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Rachel Bilson: Santa Monica Movie Set Visit

Rachel Bilson: Santa Monica Movie Set Visit

Rachel Bilson heads to a movie set carrying an over-sized LeSportsac bag on Wednesday (October 27) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress kept warm in a gray Madewell cardigan and the same fur boots she wore earlier this month while visiting a friend.

Last week, Rachel stopped by Gelson’s supermarket not once but twice!

Up next for Rachel? Starring in her own NBC romantic comedy, Ghost Angeles, and reuniting with The O.C. executive producer/creator Josh Schwartz.

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  • Steve

    ugly chick

  • http://MELGIBSON bitchback

    How do you even know her type of bag? It is like you have a direct line to her PR people?

  • Taylor

    gorgeous <3 this movie will be hilarious.

  • Jade

    She should become besties with Isabel Lucas. Then they can be nobodies together roaming the streets of Tinseltown.

  • Halli

    “Last week, Rachel stopped by Gelson’s supermarket not once but twice!”

    Are you SERIOUS??!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

  • Sophie

    Aww, I missed her. NOT.

    Her hair looks exponentially ugly in these pictures.

  • venus

    PLEASE NOBODY COMMENT ON RACHEL THREADS. she is a loser and jared wont post about her if there are no comments because he wont profit.

  • Brightside

    So she wore the same fur boots today that she did earlier this month while visiting a friend! OMG! Really, JJ? That’s amazing! Just think, I never would have known if you hadn’t posted about it! I never would have cared either and I can’t honestly say I give a toss now! Thanks, but no thanks for a completely dumb post on a completely dumb person!

  • Brightside

    Yes he would, because he gets paid for doing so! Comments or no comments, if he wants his cheque he has to post!

  • venus

    @Brightside: But why would he purchase her photos if her threads aren’t being visited?

  • lexy hates bilson

    It is interesting that she wore the same boots 2x b/c that’s normally a no-no for media whores.
    LOL! On her way to a movie set?? And I’m on my way to the moon!!
    @ Venus – because RACHEL pays him. Clearly not enough to hire a decent IT guy though. JJ maybe you could ask for a raise.
    BTW I thought Josh was going to work on the next X-Men movie? Wouldn’t he want to cast her in THAT franchise or Chuck (which just got the rest of the season picked-up)? Clearly no one but JS thinks she can star in her own show!

  • lexy hates bilson

    PS – Why aren’t her PR folks trying to attach her to Charlie Sheen?? LMAO!! Even as a drunken, drug-addicted, whore-lovin actor the man is still a great actor and the highest paid guy on TV.

  • JC

    Is this the set of the big Hollywood powerhouse Bosworth/Bilson Oscar bait movie they’ve been talking about? At least she’s doing something these days instead of nothing.

  • Brightside

    He doesn’t purchase her photos. Photos of Rachel Bilson doing sod all have no value. Her agency pay JJ for posting the pics and writing a few tired lines about what’s she wearing, where she’s shopping, blah blah, blah. It’s a a purely financial arrangement…..JJ gets money for posting about a nobody. He couldn’t give a shite if no-one commented…he would still post because it’s easy money for him.

  • Troll

    10:24am Rachel Bilson takes a dump.
    then she wipes her ass.
    Then flushes the toilet.
    and…forgets to wash her hands.

  • Dan

    I don’t care about her over-exposure or her whatever, but can she stop abusing the Wayfarer? I really don’t want them to go out of style because her picture is posted everywhere.

  • Louise

    She’s a pretty girl.

  • blairite

    Sorry, Rachel Bilson, but it looks like Jake Gyllenhaal has a thing for blond-haired, blue-eyed Southern girls.
    Well not to mentioned… a statuesque, flawless, young, clever, loaded & most esp. having a hot/popular/working career
    Always the poor/pathetic RASHchel. Seeking now for a working & A-lister actor w/ just her long-been-empty credentials & average looks.
    Just too much “gall”!

  • GoodGirl

    Shitty Style from head to toe BRachel!!

