ErinLCummings lokks a little like Laurie – she is definitly his type.

    Muslim Miss USA will not sleep with him before marriage nor would she be able to marry him if he doesn’t convert to Islam. She’ll be ostracized or killed by the fanatics.

  • hellotheregb

    @Florida Gal: I am not interested in tearing you apart. I it is nice that someone seems to have some insight to how Gman is personally. I have seen many bloggers post the same info but as you did did not provide the direct information that you have drawn your conclusions from. I really would like to know the things you mentioned you have read and heard that are facts about what a nice person he is, we do have people post about their chance encounters who share that he was very nice and down to earth kinda of guy. But again that is it, what can you share that would be new information shedding light on his person.

    I also am not totally convinced that the negative pics/womanizing/famewhoring is all the media fault. This guy loves the limelight and has shown to be able to be seen or not seen when he wants. Am I wrong about this?

    @Nuts: agreed the Cootie hunter extras are even more lame!!

  • Sofine

    @Sweet pea: yes it’s Laurie

  • isabella

    @gossiphound: Now there’s a movie I will avoid like the plague. I can’t stand Miley Cyrus and her big mouth. Her speaking voice is like fingernails on a chalk board to me.

  • a fan

    I was disappointed with the DVD extras. Not even a director’s commentary version of the movie. I always look forward to hearing a behind the scenes commentary about films. However, I just read the DVD sales predictions for the week and it’s expected to be #1.

  • Just looking

    if you think he is an idiot why do you bother following him. Besides, that’s your opinion. he can live his life any way he wants without you or anyone else telling him how he should behave. As far as I know, it’s a free country and he’s not breaking any laws. Why don’t you mind your own business?
    What are you a mind reader? Do you know what they are trying to prevent or not? What he did in Coriolanus didn’t hurt his image one bit; if anything it kept him in the tabloids. Again, he is not breaking any laws and he has a right to live his life his way. You are way too cynical.

  • redOctober

    @hellotheregb: ….facts about what a nice person he is…

    Absolutely agree with you. I’d love to know for certain that G is the nice man many of his fans claim him to be. But so far I have no way to know it with certainty. Not reading or listening to his interviews or what other actors/directors/crew members tell about him. Perhaps his close family /friends know how the real Gerry is, and even them could be surprised by the man himself one day. He’s kind with his fans? yes. But like anybody else he can pretend and wear a polite mask in social events. He’s an actor, and a good one when he choses to…We’d never know when he’s acting or being his real self.

  • hellotheregb

    @busybee: I agree with you, we can be wack. I just don’t know why I must know who celebraties are bang’in. I can’t help it! just love to hear it!

    @XOXOXO: My question exactly! I hear that she and AShton are on the outs. And someone posted a while ago that Gman and she were seen together at some party. Maybe in Cannes. I asked the person to expound etc. and no one picked up on the comment. I was curious to see that again in a twitter. but again no one here picked up on theat.

  • McK
  • Just looking

    “I didn’t see that he was acting like an idiot. He was just having a good time. And, to set the record straight. He’s 40. That’s hardly an age to dry up and not have a good time. There were not any babies in the crowd at the bar. Everyone looked to be adults. In my town we have summer concerts and even people in their 70s show to sing along with the bands and dance. Some of the older ones are better dancers than the youn”
    ITAWY. he is not acting like an idiot singing Karaoke in a bar even though it’s not my cup of tea. Let the guy have a good time without others second-guessing everything he does and interpreting it as something deviant. He is just living his life for goodness sakes

  • Sukar


    Look with the exception of the Australian assistant who said that he was a nightmare to work for, everyone says that he is an amazing and lovely person.

  • a fan

    @hellotheregb: And, remember Gerard and she were on the Haiti trek at the same time.


    @gossiphound: thanks.


    @Just looking: Yes, your absolutely right, he IS nothing but a tabloid joke.


    @hellotheregb: Wow, I didn’t see that coming. I guess time will tell if there’s anything to it.

