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Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody suit up for Harvey Weinstein and Dior‘s Oscar Dinner, held at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday (February 23) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud will star opposite Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel in Playing the Field, according to Variety.

Gerry will play “a former pro soccer player who finds himself dodging romantic advances from soccer moms after he agrees to coach his son’s youth team in an attempt to bond with the boy,” Variety reports. Jessica will play Gerry‘s ex-wife in the film and Uma will play a fellow parent!

Bigger pic inside…

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gerard butler dior party 01

Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: WireImage
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  • karen

    So Merlin is bored “Above All By His Fans.” Sorry we can’t gear our posting to fit whatever interests you. I, too, think the exit is a bit theatrical. Don’t you chat among yourselves anymore? If so, they already know you are leaving. If not, then your dear friends probably aren’t so dear anyway.

  • redOctober


    Dear girl …I feel sad about your decision of leaving : ( I’m not the one to say what you should or should not do. But , as you’ve said what matters here is not what Gerry is doing with parts of his anatomy right now and with whom. What really matters is the people coming to post and to share their points of view. I’ve been around for a year now ( since January 24th 2010 to be exact, at the worst of Violin Gate)…and I have to say that I’ve experienced a huge amount of things interacting with all of you. Good things and bad ones. Life is what it is and we have to live with that notion. Gerry is just human like the rest of us. I like his looks , his charisma and his imposing figure on screen, his talent, any time he lets it shine, his mysterious persona…I know close to nothing about the real G. How I wish. That’s why I’m here because he is different in certain way, I want to know more , he’s a challenge. I feel like he’s toying with our minds, playing games and I hate that. I want to figure out the man behind all that smoke and mirrors…why? …because he’s there and I want to know. Sometimes I have time to follow his antics and many times I’d love to smack him with a bat …other times I just read and stay away.
    I’ll miss you Merl…think it over…talk with your pillow and stay with us…Stay safe and *hugs* ♥♥


    “…it is best if shallow people mate with each other.”

    Wiser words have never been spoken.

  • Dempsey

    Let me get this, you said that most people think she is his type, not something that came out of her mouth?

  • redOctober


    I really hope that promising talented actor is still there somewhere. His looks won’t last forever but talent…well, talent is what makes a difference.

  • Good Bye Merlin

    OH God, now they are mourning Merlin? Hehe what a joke ROTFL – who the fuuck cares she was an idiotic numpty if not a dumpty.
    Good bye and good riddance. Is Manny next?

  • Manny

    @Good Bye Merlin:

  • redOctober

    @The Noise In The Walls:

    Get well soon and Happy Birthday ; D

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Thx redOctober..

  • yuck

    @ just curious, I have to say I am a woman who keeps herself in shape. I am almost 5′ 8″ and am a size 6. I have to work at it cause I am not the model type body, but I do work out daily . Even tall skinny woman can have cellulite, I have seen it before. they say that 95% of women have cellulite… it is in our genetic make-up. Go figure. No matter how much you work out it is still there! Sofia V is not fat IMO, She has cellulite as most women do, but is still a very beautiful woman. Sometimes a persons mannerism or the way they speak or a certain sparkle in their eye can attract you more than the way they look and make that person so beautiful. I guess what I am saying looks alone are not the whole picture…believe me, there so much more. Yes the male model is very disturbing, but I won”t even get into that!

  • KDHT

    This is so funny, but so true. Gerry better not even think about this turkey:

  • Ballylough

    I’m sorry to see you go. Good luck with your RL.

  • CJ

    Merlin, We Love You!…we will see you around the castle from time to time..♥♥..xoxoxo

  • Aramis

    @D’Artagnan: I think you’re absolutely right. Well said. :)

  • i heart

    i will miss your magical humor and fun.
    your jokes at gerry’s expense, the funny banter between your friends on JJ,(that we were privy too)..
    the kingdom of Butlerdom will be a much sadder place without you.
    life goes better with a wizard around!
    all the best in RL. , you were one of the reasons i came to JJ.,
    and i know several other people who post here feel the exact same way.

    mwha! and poof!

    visit again soon if you can, but i really understand your reasons for leaving, its often crossed my mind too!

