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Katie Holmes: 'Allure of the Seas' with Suri!

Katie Holmes: 'Allure of the Seas' with Suri!

Katie Holmes recharges with Starbucks coffee as she walks around the Allure of the Seas during a break from shooting Jack and Jill on Sunday (November 21) in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The 31-year-old actress was joined by her cutie pie daughter, Suri!

On Friday’s episode of The Today Show, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb shared that they’d met Suri earlier in the day – and that the 4-year-old had offered them both cups of pretend coffee. Cute!!

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katie holmes suri cruise fort lauderdale 02
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  • kiz

    Kate looks nice this time! I like the outfit!

  • Анита

    Kate is very charming.

  • me

    Poor little girl.I feel sorry for her.


    I hope Katie does not turn into Dina Lohan 2.0..and we will have Suri out-of-control in a few years….when does that child interact with kids her age?seems that Suri’s friend is her own mother..who btw is told by a 4 yr-old daughter what to wear

  • missy

    Are you blind? Suri’s holding hands with a little girl in these very pics. I’ve seen other pics of her with kids as well.
    The story that kathy& hoda told about her was so cute. Nice to hear a real account of what she’s like instead of the usual tabloid crap.



    I’m not a huge fan of these celebrities who are Scientologists, but are you being willfully ignorant? The pictures clearly show Suri playing with several other little girls. Another one of the pictures obviously shows Katie tying Suri’s hair into a ponytail to facilitate her playtime. Nothing in these pictures looks out of the ordinary. It looks like a scene from any childhood. Tom Cruise is absolutely insane but it looks to me like Katie takes care of Suri quite capably.

  • Rainy Day

    If you zoom in on the picture of Katie sitting down with the coffee cup–it has “katie” written on it. I guess Tom’s edict that she be called “KATE” is not working.

  • Ben Stiller

    I love the face of their daughter, she’s cute and looks like Tom Cruise girl version, Suri got her dad’s eyes and face shape. Hope she enjoy watching her mommy shoots.

  • rhonda

    I’m so glad to see she is not carrying Suri in any of these pictures. Ya

  • LJ
  • slambang

    Nice to see that Suri does have friends her own age. Unless, of course, they’re “hired”…LOL

  • ja

    They sold Suri’s soul to the devil.It’s horrifying.

  • ja

    I feel sorry for all the little girls who are/where/will be in her shoes.

  • marta

    @Ben Stiller: she looks more and more like Tom, what is really bad for her if having such pretty mom like Katie but still has Katie’s face and eyes shape, even Tom thinks so

  • annie

    I like how Katie always has Suri with her, on every set, and every location, and is not carried unless the paps are in her face.
    If you hear what Katie says in her interviews, it’s obvious she spends a lot of time with Suri doing arty crafty things with her. For me the best thing Katie said was , that it’s her job as a mother to make sure that Suri always feel loved.

  • Normal , Way Normal

    So nice to little girls dressed as LITTLE GIRLS and not a little boy.
    They turned out a lot more normal then the family you all worship on JJ! (no dead pets for toddlers either!) With all this family’s money/fame , they seem to be a-ok.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude


  • Normal , Way Normal


    I feel sorry for the little girl who is dressed 100% as a little boy, down to swim trunks and dead bird fondness. Shi should be so lucky to be in this girls shoes, Give me a break. Normal here, Very Normal!

  • Disco Woman

    OMG !! Katie actually looks good, but more shocking is that Suri actually is getting her hair combed and out of her face! I like Suri with her hair back and not hanging like a mop as we usually see her. Suri’s dress is cute too! Miracles do happen. LOL.

  • zzzz

    It’s nice to see Suri holding another girl’s hand and seemingly making a connection.

  • bandage
  • aml

    What was said? I missed that! Fill me in!

  • zzzz

    1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19…so tiresome. You are clearly the same obsessive person or maybe 2 obsessos posting over and over again. The votes here will show the truth.