  • chauncey

    Well she knows that she isnt that good looking so she put on her shades all day long – and wearing them on is like having a “talisman”.

  • just rumor

    That was just a rumor about Jake and Rachel dating, they were seen at the same yoga class at a gym, that’s it. Both of their reps denied they ever dated, there was never any photos of them together, either. At least there are pics of Taylor with Jake.

  • chauncey

    @21 – Rumors that was obviously “instigated” by HER pr gurus – hence JG’s reps automatically & instantly “denied & laughed at it” after hearing them.

  • Viper

    Yoga gym class REALLY funny we have never had her going in or out of anything but a Home Depot, Little Dom’s. Gelson and a vaious other Rodeo Drive shops. Her exercise program is more or less lifting a shopping cart, spoon or going for her Credit Card in her oversized designer handbags.

  • JL

    Hey JJ, there is some speculation that Hayden and Rachel are back together, they are in a video that Newspusher has, seen at a grocery store in LA last Sunday Why don’t you check it out and see if it is true or is just a rumor?

  • JoJo

    She has the hardest working PR peps in the biz. Seriously, has anyone been more obvious in staging their pap moments than this chick!?

  • monreal

    Actually & per publicity or not; Jakey G. “wont gain anything” from attaching his name to hers be it on the professional &/or personal level.
    This pathological-h0 is just a “vacant tool” on both.
    And if some actor/s is/are not that desperate & had some sanity on them… why still bother?!

  • blair

    Love her! :) She’s my icon :)
    U rock rachel!

  • Shy

    Oh God… This idiot again.

    FREE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson

    FREE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson

    FREE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson

    FREE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson

    FREE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson

    FREE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson

  • lexy hates bilson

    Charlie Sheen MIGHT be interested in pretending to be dating Rachel until the drama in his life is over. Maybe he can get her a guest spot on a show in exchange for their dating.

  • the truth

    @Viper: Don’t think that’s true. Its something when they was together two years shopping. Are you would have seen them together by now. Rachel already has a boyfriend he is on her facebook page. She in a relationship with a guy. His name is Lean chilly matthew. If you would have looked on her facebook page.

  • ron

    @JL and the truth

    Do you care to post links or you just make up stuff as you go. There is nothing on facebook or Newspusher.

  • GG

    and she was immediately pepper sprayed and thrown out for tresspassing!!!

  • Viper

    @ The Truth

    I think you are directing your post to JL not me I didn’t mention any newspusher in my comment.


    Newspusher or Twitter is a type of gossip site almost anyone can say whatever be it true or false. I didn’t see or hear of video and trust me if there was one JJ would have made sure it was posted as would have other internet websites. X17online that was RB’s favorite when she was promoting Jumper would have broadcasted it. So unless you have the actual footage of them shopping it’s all rumor mills BS. Safe to say this is what RB wants and needs to still dangle off of HC’s coat tails, by use his name to get whatever feeble Rayden fans are still hoping for a reunification from them. Here’s hoping that will never see the pixels on a web screen.

  • Ugh

    I notice she’s only ‘visiting’ a movie set not working on one. But this is as close as she can get. The idiot with the fugly hair and short dumpy body + small sagging boobs is still not listed in being this romantic comedy film w/Kate Bosworth. Obviously they changed their mind about hiring such an untalented dimwit who thinks she’s a fashionista. Its obvious that Josh Schwartz is giving her a job to shut his wife up, since she and moron Rachel are BFFs. I bet it sinks faster than the USS Arizona, being almost identical to a show already on the air, Ghost Whisperer. It will fail because this girl is no actress and all she can do is be photographed in overpriced unflattering designer clothes on the streets of LA. Grocery shopping, picking up her dry cleaning, gassing up her car or taking someone’s dog to a groomer. She. Doesn’t. Work. She’s a worthless HW parasite.