  • i heart

    oops MERLIN!!!!!!!!! that post # 214 was for you , sorry just tired. :)

  • @teresa

    It’s probably because you think the size of his nose is the same as the size of his “man bit”. Yep. :D


    one last spell for us on JJ, take JUST CURIOUS with you and throw her in the dungeon. tah.

  • Well…

    According to some who dated who sites and Gerard slept with Rachel Roy a couple of years ago. Knowing him, he probably did her again.

  • Not Curious


  • wtf?

    @ Merlin

    Sorry to see you succumb to the a/sshats of JJ, goodness knows they are breeding like rabbits around here. They can’t even shut up long enough for a poster to say goodbye properly to a few friends. Some of us don’t chat in rooms and would want to say farewell. I mostly lurked in your hey-day, and starting to do more of that, like Cubedweller, these days..

    Anyhoo, I wish you all the best and good luck in all you do.

  • Not Curious

    @just curious:
    You are f/cking obsessed with Biel! It’s scary.

  • fyi

    @yuck: Gerry has cellulite too. Did you see RocknRolla and his Barbados swimsuit photos? His fans defended him and said everyone has cellulite, but not they’re picking on Sophia because she’s female and beautiful, not to mention successful.

    BTW, Gerry would jump on Halle just for the bragging rights, but he wouldn’t want more than that making sure everyone knew he checked that off his bucket list.

  • @ugh

    I freakin’ love you for that post. :)

  • LOL!!

    @Skidmark Butler:
    You think Rihanna is hot? ROFLMAO! She has an ugly wide nose and a huuuge forehead.

  • Tonto

    RED O , Well said! I agree with what you said 100% You and several others here are some of the few posters that I enjoy reading and respect their opinions. Lolita, nuts, gossip, CJ, Cora and many others ( sorry if I’ve missed a few) that can have peaceful conversations with other posters without needing to be rude. I can read and enjoy someone’s posts without agreeing with them 100% of the time. We’re all different coming from different parts of the world and life styles. I’ll miss Merlin, she was great fun. And Melli, I’m praying and thinking about you and your neck of the woods. Take care. Okay, you all can go back to GB’s crazy life. discuss………… ;)

  • @CJ


    What does Gerry like…the only thing I know for sure is that he likes big, full lips on a woman..during a interview Hilarie was doing for PSILY, Gerry said he kept watching her sip her coffee because he liked her full lips..his eyes were glazed over when he was talking about it….G said kissing is everything to him.”
    Aww…do you have a link to that interview? I’d love to see it. :D

  • angelsrock


    What else has Sophia done? I like her on Modern Family, but I wouldn’t want that personality in this movie. Jessica can be glamorous, but also kind of wholesome looking. I can’t see Sophia as the wholesome girl next door.

  • CJ

    @CJ…around the time that P.S. I Love You came out, Gerry and Hilary were doing PR for the movie and there were 2 or 3 video’s posted on You Tube with Gerry and Hilary intervewing each other…they were funny and telling…

    I don’t have a link because I don’t save those kinds of things and I don’t know if they are still on You Tube..I would say go to You Tube and type in, “Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank interviews…or P.S. I Love You interviews…♥

  • Alexandra

    @just curious:
    Biel is more his type than Rachel Roy???? Umm…you can’t have “followed” Butler for long or know much about him and his past quotes and girlfriend/hook-ups if you think that. Rachel Roy is like 99% more his type than Biel. Judging from what I know about GB I would say Biel is not much his type at all. She’s a bit like a pale shadow compared to exotic looking Roy. One thing I’ve noticed is that GB loves big brown eyes and we know he likes exotic looking women. I’m not saying there’s anything between him and Roy but if I should say someone is his type, he!l yes, it’s Roy and not Biel.

