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Lindsay Lohan: Blue Bikini at the Beach!

Lindsay Lohan: Blue Bikini at the Beach!

Lindsay Lohan takes a dip in the ocean on Monday (May 23) in Miami, Fla.

The 24-year-old actress wore a blue bikini and spent the afternoon at the beach with younger sis Ali and a few pals.

Over the weekend, Linds got to work on a photo shoot and also watched the Miami Heat beat the Chicago Bulls in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals

“So excited @ miami heat game! in a box i wish my brothers were here!!!!!” Lindsay wrote on her Twitter page.

Also pictured: Lindsay leaving her hotel and heading to the airport on Tuesday (May 24).

10+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan in Miami…

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lindsay lohan bikini miami 01
lindsay lohan bikini miami 02
lindsay lohan bikini miami 03
lindsay lohan bikini miami 04
lindsay lohan bikini miami 05
lindsay lohan bikini miami 06
lindsay lohan bikini miami 07
lindsay lohan bikini miami 08
lindsay lohan bikini miami 09
lindsay lohan bikini miami 10
lindsay lohan bikini miami 11
lindsay lohan bikini miami 12

Photos: INFdaily, Fame Pictures
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  • LOL

    She has nanny body..

  • taren

    JJ did you not get the memo that her 15 minutes of fame expired long ago?

  • carrie

    NO NO No NO NO i boycott now the site because after the useless wannabe (Lucas,Bilson…) ,the “i use paps to show how i’m normal” (Jennifer Garner,Reese Witherspoon…),i CAN’T with the Drama Queen of the Medi*Wh*re : i deserve better and i go to Dlisted

  • sillyme

    It is such a shame what happened to her. She had such a bright future when she was younger, and she was gorgeous with that red hair. I still have hopes she will grow out of it.

  • Plo

    Mmmhummm, and that bikini came down in the water too!
    I saw some Lindsay nip on another site 0_0

  • L.

    People are so judgmental , I still love Lindsay! Maybe even more now that I know she’s a real girl with real problems, How can you hate on THAT?!
    Oh well…. People are like that I guess.
    I wish Lindsay nothing but the best :)

  • Erika

    OMG I can feel my lunch coming back up!!!!!

  • Mosquito

    she needs to keep her clothes on we don’t need to see all those little rusty old lady freckles all over her skankness, yuck

  • kiki

    I wish she would go back to red hair, she looks so much better with it. Why does she want to be blonde? It makes her look pasty and washed out.

    Anyways, she seems to be doing ok, she is still so young so hopefully she is getting her shit together and will have the acting career that she should have had if she hadn’t spent the last few years being wasted and in jail.

  • Can’t bear LiLo!!!

    this girl is a COMPLETE ABUSE OF OXYGEN!

    i don’t wish anyone dead but I certainly wish her OFF THE RADAR FOREVER!

    Read this, Lindsay: GO AWAY!!! FOREVER!

    You are nothing but a SPOILED SELF-ENTITLED BRAT!!

    And if you look like this at 24, what the dickens are you going to be looking like at, heaven forbid; 40?! let alone 50 or 60!

  • Julie R.

    Oh,JJ,i’m getting very disappointed at you.If you become X17 and starts showing this whore everyday,people will stop seeing this site,and i’ll be one of them.
    Those pics are nasty.Lindsay has a horrible,extremely ugly body.She’s gross.Look at her,she’s nasty.And has the body of a 70 year old woman.Stop showing this disgusting loser,nobody likes that criminal.
    Most people can’t stand Lindsay and her criminal behavior.Her career is over,her 15 minutes of fame ended years ago and her reputation is bad.Ewww

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Funny how the pics of her flopping her tits out in the water didnt make the cut.

  • Wendy

    She should deal with her mental issues. And then get away from the spotlight for a couple of years. Take some university courses or something. Don’t care which subject, just focus on something else except herself for a while. Only then will she ever grow up.

  • Koree

    Why does she still have her jewelry on?
    & I agree, she looks so much better with the red hair.

  • deke

    Here she is frolicking in the ocean when she should be in jail for stealing jewelry.

  • YG

    there is pics of her top falling off on other sites, wonder why they didn’t make it on here hmm

  • Mikado

    She’s a silly girl, trying to be a famous woman.
    And having said that, she shouldnt pump up her lips. It gives a really not intelligent expression.

  • Annie

    All these broads who do cocaine/meth to stay skinny all end up with the same nasty fugly body. Lohan, Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss, Courtney Love, Paris Hilton, Kate Bosworth etc, etc….they all have the same skinny yet zero muscle, pudgy cellulite body. Stimulant drugs make people “skinny” cause they make the body produce a ton of stess hormones which kill the appetite but also cause the body to eat its own muscle mass plus store whatever you do eat as fat – hence the “skinnyfat”.

  • boston61

    Can you just image what she will look like at 44 if this is 24? LMAO

  • boston61

    She knows damn well that EVERYONE thinks the red hair looks better. She is giving the stylists the big FU with the blond hair. I think it is a lesbian thing.

  • Lilly

    I agree.
    Im done with this site.
    I dont wanna so Rachel Bilson 20 times a day.

  • Kitty

    Swimming with all of her jewelry and sunglasses on.

  • loli

    i adore her sunglasses !! jared please can you tell me where i can find them?

  • Wow

    She loooks awful. Just awful. No muscle tone, old skin,, bad hair, bloated gut,….. and the list goes on. And she says she is sober and clean. Never believe a user. Her body and face tell the truth. She is disgusting.

  • Sweet Pea

    She’s a good actress, but needs to get her sh*t together and deal with her substance abuse. A woman of 24 should NOT look matronly.

  • What a Shame

    Sorry but i directly know someone who worked/works at the store where she stole the necklace from and its too bad she basically got away with grand theft. See how the truth comes out in the end? She pleaded no contest. Thats basically saying I’m gulity and I’ll do my time for it. Why isnt she in jail?? See is such a waste of poor friend had to deal with a lot of sick people threatening the store and her becuase of this walking STD

  • Jasmine

    She looks beyond sh-tty. There are 50-60 year old women who have better bodies and skin. Jared, next time warn us when you plan to put that hag up here.

  • brainy box


  • Spitwave

    So its a new trend to now swim with sunglasses on ?? oooookkk..