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Pippa Middleton: GE Blenheim Triathlon!

Pippa Middleton: GE Blenheim Triathlon!

Pippa Middleton approaches the finish line at the GE Blenheim Triathlon on Saturday (June 4) held at Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, England.

The 27-year-old younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge participated in the race, while Kate hit Investec Derby Day with Prince William and her in-laws.

Earlier in the week, Pippa visited a medical center in London after returning from Paris.

During her short trip, Pippa enjoyed a night out with a group of pals after watching Rafael Nadal play Ivan Ljubicic in the French Open.

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Credit: Chris Brunskill; Photos: Getty
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  • http://chazchazchaz chandni

    We don’t care about her! how many times do we have to repeat this jared?

  • ISA

    please go away! CAN’T STAND HER!!

  • whooie


  • Brainy box


  • boston61

    Pippa needs to give the eyeliner a rest. Pippa, just line your upper lid. Your eyes are too small to line the lower.

  • Jan

    She really is not attractive – her sister is really the beautiful one. i dont understand all the attention on her.

  • Namea

    Jared…. when will it end? What’s next Pippa takes a dump on a toilet? Or Pippa eats a sandwich from her favorite store? ENOUGH is enough Jared! This woman has done NOTHING to merit this media frenzy! What about Kate, the actuall Duchess?

  • Dieter

    JARED – You have a picture of the tight glutes of her’s !!!!

  • Jaye

    Has Jared just discovered this woman? Since her SISTER’S wedding he’s been following her like she’s some new invention. I just don’t understand the interest in this woman.

  • fat ass

    why have you started to post pix of pedestrians ?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    ..Stop sucking her below average dcik.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Poor Pippa! I bet she’s asking herself how she ended up in the spotlight being stalked by the paps!

  • anon

    Still say Tiger’s ex Elin’s sister Josefin was and is far more attractive then either Pippa or Kate and is a practicing lawyer. Elin was/ is very lucky and Im sure grateful to know her family always acted with class and never did anything that could be seen as even close to trying to benefit personally (fame or otherwise) from Elin’s connection to Tiger…and Im sure her sister was given many offers to do so based on her looks alone. Too bad William’s efforts to protect Kate and her family from the media have been in waste as his new sister-in-law seems intent to play the fame game anyway…and obviously enjoying it. Im sure even if Elin’s family did benefit in some way during her marriage to Tiger (i.e. clients for her sister’s practice) you never heard about it and never will. Cant go back Pippa. Dont play the game then cry privacy victim down the road and expect the royals to save you.

  • LOLz

    I feel bad people are always hating on her. Its not her fault her sister married into royalty. Call her what you like but she has a certain charisma. Now the paps follow her and she cant even complain because it will reflect badly on her sister! What can she do, she’s connected to the royals and although she is not a part of the world she is now in the spotlight. People need to leave her alone already . She’s not the one saying, “take pics, Im hot!” But she also cant say, “get out of my face!”

  • c

    Seriously why all the posts about her? We don’t give a fcuk….

  • fabp

    funny…the more haters, the more popular they get! irony of life. nah, she’s a cool girl so keep goin, JJ. not beautiful accdg to hollywood standards but REAL beauty… at the end of the day, not a single botox/surgery done.

  • rossy40

    Maybe Jared keeps doing this for a laugh because he knows he’s gonna get idiots coming here to complain about how “We don’t care about her” & “she’s ugly” – yet continually show their immaturity & cattiness with the comments they leave. What really makes me laugh are the posts comparing Pippa with her sister & trying to pit them against each other. Only in your dreams, kiddies, only in your dreams.
    Bottom line: If you don’t want any more threads of Pippa then DON’T post comments! If Jared sees no interest in the next few placed here, then Pippa will disappear. That’s what you guys want, right? So go away.

  • http://lewis Ká simply amazing!!!!!!!

    Why people insult for herand i dont know how is she

  • loserbunny

    she’s beautiful but she needs to protect her skin from the sun a lot better. I think she’s forgetting that tanned skin while looking nice when you’re young will do you no favors when you are older. C’mon girl, put on some high quality SPF !!

  • ithinki’mcool

    i hate her.
    I don’t think she deserves this huge media attention.
    She’s no one.!

  • Ruth

    Why does she have her own PR campaign? Why are we seeing news about her every day? Why doesn’t she WORK?

  • JJ44


  • Inga Parks

    she’s so ugly.

  • Lucy

    Jared, please! Some people need to go away from this website…let’s start with Pippa and Jennifer Garner!!!! Please!!!!

  • karih

    @Ruth: She works, idiot! Kate is the one who has never worked of her life.

  • jen

    her eyebrows are hideous and she looks about 42.

  • Little Devilllll

    I applaud her for working out. I have no respect for anyone who has body fat. I’m not being sexist, since all my guy friends have six packs and the women I date are size zeros. She probably doesn’t deserve all the attention but she can suck on my big juicy man hood any day of the week. Women as hot as her never settle for any man with a small pee pee. Well, I’ve met one or two but they are usually insecure nut job chicks. But, 99 percent want a real man like me.

  • White Trash

    @Little Devilllll:
    You smell like dogshyyt so who cares what you think??

  • jim

    short legs, man face.
    hot? NOT.

  • Barb

    ew she has cellulite on the TOPS of her legs.

  • G.R.B

    This woman is just a FAIL. Bad hair, bad makeup, flabby legs, flat butt, thin arsed lips, boring old-looking face. Why are we discussing this FAIL??

  • and….

    just noticed that cellulite thing pretty scary she is going to be a fat beast at 50

  • Rebecca22

    I dont get her. She is not attractive at all. Not a hater.. I am just sick of hearing how hot she is and how she is the MOSt elegible female bla bla bla.. she is nothing special WHAT SO EVER!! Kate is one million times more attractive and its an insult that they went on how she outdid her… what crap!

  • Rebecca22

    @anon: what Tiger got to do this this story..HUH?

  • Dani

    Stunner, just like her sister with a svelte body to boot.

  • Andrew

    Pippa Is awesome. Very charming, charismatic and chic + the fact, that she loves sports, makes twice hotter and prettier :)

  • Oceane

    27? You sure now? She looks like a dried up prune..

  • Moa

    I’ve noticed that people who really work out hard religiously they often age prematurely in their face. Like Zsa Zsa Gabor once said: “There comes a time in every womans life when she has to choose between her body or her face. I chose my face.”
    Well, we know what Pippa chose.

  • Rafy

    I can’t really understand why posts about Pippa Middleton are so often in Just Jared,i mean this blog is about celebrities,since when Pippa is considered to be a celebrity for gods shake??

  • lilia mazunina


  • lilia mazunina


  • Fabiola

    I feel like she’s using Kate’s position as a way to climb up the ladder. I don’t like her at all. Kate is surely way prettier! This girl is soooooooo overrated. Enough said.

  • Hallucinating?

    @Barb: EEH…WHAT CELLULITE? I can’t see any whatsoever so which pictures are you looking at? I think her body looks extremely toned, all muscle.

  • pippa’s fault

    please dont think this girl doesn’t want the attention, she is typical rich socialite partying and sexing every guy in her circle. she was offered a porn deal. ever since then notice youve been reading about her. she only didnt take it because queen prob threatened to have her beheaded!

  • ben

    oh no it’s poop-a again go away you scarecrow!

  • Elle

    She is not a celebrity!

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    She is objectively average so is her sister only difference is that her sister has a team of people working on her now Pippa doesn’t and it shows.