  • very funny, bandage

    Trying to make us all look at a picture photoshopped so Katie looks like a fish. I cannot bear to look at more.

  • LJ

    @zzzz: You wish.

  • Charly

    Who wears 4 inch heels on a cruise ship?? Holmes is a total moron.

  • Rainy Day

    @Normal , Way Normal:

    Get your facts straight. Did you read the interview? Shiloh found a dead bird and in the interview Angelina talks about her passion for animals and having pets. She simply asked could she keep the bird as a pet. And if you are criticizing her for wanting to nurture a dead bird as a four year old, then you must really hate everyone who wears fur, has stuffed animals in their restaurants, dens etc. Shiloh is a tomboy. She has three brothers and it sounds like she is competitive with them. Bet her tastes change as she gets older.

  • irene olson

    I am sorry, but little Suri is not a cute girl. She is just ordinary looking; a bit to the negative side. Her mom definitely is not a good actress; I hope Jack and Jill is a stupid chick flick so you do not have to be a good actress, just look good (Jennifer Aniston). The Cruises are constantly criticized for carrying Suri, but with all the commotion around them, they would have to carry Suri to protect her.

  • Kayla

    That poor woman has a terrible shape. Bony shoulders yet flabby triceps. Thick thighs made more obvious by her insistence on wearing pants that stop below the knee. She never, ever dresses in flattering pants for the shape of her legs. She is in denial about the fact that she does not have nice legs. She should wear flowing pants that emphasize her small waist – something classy for a change. And the fact that her shoulders are so narrow doesn’t help balance her big hips, so the tank top isn’t flattering, either. Money doesn’t buy style, taste or class.

  • annie

    For all we know, people who are forever being negative could be the same person posting over and over again also.
    Have noticed something tho, god forbid anyone who says something not altogether nice about Shilo, then the comments really turn nasty towards Suri and Katie.

  • tps reports

    @very funny, bandage:
    You are such a dim wit! if you were to scroll down on that link you would see a pic of Katie combing Suri’s hair. That is why I said ‘nice to see’ because it looks like Katie never does it… duh!

  • marq

    @annie: Chronic negative posters are called trolls.

    Tom Cruise has excellent taste in women.

  • Jolla

    It’s refreshing to see how girly Suri is. She enjoys being a girl and acting like a princess. What’s wrong with that? She’s four years old and has everything. If she’s healthy and happy nothing else matters. Suri has plenty of time to worry about things in this life, wear jeans, fight with those who spread nasty things about her and her family. She looks normal and quite well behaved. And gorgeous…

  • Bear

    Suri’s dress looks like it’s for winter. What’s with that? Everyone else is in much lighter clothes. It must be opposite day for Suri which seems to be her style. Nightgowns in cold weather and winter clothes in summer weather. At least she has flip flops on, but they look really small on her…

  • Surprise!

    This ignorant twat named Mandy called me a troll once. She did not like that my comment included a truth that her fan site wanted to keep under wraps. Unfortunately, her comment inspired me to uncover more facts and prove my initial point. Weak people, who can’t be bothered to validate their comments, think that calling a person a troll will make them (boo hoo) feel bad and back off.
    WRONG!! The real trolls are the folks that hide beneath their un-informed rocks.

  • Hella Brat!

    Watch this video of Suri shopping with Katie. When Katie shows Suri a dress she might like, Suri hits it with a shoe! Obviously, she doesn’t approve! Suri is a Hella Brat!!!

  • Hella Brat!

    Suri also has a major diaper on which Katie forgot to change! Gross!

  • Star Fox

    Why, #4?

    Mind your own kids, #5!

    You’re STILL on that, #8? Her stage name always is and always would be Katie.

    What are you babbling on about, #13?

    Get a life, #20 and #21.

    Don’t criticize a little girl, #29.

    You’re not her mother, #35!

    She’s a 4 years old, #37!