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Rachel Bilson: Give Love Dinner Date!

Rachel Bilson: Give Love Dinner Date!

Rachel Bilson keeps is classic in black Valentino as she rubs shoulders with designer Rosetta Getty at the Give Love Dinner at a private residence on Sunday (August 29) in Los Angeles.

The event’s mission was to raise awareness for GiveLove, a collaborative project to rebuild communities, homes and livelihoods for displaced Haitian earthquake survivors.

Hosts for the evening included Rosetta, Jacqui Getty, Patricia Arquette, and h.wood Group’s John Terzian and Brian Toll. Other attendees: Maria Bello, Rose McGowan, Dave Annable (with fiancee Odette Yustman), James Van Der Beek (with wife Kimberley Brook), and Balthazar Getty.

FYI: Rosetta is wearing a Choose Haiti bracelet!

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  • Greys lover

    She’s So Cute. I Love Her. =)

  • the truth

    You’re late on this story jared. She look about the same. With the lie that hayden was still in love with her. Should have look like this with hayden.

  • rahaf

    miss her

  • commonsense

    Rosetta Getty still talks to her fool ex Balthazar Getty?! After the debacle with Sienna Miller I would think she couldn’t stand the sight of him.

  • Liz

    @commonsense: I know! What the heck is she doing with him? Even more posing with him! She should respect herself more, because she’s worth more than how he treated her!

  • Yannil

    Rachel Donothing Bilson again

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow JJ – you’re a little late with this?? What happend Rachel’s PR people just sent in Sept.’s payment??
    Why would they have this on Emmy night when no real stars could attend? If they were serious Patricia could have gotten her brother and FAMOUS sister-in-law and not this group of people.

  • jess


    I bet they are back together. I heard they have an “open” relationship as long as it is discreet. He wasn’t exactly discreet, so she had to issue a statement saying she was shocked at his actions or whatever. The fact that they are back together seems to lend some credibility to the rumor.

  • JC

    Looks like a who’s who of nobody.

  • leimore

    This RET@RDED PARASITE again?!

  • kaleigh

    Wow a couple of ZLISTERS… interesting – Absolutely NON!

  • Raven

    She looks good. I like her dress. I like her fashion. So you can go tell me, “F*** you!!” now and I don’t care!! More hits for Rachel! =)

  • BlankName

    Bilson’s statement in court taken this past June about the home robbery causes with the bling ring.

    She sounds like she got confused by their questions easily. but even worse she lied?
    She said that she was away for a month around the time the people broke him except they broke in around May 8th and she was in LA at the very end of April getting papped shopping for several days.
    Just didnt add up.
    Also she said clothes were returned that belonged to a “boyfriend” she had ” at the time” so they were already done for good way back in early June this year when she made this statement.

    Also she called him a boyfriend not a fiancee that is a major slip of the tounge or it proves their whole relationship was fake possibly and she had a REAL boyfriend in La the whole time.
    Im thinking so.
    Anyways thought I would share the link.

  • BlankName

    @BlankName: Her statement is on page 25 -k of Volume ONe

  • screwed

    @ 14 – She sounds like she got confused by their questions easily. but even worse she lied?
    She cant/wont remember or even more so comprehend anything; as a car accident occurred to her long time ago left her “”brain damaged”".

  • Jamie

    i don’t think she lied. after it actually happened, right away the story was the same, her mom called her and told her because she was out of town. Just because there was pictures from the paps doesn’t mean those were on those exact days.

  • Jamie

    And OMG, you are so lame. Just because she called him her boyfriend doesn’t mean there relationship was fake, omg. You seriously look for anything just to attack her.

  • Lora

    @BlankName: I am glad their split is officially announced. She has never been a good match for him IMHO.

    I also think that before taking a decision “to move on” and abandon HC she is likely that she has already have a new boyfriend . It’s the logic of her character – to secure a new relationship before breaking the old one. May be I credit to much to her brains but at least she acted this way with Adam Brody. I think she will probably come out with a new love interest soon. Sooner than HC I guess. What do you think guys??

  • pathetic people

    Some of you people are so pathetic, saying anything to bash someone! Rachel went to the Met gala in May, then went to Canada right afterwards and was there when her house was broken into in May. How would you feel if someone broke into your house? She did not lie.

