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Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift: More Thanksgiving Pics!

Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift: More Thanksgiving Pics!

Check out some additional shots of Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift taking a romantic stroll on Thanksgiving (November 25) in Brooklyn, New York!

The two walked arm in arm after doing some last-minute grocery shopping at the market.

Jake, 29, and Taylor, 20, then headed to his sister Maggie‘s house.

“It’s definitely serious,” a source previously told Us Weekly. “She loves his family and he loves hers.”

Also pictured: Taylor walking with Maggie and her daughter Ramona the same day.

10+ pictures inside of Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift on a Thanksgiving stroll…

Just Jared on Facebook
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 01
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 02
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 03
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 04
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 05
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 06
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 07
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 08
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 09
jake gyllenhaal taylor swift thanksgiving 10

Photos: INFdaily
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  • Jen


  • kristin

    She’s acting like an infatuated young girl, and he’s acting like a doting older brother. Kinda creepy.

  • amy

    no no no no no… should be jake and anne….

  • Dani

    She’s so fake and exaggerated, this is just wrong, not that I love him, is just that I hate Taylor..

  • Zukayi

    I guess we will see where this is going! and 9 years age difference is not a lot…We have Celine Dion and her husband and Catherina Zita Jones and Michael Douglas. Those couples are still very much happy!

  • Victoria

    awwww they look sooo cute<333

  • Reba

    @amy: Couldn’t have said it better myself. This is an odd pair; just doesn’t make sense. I don’t want to believe that it’s fake because then it would mean that someone like Jake, who admire so much as an actor, can succumb to horrible Hollywood publicity stunts; but if it is real, then it just proves that his taste in women sucks. Basically it’s a catch-22. Ah!!!!

  • Mmmhmmm

    I give thumbs down to all of you . They look very merry and Gay!

  • Bobbi

    Cute pics but I just cant wrap my brain around this couple.

  • nyob

    I never believed the gay rumors until I saw these pictures. This looks all sorts of fake and staged.

  • johnny rockets

    Fake couple

  • me

    let me guess, she thinks she’s gonna marry him because he says please and thank you. oh taylor.

  • mcce

    @nyob i kinda agree, i never believed those rumours (and still don’t really – i think if jake was gay he wouldn’t hide it) but these photos do look a little too perfect to be true. it doesn’t look as natural as photos of him and kirsten back in the day did. or even those of him and reese.

  • me

    oh i thought it was just weird with jake but i couldn’t help but scream “OH HELL NO” when i saw the pic of taylor holding the hand of maggie’s daughter. sorry t-sweezy fans but i cannot take this couple seriously enough to not get slightly offended that taylor’s acting like little miss auntie taytay

  • Jerry

    These pics are… weird.

  • itziar

    WHY Toothy.

  • L

    publicity stunt

  • Emma

    Again.. right before the weekend something about this couple in the press..
    but since it’s the holiday season.. i expect to see a lot of them together.. his movie needs every bit of help possible.. she doesn’t need him though!

  • ==

    They look like a couple out of one of those lifestyle magazines where everyone is all smiley and giggly: fake.

  • DarkEmpress

    I think that she does seem more into him than he is into her, but they do look cute together!

  • DarkEmpress

    I think that she does seem more into him than he is into her, but they do look cute together!

  • M

    boy, this is so fake, Jake. everyone KNOWs just come out already for Christ’s sake………


    I agree with those of you who say these pix look like a winter-tale themed
    photoshoot. It’s like they’re all living in the sweet and tender world of
    Care Bears Kingdom.
    What is really suggesting this is probably fake is clearly Jake’s and
    Taylor’s body-language. If a girl is dating a guy 10 years older than her,
    she would NOT put her arm around him as if she was the dude and he
    was the chick. It looks ridiculous. As if skinny and frail Glitter-Princess would put a protective arm around bodybuilder Prince of Persia …

  • Carla

    Totally fake and staged. They just happen to walk down the street posing for the one lone pap who just happens to be there and they don’t notice him and even more coincidentally, the pap works for US Weekly and no one else gets the pictures until after they publish the issue. Jake’s movie still bombed and Taylor still sold millions of records, the fake relationship is a fail, can their PR teams end it already so people can stop laughing at Jake

  • Nony

    i have a question..
    is Fake and his sister represented by the same Publicist?
    why is she dragged into every rumor about him in a really weird way?! i need an answer plz!

  • Valery

    This looks so fake!

  • Rosie

    The more pictures that come out, the faker and set-up this publicity scam looks. Hey Jake, since acting doesn’t seem to be working out and being a fake boyfriend isn’t your thing either, why don’t you consider Dancing with the Stars? Portia di Rossi turned them down, so they might still have the spot open.

  • jean

    @nyob: Oh man that is EXACTLLY what I thought!!!!

  • mora

    @itziar: hahahahahaha!!! IKR???