  • redOctober


    We cannot be sure if what that woman told was true either.

  • hellotheregb

    @a fan: yes, I just remembered that. But the comment was unusual not related to Haiti, Maybe around the Lindasy pool thread the comment was made and or an article was published. hey just know i am not starting anything just commenting on what I have read, which we all know is bs. Hey girls who love Laurie and G together, Demi has also been in Detroit! Ok she is still married and personally I love she and AShton together. I think they have been a fun celeb. couple. One of my favs. So I hope all is well in their household.

  • Kenia,_1st_Viscount_Galmoye

    His father’s name is Edward Butler and his family originates from Ireland.. any chances Gerard James Butler is a descendant of the Butler dynasty from Ireland?

    There’s also a James Butler in that dynasty and many Edward Butlers….

    I know a little random.. I’m just wondering..

  • hellotheregb

    I think Gman looks good in these pics. He was getting to skinny and he looks great at this weight. I must say his arms look great. I must have been temporarily blind earlier.

  • Old Mia

    My bet would be that G and Demi are just two friends, both working in the same city and met up for a little time out together.

    I’ll have to read up on the Butler dynasty. I would imagine most of the Butlers in Ireland can trace their family history back to the same family tree hundreds of years ago.

  • Kenia

    @Old Mia:

    I would imagine that somewhere in this Butler genealogical tree dating back to the 14th century, you can find Gerry Butler’s distant ancestors…

  • Old Mia

    @Kenia: The House of Butler. Sounds like a movie title.

    I love history, especially Celtic, English history. I’ve got to get back to work now, but when I get home tonight I’m going to read these names and see if I can find out anything more about them. Thanks for posting.

  • Kenia

    @Old Mia:

    You should also then check out this link:

  • gossiphound

    @Just looking:
    Ms. Cummings is lovely.
    Not sure I would say she looks like LC, except the tall thin brunette part.

    Guess you missed the photo or photos of the current Miss USA working a stripper pole on a stage somewhere which naturally came out the day after she won. Not such a good girl. Can’t remember what the rationale was for that photo.

  • Just looking

    yes, she is lovely, much prettier than Laurie
    what picture of Ms Muslim Ms America on stripper pole, do you have a picture?

  • gossiphound

    @a fan: They should have gotten Aniston drunk and Gerry hyped up on caffeine and/or sex deprived and had Gerry and Aniston make comments on the film and pretend they weren’t being recorded……..

    Gerry: I did not get paid enough to do this crap.
    Jennifer: Now Gerry it was better than the Management script.
    Gerry: That’s not saying much, why did I do this, oh yeah right.
    Jennifer: Oh yeah right and it wasn’t all that, too bad Clive will never work with me again.
    Gerry: Yeah the casino that was fun. I remember those brunettes, oh sorry Jenn.
    Jennifer: Thanks Gerry for reminding me you are a manwhore.
    Gerry: You slept with Mayer, please.
    Jennifer: At least my hair looks great you look like Frankenstein in picnic cloth.
    Gerry: That really hurt.
    Jennifer: Ah I’m sorry Gerbear.

  • redOctober


    This is fascinating. Thanks for bringing it to consideration ; D

  • Kenia


    It is, isn’ t?!

    I thought I would bring it up since it seems to be a very historic name with regards to the nobility in Ireland… Among the many distinguished Butler family members was also Irish poet William Butler Yeats…

    Maybe Gerry should play Yeats after all and not Burns!! LOL

  • gossiphound
  • Veronique

    I was in Birimingham Michigan on Saturday and passed by the Tallulah Wine Bar where Gerard was spotted recently. Birmingham is a nice place to go out. Hope to have the opportunity to run into him, like most of the other women in Michigan I am sure. Thought I spotted someone who resembled him standing outside of the Townsend Hotel but it was probably just a mirage (i.e. we are having hot temps.).

    However, no one has really verified where he is staying and the only two options appear to be the Townsend Hotel where many top athletes and celebrities who are in town stay or the Westin Book Cadillac which also caters to this clientele.

