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Vanessa Hudgens Makes A Run For It

Vanessa Hudgens Makes A Run For It

Vanessa Hudgens holds onto her phone and a bottle of water while leaving the gym on Friday (March 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 22-year-old Beastly star flashed a smile while sprinting back to her car.

Earlier this week, Vanessa helped pal Brittany Snow celebrate her 25th birthday at Boa Steakhouse.

Vanessa was also on hand with Brittany at her pre-b-day bash in Vegas!

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  • http://j cf10

    you put the worst pics of her, always!

  • misstrindade

    she is so happy now! I love her

  • Kerri

    Wow she makes working out look fun. She has got to be the most happiest person in the world. And even without makeup she is so pretty. EVERYBODY CHECK OUT SUCKER PUNCH MARCH 25. Always vanessa supporter.

  • marie

    i like her hat!any1 knows the brand? :p

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!!!

    Hahah vanessa

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^____^ cute

    She looks boring

  • iiii

    @cf10: the eff is wrong with you? she looks beautiful and super pretty naturally! and look at that wonderful smile!!

  • u know!

    ugly ****

  • Kandy

    She’s so cute. And Kaz quit trolling this website you scum.

  • SO WHAT??




  • RA

    @u know!
    The exact words your father said when he first saw your mother.

  • kami

    ♥ vanessa is in great shape. wish my body looked that good. yeah for vanessa. ♥

  • RA

    Oh and Vanessa looks super sexy.

  • u know!

    @RA: hmm maybe.. i would ask him but i can’t he’s dead but i will ask mom:)

  • http://happyanditsgreattosee. Haters Suck!

    Love seeing my favorite Hollywood girl smile. She looks so beautiful and happy and it’s great to see.

  • http://jj telma

    lovely love her

  • amon

    Looks like she lost weight at the gym! Exercise well done

  • maria

    SHe always has such a cheerful outlook….one of those people you love to have in your life! Loved her in Beastly; can’t wait for Sucker Punch now!!

  • Claire

    Vanessa deserves the best and happiness she is sweet and pretty.
    Zac is not the Zac we knew and loved.
    Met Zac @ Eden he is very single gave one of my friends sisters his number my friend looks like she could be Megan Foxes sister without botox he was hammered. He took pics with her said she was hot which she is.
    Me being the Zanessa fan I am asked him point blank what was the deal he said he wanted to be single Vanessa was a nice girl but it was over and done with wished her well but it was not happening again that is why he broke it off with her because he was not feeling it any more it was done. And not to call them Zanessa gave me a stink face for calling them that then walked away.
    When my friend and her sister left and me and my friend Amy were left over heard him tell his friend Alex he was going to hit it my friends sister and quit it. They laughed.
    Zac drank alot.
    One word devastated.

  • yets

    i love her smile.

  • :)

    Exercise doing that body good. Wow!

  • Fauve

    Run Vanessa Run you gorgeous girl you only 13 more days until Sucker Punch I am going to the premiere can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bradley Bobst

    Looking Fine.

  • lauren

    from what i read, that it was vanessa who was the one who ended it or wanted the ”break” or some crap.
    so ppl just go up to him and ask him whats the deal with him and vanessa and he’s that open about it?

    also if it was done,,, what was all with the sightings of them in January, and him visting her in NC or whatever?
    i think hes just hurt and doesnt know what to do, again idk. it seems like u know him and from what u met of him.

  • lauren

    @ claire,
    also from what i read it seems to be ”lost” or depressed without her?
    it was obvious that vanessa kept him grounded.

  • Kyley

    I don’t believe your story even a little bit. I doubt he would have been that open about his personal life. Also, why aren’t there any pictures of Zac and this “Megan Fox looking” girl anywhere on the Internet? A guy who dated a girl for 5 years, who RESPECTS women, isn’t going to say “hit it and quit it.” besides, Zac hung out with Mark Salling for most of the night. He was there with his friends to celebrate his friend Alix’s birthday. It sounds like you’re just trying to make Zac seem like an insensitive pig. His true fans won’t believe this ludicrous story and that’s all that matters.

