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Lea Michele: MusiCares Tribute Performer!

Lea Michele: MusiCares Tribute Performer!

Lea Michele attends the 2011 MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute to Barbra Streisand with boyfriend Theo Stockman on Friday (February 11) at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The 24-year-old Glee star wore an Amanda Wakeley dress with Jimmy Choo heels and Neil Lane earrings.

At the pre-Grammy gala, Lea hit the stage and performed with her Glee co-stars Darren Criss and Matthew Morrison.

“So honored & thrilled to be part of this magical night. What a dream,” Lea tweeted.

10+ pictures inside of Lea Michele at the MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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  • thr

    Tweets are saying she was amazing…..

  • Kaz

    She look great as usual

  • Kim

    Billboard editor said her was one of the best Babs covers of the night.

  • Seth

    Looking god again……. I hope a video gets out of this event.

  • Laurie

    So happy for her, Barbra is a idol of hers. No that doesn’t mean she thinks she is Babs just that she respect her talent and her career.

  • mary

    Good for her she respects and admires Babs for her talent and her career.

  • kelly

    I hope she actually gets to me her…

  • Lars

    Looks nice and I bet she did great.

  • cammie

    She must have been in Babs heaven. What a week for Lea. Superbowl, Chevy commercial, 30 million glee viewers, Babs and next the grammys. I am so proud and love her so much.

  • jared posters luv lea

    She didn’t actually perform with Darren and Matt.

  • http://deleted lovelydee

    She looks stunning.

  • lol

    Pretty as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Not pretty

  • Moon’

    Perfect dress!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks beautiful!!

  • for the record

    @Sligo lambert ^__^ cute:
    Really is that all you have to say. Why don’t you just go away and hate on someone else

  • playmaker

    Looking great as always. Is there a video or her performance (she sang “My Man”)? Tweets say she was amazing.

  • ilia

    WOW, she looks hotter every time I see her. Lea is the only reason I tune in to watch Glee.

  • lea

    Lea’s not pretty. Look at her face. She’s average at best, but she is talented.

  • Ella

    We want video! Evidently she was amazing and so was the Matthew Morrison and Kristin Chenoweth duet.

  • for the record

    Why is it even an issue of whether she is pretty. Everyone has their own idea of pretty and she looks nice in the dress and her looks have nothing to do with her ability(musical)

  • For the record

    She looked lovely, true. There’s so much photographic proof of this because she took her time getting down the red carpet, posing for pictures long enough to make sure photographers got every conceivable angle. It was a little obnoxious, but forgivable.

    What was less excusable was the outright snub of the Grammy Live interviewer just before she entered the venue. The interviewer called over to Lea, and Lea didn’t acknowledge her at al. Yet, she was close enough that you could hear Lea remark something about “did you see all those flashes” to her escort on the carpet.

    Lea was rude, plain and simple. Even Barbra, the honoree of the evening, responded when the same interviewer called out to her. No, she didn’t stop and give a full interview, but she did acknowledge the Grammy Live interviewer.

    Lea is beautiful and talented, but I was very disappointed in the behavior I saw from her last night.

  • julie

    @For the record: Seriously? She wasn’t rude. I watched the same feed and Lea didn’t see or hear the person. Plus, she was not walking right next to the Grammy Live interviewer, but her escort was in between them. She didn’t look at the interviewer and turn away for goodness sake. She was walking quickly by, probably because the dinner was getting started. Considering all the yelling and flashing (which we could hear Lea herself comment on) it’s not surprising she was disoriented. People like you will always look for the worst in people. She didn’t snub anybody; more likely she just didn’t see/hear the Grammy interviewer. People in the business comment on how professional and prepared she is. Not stopping for an interview — when it’s obvious to everyone who isn’t wearing lea-hating glasses like you could see she didn’t see the interviewer — isn’t a big deal. Only people like you (that would be hateful, pathetic losers) make it that way.

  • julie

    Lea looked great and by all accounts she was one of the highlights. If the editor of Billboard mentions you and says you’re one of the best tributes, you were probably pretty darn good! Way to go, Lea!

  • http://SparkOfInsanity Lizzie K

    Oh no! Another low-cut top! How scandalous! (Obvious usage of sarcasm)

    These lovely photos prove that the Cosmo cover was horribly photoshopped and airbrushed…

    I’ve seen Lea in person after the Glee concert in Chicago…couldn’t sign autographs for everybody, but nothing about her screamed “DIVA” when she walked by. I shouted “Hi Lea” twice but I was totally drowned out by the screams of everyone else around me, so could she hear me? Probably not. Did I feel “snubbed”…no.