  • Bailey

    Jake apparently has been a huge fan of Taylor’s music. I saw a radio interview he did durng his Prince of Persia media days. Jake and the DJ looked on the computer monitor to find a song for Jake to introduce. The DJ then said Jake should introduce a Miley Cyrus song in which Jake laughed embarassly at. Jake then saw Taylor’s name on the monitor and said, “OOh.. Taylor Swift is Awesome.” (Like he was a real big fan) Now he is dating her. Awesome!! Cute Couple!!

  • Ann

    I truly beleive this is a couple. I think they are adorable. They both look lovestruck. I wish them the best of luck.

  • stan

    They look so adorable together!

  • Sarah

    Why on earth are people saying this is fake? get over it! they are together, and i love this couple, cute :)

  • cdsa

    well he definitely likes blonds lol. This is just so odd! I think Taylor needs a hobby..she’s too young.. she really goes from relationship to relationship. Joe, John Mayer, Jake

  • Glambert

    God, give me a break…….

  • fardous

    u guys are u stuped if that act that is their b

    so they are together and no 1 can do any thing about

    it so get ur ass to some where else

  • Thai

    *Yawn* Boring… Not even…

  • DD

    i know that my comment is gonna be voted down but i’m gonna write what i think:
    why being so mean, people? these are human beings.. what if they really like each other?
    personally, I think she would look better with john mayer..
    i was exited for them when their dating rumors started last year.. .
    they’re both tall and cute and dorky .. and they both have a cute baby face.. both write beautiful songs.. besides when you see videos of them together you can see a strong chemistry..
    i was really sad when i heard “dear john”, cuz i don’t think he’ll ever intentionally hurt her.. i think her lack of relationship experience drove her to writing this song..
    as for Jake G.. well he seems like a really nice good looking guy.. but i don’t know.. i just don’t see this relationship lasting forever.. i think it’ll go for a while.. just like his past relationships.. judging by the pictures, i don’t see the same chemistry.. both being Sagittarius might’ve helped to be comfortable around each other..but in a long term relationship you need your complementary.. not your copy!
    in a recent interview she said that she never had a real relationship before.. they were all “a 3 almost real relationships” as she described them!! and poor thing.. when asked about the most romantic thing a guy ever did to her she said “one guy drove her to the beach at night without telling her the destination” awww.. this is her first relationship as an adult.. and that by itself could make her very excited !! but people change a lot during their early 20s.. and judging by the speed of how this relationship is going.. i think Jake should watch out.. cuz he might be up for a major heartbreak!! as for her.. she’s still young and seems to be experimenting with relationships.. she has plenty of time.. and might date 10 other guys before settling down with someone..

  • cam

    Wow a lot of bit*#s on here. Leave them alone. Can’t Taylor date someone without you bit*#s commenting in the negative. If you hate Taylor so much why are you even reading this. Get a life. Guess you all are jealous of Taylor’s sucess and popularity – too bad. Taylor is amazing and she is here to stay!

    I hope Jake is sincere, though – not sure about him and his dating history.

  • katie

    I really don’t care who she’s with as long as they make her happy. It’s their lives and we shouldn’t be so judgmental of them.

  • tee

    okay….this aint real

  • Kim

    Jake always seems to have a thing for blondes and sort of the sweet kind of types. So he might really like Taylor as she fits the bill.
    Just wondering, despite his flops, why do people really think would he date Taylor Swift as a publicity stunt just so that his next film will do well?

  • sasa

    I like them together!

  • Sweetness

    can someone explain to me the connection of this being PR and the suggestion this will help his movie? I don’t see the connection..if these were pics of him and would make sense but these two (may be seeking publicity ) but how will this boost sales for his flop of a movie?

  • A year!

    mark my words people:
    this relationship is gonna last for almost a year.. at least until their Christmas movie shoot wrap up and then promote it as a couple!!

  • ck_always

    At least he got lots of baby sitting practice with Reese’s kids. LOL!

  • ???

    She is so young and he is nine years older? I wonder what is the topic in their conversations that each other find interesting …

  • NativeNYker

    there are some haters out there… damn.

    lucky girl is all i can say.


    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • minerva

    I didn’t realize she is so tall! I think these pictures were staged on purpose. But not why you think it. I think it because this way the people who didn’t believe the rumors can see it with their eyes. Before the people were saying,oh there’s no proof. Now you have proof but you still say this is fake.

    She is the kind of girl he likes. I think she’s probably not as bossy and mean as Reese could be. I think she is nicer person all around. Maybe she is pushing to fast for him. We will never know.She is very young for her age.

    But Ryan Seacrest is 35 and Julianne Hough is 22 so there’s other men dating younger girls. I think Taylor acts too young. My impression’s that she was 17 or 18. High school. I never realized she will be 21.

    Maybe they want her to change her image to attract older fans. I think this might last longer than you realize.I think for Taylor, this is a very big deal. Everyone says Jake is a very good person. He seems nice and fun.

  • Butter_Fly

    If this turns out to be real I’m going to be very surprised.