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Rihanna: 'What's My Name' Grammy Performance with Drake!

Rihanna: 'What's My Name' Grammy Performance with Drake!

Rihanna takes the stage with Drake to perform their hit song “What’s My Name” at the 2011 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday (February 13) in Los Angeles.

Drake, who brought his mom Sandy as his date, was up for Best New Artist and Best Rap Album!

On the carpet, the 24-year-old rapper suited up in a Giorgio Armani one-button peak lapel tuxedo with a classic black evening shirt and a black bow tie.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Rihanna and Drake’s Grammy performance?

Rihanna & Drake perform at the 2011 Grammy Awards

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna and Drake performing at the 2011 Grammy Awards

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Rihanna/CB4eva

    They did a good job…glad Ri is whinin it tup!!!! Love her…Glad she’s dancing more…I love it when she dances. Short and sweet performance.

  • Callie

    That was a HOT performance, wow. So much chemistry.

  • Mkhay

    i wasn’t so into it. I love Drake though

  • Pamela

    Rihanna looked fat, she can’t sing or dance.

  • Lalalove

    THAT WAS HOT! The performance, not the singing mind you. She gained a lot of weight! It looks good on her though.

  • hello1

    Rihanna is BORING, she’s been in the spotlight for how long now? Yet she cant pull off ONE amazing performance, there always horrible or just so-so. Her and Katy Perry need to take notes from Madonna, Britney and Lady Gaga. Everyone is copying everyone yet Rihanna is always boring

  • Jacklyn

    Nothing special, glad it was a short performance.

  • Clay

    I thought Rihanna was good. She has very good hip rotation action. Very sultry. She held the tune well (actually at the end I could tell she was lip syncing as the song kept going when she held the mic down).
    Very good.

    I am happy to say this about her. I heard the song that make her a hit ‘Umbrella’ and could not understand how the song came to be a hit. This one sounds good.

  • Jasmine

    A really trashy performance. I didn’t care to see Rihanna try moving those gigantic thighs of hers while trying to hold a tune.

  • Mellie

    Rihanna is horrible live! Been to her concert before and she never sounds like how she was in the record. Sounds like she edits her songs too much! you can tell when it’s the voice over and when she sings live. And it was a little dirty with how she dances, sexy for the guys, but not a good overall performance,

    drake was good, just made him seem like a hornball on how he was acting on her.

  • Ashley Spinelli


  • Jasper


  • Jasper


  • Cleo

    When did the Grammys start having horny strippers give performances?

  • Marion

    I thought she was auditioning for a strip joint performance.

  • Low Life

    I’ve never seen a girl so slutty in my whole life… I mean it would have been halfway okay if she had PANTS on..but grinding her bare crotch into the camera??? WTF? Is she that desperate for attention? I have a feeling this girl is extremely insecure.

    P.S. her dancing sucks!

  • Cam

    what a turn off. the dancing or shall I say, pelvic thrusting, was inappropriate for the grammys. my kids are looking fwd to watching tomorrow but i don’t want them to see this performance. could have been done more tastefully instead of so trashy.

  • lala

    lol the part when drake tires to grab her ass and she doesn’t let it sounds like drake is holding is laughter.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Who??


  • cute

    They look cute together. She should date this guy.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!

    They **** Hahahahahahahaa

  • burn it!

    Lose that wig, Rihanna!

  • G


  • G


  • SashaiG

    @cute: She already boned him shortly after incident with CB… On to the next one

  • http://deleted lovelydee

    I liked her performance
    because she was getting
    back to her island roots
    with the dancing and drums.

  • MangerBouger

    For the first time, I appreciated the whole live perfomance of Rihanna !

  • bajan


  • Todd

    The performance was VERY uncalled for, nasty, and perforance like that shouldn’t even be aired on NATIONAL tv that way. This is not sex tv.

  • noitallnow


    Good points. It’s amazing to me how polarizing music is today. It’s ALL SEX, all obnoxious kids who get fame quickly and have an awful sense of entitlement.

    We grew up able to listen to the music of my parents in 70′s and 80′s ..we could sit in the same room and listen to music with our parents…not today.