    Rachel and Hayden were together for over three years, so what if she calls him her boyfriend and not fiance? I do the same thing with my fiance sometimes. Both Hayden and Rachel have looked sad at times since their permanent break up was announced, neither one of them has been dating anyone since June, all “rumors” were denied. They love each other, it will take time to get over that. Why take delight in other’s people’s pain? You have no idea how they really feel, you are not them, and you do not know them. Give them a break! They will find other people eventually.

  • Glimmergone

    @pathetic people:
    She was in LA around April 20th- 22nd 2009 and then was back in LA by May 12th 2009 or so, So BlankName was right on atleast that it wasnt a “month”.

    Im really getting tired of that whole Rachel was in a car accident excuse I use to really adore her but she seems to use it for everything to make excuses for everything. There are people with giant chunks of their skulls missing that atleast attempt to improve their memories over time . She has admitted in interviews before when she forgot someones birthday she would just say
    Hey I was in a car accident I was in a coma I have a bad memory so I forget!!
    I dont know but something about that seems kind of bratty to me, such a shame I use to think she was an ok person, but over time the shine has faded for me. Truth always comes out I guess.

  • Buby

    Rachel i love you, please come to Argentina!!!

  • Jamie

    @pathetic people: THANK YOU! Finally somebody on JustJared who’s not 13 years old and looks for anything to bash somebody.

    @Glimmergone: Sorry, umm when did she use the car accident as an excuse? Just because somebody on JustJared said that doesn’t mean she did.

  • @Jamie

    @Jamie: Look up interviews she gave about the accident over the years she actually says she would forget peoples birthdays etc etc and would then mention her car accident to them. That would be an excuse.

  • @Lora

    @Lora: I think she would of had a new someone by now but she cant find anyone that will go near her. As a former actress of a long since faded show from peoples minds, thanks to new shows like Gossip Girl she doesnt have much to offer to someone else.
    Like the Jake G, rumor or the Andy Samberg rumor both of their reps laughed their asses off at the rumor and quickly killed it trying to make sure their clients werent linked to her.
    I am sure she will find someone to team up with again, but it isnt going to be easy for her. Most likely someone in fashion or a club DJ somethng like that.

  • Jamie

    @@Jamie: I’ve read & seen just about every interview of her and have only seen ONE time she said she was in a car accident so has alittle bit of memory loss because the window on the car went through her head. So, no she doesn’t bring it up all the time, and yeah i’m guessing she does have a hard time remembering things since she said she practically died and came back to life.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Rachel “loser, pathetic , z-lister……………………………” Bilson is back!

  • Raven

    @ # 13 hiding behind the F**CKING Mask without a name. “eyeroll” COWARD!!! What?? WTF?? I have issues cause I’m not a jealous idiot imbecile like you?!! Let me Guess your Spider from Imbd or Voice of reason on here. Hey!! Sorry it did not work out with Hayden and Rachel and I knew like you were some sick freak wanting to be a nanny to Rachel and Hayden’s babies and all!! Sorry your dream was shattered BIAATCH and they are not getting married. Or this could be Rachel from Los Angeles with serious stalking issues that loves to follow me all around and is a 300 pounder lesbian 20 year old college student with no life. Bummer!! No one believes you on Dirk’s board and does not want to hear your sh** on sports talk and I will report you and ask JJ for your IP address here sick stalker!! If, this is Smile*** or R E on Imbd,,,Please…Do not make me call your real name out or your e-mail address. Wanna dance b*tches? Cuz…I’m no easy win..Go ahead!! Make your play!! f***** off already and leave me alone. Tired of your BS already!!! Sick PPL!! Sick stalkers!!

  • Brightside

    Poor Rachel! Without the interest of a celebrity relationship she struggles to get twenty + comments. JJ’s posts about her will end up getting fewer and fewer unless she can drum up another relationship to keep the media interested in her and maintain her d-list status.
    Rosetta Getty looks amazing in these shots. Balthazar looks like an idiot as usual.

  • amaranth

    No wonder she’ soo dumb & talentless; she’s mentally handicapped!