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Zachary Quinto to Bullied Teens: Life Is Worth Living

Zachary Quinto to Bullied Teens: Life Is Worth Living

Zachary Quinto is the latest star to take a stand against anti-gay bullying.

The 33-year-old actor’s message to teens who are being bullied: “It gets better.”

“There is help to be found. There are places to turn to. There are people who will listen,” he says, adding that The Trevor Project is a good resource for help.

“Start there. Start anywhere,” says Zach. “But start believing that life is worth living and you will find your way.”

Zachary Quinto’s Message to Bullied Teens
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64 Responses to “Zachary Quinto to Bullied Teens: Life Is Worth Living”

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  1. 1
    Jack Easton Says:

    He should be ashamed of himself, we don’t need to be preached at and the public doesn’t need anyone preaching down their throats. Celebrities stop giving sermons in videos every week.
    This is a time for serious people, Zachary, and your fifteen minutes are up.

  2. 2
    Shellbee Says:

    Gays, Lesbians and Transgender kids aren’t the only people getting bullied. People of any sexual orientation and gender are being bullied. Why only speak about one group? They are not the only ones being bullied.

  3. 3
    Cindy Says:

    what about the rest of us that get bullied everyday…do we not count?

  4. 4
    Dan Says:

    @Cindy: @Shellbee: @Jack Easton: Are you serious? are you seriously gonna bash celebrities because they’re trying to help gay teens around the world? Gay kids are the ones committing suicide right now in our faces. Regular kids get bullied, of course they do, but they don’t have to get through the sh*t that gays do. SHAME ON YOU. You don’t have ANY idea how is to be gay and a teen at the same time and people yelling at you only because you exist.

    The world is full of cr*p, like you.

  5. 5
    Kate Says:

    Seriously get over it! Gays aren’t the only ones being bullied. So sick of hearing about it all the time.

  6. 6
    Dan Says:

    And Zack, I love you., and not just for doing this. Keep telling 50cent to stop the hate against gays.

  7. 7
    Catchy Says:

    ppfffff this becoming a circus.

  8. 8
    do it Says:

    @Dan: alot of people have it worse off than the gays do. Just live a day as a Black person or Latino in the world. They’re bullied by everyone all the time. Many of us are bullied in life for the dumbest reasons or no reason at all.
    This country was built on hate and pushing others around.

  9. 9

    BULLIED AND THE last thiing they want to do is just talk abouit..
    SO celebrities keep it up.. man JUST TALK DOES NOT WORK..
    ACTION DOES..The schools turn a blind eye to bullying …but
    JUST FOR THE GAYS RIGHT..IT should be for all straight and gay
    people.. Kids are being bullied in school and WHO DO YOU WANT
    THEM TO “TALK TO” eh..and say what ..?? tell us..please just
    tallk does not work..

  10. 10

    Same with wife abuse ….JUST TALK ABOUT IT … TALK TO SOMEONE
    That is all you have to do.. RIGHT OKASANA NOT THE MEDIA…


  11. 11
    S@n Says:

    Great ZQuinto!
    It’s hard to understand why some people choose to hate!

  12. 12
    Darren Says:

    Ironic seeing as he’s in the closet. Disappointed, tbh. I was kinda expecting him to come out at the end of the vid.

  13. 13
    Stacie Says:

    This is so Nice of him to do . Love Zach .

  14. 14
    ozzie Says:

    what a bunch of haters … “gay kids aren’t the only ones being bullied” … really? sorry … didn’t realize it’s ok to torment them because they’re gay …. being gay/yourself in school is a social death sentence … it gives you a 100% chance of being bullied …

    if you see someone being bullied and you don’t do anything you are a coward and you might as well be doing the bullying.

    bullies would be in trouble if their victims all got together to stand up to them.

    all these gay teens that are committing suicide are turning the gun on the wrong person.

    The bullying from piers, the parents, and the church need to stop.