    I have been to Black Finn in Royal Oak, the other place Gerard was spotted at and it is a very preppy bar in my opinion.

    How did that chick Laurie Cholewa or whatever her name is make it onto this thread? Did someone spot Gerry with her? I couldn’t make it through all of the comments to find out if that is the case. Are their photos or video of them in Michigan together?

    Thanks to anyone who can provide an answer.

  • redOctober


    Indeed he carries a long line of noble and eminent people in his ancestry. He should be proud.

  • Just looking

    she is definitely pretty and definitely G’s type.
    a little bit on the skinny side though

  • Miss Hezbollah USA

    @gossiphound: @Just looking:
    “Sorry, habibti, but your “secret weapon” is that you’re an Arab Muslim, and Donald Trump and his sponsors got you an affirmative action slot. And that ain’t such a secret (except to you).”
    “Boobs for Allah.”

  • gossiphound

    There is absolutely no proof that LC is in Detroit, not even a hint, yes must be the heat.

    I have not heard definitively where Gerard is staying. The Westin was the one name I heard from others the first night he had arrived in Detroit and since he had dinner with Sam Childers at the Grille 24? that night which is part of the Westin hotel, that seemed like a good bet. But haven’t heard anything since. He may even be renting a house out in Royal Oak since he seems to like it out there and he has preferred houses to hotels in the past.

  • Nuts

    I wonder who all the VMs are from that he listens to when he walks around…




    List of daily reminders from Blonde Assistant?

    Reports from his team about what is being posted on JJ?

    Feedback on TBH DVD “Extras”?

  • Tonto

    I think trying to verify LC as being in Detroit of all places is futile to say the least. How many women has he been photographed with in the last five years? I think we all know by now that he doesn’t do commitments or at least not for the long haul. When and if he decides to link up with someone, it won’t be photographed and seen in a tabloid mag or any where else. Wanting him to be romantically involved with some one doesn’t mean it’s real. Give Laurie a rest and let her live her life and let Butler live his life, otherwise you are just wishing on a star. Pun intended.

  • redOctober

    @Nuts: Reports from his team about what is being posted on JJ?

    …hehehe…good one ; P

  • hellotheregb

    @gossiphound: LMAO!!! would have been the best thing about the DVD those two spontaneously talking/arguing about the filming!

  • redOctober
  • Old Mia

    @redOctober: Oh, dear lord. It’s 97 degrees and humid. He’s sweating like a pig, just worked 12 hours and he has to endure this? Kudos to Mr. Butler for all he does to earn his millions by keeping the fans happy. LOL.

    No new set pics tonight? If Red hasn’t found them, they don’t exist. Well, I guess I’ll be off to read about The House of Butler.

  • Canera


    Sam is an Assemmbly of God minister, that’s how much “just saying” knows.

  • nightmares

    looking at JJ tonight is rather gross. Holmes looking like a fool in some big wig. Pitt suffering from a middle aged crisis with a deep cut shirt and necklace. On and on. Then I landed here. At least Butler seems like a rather normal guy. Love his legs. He actually goes to karaoke bars and sings with regs?

  • heidi

    @Veronique: Ignore the thumbs down. Can’t figure them out. Must be your reference to Laurie. Most of us are waiting for new information from Michigan. Don’t stop posting. The trolls must be back.

  • Question

    Did Manny and Merlin run off together? Shall we report them as IMAs?

  • Sonia

    SInce things are slow I thought I would post an old article on Gerry… very interesting article I may add…

    Category: Interviews
    Article Date: February 9, 2002 | Publication: The Herald (Glasgow) | Author: Teddy Jamieson
    Posted by: admin

    You get your Kicks walking in front of cars. but what do you do if that’s not enough? you go to hollywood

    The couch is worrying. Its pale green bulk fills a fair portion of the intimate back room, little more than a snug, in London’s Soho House where I’m to talk to Gerry Butler. Sit down on it and you begin to sink. And then keep sinking. I’m convinced that if I sit back in it I’m not going to be able to get back out again. So for an hour I sit nervously on the edge of the cushion, fearful of getting in too deep. The story of my life, you could say. When Butler arrives, though, he throws himself down into the depths of the couch without hesitation. Which, pop psychologists might suggest, is the story of his.