  • YBF

    Oh yes, I remember that tacky quote Gerry made about Halle!
    Reporter: So Gerard, what are you planning to be in next?”
    Gerry: Halle Berry.
    Naughty boy. *rolls eyes*

  • Amy R

    The CAA pre-oscar party starts at 9pm.
    Gerry is supposed to be going.
    I’m hoping there are some pics.

  • There Will Be Blood

    Oh no, you shouldn’t have said that! Just curious will be furious (I’m a poet!). She will eat you alive for saying that another woman than Biel might be The Butler’s type. There is no one better than Jessica Biel in her eyes. There’s no one better than Jessica Biel for Gerry according to her. There’s no one better than Jessica Biel in the entire universe, do you hear that?!
    *runs away from thread screaming*

  • Party Pooper

    @Amy R: Is Gerry going to every single pre-Oscar party there is? I get tired just thinking of all the actual Oscar parties he will attend. Partyho’ much?

  • Mimi

    There’s one thing I’ve been thinking about; how the heck was Framo able to attend the Golden Globes after party (I don’t remember what year)? I thought those parties were for business people only.

  • Sharp


    “Let me get this, you said that most people think she is his type, not something that came out of her mouth?”

    Oy! I was making a joke about the fact that she APPEARS to be his type! No, to my knowledge, Rachel Roy has never told anyone that she believes that she is Gerard Butler’s type.

  • just curious

    ” I guess what I am saying looks alone are not the whole picture…believe me, there so much more. ”
    I love you for your post, thank you. And I love that you said that the male model is very disturbing. At least, there are some people that still care about where our society is heading.
    And yes, I know cellulite strikes many women with all body types. And I also know why most women on this board love Sofia. It’s because they have similar body type to hers, and thus I don’t fault them for liking her. However, my post was about something else totally. It was about Butler’s choices, and why he would be more interested in someone like Jessica Biel, as opposed to Sofia V, for better of worse.
    Unfortunately, just because I made those comments, right away many accused me of plugging Biel for some ulterior sinister motive LOL. I’m trying to be objective. I don’t have a dog in this fight. I am not looking for Butler to hookup with Biel or any other woman. I am just being honest when I say that Biel is younger and sexier than Sofia, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Biel is going to win out if it comes down to it, based on looks alone. Personality wise could be a different story. For all I know, Sofia might win there. In my book, it’s obvious that anyone who attacks me for saying Biel is beautiful, such as in this very clever post from a very “non-jealous woman”,
    Not Curious @ 02/25/2011 at 8:38 pm
    @just curious:
    You are f/cking obsessed with Biel! It’s scary )
    LOL, or says that Biel is ugly and starts taking her apart limb by limb, is probably jealous and covered head to toe in their jealousy.

    Unfortunately, it sounds to me like there is a bunch of jealous angry women with pitchforks on this thread, that’s what’s being transmitted from these remaks ROTFL.
    And I agree; the whole picture is much more than looks alone. At the end of the day, no one really knows what is going to attract two people to each other. There are many instances, more often than not, where men, and even women, end up marrying someone who is not exactly their type, or to everyone’s astonishment, someone far removed from their type, which is proof that looks are not the only decisive factor for a successful relationships. I never doubt it. Again, my post was about something else and somehow it ended up being about women’s looks in general.
    BTW, you sound like a very beautiful and conscientious woman. More power to you for wanting to look gorgeous. Gossip was right; I am in the fashion industry and I love seeing women looking beautiful and wanting to look their best. A woman can look beautiful at any age when she takes appropriate measures throughout her life to look and feel her best.

  • Mimi

    “BTW, Gerry would jump on Halle just for the bragging rights, but he wouldn’t want more than that making sure everyone knew he checked that off his bucket list.”
    Yep, same thing with Maniston. He wanted to have slept with Jennifer Aniston the Star. Jennifer Aniston the Woman – who knows….?