  15. 15
    madmax Says:

    I think it sometimes takes celebs to get the ball rolling on changing things. politicians aren’t going to do it, the schools aren’t doing their part. Something has to stop this cycle.

    I applaud people like Zach for putting their voice to the problem.

    Ellen D has been talking about this on her show and has broadened it to include any kids who have been bullied. She asked her guests to talk about their bullying experiences. I think it all has to start with talking about it and then taking action. this has to stop. NO ONE (gay, straight whatever) should be harassed.

  16. 16
    kayleigh Says:

    I like your post. I agree with you that gay teens do get more grief than non gay teens. I really hope that it will end soon. it’s awful and unacceptable. something needs to be done and needs to be done NOW!

  17. 17
    Hey Ozzie ... Says:

    Hey Ozzie what do you mean ‘ IT’S OK TO TORMENT GAYS..’ When
    people are saying that gays or straight people get bullied.. and you should be pleased that the cover of People Magazine has a big picture of the guy that commited suicide..And publicly announcing that it is time to do something about it.. Well Why not start Where is his family.
    Fed up with seeing it ever night..

  18. 18
    wonderette Says:

    If you took the time to actually listen to what he was saying, you’d realize that he’s delivering a universal message of hope. i know plenty of straight people who have cried watching this. He delivers it with sincerity and raw emotion. You can tell this is a cause he’s very passionate about. I’m sick (almost literally) of people trying to discount his message because he hasn’t announced his sexuality to the world. It doesn’t matter. There are a number of straight celebrities who support this cause as well. Is there message any less important? I still think he’s a strong role model. Had he come out in this video it would have detracted from the real issue here. Could it have reinforced his message? Yes, but there’s a time and a place. Now would probably be a good time societally for him to do so, but it might not be right for him, and that’s all that matters, what’s right for him.

    Why does he have to share his private life with the entire world? I don’t understand how people can say he’s closeted. He’s never denied anything. I’m sure that the people that matter to him know. He has always been avid supporter and activist in the LGBT community. He doesn’t need to prove anything to you. There are at least two other famous gay men who are in serious relationships and don’t attempt to hide it that haven’t done anything like this. This man is trying to help as much as he can, by bringing attention to the Trevor Project where teens can also see videos of their peers telling their stories.

    It makes me so angry that people are choosing to take issue with his sexuality instead of actually listening to what this man is saying and that’s pretty discriminatory. He is an amazingly talented, sincere, and wonderful man and I am very thankful for all of his efforts at making the world a better place.

  19. 19
    Francesco Says:

    well said wonderette!

  20. 20
    really Says:

    So now whenever i get on here i have to see celeb’s doing anti bullying ad’s. Yesh they are drive it into the ground at this rate celeb’s can’t always help. I know bully’s won’t listen to a couple of douchebag’s on the internet saying stop. Its a vein thing

  21. 21
    wonderette Says:

    @really: This project isn’t aimed at the root of the problem, the mindset behind the bully itself because you’re right, they aren’t going to listen to some celebrity telling them to stop. These videos are for the victims. Celebrities are able to help spread word about the project and when a troubled teen goes to check it out there are hundreds of videos from their peers, people who are currently going through the same struggles. The entire point is to give people hope that one day they will find their place in the world.

  22. 22
    gurlsarentlikeus Says:

    @Jack Easton:

    Homophobic nonsense contimues on Typical.


    Yeah right, keep dreaming honey..

  23. 23
    Iffy Miffy Says:

    The only message that actually seems real in all of these … thank you Zach! Love this guy! You can tell he means every words he’s saying.

  24. 24
    really Says:

    @wonderette: Hmmm intresting i stabbed my bully’s with a pen but i guess not everyone takes the violent route. But i guess not all the kids that are bullied are like that so i understand. Im just saying this will make things worse for kids who are being bullied.

  25. 25
    really Says:

    @gurlsarentlikeus: Hey please stop it with the name calling homophobic lol the word means nothing when its used like that. Yesh just because someone doesn’t think the same way as you doesn’t make them homophobic.

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