    Butler – Gerry to his friends, Gerard to his mother (and actress Izabella Scorupco: “She has such a sexy, husky voice I let her get away with it,” he says) – is the new Scottish superstar with a wild past, the 32-year-old Glaswegian who gave up a legal career to chance his arm as an actor and lucked out big time in Hollywood. With a major Hollywood feature film in the can and another on the way, Butler could be officially tagged as the next best thing if he hadn’t already been called that 12 months ago. This time last year he was being touted as the new Ewan McGregor after landing the lead in Wes Craven’s millennial version of Dracula. The problem was that the film turned out to be a poor advert for his talents, giving him the chance to do little more than flash his teeth and torso at the camera. And with nothing else on show in 2001, audiences could have been forgiven for thinking so much for that.

    Fortunately for Butler, Dracula 2001 has proved more of a false start than a dead end. Later this year he can be seen fighting fire-breathing dragons with Izabella Scorupo, Matthew McConaughy and Christian Bale in the fantasy adventure Reign of Fire directed by Rob Bowman. He has pulled out of Renny Harlin’s serial killer thriller Mindhunters but come March he starts filming the lead in the much-delayed adaptation of Michael Crichton’s time travel fantasy Timeline. Twelve months from now we will probably be able to drop the next from next big thing. “I almost feel scared to acknowledge what’s going on in LA,” he admits.

    There is an almost childish glee when he discusses his upward career direction. Timeline will be directed by Richard (Lethal Weapon) Donner. “He’s such fun to work with,” Butler gushes. “He’s one of the all-time great directors and he’s made six movies with Mel Gibson at the helm and now I’m at the helm. I’m sitting having lunch with him a few months ago, sitting in the most amazing house in the Hollywood Hills and I just thought I remember watching Lethal Weapon when I was a teenager in Glasgow. Now I’m sitting with Richard Donner having lunch as we talk about me and how we’re going to do this ginormous studio movie, Paramount’s tentpole movie for next Christmas.”

    Before all this, though, Butler is making a rare appearance on the small screen as part of the ensemble cast of ITV’s new Sunday night drama The Jury, the reason for this afternoon’s conversation in the clubbable surroundings of the Greek Street hostelry. Soho House is a venue around which actorly types tend to congregate. What’s her name from Playing the Field is sitting at a window table when I come in, while our waitress has a part in Michael Caine’s current movie Last Orders. Butler obviously feels at home. He comes into the room in a hurry, coffee in hand, cigarette in mouth, chatting with his PA and flirting with the staff. He happily sinks into the sofa’s billowy depths and begins to talk. Actually babble might be a more accurate description. Words and ideas tumble out of him pell-mell. He will start a sentence but before finishing jump on to the next one. His favourite words are “fantastic” and “beautiful”. At one point he tells me he loves London because it has this “really cool vibe” to it. His vocabulary is pure stoner, but he rattles it out at amphetamine pace, his Scottish accent still very much intact.

    His style today is terrace casual. All Pringle jumper and jewellery – necklace, rings and bracelet – hair tousled, beard fashionably unkempt. You could describe him, as The Jury’s press notes say of his character, as having “stereotypical good looks”. Knocking back an iced mineral water (he stopped drinking four years ago) he is immediately friendly and unguardedly open. The Jury – a court drama which also features Anthony Sher, Derek Jacobi and Mark Strong – sees him take a rare break from cinema, but he is pleased with the result. “I can honestly say I have on many occasions had to talk things up and feel embarrassed about doing that but I wholeheartedly think this is a wonderful TV series,” he says.

