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Madonna: Birthday Celebration with Lourdes!

Madonna: Birthday Celebration with Lourdes!

Madonna is followed into her 52nd birthday party by daughter Lourdes at swanky East London venue Shoreditch House on Saturday (August 14).

Of course Madge‘s boyfriend Jesus Luz was also there!

FYI: Madonna is wearing the Lord & Saviour “Olympus Teneo” clutch and a matching necklace with a crucifix pendant. She also wore Neil Lane diamond ball earrings.

20+ pictures inside of Madonna celebrating her birthday with daughter Lourdes

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madonna birthday lourdes 01
madonna birthday lourdes 02
madonna birthday lourdes 03
madonna birthday lourdes 04
madonna birthday lourdes 05
madonna birthday lourdes 06
madonna birthday lourdes 07
madonna birthday lourdes 08
madonna birthday lourdes 09
madonna birthday lourdes 10
madonna birthday lourdes 11
madonna birthday lourdes 12
madonna birthday lourdes 13
madonna birthday lourdes 14
madonna birthday lourdes 15
madonna birthday lourdes 16
madonna birthday lourdes 17
madonna birthday lourdes 18
madonna birthday lourdes 19
madonna birthday lourdes 20

Credit: Smart Pictures; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Franck

    Long life to The One and Only Queen !!!!

  • tal

    love then

  • janeen

    A birthday party? With their facial expressions and the way they are dressed it looks more like a funeral

  • Saad G.Khan

    I Agree with Janeen ;p

  • gina

    happy bday madonna




  • lakersuck

    madonna looks great.

  • http://www kaz

    i hate hollywood just i love celebrity babies

  • Paul

    She looks gorgeous. I wonder what other young pop stars will look like when they’re in their mid fifties lol

  • coachhandbagsonsale

    that’s how goths celebrate birthdays, so… :D

  • Jade

    For a thirteen year old, Lourdes sure as hell wears a lot of make up!

  • raul

    janeen, you are just plain jealous…. shut up.

  • 500

    lourdes looks just like a younger version of madonna, they’re so alike in the face

  • Jessica

    eww i hate her daughter she looks meanial n high!!!

  • Mark

    hahahaha look at pic number 5 what Lourdes!!! she is doing!!!! eehhh………….

  • loli


  • seyma

    Her daughter looks absolutely miserable and numb. She probably did a number on her. I can just imagine living with that insufferable creature day in and day out. The kids that are ignored by her are probably going to fare better. It seems like she put all her energy into Lourdes, and Lourdes now seems like her, above it all, and unemotional. This is proof enough that they should screen people for personality disorders before they just give children out like this. It’s no wonder some of the most unstable people/celebrities adopt outside of the US. Because here it’s more rigorous. Whereas there, there’s a language barrier, and a cultural barrier, so what might seem like an insane person over here might fly under the radar over there. Madonna is a narcissist, and she should never have been allowed to adopt so many kids. Just read any information about a narcissist, and you will see that children are “props” and “objects” to them, not human beings with emotions. They are just tools to be used, as is evident with Madonna’s fashion line which involves her 13 year old daughter! This emotional vampire lives through her children. She’ll probably force Mercy to be involved in some charities later on, just so she can still stay in the spotlight. And force Rocco to be in movies, just so she can go to the premieres. Sick.

  • laterna

    so much efforts and money for look like this?!

  • Noticias de Famosos

    Congratulations Madonna! You’re fantastic!
    Lourdes is also beautiful in the pictures.

  • Min


    Unless you live in their house and know what they do, shut up.

  • Lenny

    It must feel like a funeral living with Madonna. Janeen, don’t shutup because you are right.


    @Noticias de Famosos: How on earth is she fantastic? She cannot sing, she cannot act, she cannot write her own music, she is egotistical and a fame ho. There is absolutely nothing ‘FANTASTIC’ about her.

    She is not even physically attractive.. so if you’re a shallow moron, that would pretty much be ‘fantastic’.

  • movie news

    wow, lourdes really does look like her mom. haven’t seen pics of her in a long time, and there she is, a young madonna.

  • Iffy Miffy

    That child, and she is a child, looks like she’s well into her adulthood. Not good at all. Let kids be kids.

  • babextina

    She looks very good there.

  • lololo

    lourdes looks soo old!!! not like a 13 y old girl thats not beautiful….

  • bae

    Happy Birthday to the Queen of Pop! She looks hot as hell there

  • Atrium

    Love the Purse
    Love the Dress
    Love Lola
    Love Love Love Madonna




  • James

    Why do we have to see children covered in make-up, and wearing extremely short dresses :/?

  • memo

    lourdes is gorgeous

  • ummahyk

    Lourdes looks much better with make-up.

  • ihateph

    Beautiful Happy Birthday Madonna the Queen of Pop

  • webgoil


    Material Girl is Lourdes’ fashion line. Madonna is the spokesperson because Lourdes is too young to do press.

    Madonna has a great charity and does good things for the children in Malawi.

    What do you do besides “profile” celebrities for mental disorders?

    Yes, Lourdes is wearing too much make-up and yes she and Madonna both look unhappy in this picture. Maybe they had an argument. That happens between parents and children, from time to time even on and especially on important days (holidays, birthdays, etc.).

    Why don’t you come down off your high horse, lady and stop judging other people that can’t defend themselves because they don’t even know you.


  • ney vieira

    Happy birthday MADGE!!! Love from Brazil. We love you!

  • free

    Madonna… Lourdes… Jesus… She must have been a nun in her past life…

  • john_andy

    Seyma, so, in your opinion, those children would be better off living in extreme poverty, in a country that has been devastated by AIDS, and with a ridiculously low life expectancy? Do you have a right, then, to call anybody insane?

    The fact that you are judging a person you don’t know, somebody you have probably never met in your whole life, is rather depressive. If you are so enlightened to have the right to tell people what’s right and what’s wrong, what are you doing here? There’s a lot of pain and suffering in the world, what have you done recently about it? Why are you wasting your time when you could be saving other people’s lives?

    I have no right to judge you, and you have no right to judge Madonna or anyone else. Are you a psychologist? What kind of skill do you have that enables you to see through people, and decide who’s narcissist, who’s selfish, and who’s insane? And I’m simply curious, because I am a psychologist, and my colleagues and I have spent years and years trying to understand people, and still, we are not able to analyse them in this way that you have.

    We all are imperfect. We all can be selfish at times, narcissist at times, insane at times. Instead of criticizing someone, why don’t you do something about this tendency that you (seem to) have to judge others?


  • john_andy

    And, Karla, I would be totally intrigued to know what Madonna does in order to disrespect God. Could anybody explain it to me?

  • Jennifer

    Lola is a beautiful girl but she really should tone down the makeup. She looks about 15-17 in those pics.