    I hear audio sometimes of the photographers and interviewers trying to get the attention of other stars before…they are BRUTAL! VERY irritating to listen to. I think some of those stars must be EXREMELY uncomfortable because they have so many people yelling in their ears lound enough to probably damage their hearing. There were probably so many people shouting and screaming for her there’s no way she could’ve heard that interviewer.

    <3 u Lea!!!

  • For the record

    @julie: You watched the same feed and managed to see something entirely different. Had Lea not been perfectly audible speaking in a normal tone to her escort, I might go along with your POV.
    Re: “lea-hating glasses” – that’s laughable. I don’t hate her. To the contrary, I complimented her on both her appearance and her talent. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t rude.
    Disoriented? Sure, maybe – after all, she’s never done a red carpet before, right?
    I haven’t seen any of those comments you referred to from “people in the business” on how prepared and professional she is, but I have seen at least two specific occasions where she ended up apologizing for an apparent snub.

  • crap alert by for the record

    @For the record: Bull Shit. She was on the red carpet for about a minute/ 2 tops and she was rushed into the event bu her handler cause it was like 2 minutes before the event started. It is a holes like you who like to hate and make up stuff. What a load of crap.

  • stop the lies

    @For the record: key word apparent. I saw the feed and it was not a snub it. She didn’t talk to her but is sure wasn’t rude. You are way to sensitive if that was rude. You are a hater just how you started off with questioning the her walk on the red carpet walk. Saying she is trying to get good angle, well with more pictures the chance for more bad angle too, ludicrous. She had tow pulling nearly pulling her along to get into the event. If you think that was a snub you have never been snub before. For the record stop spreading hate/lies/exaggeration, if you are so worried about others being rude then you need to stop too.

  • Marieme

    Lea has such great taste in gowns. Probably one of the best red-carper dressers in Hollywood. Go girl!

  • For the record

    For those of you who are all beligerent because you feel Lea is just too perfect and can do no wrong, E! Online is a fairly credible source, no?

    Here you go …

  • http://SparkOfInsanity lizzie

    @For the record:

    We didn’t say that we think she can’t do anything wrong…JUST SHUT UP! Nobody wants to hear your rants.

  • http://SparkOfInsanity lizzie

    @For the record: oh and here’s a quote from the comments section

    “can’t all actors be difficult off camera, depends on how much they are being GOADED AND HARASSED BY IDIOTS IN THE MEDIA”

  • mary

    @For the record: The awful Truth (Ted Casablanca) is NOT a credible source AT ALL. He is known for hate on Lea Michele an was caught at lie at the GG´s press room. js.
    Its well known Lea Michele was late to Musiccares. Thats the reason her people hurried her inside as we all can watch the video.

  • for the record

    For the record-E Online is not a credible source and if you think they are then it is a problem-they are in the business to sell a story and they will twist and cut out important information to do so. It is not just with this girl but with many others. Just saying

  • Funny stuff

    @mary: That is funny you cite Ted? He is a uber bitch do you go around going off on him in web sites. The situation at musicare is what is being discussed and she was not rude to anyone in the bit that we saw during the live feed, so what Ted has to say now and forever is irrelevant to this discussion. You thought she was rude and many others did not. I am not even saying she isn’t a diva but this case she was not and most of these rumors have been blown up or some have been proven false. But my god, Ted really? E! is using Lea’s name left and right to get hits on their website. so Ted drops her name in whenever he can. You fell for what Ted says…..Laughable.

  • Pete

    @For the record: I think Lea fans know she isn’t going to win Miss Congeniality but that doens’t mean these reports are all true. Just look at you and your assumption she snub the live feed. I do not see it that way at all. Someone like you who is overly judgmental see a snub . I tend to be more open and try to see things from that person perspective and I see her handlers trying to get her inside becasue the event is about to start. I don’t even know what you little rant was aobut getting the right angle on the red carpet, it seem like the video I saw she was on on it for a minute or two. I am sure if she didn’t stop for picture you would have complained about that.

  • http://SparkOfInsanity lizzie

    Thumbs up if you think Ryan Murphy is the REAL Diva of “Glee!”

  • megan

    beautiful girl!