    The programme has, he admits, all sorts of resonances for him. Before turning to acting he spent seven unhappy years pursuing a legal career. Filming in the Old Bailey hasn’t left him regretting that decision. “Pretty much any brush with legality confirms my conviction that I should never have been a lawyer. One, I didn’t give a shit and two I wasn’t that good.”

    Perhaps it is appropriate then that Butler’s character, Johnnie Donne, one of the 12 titular jurors, is a man fresh out of rehab and still raw from the experience. Butler has said he can relate to some of the more negative aspects of Donne’s character. He has in the past admitted to having been overly fond of a drink at one time in his life, with painful consequences. In fact, he has said that without experiencing real low points including battling with alcoholism, he would not have been able to play Donne.

    Butler is rather taken aback when I remind him of this comment. “I didn’t realise I’d put it as strongly as that,” he says, obviously disconcerted. “But yeah I was a party animal through uni and when I came out of uni I found that difficult to stop.”

    Unhappy at work, he pursued a hedonistic agenda. He talks now of the insiduous, slow process that overtook him in his twenties. “It’s a very addictive thing, nightlife and everything that goes with that for some people, for the less-well adjusted like myself. You start to go out a lot, drink a lot and do all sorts of crap and then life, when you’re not doing that, becomes very boring. You start to develop this uneasy feeling, you can’t concentrate, you’re not as contented as you used to be.” It’s a constant search for the next buzz? “Yeah. Exactly. You look for the buzz in everything.”

    That search led him to taking huge risks. “I was nuts. I think the perfect comparison would be an untalented Jim Morrison. I lived like Jim Morrison.” He talks of hanging off tall buildings and even a cruise ship. “Just crazy stuff that was part bravado and part coming from a deep-seated frustration and a sense of being lost. And you’d go out and there’s a part of your soul and your mind that knows this is not what you should be doing, and yet there is a part of you that thinks you’re never going to change. So when you’re drunk all this anger and frustration comes out and sometimes it’s hidden as ‘Hey, watch this boys. I’m going to throw myself in front of a car.”‘

    It sounds as if his drinking was a symptom of a wider malaise. Where all that anger came from he doesn’t say, but it seems it has been with him for some time. “I always felt a bit of a loner in some ways. Even though at school I was one of the main guys in the crowd I always felt a wee bit different. Maybe sometimes better, but a lot of the time just f***ing weirder. Sometimes worse. Just thinking, when am I going to get it together?”

    It is tempting to look for the origins of Butler’s insecurity in his family background. Born in Glasgow, he moved with his parents and his older brother and sister to Montreal at the age of two only to return to Paisley within two years when his parents split, a result of his father’s own drinking. His mother raised her three children on her own, although she eventually remarried. When Butler was 16 his father suddenly reappeared. “I literally walked into my house and my stepdad said ‘keep your jacket on your dad’s here’,” he recalls. “We hadn’t heard from him for 12 years and I had to walk into a restaurant and I had to walk round all these tables and I was literally like, is that my dad at that table? Is that him over there? And it just makes you appreciate as a person and as an actor how some things, they just don’t show. I think as an actor when you start out you just want to show everything and then you realise so much of your pain or happiness is concealed. When I sat down in front of my dad I didn’t realise it was such a huge concern to me but I couldn’t talk for the next four hours, I couldn’t stop crying, I could barely breathe and I didn’t know all that pent-up sadness was in there. At the end of the day that was the man who fathered me and he suddenly turned up.”

    Understandably, the night is etched on his memory. He has talked about it before, but his description is no media soundbite. He can’t keep the catch out of his voice while telling it again. At the same time that evident desire to take something positive from such painful memories is telling. He is now keen to put a positive spin on his personal history. “It’s only recently that I’ve started to think that everything I am, good and bad, is what makes me. Instead of fighting all the bad and just being so unhappy. That’s just me, that’s just the way I am. I am not saying I’m going to try to improve but there is a level of acceptance. I’m doing well and I’m doing well because of who I am.”