  • Newspusher

    the newspusher thing is here, and a guy posted on Facebook the same day, a sighting of them at the same place as the video apparently

    Michael Silvers Just
    bumped into Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Hayden Christensen in my Ralphs
    grocery store – Anakin Skywalker and the HOTT girl from The O.C. – she
    is soooo little and sooo HOTT – way to go Vader – I ain’t mad at ya taste – lol
    Monday at 12:52am

    you can check facebook yourself easy enough

  • Viper


    Don’t you think if RB and HC were actually shopping JJ would have added that comment along with some hint they were shopping together. JJ never missed a chance to promote his Zombie queen to the media. Most ppl pretty much know that RB won’t leave LA for Canada unless you dangle Gucci bags in front of her or promise her media attention. And HC has no love for LA he is only there for brother and work.

  • the truth

    @GG: I’m telling the truth Its on her facebook page. I have a picture i printed out. And you’re right that no video on newspusher at all . That was on twitter. But the in a relationship is true about her boyfriend Lean Chilly matthew. Maybe she don’t want no one to know she’s dating anybody. So she can get something better for herself. She messed that up about her being with jake Gyllenhaal. She should have start dating him and never let him go.Don’t see nothing going on with Taylor swift at all . Both him and taylor got publicity from it that’s all.Especilly taylor swift.

  • ida

    why do people VISIT movie sets?

  • Viper

    Well Newspusher you didn’t add the link of this so called video and this was the “ONLY” siting of them at this store REALLY!!! did they shop alone b/c there wasn’t one other person on facebook or Twitter that claimed to have seen them. Nor was there posted to have made this claim they saw them on their fans sites. Besides who is Michael Silvers some run of the mill person who might not know who RB was really shopping with it could be Josh S her BFF”s friend. UNLESS your source has viable proof with this so called video they link that to here not just some rumor comment.

  • Viper

    Or forgot about the rumor of her with Jake G maybe this so called Michael person thought JG was Don’t trust every news twitter, facebook wall post unless the poster has proof to back it up not just OK I saw them..

  • @ the truth

    Rachel does not have facebook, or twitter accounts, according to her September 2010 Instyle article that she did, the one she was on the cover of. All the twitter and facebook accounts with her name are fake, according to that source. She has a blog on Sunglass Hutt. So this boyfriend you printed out is from a “fake” Rachel Bilson.

  • Newspusher

    @Viper I posted the link but it is awaiting moderation, it will appear once JJ checks it out I suppose

    there is a pic beside the vid

  • Newspusher
  • Anna

    I don’t know what the big deal is with that girl. I mean… The OC was a looong time ago and she hasn’t done anything good since…

  • Viper

    Again this looks to be a spliced picture even the website won’t let you watch it. Guess they feel something is suspicious about it. Plus the picture looks photocropped. If the video is genuine it would have been picked up by other media’s including JJ or x17online. WHO to this date doesn’t have any pictures of them. IF HC is in LA usually you have a few pictures of him about town or landing at the airport.

    I think it’s a PR stunt to help RB get some fans of his back on her side.

  • Viper

    Again this looks to be a spliced picture even the website won’t let you watch it. Guess they feel something is suspicious about it. Plus the picture looks photocropped. If the video is genuine it would have been picked up by other media’s including JJ or x17online. WHO to this date doesn’t have any pictures of them. IF HC is in LA usually you have a few pictures of him about town or landing at the airport.

    I think it’s a PR stunt to help RB get some fans of his back on her side.

  • the truth

    @Newspusher: Can hardly see who that guy really is there.There was a guy with her last year look just like him. Like i said it would been pictures are them together.

  • ron

    For some reason I believe that they are back together and he moved to LA for her, don’t know why.

  • ron

    She looks really unattractive in these pictures on JJ, her legs are a nightmare but he wanted to marry her to begin with, so three years into it, must together again.

  • interesting

    It is obvious that is Hayden in the picture, just like it is Rachel. And you have to be a media professional or publisher in order to view any of those videos on that Newspusher website. If you try to register, it asks you what company you work for. A sighting on facebook at the same time the video was done? That is more than a little coincidental. But it is strange that if it is there, no one has mentioned it anywhere, or shown it.