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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'J. Edgar' Filming with Armie Hammer

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'J. Edgar' Filming with Armie Hammer

Leonardo DiCaprio and Armie Hammer look dapper in tuxedos while filming scenes for J. Edgar on Thursday (February 10) in Los Angeles.

Also spotted on set: co-star Judi Dench, who plays J. Edgar Hoover’s mother, Anna Marie, and the film’s director Clint Eastwood.

The day before, Leo smoked a cigar and wore white pajamas on the movie’s set.

Armie portrays Clyde Tolson, J. Edgar’s number two man at the FBI and his rumored secret lover.

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leonardo dicaprio armie hammer j edgar 04
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  • silly

    So Edgar was gay???

  • ashley

    jared, you’re literally killing me with all these pictures. i thank you for that.

  • mervyn

    I really thought that was Graham Norton in the top shot of Di Caprio. LOL

  • s


    he’s so crazy gorgeous and sexy.

  • s

    @mervyn: not even a single distant resemblance, leo is young, graham is old.

  • CanadaGirl

    Like that we get lots of Leo when he films. Great pictures. They did some nice work with make-up and costuming.

  • Clyde

    @mervyn: I guess you are joking

  • ann

    Love the dapper Edgar and Clyde

    Great photos. Thanks, Jared

  • ann

    Really looking forward to this film.

    Great photos.

  • cindy lu

    looks great

  • Leo Fan

    I love Leo in period movies. I bet Hoover is going to be very good. I am so happy to see Leo working with Clint Eastwood. Two great professionals!

  • Jane

    Man this movie looks like it might be epic, Leos perm not sos much, but he is channeling Edgar so its ok, and Armie? So handsome, cant wait for them to get it on, even if it is a brief one kissing scene. At least Clint didnt decide to turn this into some trash movie, so respect.

  • CanadaGirl

    Caught up! This was an exciting day. Thanks for posting these threads, JJ.
    Hi Leo-fans: dr brown, Hoover fan, candycotton, iheartcomments, scheana, and other Leo fans. These will be exciting times.
    Glad the Hoover PR is releasing pictures. I have to ask @ann, do you work with the PR for this film or for Leo? You frequently seem to have some interesting insights. Nonetheless, glad you post.
    LD looks much more in character in these pictures. Although we aren’t getting the full effect, I think, when the picture comes out and we see his character on screen, it’ll be a more apparent transformation. I can see some facial “sculpting and shading,” which tones down Leo and brings out Hoover. Very nice.

  • CanadaGirl
  • CanadaGirl
  • Dicaprio

    So handsome my favr ever

  • sab

    is leo wearing brown contacts for the movie?? his eyes look a bit ‘off’ to me

  • ann

    @Canada Girl

    LOL. I just checked my pay stub,and I don’t see Warner Bros or Leonardo DiCaprio listed anywhere on my check :)

    But, hey, if anyone is listening, I’m a flexible girl and always willing to try something new .

  • Joey

    We love leo =)

  • scheana2


    all i got to say and you know im usually verbose……

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    Leo simply Amaazinggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CRAPdashian Book

    Nobody gives a sh*t about that lame a$$ book. Piss off cat face.

  • it’s me or he looks like matt damon on one pic ?

  • hoover fan


    Sab, I think he’s wearing brown contacts for sure.. Canada girl, I was cracking up at that pic…yes, I know how he feels too…:)

    i’m getting so excited for this movie girls… with all the pics and new posts it’s got the excitement building up big time!!

  • danny

    the only actor who gets hotter in all senses of this word with every year. and i’m saying this as a man.

  • bb

    thanx for the video canada girl. We are being spoilt with so many pictures so early on. Leo scrubs up well in a suit. What do you guys think? l didn’t realise Armie Hammer was so tall. How tall is Leo? ls he over 6ft?

  • Beta

    yes Leo is over 6ft but Armie is a giant … 6′ 5″.

    New pics, he is not Leo… he is J.Edagard Hoover. They have makeup his eyebrows for the movie.

  • CanadaGirl

    My last bf was 6’6″ and I’m 6′ and we looked height wise comparable to how Leo and Armie look (wow… that sounds weird). They are both very, very tall. I agree with @Ann and I think he’s about 6’1″.
    @Beta: Great link – thanks. You can better see the makeup on his face which sculpts his features and gives that hollowness to the cheeks that Hoover had. @sab: was bang on with the brown coloured contacts. You can definitely see them in this picture: Still think Leo is far and away more attractive than “Mr. Potato Head” Hoover, but I’m pleased with what the makeup department has crafted.
    @danny: :) I agree completely.
    Gotta ask… are they filming or are some of these pictures final test shots? Some of the pictures being released appear this way. They’re on a ton of locations, in a plethora of costumes, and varied lighting in a very short amount of time. It feels… accelerated to me – a little off. I could be wrong with that tho’. I wonder if some of the test shots are being released as filming shots (does that make sense?).

  • CanadaGirl

    Hey, JJ? Can you get some more pictures of Mark and Lukas filming Contraband?
    Off to enjoy a balmy -4 (-12 with he wind chill).

  • CanadaGirl

    Last comment… Penelope and Javier’s baby name is Leo… What’s the story there? Anyone know?
    Have a good one, gang.

  • Fantomas

    Too happy to see all these pics, in spite of the efforts of the make-up Leo is always much sexier than Hoover….

    @Canada girl : Here is what I read about the first name of the baby Bardem-Cruz: : The information does not come from an official statement, but from a beautiful blunder of the Spanish actor Santiago Segura. While he addressed the press about the couple, Santiago released: ” I know what you want and you do not understand why they do not come to present their baby by saying: ” Here we are, it is Leo “.” He might cover himself as he was able to – ” it is what I think of having understood, but they said nothing to me! “-, the scoop had already crossed the whole world.

  • scheana2

    yes i caught the matt damon look in one, i like matt there is no reason to diss him and i thought he was hot in true grit (great film) leo does look good- its like they decided on a half way between leo and j.edgar who was ugly as a constipated toad……did a light job not a total transformation. both him and tolson were short.

    i dont know who is more beautiful armie or leo. the kissing scenes are going to be beautiful—-i am not at all into threesomes but that is one i think i could learn to like !

  • scheana2

    gush gush gush yes we love him when he is working,,,,just want to see him with a woman who is his work’s equal, or at least not an insult. so glad barfie is off shore for a month what a goddamned blessing…doing the usual ugly lame shit she does.

    btw what does a “sport fragrance” smell like? old gym socks?

  • anybody?anybody?

    i’d watch Leo in anything. i’m never worried about his movies sucking because he does such a great job of picking the projects he attaches his name to. he’s having a great career. and i wish all guys could be like Leo— not just in personality, cuz it wouldn’t hurt if they were hot like him too! lol love him, i hope he keeps making movies until he just can’t no more! sooo hottt!!!

  • Wonderful World

    Leonardo has 36, but seems to have 30 years old. Armie is 24 but appears to have 30 years old. What is the question?

  • @35

    Question: What`s wrong with your eyes? Dicaprio looks way older than his real age thanks to smoking and his partying lifestyle. He looked 30 when he was in his 20`s. Armie looks like his real age. So what`s wrong with your eyes?

  • Wonderful World

    @@35: .Please do not be offended! There is nothing with my eyes. It’s just my opinion. Armie is beautiful and expands his youth and joy on his face. And Leo has never seemed to be older in real life. What about your eyes? Both are great actors. Good choice for both. And age isn’t problem

  • Stormm

    Leo was in my town today filming a scene. It was pretty cool