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Kate Hudson & Matthew Bellamy: Music Mates

Kate Hudson & Matthew Bellamy: Music Mates

Kate Hudson is excited to see her new boyfriend, Muse singer Matt Bellamy as she hangs with him at a studio on Tuesday (September 14) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 31-year-old actress and the Muse frontman, 32, reportedly started seeing each other while she filmed Something Borrowed. “It looks like they started dating while we were filming,” former Melrose Place star Colin Egglesfield tells OK!.

“[Kate] loves her music,” Egglesfield explains. “Her knowledge of music is immense, so dating a musician… I totally understand why she would be with [another] musician.”

20+ pictures inside of Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy enjoying music together…

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kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 01
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 02
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 03
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 04
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 05
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 06
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 07
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 08
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 09
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 10
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 11
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 12
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 13
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 14
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 15
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 16
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 17
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 18
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 19
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 20
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 21
kate hudson matthew bellamy music mates 22

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  • slambang

    Those EARS!

  • amy

    surprised to see her still dating him…she usually goes through guys so quickly

  • seila

    Love Matt Bellamy, he’s god ♥

  • Joise

    great article on kate and her relationship patterns on Jag Carro, highly recommend reading it!

  • jasmine

    she just cannot be alone.loser

  • Dance In The Dark

    I’m sorry but it has to be said, she is not a pretty woman.

    Mind you, he’s nothing to look at either.

  • annuk

    Aaw, Matt is sooo adorable

  • http://j ivanka

    matt > kate

  • Cy

    Kate the skank looks really old. Every week a different guy I feel sorry for her son.

  • boston61

    She really messed up her nose with the nose job.

  • missy

    her mother is a liberal, but I’m sure Goldie didn’t teach her to give it away to every tom, dick and harry.

  • lp

    Wow, never noticed those big dumbo ears before! Yeah, she’s not all that, she’s always described as this amazingly beautiful actress when she is in fact just mildly attractive. Wonder how long this relationship will last then, still surprised Matt Bellamy is going out with a Hollywood celeb but I guess he’s happy. But what a contrast to what he had before – an intelligent, classy, stunning Italian psychologist fiancee. I just don’t get it!

  • Door knob

    She sure does get around…. Like mother like daughter I guess…

  • jean14833

    she’s so needy and desperate

  • Jerry

    I think I preferred it when I listened to Muse without cringing at the thought of Matt with… her…

  • KellStar

    Stop with the hate. Yes she’s annoying but she just looks like a cute lil mouse and Matt looks like her lover rat.

  • electric shears

    Ugh.. well muse is sucking now anyways..

  • nepenthes

    Do y’all know these people personally?
    Stop talking as if you do then.Jeez…
    I like’em both and who cares if she dates a lot?
    She’s a young woman, it’s only natural.

  • coco

    gotta love people unable to listen to a band without stalking the private life of the members. matthew bellamy could date jesus christ (or dom, for that matter), and it wouldn’t be any of your business ANYWAY. if you call yourself a real fan, then just stick to their incredible music and stop hating on someone you don’t even know. @electric shears: but i swear, if matt wasn’t dating kate, they would still be the best band in the world, uh? PLEASE.

  • Katie

    Why all of You are so scathing for Kate? She’s brilliant and deserves for the best. If they finnaly find happy and love, You should be happy for them too. Stop convict her.

  • hmmm
  • pepper

    If Matt likes this kind of woman, nothing anyone can do about it! Thought he had more taste and class but obviously not, he seems happy for his private life to be in the papers from the looks/sounds of it, so if he’s happy , let him be I guess. Just hope it doesn’t affect the band in any way.

  • pizzahead

    Here is the start of the fall of MUSE Kate is going to be in the studio to influence Matt and the music he writes his style is even changing. Hope he writes about Cheating on Gaia with a NO NAME actress that is hungry for Media Attention because she can’t even be apart of a great movie so she needs to leach on a POP star get a clue she has LEACHED onto Big Names and she is and will always be a C list actress. I know I WILL NOT BE BUYING MUSE’s NEXT ALBUM!! I’m so over MUSE because of the path they took/taking to become FAMOUS in America and Matthew Bellamy for being a PAPs slut now. He lost my respect and MUSE will die out FAST. Sorry MUSE I WAS a fan since the beginning now you lost me!

  • Mari

    @pizzahead: wow, very stupid. Good that you are not a fan anymore…
    About cheating on Gaia… She left several months before Matt started dating this actress. It seems Matt should have locked himself in a monastery. Get a life, people!!

  • pipers


  • Publicist

    I attended the 2nd show at Staples Center, and it was not only my first Muse show to attend, but probably one of the best shows I’ve ever been to in my life! I am a music Publicist here based in Los Angeles, thick in the scene here and international as well. I had the honor to have great seats at the show and to meet some members of the band… but let me say this… Matthew is a gem and an gentleman and knowing the Hollywood scene and the affiliations of a certain family to whom he’s not involved with – Kate is not for him. She is just trying to have what Gwenth Paltrove has with her British man of Chris of Cold Play .. I know it and and heard the jealously and she just wants the same.. Which isn’t right for such a good hearted man such as Matthew. She is a terribly insecure and somewhat a “user” of a person who will go break Matthew’s heart and ultimately make him feel very bitter towards good American women. Sorry to relay this, but I just had to convey..


  • Mari

    @Publicist: well if that is true I’m sorry for Matt. I just hope he will meet someone really good for him and be happy. Besides, he has really wonderfull friends who (i’m sure) will help him through bad times

  • Henrietta

    Since Matthew has just broken up with Gaia…. pretty sure she’s just a rebound. Besides, she’s been with so many people she MUST be a walking STD by now…

  • kluckie


    Im right there with you. I hate it they are together.

  • Elizabeth

    @KellStar: LMAO!

    I think they’re both gorgeous, though these are not the greatest photos ever taken of either.

  • kae

    sophia bloxam was right about Matt he did sell out to hollywood.