  • claire

    @lauren: I do not know him personally I must met him at Eden this one time and before at Charlie St. Cloud Premiere.
    No he is not depressed.
    The way he talked he did the dumping.
    He drinks like a person who has been doing it for a long time because he was not easily tipsy.
    He is not hurting he kind of laughed about her to his friend Alex about how bad her movie Beastly did.
    I only know what I asked him what I saw and a little afterwards he was around a lot of male friends.
    I think it was someones birthday there were gift bags to.
    I still think he is a good actor will see his movie.
    But how he acted turned me off of him.
    He seems like he is just looking for sex nothing more.
    And drinking.
    That is all I saw and all I can answer.

  • claire

    @Kyley: You were not there were you? I was. I am just as disappointed as people will be as time goes on.
    I have supported Zanessa for 2 years on Twitter.
    His movies.
    Her movies.
    Far as pictures go he took one with her and her sister took it.
    He would not take any more pictures then that.
    It will all come out soon.
    I will not argue with you I know what I saw and was there you were not.
    When people share their accounts with Zac and they do not live up to Zac fans expectations they attack people.
    That is why no one talks about what he does any more because people get ugly to people who do.
    I will not report any more what I saw in time it will come out then you will remeber what I said.
    I did not say he was a pig that is your words not mine.
    He was heavily drinking and we know a drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts.
    That was what he said to his friend not me he was very loud because the music was loud.
    I do not need you to believe me I was there.
    For the people who are Zanessa fans I hope he changes and goes back to Vanessa he was a better person then.

  • lauren

    okay thanks,
    again no know knows what really happend between them or the whole story, then why would vanessa say were friends. im guessing when a fan ask him about her he is telling different stories idk just a guess.

    guessing you live in LA?

  • lauren

    okay thanks,
    again no know knows what really happend between them or the whole story, then why would vanessa say were friends. im guessing when a fan ask him about her he is telling different stories idk just a guess.

    guessing you live in LA?

  • lauren

    clearly vanessa, helped him and kept him grounded.

    to quote his words from details mag, i guess he’s doing the bathing in pu**y stage, since now he’s single and famous, i guess 8 months ago he wasn’t like that.

  • claire

    @lauren: I live in Beverly Hills. It was my first time at Eden maybe he was just drunk and not thinking.
    I will be at Exchange tonight.
    Thank you for being polite Lauren.
    I am still a fan of Zacs work not him as a person unless he sobers up.
    I am not putting Zac down I just feel his drinking is out of hand he downed many shots and did not even lose his swagger.
    I am no way saying he is a bad person.
    I am still a fan of Vanessa and can’ t wait until March 24.
    Vanessa might not want to talk about it and saying friends ends the questions.
    Have a good day Lauren.

  • lauren

    sorry for all the questions, im just curious cus every day i hear different stories ever since they ”broke up” in december, on the internet and gossip mags bout who dumped who or why the ”broke up” or whatever reason gossip mags decided to say that day, Then i see alot of haters that come on here and saying oh he cheated or whatever and acting like they know him or whatever,
    but you seem like a nice person who is not a hater or trying to get attention. thank you for answering my some what annoying questions.

  • jane

    hi Claire,
    when did you go to eden?

  • Becky

    Zac would never comment on his personal life or about Vanessa. I’m sorry clarie but i don’t believe you about that. I think that is bs. I think you are trying toget attention. I do bleive

  • strange

    @claire: not a word you say is true so please refrain from making up stories and comments that are based on your opinions not fact. Zac and Vanessa remain friends as they mutually decided to ‘cool off’ to focus on their careers. None of them is dating anyone and you can tell by their genuine smiles and happiness with friends that neither of their hearts is broken. They don’t need each other to be happy. They are both happy in their own right and if they get back together then good for them.

  • :)

    don’t bother telling people about efron. There is no way anyone will believe anything closley negative about him, he’s too perfect to ever do anything wrong, *eye roll*

  • BOJI

    Vanessa, bless her looks happy and healthy and that’s the way I’d like to see her. Whatever is going on in her personal life is not upsetting her and she seems to be having a good time with her gfs and that is all that matters. Zac has nothing to do with this thread, besides all the sightings I’ve noted are him being with his guy friends.
    If Claire’s account is genuine and true, I have nothing more to say except that guys scorned can be the worst B i t c h e s.