    Can’t get over Ri-Ri’s wide open legs and grinding with her crotch …where were the CBS sensors.

    Today;s music is so crude it makes Bell, Biv, Devoe ‘s “poison” sound like a MILD nursery ryhme.

  • jeannie russell

    she was slutty and nasty

  • yo sista

    beautiful? O_o
    talented? O_o
    Can sing? O_o

    Are you guys talking about this gurl ? o__O

  • lowe

    jealousy is a ugly thing half of yall cant even sing or dance and cant get sign ta a label lollll tsk tsk dis girl cud sing dance act model every thing dats why she gets big cash

  • sexy

    Rihanna rocked the house. Sexy performance without trying unlike beyaki.

  • for real

    I’ve seen better performances of her. The rehearsal video did look alot more shaky. The outfit looks like outta the hippie trashbox. Drake is just walking around her like a horny dog babbling his verse. Did sound like keeping his laughter not reaching her ass. Lil funny but that’s it.

    Not overwhelming.

  • sea

    She is not the best singer in the world, she is not classy but I love her and her freshness!

  • miss_ladyfine

    God she really hurt my ears during the bridge! DRAKE IS THE ONLY REASON WHY I AM HERE. i expected much more though!!! anticipated for nothing! all she’s good for is dancing and performing. as a pop singer…eeerrm ear pluggs needed!

  • DBSK

    @Jasmine: She had bronchitis! Thats why her voice didnt sound as good… I think she did a great job for being´╗┐ sickmm

  • keeykeey


  • Nicky

    This was a good performance but when she performs it always seems like I’m watching a talent competition not a seasoned performer.

  • http://Rhiannawasveryinappropriate.ruinedthelovelyjobshedidearlierinthebeautifulfiredress.Ifeltdisgustedeverytimeshethrustherselfintothecamera.Lip-syncingshouldnotbepermittedinaliveperformance.Whyinth rosemary m

    Rhianna was very inappropriate.ruined the lovely job she did earlier in the beautiful fire dress. I felt disgusted every time she thrust herself into the camera.Lip-syncing should not be permitted in a live performance.Why in the world would she perform more than once and others not even get a first chance???

  • J

    is this a strip tease or what?? Gosh didnt think i was watching the grammys while watching this clip. Too many gross thrusts and grinding.. umm so innapropriate for the grammys! and could have had some clothes on too! yikes! srry but i dont think the world wants to be staring at your girating pelvic area lol

  • Josh Hynes


    Those” huge thighs” are ridiculous sexy, you are jealous.

  • http://viali93 Viali Munteanu

    this girl can’t sing… i like her songs but i don’t like her :)

  • Ms. Lady

    I think the performance was fine. Rihanna is true to her culture. That is the way they dance in the islands. If you don’t like it, you don’t like her culture. You don’t HAVE to watch it. She can sell records without you. Her voice sounded good. She has a signature sound and it’s great!

  • Maguette

    U guys need to STOP HATING!!!! The people that are saying all the negative comments about her dancing are probably a bunch of STIFF PEOPLE THAT CAN’T DANCE TO SAVE THEIR LIVESS!! Stick to your dang rock and roll that u don’t have to have any sense of rhythm to move to all you have to do is jump up and down, and if you retards don’t know she is from the islands and the drums, whining and dancing is our culture and she is just embracing it so SHUT YOUR HATING ***** UP! Dang I hate people that hate on others because they are a bunch of losers like seriously you guys are nobodies know one gives a crap who you are at least she is GOING SOMEWHERE IN LIFE!!!



  • Marc

    In response to some of the comments: She NEVER lip-syncs, she is hotter than all of you, if her thighs are big than Oxford needs to redefine “big” in their dictionary, and Rihanna is the queen of pop. No other pop artist can go from Dont Stop the Music to Rude Boy to Russian Roulette. She is a talent. She is amazing. And believe me, I can guarantee all of your “kids” have seen much worse than this GORGEOUS woman giving us a fiery performance.

    Haters to the left ~

  • Truth

    This was a good performance Im glad she went bak to her roots(Islands) and incorporated tht into her dance routine point blank period she needs to dance and not jus stand there and sing thts BORING!!!