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Bridget Moynahan & McG: New Couple!

Bridget Moynahan & McG: New Couple!

Bridget Moynahan is dating Charlie’s Angels director McG!

Bridget and McG have been dating for a few months,” a source reveals to Life & Style. “She’s filming the show Blue Bloods in NYC, and he’s based in LA, but they fly back and forth. They’re very happy.”

Bridget, 39, recently accompanied McG, 42, when the director played in the Costa Mesa Wood Racquet Classic, a charity tennis tournament in California.

FYI: Bridget and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady have a 3-year-old son, John. Tom is married to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

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  • Sean

    Tom is going to be pissed!!

  • Tom Franks

    Bridget Moynahan is stunningly beautiful. This incredibly gorgeous woman is pure American perfection. I wish that she would do more mainstream movies like she used to. Her former toyboy, Tom Brady doesn’t know what he’s missing. He was lucky to have such a sexy, curvaceous and sensual woman be a cougar for him.

  • johndaily

    She is so pretty. More..more..pretty than Gisele.
    Gisele’s face is just like a man.

  • johndaily

    She is so pretty. More…more…pretty than Gisele.
    Gisele’s face is just like a man. Sorry!

  • Gds

    She is lovely and I hope this is a perfect match.

  • Orchid

    I’ve never seen her picture before. She is lovely! He is nice too!
    Nice couple.

  • http://Tadm Slig


  • cth

    She deserves a great guy! Hope this works out for her, she is beautiful.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Bridget you deserve the very best. Any woman who had to suffer being lied to and deceived while she is pregnant deserves the best. Karma. Much luck to Bridget. She is beautiful and yes looks like a woman unlike manly trannies!

  • LadyB

    His name is McG?

  • Tata

    Bridget is the best! hope this man won’t dissappoint her!

  • tyhlene

    Thats gr8 news she deserves some happiness for once with the way she was treated in the past the best of luck to them

  • she let him cut his hair

    I think Tom looked better when he was with Bridget. Those infinity print ads with that ridiculous helmet Bieber hairdo aren’t kind to him.

  • Giselea

    She seems like a true American Beauty.

    Tom Brady had his best days when he was with her, he will never have.

  • yes

    I am so happy for Bridget!

  • gracie

    Good for Bridget, I hope she has found happiness.
    But, she is a bit older than 39…it was reported that she was almost 37 when she became pregnant. Jack is now three so the numbers don’t add up. Also, she wasn’t lied to and deceived. Bridget and Tom had been at odds for almost a year before they broke up. It was well known in the New England area. She had publicly stated she wanted to settle and have kids, that the clock was ticking . At the same time, he was publicly stating he was not ready for kids and settling down. They split in October/November of 2006 . Tom started dating Gisele in December of 2006…AFTER his split with Bridget. He was blindsided by the news while vacationing in Europe in February of 2007. Tom and Bridget had dated/ lived together for three years. It was only when they were headed for a breakup that she became pregnant after making it known she wanted a baby. Sure, it does take two but if both parties are not in on “the plan”, someone is sure to get hurt. Tom should not have been expected to run back and hover for 9 months. Bridget made a choice to get pregnant and have the child. Tom supports the child and is an active participant in Jack’s life. The pair now seem to have a good, working co-parental relationship. Everyone has moved on so I think the public needs to as well.

  • jane

    hm finally found a man i see at what the age of 50? good for her! d listers need love too.

  • bitterplainjane

    aw so the bitter plain jane is finally dating agiain after 100 years?

  • jon

    and we care about this F lister because why? I thought only celebs got written up on?!

  • plain

    boring american brunette “beauty” yawn they are everywhere in America. no exoticness or uniqueness to her what so ever. No wonder she never hit her stride in Hollywood. plain plain and plain.

  • Vesper

    Hope he has enough sense to wear a condom, or she’ll try to trap him too.

  • justsayin

    This man will probably dump the bitter hag . she must b*tch at her men. men dont like that, they will dump you in a heartbeat. could explain why she is always single and never got a ring. 40 and still single? yeah there’e somethin up. she’s a B8tch behind closed doors. dont you know the innocent game she likes to play is one of the oldest coverups in the book? mommy dearest anyone?

  • this must be Giselle

    If you are going to comment multiple times please be less obvious than to change your name jane, plain, and bitter plain jane!

  • bobbi

    It’s Gisele not Giselle.

    Thank God this woman found a man. Congrats Bridget. Hope it lasts forever and you have as many more children as you want.

    RIP Tom/Bridget.

    One more thing: Gracie was very accurate with her post and the facts.