  • joan

    i Love Her In Every Way Love and Support Her Forever

  • kami


    that is the worst, most juvenile made up story i’ve ever heard. sounds like something from a 10 yr old kid. every zac fan in the universe knows he doesn’t spill deets about his relationship. and he would never say anything negative about vanessa or anyone else. when has he ever said anything negative about anyone? anyone? the closest he ever came was talking about matthew mcconaughey going shirtless on the beach. so use your brain when you make up stories.

  • amelia25

    Go Nessa!

  • Alexandra

    That story is just simply not true. And sure, you can argue that I’m a Zac fan and I won’t believe any bad things said about him and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Go ahead and say whatever you want. Celebrities (drunk or sober) don’t just walk around handing out their phone numbers to people. Also, Zac doesn’t take photographs with people in clubs. He’s very specific and careful on where he takes pictures with fans. If he were “hammered” he wouldn’t be taking pictures with anyone. We’ve met Zac multiple times and know people who are close to him, and we know that he would never say “hit it and quit it” – so sure, you can make fun of me for not believing you and being biased because I’m a Zac fan. But it’s obviously not true. Some people just really like getting attention.

  • Shy girl

    Hope the word that Claire just said is not true ,bec if it is true that is the word of a bitter person ,you guy’s really don’ t know Zac,so you cannot say that he cannot say those kind of words,and to those people don’t like V why waste your time open her page and say nasty words your really ,the beast in real world .

  • kami

    are lauren and claire the same person? talking to herself? read their comments and notice saniya’s (i mean lauren’s) answers. though lauren makes a point of writing in lower case and throwing in the word “cus” and “n” occasionally. reminds me of someone who uses the moniker saniya on another forum and argues or agrees with comments she makes under another moniker. crazy. this person is really out to get zac.

  • Alexandra

    @kami: She’s obviously pro Vanessa and is sticking to her imaginary proof that Zac broke up with her so he can “hit it and quit it” with “hot” strangers at clubs. Like I’ve said before, I know people who know Zac personally. They know who he is as a person; they know his genuine character. He’s a good guy with good intentions. Making up malicious stories like this is hurtful and unnecessary. Claire/Lauren’s story made me LOL. Pathetic and obviously false.

  • sweet

    luv u nessa – no matter how much shit comes your way always smile and hold firm to yourself . this is why she is beautiful to me because people are always trying to knock her down and she is always fighting you will always have my respect.
    by the way for those who follow zac running wild on twitter you are all very gullable if you dont realize that they are part of zacs pr team to keep a positive light on him – did u not notice they popped up after the negative truthful things where being said about zac.
    vanessa chose to walk away from a onesided relationship where she stayed faithful loyal and truthful to her self and her relationship- zac did not he cheated and that was that the end of zac and vanessas relationship be happy she is strong and intelligent to walk away because she knows she deserves alot better then him

  • Alexandra

    @sweet: LOL I love how you think ZacRunningWild is Zac’s PR team just because they’re defending him in his negative light. Isn’t that what fans do? If their twitter is really his PR team, then all of the Zac Efron fan twitters are too. They’re all doing the same thing: supporting Zac. And they “popped up after the negative truthful things where being said about zac”??! You have no place to call any of those RUMORS truthful. It seems like everyone on this thread just likes to make sh*t up.

  • yets

    keep on praying for Vanessa and family.
    she dont deserve this.

  • Renee

    That twitter is a joke. They always say they have sources and they don’t. They make statements like they know for a fact what is going on and they don’t back anything up. They have people believing they have inside information. I find them very irritating. They answer questions like they know Zac personally. Part of his team, I think not. That statement is even funnier then the one from the wacko saying she saw Zac at Eden. Everyone who knows Zac, personally or not, knows that Zac would never talk that way and would never give such personal information about himself or Vanessa. He would also never give his phone number out.