  • Yes!

    Yes! To hell with the b//itch!

  • The Noise In The Walls

    My hope is ..that Gerry has a fun time at whatever pre or after Oscar party he attends..

  • ahhem

    @YBF: It was not in an interview with a reporter. It was on a talk show. I don’t remember which one. He was asked something like what would he like to do next and his reply was Halle Berry.

  • just curious

    You know I meant that based mostly on Rachel Roy’s lifestyle situation and personality, not her looks, GB might not be interested in her.
    First, I wasn’t sure she had kids, but I read it somewhere that she might have a baby, which turned out to be true. Based on that alone, I think he wouldn’t want a seriously relationship with a woman that has children. Of course, I have no proof of this, but based on his actions and things that he said, I tend to believe this.
    Next, she is very philanthropic, almost fanatic about her philanthropy. She has dozen of causes she supports. While, I think Gerry is very generous too, he is less extreme in that department, and definitely not an activist like she is. If you’re an activist, you need an activist like you, someone who shares your values. So here again I see another personality difference, which might prevent a serious union between them from materializing.
    Looks wise, yes, she seems to fit his type if you believe he likes only dark-skinned ladies. I don’t necessarily agree that that’s his only type, although he had his fair share of dark-skinned women. However, he also had his share of light-skinned women and blonds too, therefore, someone like Biel could definitely attract him, as she is young and sexy, and frankly she attracts most men so why not him too?
    @There Will Be Blood:
    Hahahahahahaha, you just proved my point, namely that you are probably an ugly fat cow that hates Biel because she is pretty, and you’re NOT.
    Otherwise, what could possibly be the reason for your useless post?

  • gabby

    So, are peeps taking bets? Does he win a Razzie tonight?

    Will he and Jen accept the worst couple award and announce their engagement at the same time? LOL. That would be the only thing to top THAT award.

  • melissa

    I lurk here to read about Butler. Nuts and stella, KDHT and red O seem to be the people who just post photos and news articles usually and don’t engage in silly arguments.

    So, goodbye Merlin. Hello a lot of new fans. Merlin loved her own-created drama. Wonder where she is focusing that now?

  • hollerback girl

    Well, hiding her in plain sight, Mr. Butler? We aren’t as dumb as you think.

  • CJ

    Well.. Betty White must be like Butler because when she is asked what she is going to do next..she says, “Robert Redford, if I’m lucky.”…


    Gerards “type” is well documented in his “circles.”
    Sorry, you slow half-retar/ded idiots are not going to get that info….
    You are obviously too stupid to figure it out anyway – based on what I am reading here.
    Do you have lives? Men? Jobs? Nothing???
    These people you all talk about…know nothing and even better – CARE NOTHING about you and what you have to say.
    In fact, I love popping and reading your crap..knowing Gerard could give a f&cking rat’s aZZ.
    So have a wonderful night in your nothing lives….

  • ???

    And you are a fat fvkk. Size 6?? Try a salad sometimes or better – GET A FVCKING TAN. You uneducated POS.

    Your man is chatting up ****** on a chat room. Can’t say which…
    Surprised…..? ;)

  • Question

    No, the only people that don;t think Gerard like exotic women are the freaks that take baths with him bc they are in denial.
    I am a fan – I know i will never sleep with this man but I do know he does have a “type.”
    I don’t read or pay any attention whatsoever to the desperate women on this board who try and deny what I see as obvious.
    I just skip their posts as soon as I see it as some lame attempt to draw me into their boring, pitiful discussion, as should you.

  • Question

    LOL!! I meanT, of course, the freaks that take baths with Gerrykind Ken dolls!! LOLOLOLOLOL

  • chad

    ew i wouldnt date a woman covered in cellulite like that sofia. who has cellulite on their sttomach???? she has it everywhere like you cant get away from it. maybe its cuz shes like liposucked or soemthing.