    His father died of cancer a month before Butler started a two-year law traineeship. He spent the last three weeks by his father’s side before returning to Glasgow for the course. At the end of it he wised up to the fact the law was not for him and headed for London looking to fulfil his teenage dreams of acting, a fantasy that is now becoming reality.

    It is difficult to reconcile the picture of insecurity Butler paints of his past with the handsome, brash, friendly man who sits beside me. Perhaps it can be put down to what he admits is his nature. “I’m a very extreme person. So I either drink far too much or I don’t at all, or I smoke far too much or I don’t at all. Or I have sex with hookers all the time …”

    He’s kidding. That’s Jamie Theakston’s line. Smoking is now his only vice and he’s giving that up next week, condemning it to the past along with his other anxieties. “So much of that insecure, fearful shit has gone away,” he says. “I feel so much more at home in my own skin now.”

    He is, he says, very driven. When he began to get parts in the US he made a conscious decision to move there, spending most of the last two years, when not filming, in Los Angeles. “I am kind of living there right now,” he says. “I find I get a lot done and beautiful things happen to me there careerwise. You’re next door to the directors. Here you end up putting yourself on tape, there you just walk in and you’re speaking to Ridley Scott.”

    He doesn’t much like LA – “life there is very focused and kind of miserable”- which is why he’s looking for a flat in Hampstead, London, to replace the “shitty” one he owns in Camden. But, of course, the work he wants is in LA, even though he says he is “material-led”. Indeed one of the attractions of The Jury was that it was a character piece. “Doing a huge action movie there’s a lot of sitting about. I mean, the more fun a movie looks, often the less the fun it is to make. If it’s a character based piece you get the chance to dive in there and get involved.”

    So why opt for the big-budget spectacular? Time travel and dragons are not quite Shakespeare. But he remains unrepentant. The British film industry, he reckons, has an undeservedly high conceit of itself. “To be honest, in Britain we write so many awful movies. We do some great ones and they stick out and everybody thinks, don’t we do great movies?, but they don’t see the hundred other shit scripts that come through the door, some of which are made into movies, a couple of which I’ve done in the past.” But that, with help from Rob Bowman and Dick Donner, will be where they remain, consigned to memory along with the insecurities that seemed to have bothered Butler for so long.

    Our time is up and Butler pulls himself out of the depths of the couch with ease, ready to pose for the camera and the next tranche of Ewan McGregor comparisons. Soon he is hoping such comparisons will be redundant. Indeed he has just beaten McGregor in some Scottish award ceremony, even if, he suspects, by default. “I know for a fact everybody was going: ‘We can’t give Ewan another award. I don’t know who this Gerry Butler guy is but we might as well give it to him.’ Because I know in terms of the business I’m doing very well in LA. In Hollywood, things couldn’t be better. In terms of Scotland nobody’s seen what I’ve done.” That is about to change. Or did we say that a year ago?

  • Get real

    Laurie is not in Detroit. She looks nothing like the girl in that picture. Whatever they had is over. Both are too career (money) driven. Too bad. The babies would have been cute.
    Butler. Donate to a sperm bank. We know you won’t settle down to have kids of your own, but that DNA should go on.

  • Hello

    @Sonia: I tried to respond to your post, but my computer went crazy. Maybe it’s there. Maybe not. All I had to say was that lots off stuff has changed since then. And, that I hope he’s happy with the celebrity he’s gained. He’s bigger than any of the people he worked with in the old days. But in the end, he’s still my Attila. Love him.

  • Halley

    Let’s down everybody here and just blow up. ( Read, I am being sarcastic. Guess you have to do that with the stupids here.) What a bunch of nutcases. No wonder Merlin and Manny skipped a few days. Love the Butler family history.

  • Old stuff

    He’s in it for the money. So what? Aren’t we all? The karaoke stuff? So what? It’s just for fun. Nothing bad. Why pick him apart like this?

  • stupidfans

    @Sukar: The Esquire writer didn’t say he was nice. He said he was an arrogant a-hole. A lot of people have said that. Don’t sukarcoat it.