  • Anon

    Ahh Gislut and her groupies trying to make the Brazilian airhead look better by trashing Bridget. Sorry won’t work. Bridget’s beautiful; Gislut’s not. Bridget’s classy, Gislut’s not. Tomcad and Gislut did the world tour of PDA while the mother of his child was pregnant and then ignored the mother and baby until public pressure pushed him into seeing his son. Tom knew Bridget was pregnant when he started dating Gislut – he was cheating on Bridget with Gislut! He used his main enabler Will McD to arrange everything …. he lost, he’s stuck with Gislut now and she looks just like one of the guys! The Gislut groupies just like to write their own fairy tale of what happened to try and justify the model’s atrocious behavior and comments during Bridget’s pregnancy and Jack’s infancy.

  • anonymous

    I don’t really like Bridget Moynahan, mainly cause although she seems like a generally nice person and good mother, from what I’ve seen she’s definitely not the “classy” lady people seem to think she is.
    Having said that, she could do way better than a guy called “McG”. This man, although I don’t know much about him, makes awful movies and therefore, probably isn’t very smart.

    By the way, the makers of Charlie’s Angels wanted to cast Gisele in the movie (for Lucy Liu’s part), but Gisele declined for various reasons (schedule and the fact that she’s not an actress). Small world…

  • Anon

    Gisele can’t act. She can pose – with little or NO clothes on – but she can’t act.

  • Kary

    Gracie, thank you very much for your comments. It is always good to know the truth of the facts.

  • Amberellla

    Honestly its silly and petty to pit others against each other. we can all have our views on things, but really I am sure there is no problems or hostility. This kind of thing happens everyday in normal life and most women get over it (well the mature classy kind anyways). If you keep onto it, you will age yourself and only be miserable and stay single. Its best to move on and find a new man, Im glad she is doing so.

  • unclassyhag

    @Anon: @Anon: oh bad talking in interviews after God knows how many years later and being bitter is “classy” sounds pretty west virginian to me. At least Gisele doesnt talk bad about others. she only talks of her self and her own life and views. I think thats far more classy than having to put other peoples names into your mouth just to get attention. (which she still never gets lmao) oh and speaking of classy, nice use of names. I see you know all about classy…

  • unclassyhag

    yeah real classy. only people who believe that old school “victim” game are usually little girls with no life experience. look at the BIG picture. its beyond evident.

  • Alexis

    never heard of this chick, and I can see why. average to the max.

  • jasmine

    The Brazilians are out in force! They cannot stand the fact that Bridget upgraded!

  • why be bitter?

    Seems to me everyone wins here. Gisele babysits John while the mom gets a hot new romance.

  • linda

    Bridget = Gold Digger.

  • yawn


    actually Im american. lol but anyways bridget is despicable to me. looks,career and personality wise. a big yawn of a person. the woman can hardly smile in photos. she is very cold looking. eyes,smile. I see no warmth in her. I can see why she is single with one look on her miserable looking face.

  • HA


    and bridget can act? LOL thats a first to me. The only thing Ive seen her in was a couple episodes of Sex and the city. (where she wasnt even the star) I wonder if she will be in history books as one of the greatest and iconic in her profession as well…..(ok ok that was a joke guys!)

  • Tina

    Good luck McG

  • H

    downgrade for old Bridge lol

  • V686


    is a very disturbed person from the bostonherald forums.talking about a bitter stalker.

  • SLIG

    if a person is miserable somewhere he usually go, and not coming back.

  • Dee

    Good for her!!!…McG is directing “This Means War” in Vancouver!!!

  • N.

    McG is also an executive producer on Supernatural, Human Target and Chuck, three of the best shows on TV. He is certainly successful in his producer role, even if he does have Charlie’s Angels under his belt as a director. ;-D Good luck to them.

  • CanadaGirl

    @gracie: Sane and rational explanation of the end of the relationship – thank you.
    Why do people even need to bring up Tom or Gisele. They have all moved on; perhaps it’s time for everyone else to.


    Nothing is more loathsome than man who leaves a PREGANT WOMAN for another.


    Nothing is more loathsome than man who leaves a PREGANT WOMAN for another.

  • cammy

    @TIM GUNN:

    nothing is more loathsome than a man who isnt truly happy or in love and cheats on his woman ala Tiger Woods. Its better to leave when things are not working out than to drag on a dead relationship.

  • Ginger

    If Tom didn’t want kids and had relationship problems with Bridget for a year, why is he still doing her? And then get “blindsided” that she got pregnant? Whatever! Anyhow, it’s old news now. Bridget has moved on and is happy. And Tom and Gisele are happy. But Bridget did have a couple of hit movies… “I, Robot”, “The Sum of All Fears”, “Coyote Ugly”… Her next film which I’ll definitely go see is “Battlfield: Los Angeles”. And she was born in 1971… So she’s only 39 and not 40+ yet. She still gorgeous!

  • FrankOpinion

    ha ha u r right, G looks like a man!

  • Jason

    Amen! She finally got some stupid guy to date her. He better watch his back. She pulled the goalie once, she is capable of doing it again. That was some drought Ms Moynawho???who???Tom Brady’s baby mama #1 is what she is known for. How so very very sad!

    This woman wreaks of desperation!