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Angelina Jolie Celebrates UNHCR's 60th Anniversary

Angelina Jolie Celebrates UNHCR's 60th Anniversary

Angelina Jolie pays tribute to the staff of UNHCR, a refugee agency, on its 60th anniversary on Friday (December 17) in Madrid, Spain

“In the week of UNHCR’s anniversary, I would like to highlight the strength and courage of the world’s refugees and [other] forcibly displaced people who are, for all of us, an example of generosity and dignity,” Angelina said. “My thoughts go also to the dedicated UNHCR staff, who for many years have risked their lives to protect the lives of refugees.”

UNHCR was founded in 1950 to help Europeans displaced during World War II. It was only expected to last three years, but today, the agency works around the world, helps millions of people and has an open-ended mandate.

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Photos: UNHCR/Alonso Serrano
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  • WBPfan

    Thanks for a thread on this Jared! Angie really walks the walk!

  • an oldie

    Thank you Jared for the post, and Thank You UNHCR for helping the refugees all over the world.

  • WBPfan

    Thanks for this thread Jared! Angie really walks the walk!

  • an oldie

    Great job, Angelina.

  • enough


  • dani


  • black


  • releka

    MY GIRL!!!!!!

  • Sasha

    She should donate her 20 Mil. for The Tourist, that was stealing.

  • lurker

    Amazing Angie!!!!!!A woman with a big loving heart, always thinking on how to help those who are in need.

  • lurker

    Thanks for the fans who beat the troll#5.

  • tada

    Most celebs go on vacation after promotional duties, not Angelina. She never fails to fit in a humanitarian or awareness trip. Bravo Angie, Bravo!

  • old and moldy

    Angie’s pics make me regular again

  • Lara

    Angie is so kind and caring, bravo to her.

  • Kudos

    Such a wonderful role model for young women around the world though she does look a bit pastey.

  • luvangie4ever

    This is why I love Angelina, she’s truly a remarkable woman, a woman’s woman really, despite what weak, petty, spiteful women say about her. She’s incredibly strong and yet exceptionally feminine, vulnerable and yet passionate and courageous in everything she does. When she loves, she loves voraciously, she gives it her all. She is testament to what the love of a good mother can achieve. From Angie, you can tell what a wonderful person her mother was and how much she must have loved her children, both James and Angie.

  • lurker

    Thanks for the fans who beat the troll#5. The trolls were caught off- guard, didn’t make #1 this time.

  • Rene

    Paying tribute looks kind of easy. She’ll get lots of mileage out of this and maybe a few butts in the seats for her failing movie.

  • Theresa

    Good PR for Angelina and just at the right time.

  • tutu

    Youre inspiring Angie.

  • http://justjared Susan

    @black: stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, ————————————————————-

  • an oldie

    Thanks, Guli, for the shoutout. I always meant to thank you for all the pics, videos and articles you post on M4 about the JPs. I really appreciate all your work.
    BTW, in the video of the Madrid press conf, what did JD say around the 6:37ish mark? Something about Florian, I think.

  • 1 Night HO HO HO !

    May 98 !

  • kelly

    No time for Cabo Angie. You are so right, you are rich, famous and you give back. Thanks for the people who are leaving in the third world with third world kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dasha

    she’s amazing, a wonderful woman, amazing actress and mother, a great inspiration for all of us

  • angiesfugees

    Mommy where are you?

  • 1 Night HO HO HO !


  • http://justjared Susan

    @kelly: Since JJ have fans from many different countries, lets try to be polite to every one. Countries may be poor, but calling them third world to visit and take children, is not PC. You can visit parts of the USA, and think you’re in another country.

  • bdj

    Angelina Jolie is a devoted Mom, Partner and humanitarian. She has been with the UNHCR for many years and each time fulfill her duties as a UN Ambassador with the utmost respect. While others give lip services to various causes, never fulfill their charitable pledges, Angelina Jolie walks the talk, donating time, service and financial aid.

  • anon

    She’s been with the UNHCR for over 10 years now. I do wish she’d write another book about her misison.

  • gracie

    Amazing woman. Always fiiting in her charity work with all her premiere, that’s incredible. Haters can’t comprehend why Angie is loved so much by millions worlwide —– well, this is it. She is always giving and thinking of others less fortunate, not like me me me Anuston and her vain friends.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Soo sweet heart :) !

  • nona

    60th Anniversary: Angelina Jolie marks milestone with tribute to the displaced and UNHCR staff

    News Stories, 17 December 2010

    Award-winning actress Jolie was in Madrid to promote her latest film, “The Tourist,” and took the opportunity to meet UNHCR staff and discuss Spain’s asylum system, mixed migration flows into the country, resettlement and other important issues. She also heard about plans for the anniversary year.

    Jolie met Vázquez, a popular TV presenter in Spain, and shared with him some of her experiences as a goodwill ambassador over the past decade. Since becoming a goodwill ambassador in 2006, Vázquez has been actively supporting awareness and fund-raising activities in Spain on behalf of refugees, including a charity art auction on Wednesday in Madrid.

    UNHCR turned 60 on Tuesday. It was founded on December 14, 1950 to help Europeans displaced during World War II and was only expected to be in existence for three years. Today, it works around the world, helps millions of people and has an open-ended mandate.


    Love me some Angelina Jolie. Always doing great things.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    #33 This link interview jd

  • http://deleted angierocks

    Angie never disappoints.An inspiration to many,one of a kind. She’s awesome!

  • Brightside

    According to some of the tabloids Angie and Brad will be getting wed in India. I do so hope so…I would love to see them married. Anyone know if there is truth behind the tabloid rumour?

  • T Pain

    Angelina STARTED the celebrity trend of charitable proactiveness, humanitarianism, and philatrophy. Of course other rich & famous people have been doing alot like her before she was even famous herself, but she has used her celebrity power to create awareness of such causes, to people who arent exposed to these kind of issues.. That is why she is respected.. Only ignortant, trashy, people think its a facade, and are angry about the press she gets about it. They take it personal which is hilarious to me.

  • BB

    Amen, Angelina
    You go girl.

  • Ash

    Beautiful talented actress and very giving.

  • gracie

    What’s the matter haters? Angie doing good makes Anuston look selfish vain and shallow hmm? Charity is not my thing, $50k fake blond hair, fake blue eyes, tanning and yoga are my kind of things —– That is Anuston.

  • Lexie

    Team Angie all the way!

  • drkas

    versace gowns one day and then refugees.
    it’s not that simple Angie.

  • vickifromtexas

    angelina is an inspirationall woman. she has so much to show for her relatively young age. she is a lovely, giving person.

  • user

    LOl Tourist BOMBS….bring out the “humanitarian” schtick. Who didn’t know this was coming. She’ pathetically predictable.

    She’ll be sporting those “humanitarian dirty boots” heading out of an airport in 3, 2, 1….bwahahaha.

    The world is on to this one trick pony…
    But I bet Johnny is relieved to be shed of this ho.

  • drkas
  • Fran

    Amen, #45 user

  • drkas

    I remember she did an interview with a refugee in Columbia and she was so stoned that Angelina couldn’t stop laughing. This woman was talking about crossing borders with no food and army haunting her and Angie was laughing. Look for it. You’ll be surprised!

  • awesome

    a whole decade of charity work and she still gets called fake for trying to help. lol

  • drkas

    @1 Night HO HO HO !: at least he wasn’t married at that time.